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Sarah Michelle Gellar: Out with Mom & Charlotte!

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Out with Mom & Charlotte!

Sarah Michelle Gellar holds on tight to her 9-month-old daughter, Charlotte, as they go out for lunch on Tuesday (June 22) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actress brought along her mom, Rosellen, for the afternoon.

Earlier this month, SMG and Rosellen were spotted out shopping and picking up goodies together at a local bakery.

10+ pictures inside of Sarah Michelle Gellar, her mom and Charlotte out to lunch…

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sarah michelle gellar charlotte lunch mom 01
sarah michelle gellar charlotte lunch mom 02
sarah michelle gellar charlotte lunch mom 03
sarah michelle gellar charlotte lunch mom 04
sarah michelle gellar charlotte lunch mom 05
sarah michelle gellar charlotte lunch mom 06
sarah michelle gellar charlotte lunch mom 07
sarah michelle gellar charlotte lunch mom 08
sarah michelle gellar charlotte lunch mom 09
sarah michelle gellar charlotte lunch mom 10

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  • She kiiiinda looks like Avril here

  • laurie

    She’s beautiful..

  • Jem

    daddy’s little girl… she looks like him! so cute

  • Dreads

    Oh wow, Charlotte is super ADORABLE. How cute is she, huh? Not surprising though….since her dad is Freddy Prince Jr and her mom is SO beautiful! =)

  • Dreads

    Wish we’d see them in more movies …..they’re so low-key. That’s a good thing but well, it’d be good to see them more often regardless. They’re one gorgeous family, that’s for sure! <3

  • Felicity

    she soooo cute!! :)
    but it’s sarah michelle PRINZE! she changed her name. officially!

  • Raichill

    Awww, what a sweetie Charlotte is. She looks so much like her daddy.

  • Amazed

    Aaaaaaaah cute baby

  • Mia Wallace

    BEAUTIFUL!How keeeewwwt!

  • really

    tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz

    They’re both really cute, but what does the baby have on her head?

  • pkz

    I wonder how long until she is kicking butt like her mom! adorable

  • Slayer

    That baby looks like a boy he looks nothing like his mother, no wonder Gellar kept her under wraps for so long.

  • Wes

    She’s so cute and Sarah looks great!

  • Macy

    Her baby has a Hemangioma on its head. She looks like her father and is not cute to me.

  • Nancy

    Some children are simply not cute and this baby is one of them. Gellar definitely married beneath her when she wed a man who has some many mental defects on his side of the family. Wasn’t his father mentally ill and a drug addict who killed himself. It appears that his birth defect was passed on to this child. So sad.

  • Awwwww

    Sarah looks sad. She didn’t expect to have a baby with birth defects I suppose. Hopefully her little boy will outgrow his masculine boyish face.

  • Torrie


  • Krissy

    More pictures of the beautiful Affleck girls please! Seraphina is drop dead gorgeous Charlotte is not.

  • Dr.Phil

    Why is she holding the side of her daughter’s head like that. She is old enough to hold her own head up.

  • Rachel

    Click on the smaller pictures and you will see that her baby is all daddy! Not much mommy at all except her skin coloring.

  • Anon

    How can you say that the baby is not cute? She is adorable! And she is just a BABY. Seriously folks, grow up.

  • busted

    I always laugh at how these tiny women have these FAT Chubby babies.

    She is adorable.. not sure but I think she will look like her Dad.. most of the celeb baby girls all seem to look like their fathers to me

    Sunday Rose

    and the boys look like Mom

    * at a blank now..but there are more.

    But it is wonderful that she finally had a child. She and Freddy have been married for along time.. Cute couple.

  • dondu

    @Torrie: ew?? seriously?? you are sick.

  • @busted: Charlotte is FAT to you?! I hope you don’t have children. That child is tiny and far from being fat.

    @Nancy: Go to hell. This baby looks healthy and beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with who she married. Are you single? The way you talk, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. If you aren’t, you should be.

  • blue diamonds

    #23. Kingston looks just like his dad.

  • @Awwwww: You’re a pathetic excuse for a human being. Roll yourself away from your computer and get a life.

  • Julie

    How cute!

  • andrea

    @Nancy: @Slayer: @Macy: @Nancy: @Torrie: @Krissy:
    All the same troll who is just clearly green with envy,,only a looser would pick on a baby’s looks That being said Charlotte is a cutie and getting so big

  • Sazzy

    She is SO adorable! getting so big <3! i think sarahs holding her head to try cover hr birth defect if im honest.. coz shes even holding it on that side wen sarahs facing the other x

  • the truth

    This is only a mole. Some moles are black, brown or red. Some are large or small. I do not see what is the problem with this beautiful baby.

  • Glad It’s Them

    That is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. What a gorgeous little face. She takes after both parents as they’re both so darn beautiful.

  • sarahwillow

    I really don’t get the “she looks like a boy” comments. Huh? so I guess she’s supposed to dress her baby up in idiotic bows and stupid dresses just to satisfy the shrieking harpies on the internet? There is absolutely nothing wrong with how she looks. You people are really screwed up.

  • Jo

    Charlotte does look cute, she looks like both her dad and mom.
    You just are sick people, what kind of people would attack on a baby ? And further more a beautiful baby ???! There’s nothing wrong or laughable regarding her looks ! That baby looks great ! Love her and Sarah ! F U C K the other idiots who are pain in the ass, go get a life big trolls

  • Courtney

    charlotte is too precious how could she not be cute both of her parents are maybe Sarah Michelle was trying to shield her face from the sun so she doesn’t get burned

  • Abby

    awh that baby is so adorable. i love sarah michelle! wish we saw more of her and her beautiful family :)

  • Toomuch

    @andrea: Yeah, that’s definitely all the same troll who constantly shows up in Sarah posts to say nasty things, especially nasty things about her kid.

  • Jime

    fat? boyish? no way. I think she’s a cutie.

  • Fred

    People just say nasty things about the baby because she is 1/8th PuertoRican and 1/8th doesn’t even count.

  • Vanessa Lover

    What a nice lady

  • Dlvme2

    @Dr.Phil: If you had photographers all around you – most mother’s do put thier hands on their child in a protective manner and that is what she is doing. Obviously you do not have children.

  • Dlvme2

    @Sazzy: That mark is not a birth defect – many babies have birth marks like that and generally they fade in time. Regardless it is in her hair and whether it fades or not it is not an issue. As far as her hand being up – mothers get in defensive mode when they are crowded or uncomfortable. I used to hold my dauther that way when I was being protective and cameras all around you puts you in defensive mode.

  • I

    I love her out

    Simple and stylish
    Shes one of the most incredible actresses of our generation

  • twpumpkin

    Beautifil baby!

  • alexandra

    @Awwwww: Wow. That is very disrespectuful and unnecessary.

    Sarah and Freddie’s baby is so adorable.

  • Bailey

    Click the smaller pictures to see how much this kid looks like a boy. She looks just like her father.

  • jenn

    I miss SMG!! I miss Buffy too lol. Charlotte is adorable! they are both lookin fab

  • Nicole

    haha, Commentors #13-#19 is the same person….
    the timing is perfect, one right after the other just hating x)
    well except Wes #14.

    Go Find Something To Do.

    Charlotte is cute just like her parents :)

  • alinalovesbuffy

    Baby Charlotte is the most beautiful baby I’ve seen !!! How adorable! And her parents make such a beautiful couple!!! <3<3<3 Love, love, love the baby and the whole Prinz’s family!!! Sarah looks AMAZING as usual.

  • http://Justjared Slig

    How cute