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Taylor Momsen: Black Eyes for Pretty Reckless Concert

Taylor Momsen: Black Eyes for Pretty Reckless Concert

Taylor Momsen rocks out with her band, The Pretty Reckless, while they perform a set at the PUMA Social Club in New York on Tuesday (June 22).

The Pretty Reckless performed as a part of the events happening at PUMA City at the South Street Seaport to celebrate the World Cup tournament.

The 16-year-old Gossip Girl actress and her band will be hitting the road with the Vans Warped Tour this summer and will soon be releasing an EP! Check out the Pretty Reckless website to find out when they are coming to a city near you!

20+ pictures of Taylor Momsen and the Pretty Reckless performing at the PUMA Social Club…

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taylor momsen black eyes concert 01
taylor momsen black eyes concert 02
taylor momsen black eyes concert 03
taylor momsen black eyes concert 04
taylor momsen black eyes concert 05
taylor momsen black eyes concert 06
taylor momsen black eyes concert 07
taylor momsen black eyes concert 08
taylor momsen black eyes concert 09
taylor momsen black eyes concert 10
taylor momsen black eyes concert 11
taylor momsen black eyes concert 12
taylor momsen black eyes concert 13
taylor momsen black eyes concert 14
taylor momsen black eyes concert 15
taylor momsen black eyes concert 16
taylor momsen black eyes concert 17
taylor momsen black eyes concert 18
taylor momsen black eyes concert 19
taylor momsen black eyes concert 20

Photos: Justin Campbell
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  • http://j ivanka

    ew, ew, ew

  • dani


  • Jordy

    disgusting girl. a horrible image of a 16 year old. girl is trying wayyyy to hard. go away and smoke some more cigarettes in a dark dank room and smear eyeliner all over your face .

  • L

    I cant believe she’s only 16…

  • BRooke

    I always see her singing, but never hear her songs….*rolls eyes* wonder why….

  • Celia


  • GG

    haha she wants the world to know she’s wearing shorts, it’s an improvement we can give her that!

    people can say whatever they want about her, at least we’ve never seen her camel toe or her pretend to be a virgin while dancing like a slut! right coughMileycough?

  • rockstar

    I’m sorry, but she’s way prettier without all that make-up. It looks like she got attacked by a five year old with a sharpie…

  • bitsy

    their ep was released on tuesday.

  • Jasmine

    Why not color her whole face with eyeliner and perform in her underwear? She wouldn’t look any more ridiculous than she does right now.

  • Wes

    I miss the old Taylor like how she was back when Gossip Girl first started!

  • Kelsi

    It’s gonna be fun watching her sweat off all that makeup on warped tour.

  • J12003

    If I were to have worn those clothes and wore that makeup at 16 my parents would have died. They would have probably slapped me across the face and would have probably never let me leave the house.

    I’m all about expressing yourself and wanting to have your own style/image. But wow, this girl just cries out “I’m trying way too hard to be cool”

    I’d love to know how her parents are. Seriously to let your daughter look the way she does at 16, I’m amazed.

  • Honestly though

    @BRooke: Utube “Makes me wanna die” her voice is pretty INCREDIBLE

  • whatever

    she is talented

  • Ben

    I can’t get over her voice. It’s like a sexier rougher Pink

  • Jen

    @Ben: i can’t get over how that voice comes out from that tiny body

  • sorry

    Miley can’t pull this off because she doesn’t have the talent or attitude to back it up with.

  • really

    Why is it when Miley Cyrus wears something similar to a ONE piece swimsuit or dance leotard it’s all over every website and she’s getting bashed. Yet this girl actually truly looks like she needs to be on a street corner in some slum getting paid $10 for s*x acts and it’s not plastered on websites all over??? I really don’t think that’s fair. I mean really if I walked out of the house like that at that age celeb or not my mom wuld drag me back in the house bust my but and ground my as* or at least make me put on something age appropriate and check my bags to make sure I didn’t have something else to change into. Where are the parents????? I am sooooooooooo lucky I have boys. I’m 27 and I would be scared to death to have a daughter this day and age with how, not just her or just celebs, young girls are dressing. What happened to dressing with class, or like a lady, or at least not dressing like a prostitute. Seriously has it changed that much since I was a teen? Makes me scared for my little neice that this is what she’s going to grow up seeing.

  • Jermaine

    @really: Same reason Gaga gets away with a lot of stuff. TALENT.

  • Jermaine

    @really: Plus this girl wasn’t on Disney catering to pre-teens.

  • negl

    I dislike HER but her VOICE is amazing.

  • http://mylittlenotes RockQueen

    I love Taylor Momsen, her band is legitimate rock and can blow out pop trash out of the water. She’s got a rough, husky amazing voice compared to the likes of Joan Jett and Debby Harry. This girl is 16! Cut her a break, she’s a prodigy, and has actual talent. So what if she likes dark makeup and thigh-highs? She’s got the body to flaunt anything she wants to. And, she’s a rock artist, she’s allowed to embody this image. Miley Cyrus was a manufactured Disney clone, now wanting to break out of her Hannah Montana mold. That’s why it’s plastered everywhere when she wears a onepiece monokini getup! Dumbshits!

  • really

    I think Lady Gaga should seperate how she is on stage and how she dresses in public, like at a baseball game where there are kids around too. A LOT of people are getting tired of that. It’s all over the net how people think it’s ridiculous. It doesn’t matter what this show is or what channel it’s on………it’s about the age and how appropriate or lack there of it is. And the lack of parental control and these girls dressing like they have no class or morals, reguardless of the fact if they do or not. It’s not how they’re coming across. What happened to wanting to portray yourself in a positive image that others would want to look up to. You can dress sexy, and push boundaries in a tasteful manner. Then again I am also from a family who raised me to have self respect and to set an example for those younger than me. I pushed boundaries and everything at that age and looked older but I never went out in public dressed in a way that would embarass my family. My parents taught me better. Talent or no talent, there’s just no excuse for dressing the way some of these celebs do. It’s tacky, distasteful, and just flat out trashy. With all the money they have they can dress appropriately and they have no taste hire a stylist. Whether we like it or not there are young girls who look up to these people.

  • Abby

    Oh and people call Miley a bad role model. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE I’d have my kid look up to Miley ANYDAY over this want-to-be rocker little 16 year old. For real atleast Miley is closer to being an adult then this girl.

    This is just down right GROSSSSSS.

  • http://Justjared Slig

    Hahahahaaaaahaha she

  • Kaz

    What the hell

  • Haha

    She is SO HARDCORE.


  • olga

    i hope she never come back gossip girl.i hate jenny because of chair.

  • mandi

    love her music, can’t wait to see them at
    warped on the 29th. Sooo excited!

  • mandi

    I’m excited to see the pretty reckless at warped! just
    a few more days can’t wait
    taylors voice, absolutely amazing! this girl gots talent
    thats for sure =)

  • Jelly

    She looks so old and ugly

  • carolina

    loooooooooooooooveeee Taylorrrrrrrrr and her music

  • viv

    16 or not, people should never go out like this :D

  • Francia


  • meli

    no miley and no taylor, please, one is faker than the other, but both are horrible in their own right. REading their interviews, both really believe they are all that, and know it all. I know many teenagers are insufferable, but I do not read about them. These wannabes jailbaits are too annoying.
    I actually dislike Miley more. this “rocker” at least seems to think she is not for everyone. She is right.
    yuck to both.

  • rock n roll queen

    im 17 and i have a rocker style similar to hers i think u cant be in a rock band and dress like a nun plus she has a really nice voice rock n roll is all about sex being unique rebel against puritanism i am not sayin shes sid vicious or sth but a young girl who lives in conservative america n still has a rock n roll heart n expresses it in her own way is worth congratulations

  • cc

    taylor momsen has ALOT of talent
    the reason everyone is hating her is because she is in another genre altogether
    and yeah you probably wont hear her music being bashed all over the radio because rock NEVER gets as much exposure than all the crap music being played now
    taylors style isn’t new – you will find joan jett, brody dalle, courtney love etc all caused controversy when they first started out
    so what! give the girl a break, she probably doesn’t give two sh*ts what any of you thing about her anyways..
    you all go on about her her her her where i think people these days are too judgemental and too opinionated – MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! if you don’t like it, well get lost…….simple.

  • Isabelle84

    She’s f*cking awesome!!!! Don’t care what everybody says about her!
    I totaly love The Pretty Reckless! And her style is hot!

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