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Gisele Bundchen: Summer Workout

Gisele Bundchen: Summer Workout

Gisele Bundchen heads to the parking garage after working out at her gym on Wednesday (June 23) in Studio City, Calif.

The 29-year-old new mom kept fit to help maintain her rocking post-baby body following her anticipated return to the runway earlier this month.

On Tuesday, Gisele and her husband, Tom Brady, christened their 6-month-old son Benjamin at a Santa Monica Church. According to Us Weekly, the proud parents celebrated with close friends and relatives and enjoyed a luncheon afterwards.

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  • Ally

    beautiful and very intelligent woman!

  • Bea

    How horrible to stalk her as she’s walking to her car in the garage where she probably hopes she’s pap free. Distasteful.

  • pleasant

    wow she is so beautiful! she is coming from working out and almost could be a vogue photoshoot, lol she is so classy looking.
    yeah paps are so distasteful.

  • michelle

    I love GB. she is awesome. glad she cares about her body and it healthy. not one of those crazy partying models….

  • GH

    gosh stalkerazzi much?????!!!

  • liz

    does anyone know what brand her sunglasses are?

  • lindsay

    wow she really resembles Julia Roberts sometimes!

  • Greta

    Beautiful German women are always tall, willowy and athletic no matter where they are in the world.

  • Kaitlin

    I am suprised that she even lets people know she works out

  • alyson

    cute, and paps are so annoying you can tell she is clearly annoyed.

  • brazilian

    cute she wears a colcci bag!

  • brenda

    She’s not human. Amazing body. I can’t get over it.

  • caras


    and your point? lol and thats not true alot of german women are stalky and husky. which she clearly is not

  • lily

    no fair I do yoga and I dont look like THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

  • ladyj

    so glad shes not one of those bloated chipmunk face models. they are so modern. gisele is classic.

  • sarah

    Ela esta parecendo uma publicidade ambulante!!!

  • sarah

    she is seeming a mobile advertising!!!

  • yay!

    christened their son, even if the catholic religion is the worst according to her? i think she is pretty but really dumb…everytime she speaks she puts her foot in her mouth. Stick to possing since your very good at it

  • Elizabeth

    colcci campaign or working out? doesnt matter always looks like she could be from a magazine. impeccable

  • True

    @Ally: i just want to know ..intelligent? beautiful no doubt, but intelligent she seems like the dummest model! ale and carmen are probably the only two i woul say have something else

  • Kaz

    Omg gisle beautiful ? No no noooo i can’t belive that ,ur people really moron

  • sarah ;)

    I didn’t make a compliment… I said that she goes to the academy to make advertising of nike… colcci… etc hehehe

  • Nicki

    Pack of bones! She has become so skinny, it’s scay!

  • brenda

    To all the above: yes she is smart. Very smart in fact. Now go to your corner and cry.

  • Bettina

    Intelligent???? LOL, LOL, LOL…. Obviously you’ve never heard or watched her in an interview!

  • Bradangie

    Is there anything else that interests her in life next go going to the gym?

  • brenda


    The same person. Go get a life.

  • True

    @brenda: give me an interview were she says something remotly (not a statement someone else wrote)smart! she is a great model but cmon!!!

  • rue


    go stalk your favorite washed up couple

  • brenda

    Give you an interview. Go google there are so many of hers. I am sure you read some of them but you seem to be biased. Andriana Lima fan?

  • lisali

    Wow…shes very dedicated to her fitness.. lookin’ hot Gisele!

  • True

    @brenda: no adriana is equally pretty and doubly stupid, face it models just arent smart except some like carmen

  • brenda

    OK True i knew it would be pointless. Take care.

  • jackie

    first off carmen who? lol and second off…….A woman who made a multi million dollar empire off her looks alone (who you haters claim isnt even pretty) isnt smart? think about it….she could have faded away, but nope she is still on top..why? because there are some smarts there! most definitely. models come and go all the time, but Gisele has made ALL the correct decisions to make it and STAY on the top. I hardly think a dumb a** could be capable of any of that, sorry….

  • Paula

    LOL – she didn’t work out – she’s is just preening for the paps. There is not a hair out of place on that woman, nor any other signs of “working out”.

  • giselegirl

    she and adriana speak many different languages, I think they deserve more credit. I guess Giseles successes speak for itself though. no use explaining to dense biased people who will not like her no matter what..

  • stephie

    I think she is smart. very smart you know why? because she doesnt care what others think about her. only a dumba** cares so much about what others think about them and watch their every move and word, which in my opinion is fake fake fake. Gisele is REAL when she speaks. she laughs,she makes crazy faces,she jokes,etc…I am glad she is not some fake celeb who is always spewing things “everyone wants to hear” Gisele thinks outside the box. hardly a dumb woman from what Ive seen.

  • TS

    oh paula, how do you know she is not entering the gym? come on. quit assuming. people who “preen” for paps smile,laugh,talk,sign autographs for the paps….she never does any of that. only d listers who never get attention will do that. aka jersey shore people LMAFO.
    if she was preening or whatever for paps im sure she would wear high heels,makeup and non messy hair. she is always makeup-less,tousled hair,gym clothes,etc…get a clue…she dont give a F*** about them.

  • True

    that she has money just means she was managed well by agencies that know what they are doing, same with sports stars all millioners most of them cant hold an idept conversation(with exceptions), i wont bother keep posting to blinded fans. She is great at her job no doubt and i have nothing against her, but people just like to make other people like somethimg out of this world
    PD carmen kass, google her she is a chess master or something, just proves people her know nothing about fashion world

  • sky

    did u all read the article in the boston harold where this chic claims that her 6 month old son benjamin is potty trained because diapers are bad for the environment. If this is true Jack but feel like he is a complete moron.

  • SHE IS

    @Greta: You sound very stupid, she has maybe 1/4 of german blood, her mom is part german. So to try to claim her as strictly German is stupid. Obviously she is more Brazilian. Braziliam women are known for their beauty as well as their stauture also. It seems like some of the other races have problems with that…I for one think they are some of the most beautiful women in the world. It amazes me when people come in with posts like yours. Do your research before mouthing off .

  • brenda

    Oh True we know who Carmen Kass is and i personally like her very much. But that has nothing to do with your opinion about Gisele and your insults about fashion knowledge.

  • brenda

    @40 is crap and the story untrue.

  • Boris

    Gisele is 100% German and proud of it! Over half of the population of Brazil are white European. Portuguese is the language and Brazil is nothing like the other countries of South America: racially, culturally or historically. Quotation of Gisele talking about her German heritage:
    “I was born in Horizontina a town in the back country of (Brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul. The town was once mainly colonized by Germans. In the school which I attended, learning German was actually obligatory from third grade on. But being out of touch with the language for such a long time, I unfortunately forgot it….I belong to the sixth generation of my family in Brazil.There you go! She only has acknowledged her German ethnicity and she is proud of it and it alone. Alessandra Ambrosio is Italian/Polish mix. The Europeans in Brazil has always maintained their own European enclaves in Brazil.

  • Paul

    There is no such thing as Brazilian blood. Brazil is a nation not a racial, ethnic group. That is like saying American blood, there is no such thing as American blood either. Brazil is very much like America when it comes to its diverse races and ethnic groups. This woman is clearly German but Brazilian by nationality. Nationality changes all the time because she has changed hers and her son is American born.

  • mara

    @ Nicki Sorry that is stupid. She has a normal body. Not skinny

  • heather


    well I believe if you can keep the right business people in your life, to help make good decisions with you, you are intelligent. you know how many stupid celebs get screwed because they work with the wrong people? etc..Gisele has never had any wrong decisions. she is an empire and I believe that takes some smarts. no ifs, ands, or buts about it. shes played all her cards right, so to speak.

  • shelly

    oh the papers/gossip websites right false info all the time (or mis-construe it to all He** and back) I wouldnt be surprised though, because infant potty training is real popular for people who are green.
    nothing new. but still dont believe what some website writes, LMAO.

  • Amber


    sky I think you must troll her fansites, which is weird cuz I dont visit fansites for celebs/models I dont like lol. so strange if you ask me.
    so sick of the other model fans and mostly TOM BRADY fan girls who hate on gisele. get over it that he didnt put a ring on YOUR finger. he never even knew who your were, so I dont know why you had high hopes lol….you girls aint no Gisele’s.

  • tt

    Amazing face. Amazing body.