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Jersey Shore: Twilight Spoof!

Jersey Shore: Twilight Spoof!


The cast of The Jersey Shore reenacted scenes from Twilight during last night’s TV special, Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Twilight Saga: Total Eclipse of the Heart.

The result? Hilarity!!! From Edward’s sparkling abs to Jacob’s car crash… you must check it out below!

Characters: The Situation plays Robert Pattinson/Edward, Snooki plays Kristen Stewart/Bella and Pauly D plays Taylor Lautner/Jacob. Bravo!

Jersey Shore: Twilight Spoof!
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# 1

Were robert and kristen?

# 2

if that’s their idea of funny or something they sould keep tryin’…the’re pathetic!!

# 3

Hahahaha who’s him like normal i dont care a bout him

# 4

Bravo that so good!!!!

# 5

bunch of retarded peeps.

# 6

People who hate this are blinded by the fact that the movies are EXACTLY like this, only with different people.
Love it!

# 7
LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN @ 06/24/2010 at 10:31 am

This was actually really good.

# 8

Um..have you even watched the movies??

# 9

Uhm yes, The overexaggeration of everything. A ” drewling” Bella everytime she sees Edward, and I could go on and on and on.
Does it hurt when someone spoofs your precious twilight?

that was funny lool

This has better acting than Twilight, yeah I prefer this.

Can’t wait for that franchise to be over….

I agree with you, YEAH!

haters to the left!! twilight will still be here some time!!;)

I love Twilight, but the spoof was really funny.

Mia Wallace @ 06/24/2010 at 12:41 pm

LMFAO x,,,,D

Mia Wallace @ 06/24/2010 at 12:44 pm

I rather go to see this version instead of the true Twilight saga

Omg, in my country there is a thread about twilight, which has got way to many post for the 10 people who post there frequently. And they’re basicly crying because of this.
LMFAO, this is how ‘normal’ fans became obsessed and start taking this whole series waaay too serious. They are already identifying themselves with a team and pointing out the positives and negatives about the teams. It’s just royal sadness, because IT”S A MOVIE FCOL!


also, they’re not that bad at acting? lol they surprised me

really good. loved it =)

For all the Twilight haters, why do u take the time to comment if u hate the movies so much?


Because this is not about the movies, but a spoof about a movie. Why do people who love it ctrl-V the same comment every time? It’s getting old.

I like the spoof. Pickle-cake lol!

I gotta say, it’s the funniest Twilight spoof I’ve ever seen!

Ms.ToasterStrudel @ 06/25/2010 at 3:31 pm

lol..” voullltoorrriii !!!” “whoooaa ooohh”!!!! hahaha..i luv jersey shore!!

heyy lol i love the spoof n hell yea Jersey Shore n all u ppl who is hating on twilight ya is some ratchet ******* hit me up if u agree n if u dnt no wat ratchet means then look it up

dude thats some funny ****


I’ve watched all 3 of them.
But this is just hilarious.

“Look how my abs look in sunlight” Or somethinng alike.

That’s just funny.
I love them they are outgoing weird and funny.
Snooki have you ever met Paris Hilton. you’ll be great friends, *******

C’mon guys. This is so funny.
The Cool Bella, hear of Jacob and than you got Great-Abs Edward.
UR Hilarious

The only thing worse than the lumps of dog $hit on the jersey shore show are the people who watch them. yes, that means you.

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