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Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Devon Aoki: New Couple?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Devon Aoki: New Couple?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly dating Japanese American model/actress Devon Aoki after reportedly smooching at the Bing party at West Hollywood’s Boa Steakhouse on Tuesday night (June 22).

A spy told NY Post that Joseph, 29, and Devon, 27, “were holding hands, kissing and telling everyone they were a couple.”

Previously, Joseph has dated his 10 Things I Hate About You co-star Julia Stiles. Devon is an heir of the Benihana franchise and has previously dated Lenny Kravitz.

DO YOU THINK Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Devon Aoki make a cute couple — YAY or NAY?

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Credit: David Livingston; Photos: Getty, Fame Pictures
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  • Brock

    Poor guy, people already thinks he is part Asian now they will be convinced that he is when he claims to be 100 percent Jewish.

  • http://Justjared Slig

    Yes dirty girl

  • shoes


  • Nic

    I kinda approve of them, very cute couple

  • http://Justjared Slig

    This girl asian bad looking like crap

  • asdasda

    NO EUW

  • Luiza


  • just me

    nay nay nay

  • Bubbaness

    Absolutely love him. She’s a pretty girl.

  • lookodd

    Nay. Look like chalk and cheese.

  • Pattycake

    J G-L is one of my celeb crushes. He is so talented, well rounded, and level headed, if a bit eccentric at times. I could totally see him going for an Asian woman. There’s no doubt if they had kids that they would look 100% Asian with Joe’s exotic looks. But I don’t see him settling down for a while so this probably won’t be permanent.

  • horsetitty

    are ya’ll tryin’ to pass these off as humans?????????

  • YAY

    Stop hating, they make a great couple if true.

  • sallyfields

    He did not date Julia Stiles. He dated that sister of Julia Stiles in that movie

  • anna

    @sallyfields: so what? jared is saying he dated julia stiles in real life..I have no idea if he did.. Anyway, she’s very pretty, and it’s funny that he looks half japanese too! They def match!

  • miss infamous

    I love Joseph! He is a great actor

  • Ava

    Such a random couple….I always saw him with someone like Natalie portman or some other quirky/intellectual girl….this totally changes my perception of him….and not necessarily in a good way…no offense to Devon but I just can’t see them together…

  • Ethan

    Wow didn’t see this coming, I thought he was gay.

  • Rose

    Yay! They are soo cute!

  • talia

    LOVE HER. beauiful, used to be my favorite model growing up. shes striking

  • Huh

    I never heard of either one of them.

  • Video of Angie in Ecuador

    @Brock: Hey Brock, so what’s wrong with people thinking he is part Asian? That was a lame comment. Who cares what people look like, as long as they are decent. Who cares if two look good together, as long as they are good for each other. What an immature comment!

  • lol

    haha i highly doubt this is true

  • ralph

    Mr. & Mrs. Thin & Thinner

  • whatever


  • nancy

    this is so not true.

  • alias

    I thought he was already seeing someone…. PaintyHands???????

  • moe

    “walking around telling everyone they were a couple”??? Who the**** does that? FALSE. no one goes around like “we’re dating! guess what? we’re dating1″ so stupid

  • Liv


    I thought he was seeing her too. Weird.

  • molly

    devon is the most beautiful, hes lucky to be with her

  • argentino

    looking at that pic, didnt you automatically think Heath Ledger / Tila Tequila???

  • lindsay

    well she’s ugly! and she’s a model?!?! who would hire her?

  • Ms Anonymous

    No, he’s with me! Seriously.

  • kitt

    false news!!!! he’s secretly married to me!!!! I’m his wife!!! we don’t tell people cos we’re no famewh0res. hahahahahahah

  • kitt

    I can see her boobies hehe

  • Dayana

    very nice couple.

  • aka girl

    I hope this is true. Because if it’s not that would be EXTREMELY creepy lol.

  • oly

    Devon is the creepiest looking thing I have ever seen. I don’t believe he is with her. And last I checked he WAS with that “painty hands” girl. No offense to devon, but she is only a ‘model’ because she is weird looking. Everyone I know has flat out said she is hideous.

  • peapo

    He’s adorable.
    she…not too much!

  • comments here are mean

    Whoever says she is ugly is pure mean, jealous and catty. She is exotic looking and you people only like classic, mainstream looks and races.
    So, she does not look like Ashley Greene, Kristen S, Jessica Alba and all the other classic looking girls. Guess these are the people who don’t get out of their city, only eat hamburgers and probably don’t have $2000 in the bank. Or maybe just jealous because she gets J.G.L. You are just not used to looking at anyone other than the mainstream.

  • laly

    @comments here are mean:

    A) She does “get JGL” this is GOSSIP.

    B) JGL isn’t the least bit attractive to me. He is skinny nerd.

    C) Just because she is asian doesn’t mean she is “exotic”. She is SCARY looking. Her face is just ugly. She has a tiny nose, with a huge forehead….and all of her facial features don’t go together. She is ugly.

  • Bruce

    She is Asian, of course she isn’t attractive. All Asians look the same. The only difference between her and every other Chinese girl is that she dyes her hair. Either way she still looks like every other Asian chick. Stick with white women Joe, I know I will.

  • comments here are mean

    @laly: I didn’t say all Asians are exotic, but she is exotic (unusual) and the features you mentioned make her look exotic. If JGL is not attractive to you, why do you care? Why waste your time reading stuff you’re not interested in? How dare you call anyone ugly. Nobody is truly ugly unless they have a ugly heart… and say mean comments.

  • Bruce

    Ps- You can call me “racist” all you want but what I said is true. If Asian women were at all attractive, there would be more famous Asian women out there.There is only ONE famous Asian woman in Hollywood and that’s Lucy Liu. Why aren’t there more? Hmm I wonder

  • Bruce is a racist

    @Bruce:Oh, go eat a hamburger.

  • Bruce

    hahah ok, go eat some egg rolls

  • Bruce is a racist

    @Bruce: They are not popular, because of racists like you. It took a long while for blacks and hispanics to come on the scene, as sex symbols. They used to have to hide the fact that they were mixed. I am not white, but love ALL races. and even though their are people out there like you, Bruce, I will always love all races. There are good and bad in every race.

  • Bruce is a racist

    @Bruce: funny!

  • Bruce

    Oh stfu. Being racist means HATING another race. I never said I HATED Asians. My point was that they look alike, and it is a COMMON statement because it’s true.

    And you call me a “racist” all you want, because it doesn’t bother me. Sorry. What I said is something everyone else says too. It ain’t our fault that Asians have the same facial features/

  • Bruce is a racist

    @Bruce: I feel sorry for you Bruce. Would you honestly tell that to an Asian person”s face? I haven’t heard anyone else say that so honestly, except you. Though I know there are others out there with your opinion. I wonder who your friends are. Are they all white too, with the same background. I live an area that is multicultural. I work with all races. You think you are stating what everyone thinks? If you feel all Asians look alike and are not attractive, that’s your opinion. But you state it like it’s a fact. How about saying, “Nothing wrong with them, but they are not my type. Others may feel differently.” We can’t help what race God selected us to be. We have to accept who we are and accept others too. If there are many out there that feel like you, it saddens me. I find racist people very unattractive, but they can change. I pray for you, Bruce. I hope your heart changes. I know you’re a good guy underneath.