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Kate Gosselin Returns to 'The View' July 2

Kate Gosselin Returns to 'The View' July 2

Kate Gosselin will co-host The View on July 2!

The 35-year-old reality mama will chat about summer foods, sunless tanning and Independence Day-ready outfits, according to ABC.

Kate last appeared on The View in March of this year.

Ms. Gosselin also appeared on the show back in 2009 while Elisabeth Hasselbeck was on maternity leave.

You can catch an all-new episode of Kate Plus 8 on Sunday, July 11 at 9/8c on TLC.

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24 Responses to “Kate Gosselin Returns to 'The View' July 2”

  1. 1
    buhbuhbuh Says:

    I’d like to hear her view on absentee motherhood

  2. 2
    Brummy Says:

    My fellow Gwoppers, be advised I will be watching and taping whilst holding my magnifying glass to check for any see through materials or any signs of nippage or crotch. I will report back forthwith. Save the 8!

  3. 3
    lisali Says:

    why why why??? NO NO NO.

  4. 4
    dawne Says:

    Praise be………tell me it ain’t so!!!!! Another day out for the fameho. Yeah, how would I get thru the summer without her sage advice on spray tanning, extensions and whorish clothing……geez louise.

  5. 5
    dawne Says:

    BTW. any ratings news on her child exploitation…keep me relevant at all cost show????? I know they were good on the ‘inaugual’ but since?

  6. 6
    butterflier Says:

    The 35-year-old reality mama will be talking about pimping out your children and ruining childhoods, emasculating husbands, boob jobs, botox, fake hair, fake tan, fake teeth, and her favorite subject – Kate Gosselin.

  7. 7
    Brightside Says:

    Why? Why even do this? Hasn’t the public had enough of this woman whining about how hard her life is! Can’t believe people want to watch this!

  8. 8
    YOUR MOM Says:



  9. 9
    Go Ask Alice Says:



  10. 10
    fu, jv Says:

    Why doesn’t talk about in this economy spending $21,000 and at least 50 hours on just her hair since January? Because as she constantly tells us…she does it for her kids and she has no money to feed them.
    Why doesn’t she talk about the PR shuffle game of visiting expensive Whole Foods for photo-ops (pap had to get her directions to and from the store but wait Kate never calls or talks to paps, hmm) so she can get herself back to the good, organic mommy? Too much junk, ordinary food going in the house from Target and Giant Foods? Hey, why doesn’t she talk about that totally ****** outfit and shoes she wore to Target? need pics?

  11. 11
    Moira Says:

    Thanks. I will set my DVR. The View is always more enjoyable when Kate is there. Hopefully, Whoopi (Not Rape-Rape) will be on vacation.

  12. 12
    boo Says:

    God she’s gross.

  13. 13
    ROC Says:

    To the stupid ignorant no life people. Talk all the crap you want.
    I say “GO FOR IT KATE”. You rock!!

  14. 14
    EVE Says:

    ya she like other single parents raising kids. sure, with all her freebee’s, breat implants,veeneers,clothes,mansion, trips. how dumb do they think single mothers are. she has more money then a two parent working family will ever have. to the gals who look up to her, you will never never have the money or fame she has. if you want to look at a role model look at your mothers. they’ve worked hard for everything they give you. unfortunately they’ll never be able to afford kate’s care free life.

  15. 15
    hope she gets cancer Says:

    only a WT simpleton with the brain of a housefly would identify and side with this con artist

  16. 16
    Hi Haters Says:

    @hope she gets cancer:

    Only a demento would “HOPE” that someone gets “CANCER!”

    Don’t hate on Kate because she’s young and pretty and in good shape after having 8 kids while you are a stay at home virgin struggling to lose 200lbs while stuffing your face with donuts all day.

    If you think Kate exploits her kids, how do you feel about Michelle Duggar or the Amy Roloff. They’re not attractive so they should be allowed to have their kids filmed, right? No big deal. It’s just Kate’s show that “exploits” all those other reality shows with kids are just fine.

    Have a nice day, hypocrites. Lay off the butter.


  17. 17
    flo Says:

    Seems likeJuly 2nd is a good day to schedule a colonoscopy>

  18. 18
    EVE Says:

    to the broad who talks about how great kate looks. do your homework honey, she had a tummy tuck, lipo and breast implants. seriously think before you speak.

  19. 19
    Eve's Hubby Says:


    Umm Eve, maybe you should take a hint from Kate? Just sayin’

  20. 20
    trailer trash Kate fans Says:

    Kate is a middle-aged cankley plastic ball busting hag ….hope her fans get cancer too ,,,hehehe sloppy low class pigs

  21. 21
    Lauren Says:

    Hey trailer trash, I am a Kate fan and I did get cancer – so HA! Oh wait, this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. If you had any idea how hard this is maybe you’d think about those you insult before opening your mouth again – j*ck*ss.

  22. 22
    Jan Says:

    PEOPLE mag paid for her hair extensions. People hired the stylist that talked Kate into the extension. I hope rude Joy lets her speak.

  23. 23
    Greg Sandin Says:

    I am glad that someone else noticed that Joy is a rude big-mouthed buffoon who thinks only her comments are funny or have worth.

  24. 24
    Anthony Says:

    If you want to look at a role model look at your mothers. they’ve worked hard for everything they give you. unfortunately they’ll never be able to afford Kate’s care free life.

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