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'Knight and Day' Nets $3.8 Million Opening Day

'Knight and Day' Nets $3.8 Million Opening Day

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz‘s Knight and Day got off to a disappointing start at the box office on Wednesday, earning $3.8 million at the box office in the U.S. and Canada.

The action comedy came in second to Toy Story 3, which netted $13 million (via L.A. Times).

Depending on weekend ticket sales, the film may not gross the early estimated $25 million by Sunday.

FYI: Cameron is wearing House of Lavande jewelry, Jil Sander blazer, detailed silk shorts by Elizabeth and James, and neutral Chloe wedges.

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Credit: L. Gallo; Photos: WENN
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  • Oye Vey

    Tank! Tank! Tank! Tom had better issue a commandment that all Scientologist drones visit the theater immediately. He hides the transmitter in the platforms of his fake shoes ; )

  • Iffy Miffy

    That is not a good opening day. I doubt anyone is surprised.

  • Ashley

    JJ what shoes is she wearing??

  • So Judgemental

    But.. the trailer said Tom was at his Jerry Maquire best! You know.. like back when people liked him and actually went to his movies.. guess that desperate Hail Mary play isn’t working.

    I’ll pass. The douchemeter of a movie containing both Cruise and Diaz is just too high for my hard earned bucks.

  • http://justjared ERIK


  • Nate

    OBVIOUSLY! Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are not big enough to garner a huge opening weekend, anymore. This isn’t 2001 anymore. No one cares!

  • Dawn

    It will be really interesting to see how Salt does now because that is the movie that Tom dropped out of so he could do Knight and Day.

  • sami

    ouch… tom just got dethroned as the box-office king… but wow, 3.8M?

  • Go Ask Alice

    A dud.

  • the_boyfriend

    Another mindless action movie, i saw the trailer and no thanks, looks like the same old same old.
    Maybe they should choose more interesting/challenging roles, they surely don’t need the paycheck

  • Kaz

    Beautiful couple without kithy holmes

  • http://justjared ERIK


  • Iffy Miffy

    @Dawn: I think chances are Salt will do really, really well – compared to this, it’ll crush it. On the other hand, if Tom Cruise stuck to it, and we had him as the lead in it, that would have tanked. He simply doesn’t have the star power any more to carry a movie like he used to.

  • josh

    does this surprise anyone?

  • Adam


  • http://Kristenstewartshacksupattheloveranch Tina

    Tom like young not like brad older man

  • Donovan

    I thought this looked decent actually. Guess Tom really did sink his career with all that craziness a few years ago. Ofcourse Cameron has never been a big draw. Not since My Best Friend’s Wedding but that was Julia’s movie, so it doesn’t count.

  • kate

    go see it…I loved it!!!

  • Charly

    Not a shock at all. Fox has been scrambling for weeks!! In the old days (before 2005) this movie would have done like 80 mil for the weekend. Now its lucky if it does 25. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN REGARDING CRUISE.

    Also JJ, Fox was NOT hoping for 25 originally. They expected 50. Other sources said they didn’t expect more than 25. Big, giant floperoo….I feel for the other people who worked on this film

  • dani

    Tom needs to understand he isn’t in his twenties or thirties anymore. Teens and young adults who comprise much of the movie going audience (median age is 32) don’t want to see an almost 50 year old man jumping around as an action star in a vehicle like this. Tom should study the moves successful aging action actors like Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, etc. have made in transitioning from action to a more thoughtful genre. Tom may feel young, but audiences are not perceiving him to be credible anymore in these roles. He definitely is out of touch with the changing face of Hollywood.

  • AEP

    What a SHOCKER!!!! Nobody likes him except his alien friends. I think it’s riot!!!!! F*CK HIM AND CANKLE GIRL!

  • to charly

    my brother is not a tom cruise fan by any means. he only went to the film because he was dragged there by his wife. however, he says the problem was, believe or not, cameron diaz. she ruined it. after my brother finished choking on his words, he says that tom was not half bad.

  • to erik

    it is not 3.8 million, it’s supposed to be 38 million.

  • Dayana

    anyone seen this movie yet?

  • http://Kristenstewartshacksupattheloveranch Tina

    Really handsome man just like baby suri

  • .

    Be nice to see Cameron settle down and be nice to see Tom Cruise come back down to Earth.. too bad they can’t hook up and make it work!

    Shame about the opening day, but neither of them are kids anymore. With movies being geared right at the younger audiences, people don’t need to settle on what they watch. There’s something for everyone. Wednesday night openers are for people who go out a little later during the week.. young people. Had it been a bit more serious, a real spy caper movie, it might have drawn in the older crowd who likes that stuff.

  • busted

    I may actually go to see it. a friend said it was not bad. I just think Tom over promoted the film.. That can be the case.. just a bit too much.

    It just made people think he was not confident in the movies success.


  • AHA

    Well this will teach Tom Cruise a lesson being an arrogant dude. He is no longer a big movie star. I like Cameron Diaz but I wont see this movie b/c Tom Cruise is in it. I used to like him.

  • busted


    SUCH AN IDIOT.. BRAD..has nothing to do with Tom’s movie’s success or failure..YOU freaks just can’t leave this man alone..

  • Wondering if


    Tom looks younger than his 48 years because he dyes his hair and uses botox. Brad is younger and all natural

  • lulu

    There is a time to be and one to go…
    Btw, they look like a couple.





  • Amy

    What people need to realize, is that almost no movies do very well anymore at the box office, unless they are big teen movies, or childrens movies, or children’s movies in 3D, and resemble popular video games, like Avatar. The regular movies are taking a back seat.

    I want to see this movie, probably will see it this week end. Although I would like to see him do suspensful stuff like Harrison Ford used to do when he got older. I really loved “The Fugitive”. I hope to see Tom do movies like that. Anyone notice Mel Gibson’s last movie really bombed, and Brad Pitts movies don’t make much either.

    I say, go see the movie. I think there’s a big plot twist in this one. Don’t listen to the silly negative comments. I would think this movie would do better considering all of the people going crazy over him everywhere he goes on Youtube. They’re going nuts. I don’t see that for any other actor. Maybe his audience is older? Or maybe most people just didn’t realize the opening was moved up.

  • Nicki93

    I used to be a typical Tom Cruise fan, I would go to ANY of his movies regardless of reviews. ( yes i even went and saw cocktail) I stopped being a fan not so much due to the couch jumping crazy katie holmes stuff but because i kept hearing all the scientology stuff. Hey one can believe whatever one wants, it was the trying to shove it down everyone’s throats and suing anyone who dared to come out and criticize him or the religion. I am not sure what if anything he can do to rehab his image to former fans.

  • Anon

    3.8 million is Correct! Bomb!

    # 23 to erik @ 06/24/2010 at 3:44 pm +1

    it is not 3.8 million, it’s supposed to be 38 million

    Read more:

  • http://Justjared Slig

    Yeah also live shriper younger not like tom and old brad

  • valencia

    Just like someone said before: It’s not 2001 anymore, the public doesn’t care about Tom.

    Cameron should have followed in the steps of My Sister’s Keeeper and switch to dramas, something new for her, that showed us that she can do more, so why revert to rom-coms/triller-coms??? It was her perfect transition and she totally missed it! Her agent/manager should have done a better job advising her. That’s what Charlize Theron did and it’s working well for her.

  • valencia

    I meant that My Sister’s Keeper was the perfect transition movie for Cameron to switch to dramas

  • lol

    Tom is 5′ 7”. Cam Diaz is 5′ 9”. They look the same height here. You know Tom wears lift shoes.

  • pr person

    Bwahahahahahaha!!! Nobody gives a hoot about Crazy and his crazy anymore… so it only figures that this movie is going to be a big pile of stinking _______! “May not gross 25 mil by Sunday” …… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This definately will not bode well for Crazy wanting to do MI 4.

  • Uh-oh. I’m disappointed

    OK. I have always liked Tom Cruise movies so me and my bf were off today and went to see it. I was so shocked. The movie is really really really BAD. I’m not kidding!! I am so disappointed and shocked!!!!! You could always count on Tom! He even made Valkyrie into a good movie but this one just sucks!

    It’s not funny. All the funny parts are pretty much in the trailer. The action looks cool but thats all it is – its stuff you can see in any action movie! Cool looking action that is nothing new or interesting. The MI movies were much cooler with much better action which made sense! The story has more holes than swiss cheese. Instead of explaining how Roy gets June out of a really bad situation with multiple gunmen in a warehouse, he “drugs” her so that she and the audience wakeup somewhere else. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! Like it was too hard for the writer to explain his way out of it. For the person who said there must be a twist. There isn’t. The only thing I can say is the locations were really pretty espcially the train in Austria.
    I am totally shocked that Tom did this movie. Its just really bad. I dunno any other way to say it. He usually has great taste when he picks out a movie but not this time! This movie is not gonna do good.

  • JUNE

    What are you all going to say if it makes more than 30 million. I don’t know what is an acceptable box office take for a Wednesday night…but Nine only made 5million the entire weekend…should have made more considering all the stars in it. Even Mad Money that you make fun of, made more than 9, and Jona Hex (nobody really gives a hoot about Megan Fox,) Robert Patterson doesn’t fill seats unless he’s playing a vampire.
    So let’s wait till Monday to see . Cameron Diaz tho has been annoying in her interviews, and it’s obvious she has the hots for Cruise.. She is equally annoying in the previews of Knight and Day.

  • deep down

    BYE BYE 2 has beens overrated hos, aka pizza granny joker face and xenu bwahahhaha

  • So Judgemental

    To be fair it was a Wednesday take.. but that’s also funny.. they opened it early mid week to try to boost the all over weekend total.

    Wed releases should really be for blockbusters like Pirates or Indiana Jones or Transformers.. or even War of the Worlds to help alleviate sold out theaters.. seriously Tom what are you thinking?

    War of the Worlds made 21 million on an opening Wednesday.. but that was War of the Worlds not Knight & Day.

    We will see what the weekend box office ends at.

  • not bad

    It was an opening on WEDNESDAY! WOW! Going against TOY STORY! Look at what the A Team did against Karate Kid! Not even a classic like the Toy Story! There were the BIG BIG CURRENT STARS in A Team! Why does the tabloids and media blast some stars and play down the other stars bombers! You didn’t hear much about Matt Damon’s last movie Green Day bombing. At the same time playing was The Bounty Hunter and kept saying is was horrible yet made over 130 million at the box office and cost 40 million to make, 50 million in profit. So the people spoke differently. (please this isn’t about Angelina, Brad and Jennifer – an example) In fact Matt Damon hasn’t had a hit movie in a while and Matt is a good actor! All I can say is I wish THEM ALL WELL! Life is short…. be happy…. be kind…

  • jordan

    @Uh-oh. I’m disappointed: I loved the movie! Now can’t wait to see Grown Ups!

  • wondering

    wonder what the total was WORLD WIDE not US.

  • dani


    Unfortunately K&D was opened on a Wednesday in order to try and draw in positive publicity and big bucks. Movies generally open on Wednesdays when the marketing dept and studio execs think they have a chance to make mega bucks. K&D failed in that respect. Also the buzz on the movie started positive/rated positive more than not since most of the folks that rushed out to see it seemed to be Cruise or Diaz hard core fans. Now that things are settling down the movie has gone from A with the fans to B- in a short 24-30 hours.

    And comparing opening weekends for Nine and Mad Money to this movie is like comparing apples to oranges. Neither had a mega star in them–yes Nine had solid stars, but no Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp plus it was a musical that the director was unable to translate to screen. Mad Money had no currently big stars. For most people Katie is an A lister by association and reality shows she has never carried a movie let alone starred in one (with the exception of Batman and she was absolutely no part of its success as the sequel showed) that made mega bucks. Her costars are solid actresses, but not huge draws.
    Both Cruise and Diaz have reputations, deserved or not, of being able to carry a movie and be a big draw.
    I guess the weekend will show whether or not K&D is a success. It cost 100 million to make and 50 million for the half-a$$ promotional efforts that someone thought up.
    Make no mistake about it, Cruise wants to return to his days of glory and he is working his tiny bu$$sky off to try and reclaim his fame and reputation. He needs the public adulation and a flop is really going to hurt him. MI4 is in jeopardy in terms of budget if K&D fails to draw–and may not get made. Cruise is no longer considered to be a huge mega draw anymore deserved or not his public/private beliefs and antics have gotten in the way. For a smart media savvy man in the past, he certainly has gotten way off track. He doesn’t realize that little things like allowing Suri to drink from a bottle at 4 years or wear heels gives the public a skewed image of him as a person and a father. He doesn’t realize that wearing jeans and t-shirts and trying so hard to be 29 instead of 48 makes him look desperate.
    He needs someone on his PR/Management team to be honest. To sit down and say Hey Tom–these little things are big problems.
    Thinking back over the decades and all of the big movie stars from Valentino, Grant, Gable, Hudson, Burton and the like–none of them have made the huge faux pas’s that Tom has made. Yes, most of them took missteps, but not misstep after misstep which Tom seems to do now. He has lost touch with his core audience.
    Not good. Not good at all.

  • Amy

    I think it will do good for the weekend, and over all, especially world wide. Not seeing a movie because he spoke of scientology? So what. Is that ur opinion or are you getting brain washed from the media.

    Really? Isn’t he allowed to speak of things which has helped him and he likes. This is beyond silly. IDK I think that was what Less Grossman was highlighting, the way he was never allowed to do anything or say anything he wanted. Maybe it all errupted in the couch hopping people can only take so much. How would you like to be screamed at over every little move you make and anything you say all of your life, or the entire world will go nuts, and movie mogouls will scream at you over the money you’re making them, and costing them if you make one little move someone may not like. Terrible. Being super famous isn’t so easy. Look at Britney Spears, and Micheal Jackson.

    Oh, well, of to care about more important things. Just had to put my 2 cents in. At least I can think for myself, not going to let whatever the media says about someone tell me how to think.