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True Blood's Joe Manganiello Goes Global Cuisine

True Blood's Joe Manganiello Goes Global Cuisine

True Blood‘s first werewolf, Joe Manganiello, meets celebrity chef Gary Arabia at his restaurant Global Cuisine at The Lot on Tuesday (June 22) in West Hollywood.

The 33-year-old actor ordered grilled salmon in a miso glaze served with sauteed spinach, which he ate while practicing his lines.

Also spotted at Global Cuisine was actor James Marsden, eating fennel & sausage pasta with a house salad while on a lunch break from shooting his new Russell Brand comedy Hop.

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  • maig

    This man… is pure sex!. Love him in True Blood.

  • evathediva


  • maig

    This man… is pure sex! Thanks for the pic.

  • w11

    @maig: How can you love him in True Blood when his first episode on the show doesn’t air until Sunday?

  • Hot spotter


  • JM

    Yeah! I am so happy we will finally get to meet Alcide this Sunday. Joe is such a gorgeous man and seems like a nice guy too.

  • maig

    Because I’ve seen trailers and pictures of S3 and he looks sexy as hell.

  • true blood

    He is a handsome guy. Good chemistry with Anna in the previews.
    I’m looking forward to him in Season 3.

  • willow

    Can’t wait for Sunday!

  • uh not so much

    this guy gives off major douchebag vibes.

  • L

    lol what is this post?

    This guy is obnoxious. Took one look at his twitter and was turned off.

  • A

    Yeah he’s good loooking and I loved him in HIMYM but unfortunatly he seems like a real d-bag in interviews and stuff :( disappointing! But he’ll be fun to watch (espec shirtless).

  • Di

    he is very classy

  • just saying

    He might be a douche in RL but I gotta give him credit.
    I was surprised at how giddy Anna P. seemed in the promos with him.
    I think those two are going to work well together and give us good scenes.

  • not impressed

    Why are you making a post about what these people ordered for lunch? Seriously, lame.
    Try harder.

  • franknbeans

    Gorgeous guy.

  • evathediva

    @L: @A: @uh not so much: awww, really,dissapointed to hear that, he is rather good looking. What was it that he said, can you provide a link?

  • R&M

    Thinks he’s pretty hot, and yeah, FINALLY someone “Sookie” has chemistry with. He makes her look like a better actor.

  • He is SO adorable!!!

    I’m looking forward to seeing him play Alcide on True Blood this Sunday!!!

  • ABC

    Once Alcide makes his debut on the next episode, everyone’s going to be Team ALCIDE. He’s wayyy better looking than Stephen and Eric. Yum.

  • Lohan

    I love the show

  • JustJoanie

    I can’t wait to see Alcide in action tomorrow night. Joe is gorgeous.

  • Leeah2694

    Gorgeous Joe playing a werewolf with a heart and soul. How much better can True Blood get ladies????