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Leo DiCaprio: New 'Inception' Stills

Leo DiCaprio: New 'Inception' Stills

Check out the brand spankin’ new stills from director Christopher Nolan‘s Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio (The Extractor), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Point Man), Ken Watanabe (The Tourist), Marion Cotillard (The Shade), Ellen Page (The Architect), Cillian Murphy (The Mark) and Tom Hardy (The Forger).

“I can go inside your mind, in your dreams,” Leo says in his new thriller. Check out the new clip below. It looks so good!!!

Inception opens everywhere on Friday, July 16!

New “Inception” Clip

40+ stills inside from Inception

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leonardo dicaprio inception stills 01
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 02
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 03
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 04
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 05
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 06
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 07
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 08
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 09
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 10
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 11
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 12
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 13
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 14
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 15
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 16
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 17
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 18
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 19
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 20
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 21
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 22
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 23
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 24
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 25
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 26
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 27
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 28
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 29
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 30
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 31
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 32
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 33
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 34
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 35
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 36
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 37
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 38
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 39
leonardo dicaprio inception stills 40

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  • Berry Sprite

    FIRST !
    Leo looks a bit old in these photos, still gonna watch the movie though

  • em

    You are right he does look a little old in some of these photos, i think its the clothes and the hair. But he does look good in the black suit. I like seeing him in these kinds of films, way better than some cheesy romantic film. Although I would like to see him in a comedy, even a cameo. Inception does look good!

  • lola

    First off @#1 he’s not a kid anymore. Let’s see your lovely face :/ And stop plugging your blog here, if we want to read it we’ll seek it out.

    Second, I’m excited for this movie!

  • mm

    Leo is lookin’ old and rough

  • ewwww

    He looks like a douche bag

  • jen

    He got old! I don’t see the appeal at all

  • jen

    He is aging horribly.

  • http://Justjared Shiaka

    How cute leomardo he really pertty he is amazing i like he its my vafs a ctor he just fabulous

  • http://Justjared Slig

    Wow he look young leonardo im slig big fan unbar1

  • iheartcomments

    Film looks great!

    And of course Leo looks older, he’s approaching 40. He can’t look like a baby forever.

  • Ed


  • Ella

    This film looks amazing, regardless of which actors are in it, gotta give them props for putting out something that isn’t the usual summer blockbuster for dumb people we’re so used to. Trusting an audience’s intelligence is always the best. Can’t wait to see it.

  • IcKe

    apparently he plays a man under pressure – nobody looks good when he’s stressed out – so, what’s wrong?

  • Sameera

    Yeah i love he all movie ,in my life i never see handsome and beautiful boy like leonardo dicaprio ,his look younger and cute sweet , how gorgoeus in this movie inception , his my favroute acter ,i love u soooooo much leondi ,

  • Kaz

    Omg leonardo u amazing and gorgeous always & u my fav #1 actar in the world im kaz kiss u

  • Ms Anonymous


    Got to agree with that.

  • why

    it looks good, but still confused as to why they cast the Juno girl Ellen Page? every scene I’ve watched of her in this film so far, she just seems odd, like a junior high kid in a 20-something’s body…there are so many other actresses i’d have chosen before her…

  • KatieH

    I think much better I look to Leo movie “Inception” than Knight & Day – cringe….

  • .

    Wow, there is A LOT of bad English on the comments this time of night. Must be morning somewhere, where English is not the first language!

  • Ella

    @why: Let’s judge after seeing the film, since so far no one really knows exactly what the characters are about. I heard Evan Rachel Wood was offered the part. So obviously he was aiming it for someone young. And I think Ellen is quite a talented young actress.

  • lexy hates bilson

    This movie looks interesting and Leo is such a talented actor!

  • Berry Sprite

    @lola: Plugging my blog ? It’s not even mine,i just like to visit it. Matter of fact, i just insert the web address so my username would turn in light blue color. Just chill, i’m his fans too.

  • Nancy

    Who handsome leo or robert or tom? I thank leo has a man person

  • Leo

    Who handsome leo or robert or tom? I thank leo has a man person

  • bigggggg haed

  • Coco

    I don’t care how he looks, he is a fantastic actor and I’m sure he will kick ass in this movie. So looking forward to this movie!

  • YES

    Leo is such a gifted actor! Can’t wait to see!

  • just me

    Leo looks older than his real age. He lost his sex appeal and I`m not that crazy about him as an actor anymore. I`m excited to see this movie because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard.

  • l

    I just can’t get excited about this film

  • Brasil

    Leo is looking 35, he’s not a 20 year old guy anymore, off course he’s aging. And he looks great , but this doesn’t matter at all, because he’s a talented actor and I have sure Inception will be amazing by the way!

  • @30

    Everyone knows he is not in his 20`s anymore, what are you talking about? Leo does look older than his real age thanks to smoking and partying. And he is not aging well.

  • louise

    That’s what I am talking about, some pictures without BARF, who I think is not long for that planet. Inception comes out in like two weeks, and then it has to make its money back and then about three weeks to a month later it will….and negative publicity wont hurt. Summertime he wil be a free man. No, I have no crystal ball, just surmising after reading her blog. Will be interesting to see what he does with his time without that baggage in tow.

    Blondes and light skin people generall dont age well, he does look rough but everyonce in a while it does SHINE still. He does look thuggish here, but he is supposed to be.

    Was reading up on J. Edgar last night…that was an interesting a guy. He was so obsessed with keeping a lid of his own sexuality he spent all his time investigating everyone elses so he could have a dossier of “secrets” on them…that is why the FBI has material on Rock Hudson for example…he was a gay guy who played a FBI agent in an Italian film.
    So Hoover documented stuff on him..even had a file on Desi Arnaz for crying insanely out loud. That will be a good film to watch, especially if they are going to ahve the early crime busting stuff —-John Dillinger, etc. I like Leo when he is a hardass. Want to know who will be Clive Tolson.

  • http://barusetheforce turtledove

    I think he still brings it in a couple of these pix….but if you look at the close-up with marillon you can see what looks like a couple of busted capillaries. Not very good news.

    Why, oh why cant he date someone like Marillon? Who looks fantastic in vogue, styled well, sexy, a real woman? Oh that’s right, she’s the type that wont put up with him. She got her own oscar, he doesnt. She dont need him ! So he goes with the fugly twat a few posts down. Really, really sad.

  • Desiree

    DiCaprio is an ugly creep. He can’t act.

  • @Desiree

    ..Your a miserable OLD HAG..with a lame a*s comment…lolol..go back to the basement…and change your Depends…

  • CanadaGirl

    Leo is hot. I don’t know what you b****es are carrying on about.

  • Brasil

    and what’s the big deal he’s aging? as I know when someone become an actor have to worry with the acting and not with his looks unless it’s for the character.
    @turtledove, did you talking serious? ok, Marion is a great and talented actress who have her Oscar, pretty deserved and this is amazing, but I doubt she’s this disrespectiful like you! and she have a boyfriend if you don’t know, who is Leo’s friend… everybody knows Leo is an amazing actor and have respect in the industry even that you and some haters don’t recognize this… so I’am sure she was glad to work with him even that he don’t have an Oscar YET. But the subject is any woman in this entire world would not want Leo as a serious boyfriend, are you kiddding me? I have news for you, when someone trully loves other person nothing can stop to happen. Still don’t happen to him but will, just wait and see. And instead of you and stalkers that just come here to bash on him and talk crap, I will be twisting for his happiness and kepp the good thoughts!

  • doug

    hes a f—–g looser and looks like a douc-h-e- bag old looking too and hes a jerkoff

  • wanlou

    i love leo’s movie and he’s amazing!!!

  • Lohan

    He looks great

  • tk

    He looks good with a gun.

  • fs

    I want to hear more about the “soul mate”

  • http://barusetheforce Indiana


    Yes, I too think he is sexy as a hard ass ! love it !!!!

  • wow

    Leo looks good and i think it`s gonna be a great movie. he looks way better here than he looked in Shutter Island. he wasn`t with his unfortunate gf while shooting Inception and it shows. he looks hot and relaxed…

  • Jess

    I saw these the other day. Leo looks absolutely gorgeous in all of them. I soooo can’t wait to see Inception. :D

  • truth

    he really isn’t aging well. the smoking and partying will do that to you. but when he cleans his self up for award shows, he can look above average. oh how i miss those titanic days. damn.

  • Mari

    This movie looks like a great one; I can’t wait to see it. I don’t expect Leo to look like he did in Titanic, when he was still in his early twenties. He’s not a little boy anymore, he’s a man, and I think he’s totally hot.

  • bb

    seen the interview he did with mtv. cool. I really don’t give a damn about his looks to be honest. More interested in the movie at the moment.

  • @fs

    This link has some stuff about the soulmate/twin flame. Almost every Leo post on JJ has some info on the soulmate, for the last one or two years. Check them out, the recent ones with boxes and the game one, are very interesting reads. I learnt a lot from the psychics there.

  • iheartcomments

    It comes up a lot on these boards, and occasionally on his boards as well.
    The common consensus is that he will marry a brunette non-model, it comes up over and over, most likely not an American.

    I think it’s interesting that psychics (or people who’ve talked to psychics about him, or intuitive people) say similar things and even talk about soulmates when Leo runs around H-town like every other red-blooded male celeb. He certainly doesn’t act like someone interested in a sm…or maybe that’s exactly why he’s running around, waiting for this mythical person to show up. Whatever.

    Interesting boards anyways.