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Miley Cyrus: Pop Star Meets Rocker Chick!

Miley Cyrus: Pop Star Meets Rocker Chick!

Miley Cyrus may have started her career as Hannah Montana, but now she’s got the best of both worlds as a pop star and a rocker chick!

“It’s not dance music that’s just about, ‘Ooh, I’m in the club and everyone’s looking at me.’ It means something,” Miley told Billboard last month about her new record. “I’m not just sitting here trying to sell glitz and glamour . . . because no one lives that life. A lot of [pop] songs are super shallow, but this music isn’t.”

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  • jess


  • Laki

    Oh so that’s why you’ve been dancing almost naked and talking about your rebellious phase that no teenager has ever had.In the history of the world.
    Because,you’re so deep.
    Seriously,F**K this girl.

  • Surree

    Yeah Miley, your music is so totally meaningful and deep. You are such an artist.

    Seriously, why does this girl keep blurting out such bull****. There is nothing unique or meaningful about her generic pop music. She equates growing up with being overtly sexual. She will never be interesting. I can only hope one day she will STFU and stuff her music and ~artistry up her ***.

  • mailey

    i like her hair color.

    it’s pretty funny that a 17-year old can incite that much hate. i don’t really get it.

    why are so many grandma conservatives posting on here?

    she’s a singer and performer. what do u want her to wear, a turtleneck?

    while i am 17, i am going to wear whatever i want while i am young and have the body to wear them. im not going to give a flying frick what people think.

  • oh

    This girl is interested in one thing only, the bottom line. She wants to bring in the the Benjamins $$$$$$$$$$$$$ because that’s what sells. Is she interested in decency, morality, integrity, honor????…Not a chance…She is laughing all the way to the bank on your dime! She wants to sell her sexuality to make a buck and her mother and father are more than delighted…

    Mailey, there are a lot of young girls that sadly ended up dead with your line of thinking…attracting the wrong kind of attention from the world’s sickos but when you’re young, you think you’re invincible!

    Just ask Natalie Holloway what she thinks?! Better yet don’t, she’s dead! :(

    So much for Grandma conservatives who care about the young?!!

  • Dfjr

    Flawless bitch

  • oh

    As for the closet raid, I feel like throwing up. Its all about me me me me and what am I going to wear me me me!!!! God help her baby!

    People are dying…The oil spill is catastrophic to millions of lives..meanwhile, this girl is so out of touch with reality, she’s going on and on about what’s in her closet, which she probably spent thousands on…Makes me sick!! :(

  • Berry Sprite

    Poor example of Victim of Fame

  • buzzz999

    everyone knows how her pussi looks like. awesome! her christian family must be so proud of her! *_*

  • Tara

    More like Avril ripoff.

  • oh

    Please don’t degridate Christians like that. Not all Christians are like Miley. Trust me!!!

    People USE the title Christian so loosely that its disgusting. Unless you walk the walk, its nothing but lip service.

  • @11…oh

    Please take your self righteous preaching elsewhere….it’s her life not yours.

  • buzzz999

    @oh: it wasn’t my intention to degridate Christians. I was just being sarcastic.

  • Kels

    Pop star meets rocker chick? More like grown-up wanna be meets slutty.

  • oh

    Its a free country so I’ll take it my OPINION where I want as long as Jared allows it.

    Oh, the tragedy!!!

  • sarah

    Why does she take herself so seriously, because no one else does, and her music is just as shallow as everyone else. She needs to get over herself.

  • whatever

    she’s so annoying lol.

  • Bella C.

    Wait, this teenage wh#re thinks her music is deep?
    She also thinks her music is Rock?


  • Bella C.

    Can’t wait for Joan Jett to release the statement dissing this pop tart hillbilly loser.

  • kittycat

    ummm okay….let me just say that I don’t relate to “being tamed” at all….

  • kittycat

    i agree with @oh because she claims to be all these things that she’s not, and she’s is not representing christians, like she claims herself to be, in the right manor. I’m catholic, but I’m not a devote catholic, I still think that she is controdicting (spelling?) herself when she says certain things..

  • Smiley

    I’d eat that pop tart.

  • kris

    Wait a sec.
    Did she really just say her music isn’t shallow?
    Really? Wow. This girl is delusional.

  • slambang

    This girl is such a joke. She can’t sing for sh!t, and now she’s trying to be all sexy and looking stupid. Massive fail.

  • Kaz

    What? i wanna spit in her face and kick . Ha ha hahahaha fat girl hahahahahah

  • SCott

    Yeah….those Hannah Montana had a lot of substance. And your new stuff is sooooooooooooooooo deep and meaningful too! And I really like how you feel the need to do EXACTLY what Madonna, Britney, Chrtistina have already done and kiss another girl on stage any chance you get. Do you have any originaility whatsoever? And for the love of God…you DO NOT have the body to be wearing the outfits you’re currently showing off. Why don’t you wait till you hit puberty.

  • SCott

    @mailey: I’m not going to hold anything against you sweets. You’re 17 and have no idea what you’re talking about. When you’re all growns up….why don’t you re-read that satement.

  • http://justjared anymouse

    because, most parents are saying, you want to go see Miley? you want to buy Miley’s CD? isn’t she that sweet Hannah Montana girl? of course! Miley’s fan base are little children! she should know better than this! she is awkward, because all this isn’t natural for her. she is trying to be something she is not. don’t be in such of a hurry to grow up Miley! wearing those trashy clothes, does not make you an adult! what she wears around the house, fine. what she wears, for the impressionable little ones, who are her fans….? not cool! because i sure don’t know of anyone who is older than 18, that is a fan of her music.

  • Chloe

    @mailey: A 17-year old would say something like that. There is such a thing as decency in the world; apparently you don’t follow it.

  • newbie

    Her talent-less voice hurts my ears and her attempt to create shock value by exposing so much of herself is hurting my eyes!

  • jaye

    This is a old quote. Jared don’t get like Perez with the OLD news . Btw way she’s not a Rocker, she wants to be a rocker. She does have a glorified view of her music though.
    I’m grateful that Miley has given up the “Christian defense’ whenever she’s criticized for her behavior. I guess even she realized what a hypocrite she was being. If you’re going to make certain decisions and you’re in the public eye, expect to be criticized. She just needs to suck it and get over her delusions of grandeur; you’d think she’s the first person who’s tried to make a statement through music.
    The sad thing is, she’s too young to know how narrow her vision is or how condescending of other singers she is. Since she said she doesn’t listen to pop music in one interview, I wonder how she knows what they’re singing about. I think she busted herself. lol.

  • Rob

    inconsequential music. who gives a sh*t about what she thinks or has to say about anything? just keep bringing the money home to daddy sweetheart, i’m sure the achy breaky heart royalties have got to be all dried up by now.

  • http://justjared lis


  • http://Justjared Slig

    Yeah yeah me to i spit she like britny 2 dance hahaha ok where caca imean jaja no no i mean gaga

  • Lohan

    I love her smile

  • Marky

    Okay, wait just a sec; last I heard, Miley is an entertainer, she is not a graduate of MIT or a news commentator on BBC. She’s a teenager who is an entertainer. She will make some mistakes, which she will hopefully learn from, but at 17, no one should be expecting her to be incessantly walking around expounding on the oil spill, children starving in Africa, and all other world tragedies. Wow! These venomous posts make it sound as if she has personally offended each and every one of you by being on the planet. Unbelievable. Don’t like her, don’t watch, but if she were my friend or my sister, I would be wondering why she was being bullied so badly right now.

  • BSEA

    I like some of her songs, but after hearing and seeing her live its clear her voice was SERIOUSLY DOCTORED. This girl has no voice at all, she has no real talent and frankly at 17 a bit of a CHUNKY BUTT. I think the majorioty of the audience is sicl of her. I heard the live Party in The USA….wow embarrasing voice, I can sing it better.

  • Ella Jay

    to paraphrase someone who posted previously: what? she’s now ‘serious’ because she’s started acting sluttier.

    i just really wanna know when we don’t have to hear from her any longer. go ‘way.

  • Barb

    This child, and I mean child, needs someone to straighten her up. I always thought her Mom and Dad were pretty down to earth during the Hannah Montana thing, but what has happened? This little girl is going to end up like Britney and Lindsay. It’s such a shame because she has real talent. Mom and Dad, please put a stop to this nonsense if it’s not already too late? I know she thinks she is grown up, but believe me 17 is not grown. My two granddaughters idolized her but now have changed their mind – and they are 16 and 10. I think now the audience has changed to young boys.

  • a grown up

    All you haters are just jealous little tarts yourselves, you know Miley is beautiful and successful and everything you wish you could be, of course she is sexy, she is confident, and exudes self worth, nothing wrong with any of that! Go Miley!

  • Ken

    Wait for it~…….and I thought her music is really shallow…

  • Maggie

    OMG guys like this music is super awesome and everything else I have done is super shallow. Are you guys listening to me? I am SUPER SERIAL!

    How can a girl write about meaning when her vocabulary consists of the word super and not much else. Yea really deep. LOL

  • robert

    OMG Miley is so hot. I think she is the sexiest girl alive today.

  • bigbuffbob

    I would love to bend Miley over and rat tat tat dat @ss.