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Alexander Skarsgard: Elephant in the Room...

Alexander Skarsgard: Elephant in the Room...

Alexander Skarsgard is attached to star in the Hans Petter Moland-directed oil-rig thriller The Elephant, based on Magnar Jonsgaard‘s novel “Black Rain.”

The Wrap reports the 33-year-old True Blood actor will play “a Norwegian roustabout who tangles with a redneck American driller. The two men bond while attempting to shut down a terrifying oil rig explosion.”

FYI: An elephant is industry slang for an oil field that produces at least 500 million barrels.

Yesterday, Alex was seen rehearsing a new scene for True Blood with Stephen Moyer.

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  • Hotness

    Sounds much more interesting than that Battleship movie.
    Hope he gets the stardom he deserves, he is great actor and hot.

    And for f uck’s sake, please, stop dating Kate Bosworthless!

  • ABC

    Each time I read the word oil nowadays I think of the oil spill.

    And I don’t know why this film is supposed to be a thriller.

  • mememe

    Playing a Norwegian, huh? Shame on you, Alexander – you traitor! lol

    (just so no one gets all pissy – Norwegians and Swedes have the same kind of jokey relationship that Americans have with the Canadians – so i’m not actually saying there’s anything wrong with Alex playing a Norwegian)

    I like to see that he’s getting more roles – maybe in a little while, JJ’s Skarsworth posts will begin “Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd and his girlfriend Kate Bosworth” as opposed to the other way around

  • Not Surprised

    Another c-movie role for this d-list loser. At least he’s working which should keep Bosworthless happily dreaming of all the movie premiere red carpets she’ll be walking as his “girlfriend”. Although, red carpets are hard to come by when movies such as the three he’s got booked go straight to DVD. I’ve never seen one at my local Target or Best Buy stores on a release date.

  • http://Justjared Slig

    Aaaaah aaaaah polic polic take lindsy or maily or typ in jall

  • Weird

    I like him better when they are not mentioning Kate “The Skank” Bosworth in his posts or even seeing them together. She really brought him way down in so many people’s eyes. Why Alex why? You were so great before and now just so below average. We want the old Alex back!!

  • Weird

    Kate is such a slag it is ridiculous.

  • http://Justjared Slig

    I mean take lendsy and miley in jail cuzs steal my mony

  • kiki

    He’s really only 33?? he looks 40

  • Eric Shinn

    The title ‘The Elephant’ is so fitting for Alex – I’ve heard he is hung like a horse!!!!!!

  • eva

    @Eric Shinn: really? I am really surprised that he has not broken BOB in half!!! Sounds nice though, especially the hung like an elephant

  • Dreads

    JEEZ, I’m getting SO sick and tired of seeing that man! And his pretty face isn’t doing anything no more.

  • ABC

    @Dreads: I hope that by the time Joe M. as Alcide makes his debut, he’ll be all that we talk about.

  • Too bad

    He looks nothing like the above pic anymore. The hotness has been drained.

  • Idiocracy

    Good for Alexander! This movie sounds intriguing, just hope it gets a good U.S. distribution. Alexander Skarsgard has many, many fans. Not everyone judges him negatively because of who he dates. Take the time to read legitimate articles, not gossip sites.

  • @ Too bad

    Blame Kate. She’s drained the hotness.

  • To #15

    Well, if you do read his interviews, they’re repetitive and unoriginal. The guy’s more then a bit dull, but an ok actor.

  • Jam


    I hear ya. Who gives a crap about what the shallow fangirls think anyways… the wouldnt know acting if it hit them in the cooter…

  • Lohan

    He is hot

  • CanadaGirl

    I’d love to see him in more stuff, but I fear that his fauxmance with Bosworth will drag him down. The woman hasn’t had a good role in ages and, if he wants the heat that two celebs generate when they date, he’s chosen the wrong partner.

  • well duh

    this film sounds interesting , all his new films sound so good, whch is a good thing because they will overshadow the shiteous straw dogs that will never come out!

  • Spice

    I like him and I’m glad he has gotten these roles. The Battleship one is supposed to be this generations “Independence Day” so it may be fun with aliens and special effects. This oil rig one sounds more interesting and very timely considering what has happened in the gulf.

    One thing he really does work. One project after the next. He is the complete opposite to KB and he will leave her in the dust eventually.

  • CD

    Very excited with his new movie projects. It looks like Hollywood is finally paying attention to this fine actor. I hope he makes more and more movies in the future because I sure will watch them.

  • zee


    Same here. And lol that the fangirls who complain when anything is posted about Skarsgard and Bosworth together, then still bring her up endlessly in a post that mentions only him. They are obsessed and you know its the same ones posting under diff names. Like Skarsgard is going to leave Bosworth if they whine enough on the internet. So much lol.

  • heidi

    @notsurprised, Battleship is a 150 million budget tentpole summer movie. It will be promoted heavily. Straw Dogs appeared to test well and was moved from Feb to Sep’t, which is a much better release month. Melancholia is with Lars Von Trier, a very well respected director. It will probably open at Cannes, most of his films do. None of these films are going straight to video.

    Alexander is going to be really busy and there’s a real variety of roles. Good for him. He’s not going to end up typecast as Eric.

  • L

    For people that hate Kate so much you sure do talk about her a lot. This is the second Alex post this week without one mention of her yet you all feel the need to bring her up.

    Grow up.

  • BooHiss!

    @natalie: ::::reviews talking points::: You forgot his “bulbous nose”, “beady eyes” and “weak chin”. Man, how does this guy making a living being the ugliest man in the universe! What am I doing in this thread! I can’t even stand to look or talk about him!

  • goddess

    @Hotness: Sooo agree! He needs to dump that and fast before she sucks all the life out of his career. He deserves hotter… and taller too.

  • Betty

    I know there are a lot of people who don`t like Alex, but really, why bother to read the posts about him if you hate him so much? Personally, I think he is beautiful, sexy, and very talented. The only thing that bothers me is how is he going to film three movies and be done in time to begin filming season 4 of True Blood? I am worried that he will get so many movie offers that he will quit True Blood. He has said that he loves working on True Blood and he knows he will probably miss out on movie roles because of the timing, but he said he doesn`t mind because he loves working on the show. But what if he got a really good movie offer? Oh well, I will pray that he stays on True Blood for as long as the series lasts. I will watch all his movies when they come out,too!

  • Whynot


    LMAO…………………………keep trolling Jam/hans!
    BTW Alex and Kate are going to have to DEAL with the PR spectacle aftermath…You don’tshow up every week and several times a week on JJ and just dissapear from the radar…people will take notice..esp when the dissaperence happened when the hate/dislike for Skarsworth was at an all time high….Strawdogs will be bomb..Feb is not really known for box office success either…..It worked right I have not seen Kate here on JJ for what 2 weeks that’s a record right!!lol

  • Malanna

    ^ Look at photo of Orlando above running and smiling.

    When will the old Alex come back …he used to smile and look happy now he always looks so pissed off…..I quess Orlly must be really happy with Miranda and Alex…….has Kate. Orlly dodge a big one in regards to Kate…the relief ….lol The ELEPHANT in the room is Kate.
    But the movie sound interesting does anyone know who this director is?

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Malanna: Hans Petter Moland is a Norwegian who directed The Beautiful Country, that Vietnam film from a few years back with Nick Nolte. It was quite good but it’s the only thing I’ve seen from him. He is a friend of Alex’ father though, a very good friend so this may have something to do with the casting.

  • squirelmeat

    Film sounds interesting (and timely, given the BP issues). Funny, as his father’s big movie role was in Breaking the Waves playing an oil rig guy. These films must be paying him some good advances, given the 150K+ car he’s driving now..

  • They’re back

    Haven’t you all seen the pics of KB and AS after watching the World Cup match today? This may not be such a fauxmance after all, I think he really likes her.

  • AS

    @Whynot: They haven’t disappeared, just saw them on another site, like clockwork, they show up every 2-4 weeks, why isn’t jj on top of this i wonder?

  • Carla Nelson

    I agree with you #27 he is an okay actor but for as sexy hes not to me. He needs to keep his clothes on all the time.

  • monice

    @To #15:

    i agree, all i seem to read is that “revenge and love being naked”