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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Kissing Couple

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Kissing Couple

Leann Rimes and her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian show off their unbridled love for each other with a public kiss on Friday (June 25) in Santa Monica, Calif.

WATCH: LeAnn’s “Swingin’” Music Video

The happy couple held hands and got affectionate with each other as they strolled down Montana Ave. While waiting for the traffic light, LeAnn and Eddie leaned in for a quick kiss.

10+ pictures inside of kissing couple LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

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leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 10

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  • anonymous

    Jason, your Brandi is a big ZERO! Valley girl at 40 is her claim to fame. WOW!!!!!!!

  • Surprised

    I was surprised the producer of her new video included her arrogant grin as a big part of the production. She has a nice smile but that grin is nothing more than, “When I fart, rose petals fill the air”.

  • CottageCheese

    For the past two weeks this Sk()nk has been wearing maternity attire everywhere, even on stage! If she is LOL, those two linked for life will become their own worst nightmare! She does have ugly legs, wonder why she’s always wearing shorts, maybe it’s ONE of her diseases LMAO!

  • Gina

    The new Heidi and Spencer

  • @#49

    You go back two years ago with Chesney and 3 years ago for a paid for and worthless nomination lololololol. That is the definition of a has-been. Perhaps LeAnn, Jessica, and Amy Winehouse can be the next Dixey Chicks. LeAnn’s appearance fee probably doesn’t pay for her airfare, speaking of which where was LeAnn’s donation to the Nashville Flood Charity? She uses children and charities to promote herself.

  • @#49

    You go back two years ago with Chesney and 3 years ago for a paid for and worthless nomination lololololol. That is the definition of a has-been. Perhaps LeAnn, Jessica, and Amy Winehouse can be the next Dixey Chicks. LeAnn’s appearance fee probably doesn’t pay for her airfare, speaking of which where was LeAnn’s donation to the Nashville Flood Charity? She uses children and charities to promote herself.

  • Joy A.G.

    Who da jelez hater here? Kinda obvious in’t it!?

  • http://deleted Marie

    @Deja Vu: Why do you always think of something negative between these two. I have no insurance and neither do you that anything will be permanent. If he loves her and she loves him, that is enough for me – I wouldn’t try to put somebody down for loving another. I am not the one to judge. I don’t think that Eddie is doing what you accused him of – he is too smart for that. If he didn’t love her, he would still have a lot to lose. She loves him and I hope that he loves her. Too bad that his ex was hurt but we have all been there – not just the ex but we don’t go off the deep end.

  • Rimes PR Staff Must Be Fired

    A little story found by the google search “Nobody wants to hear homewrecker Rimes sing” was posted today so in response her PR staff posted this thread to draw attention away from it. Since JJ links to all the major tab sites, now everyone will be talking about it. Great job PR staff.

  • http://deleted Marie

    @@#49: A has-been with 38M – some has-been. Bet you would trade with her any day, wouldn’t you? This girl could live the rest of her life doing better than you are doing right now and you call her a has-been? Guess that is better than a never-was or never-will-be. Huh?

  • Kristen

    I read the article about LeAnn not being able to sell tickets in Arizona. I guess its true that what goes around comes around. Usually its LeAnn who doesn’t show up for a concert and now the audience seems to be returning the favor.

  • amanda

    Cool! This article is one of the HEADLINERs on Jared’s. Thx for to all who’ve made my day. Hugs to LeAnne and Eddie.

  • Bobby

    Every time I see these two I just want to puke. Is it any wonder she can only fill half a small venue like the Celebrity Theater? I’m sure she’ll sue Brandi for her poor ticket sales or some such nonsense.

  • Gotta laugh

    Talk about a piece of cosmetic jewelry. LeAnn’s driving again. I guess with Eddie being out of work he can’t afford gas. This guy is such a slime ball. He needs to grow a pair. I’m surprised LeAnn didn’t open the door for him.

  • Puppy

    When ever they do this ‘pose for the paps” kiss crap he has as much genuine affection as if he is kissing his sister.

  • Carol

    Funny! Yep, she’s driving and he’s just along for the ride…in every sense of the word.

  • Blaming Brandi as Usual

    Brandi has nothing to do with this post, why bring her up. bashing brandi wont help leAnn sell tickets or get Eddie a job so you can save your breath

  • http://deleted Marie

    @Blaming Brandi as Usual: The ex could run to the paps and tell how she broke a fingernail moving and how LeAnn wouldn’t let Eddie run over and kiss it and make it grow. Sounds about right. Right?

  • cacey


  • Realistic

    I do not know the details of their union/relationship nor do I really care especially since from the previous poster’s comments it sounds like a cluster-fu*ck of mess. I must live under a rock because I did not know all that was going on with them.
    I just want to know what has happened to Eddie from his Baywatch years, he use to be so cute. Now he looks like he is aging badly and that little something that made him cute has faded. Even those dimples lost their cuteness lol.

  • http://deleted Marie

    @cacey: You people seem to know a lot about white trash. Know a lot of them do you? Same neighborhood?

  • Joey F.

    Call me Jealous Joey…..nah, if she’s happy I’m happy, but I wish it was Joey in Eddie’s shoes.

  • kidink7

    He’s a Cheater and Shes a Cheater, And Both of them Are White Trash.. I hope they Break up and We Don’t Have to Hear anything About Them Again

  • lindsey

    LR was answering a Leeland or a Deeland on her Twitter early today about having babies, sounding open to the idea and maybe even considering it. She can’t wait too much longer or she’ll be too old. Yeah to that news.

  • lindsey

    Her doggie pictures are up now on her Twitter

  • Patriish

    His divorce must be close with him looking so elated and like some awful load has been lifted. I realize some of his relief is due to the unloading of the house but he is really into LeAnn and happy. I’d love to see them marry and build a family together. We all like fairy-tale endings….so there is mine.

  • Zoe

    I love her new song! I downloaded it 2 weeks ago and haven’t tired of it yet.
    And I think they are an adorable couple! Why such hate from a few repeat posters? Jealous or related to his ex-wife? Life is too short too hold onto such animousity. Move on with your own life and get happy. Don’t worry about theirs because it’s really noy your life. Is it?

  • lily

    adorable….thanks JJ


    Sumpin bout these two makes me smile. Luv em!

  • Jealous of What

    why in the world would anyone be jealous that leAnn is dating a man that cant keep it in his pants. i would not wish an unemplyed cheater on anyone, not even for you. no thanks, i like my men UNMARRIED. i dont date married men, not my type

  • gwen

    Wow, another “EC loves me because…’ photo-op. So now we are supposed to believe that EC loves LR because he went in for a kiss as they crossed the street?

    OH JJ, you forgot to do your homework. HINT: CHECK the TV guide.

    Now why might EC being showing his “unbridled love” for Leann?

    Because his Hallmark movie is airing TOMORROW and he is out of a job and has no other choice but to pretend to be a “devoted lover” to Leann?.

    Who didn’t see this a photo-op like this coming? Whenever LR does charity work we can be 100% sure that a kissing or pda photo-op is going occur before or after the event. Let’s not forget that the article about how EC lost his job because of his public affair with LR, so this is just more DAMAGE CONTROL.

    Now how many happy couples need to valiated EVERY WEEK by JJ?

    Why would we believe that EC loves LR because he kisses her when he can’t even commit to his public plea for privacy?So JJ, why do you expect us to believe that EC is in love with LR when by staging this photo-op he makes himself out to be liar? I mean once again didn’t EC say that he wanted privacy and his mistress tips off the paps once again because she just can’t deal with the fact that no one believes that EC is in love with her?

    Now why would EC and LR get affectionate? Because LR is typical HPD who thinks that as long as EC is kissing her and grabbing her butt, then it’s love. And EC is an opportunist, miking Leann for all he can get.

  • gwen


    EC is showing his love for LEANN’s MONEY.

    His Hallmark movie airs TOMORROW, and just as many of us predicted LR tips off the paps because she thinks that her charity work makes it okay to stage these pda photo-ops with EC.

  • gwen


    Eddie and Leann’s money.

    Thanks for the laugh JJ, EC is using LR and you just made that even more obvious. If his Hallmark movie wasn’t airing tomorrow, he wouldn’t even be kissing on LR.

  • gwen


    Oh please, this is the most extreme case of an HW affair. EC and LR are CONSTANTLY tipping off the paps. LR tweets about BG kids to taunt her. LR stalked BG under the name of WEWENLOVE. EC is saying that he does not have any money to support his wife and then he contradicts himself with these photo-ops.

    And when the public won’t believe that EC is in love with LR, LR goes through these extreme measures to make us believe that it’s love, even paying JJ and x17 to call her happy. If LR was happy with EC, then there would be no need to compete with his kids or to taunt his wife. JJ makes sure to put in the happy part, but leaves out the part about EC wanting privacy.

    As long as EC is breaking promises to his kids and his plea for privacy, no one is going to believe that he loves LR no matter how many times JJ says that they are happy because they kiss.

    This photo-op is even more ridiculous because we all know that EC is trying to get people to watch his Hallmark movie. EC is hardly ever seen about LA, so how odd that these photo-ops with LR always occur when his moviie or CSI was airing.

  • when pr goes wrong


    michela/cbme=zoe, lily, joey F, patrish

  • when pr goes wrong

    “unbridled love”


    Why does JJ summaries for EC and LR photo-ops always sound like they are paraphrasing right out those romance novels?

    JJ, Eddie can’t even commit to the very public plea that he made just two weeks ago about wanting privacy and you want us to believe that EC is happy and in love with LR because he kissed her knowing full well that YOU were there watching?

    Seriously, who is in charge of LR pr?

  • when pr goes wrong

    dimples and daisy(aka cbme, michela)

    The MONEY that Leann pays you to pose as fans?

  • when pr goes wrong

    For sure this is love, it’s not like they didn’t see the PAPS, which they invited.

    I mean how many other couples KISS or rub each other butts EVERYTIME they see the PAPS?

  • when pr goes wrong


    EC to the public: “WATCH MY HALLMARK MOVIE.”

  • when pr goes wrong

    IRENA, opps I mean MARIE, no, no, CBME/ michela

    Where did you hear that EC cast mates called him to say that they were sorry because he lost his job?

    Is this something that Leann wrote on her twitter page? I didn’t see any headlines saying such a thing, so why are you on Celebrity writing this?

    Now you know that we can not believe ANYTHING that LR says seeing as how she said that her divorce was the top story and JJ perpetuated this lie knowing full well that LR divorce was nowhere in the top searches on ANY site.

  • myra

    get a life people!! they look happy together and it did not affect ur lives personally so get over it! her voice is awesome and he is beautiful!

  • gwen

    myra (aka cbme)

    Wow, a different “fan” shows up telling other posters to get a life. Hi CBME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you said that you were banned.

    EC and LR looked happy with their spouses when they were staging the very same photo-ops last year, so what is your point? That EC and LR are not sincere.

    So if it does not affect your life, then why are you getting so offended?

    The fact of the matter is that EC said that he wants privacy and LR keeps trying to make us believe that a kiss means that EC is not using her for money and fame.

    It does not have to affect our lives personally to be disgusted by their actions. Why did EC make such a plea for privacy when he was just going to keep staging these pda photo-ops with his mistress?

    The most disgusting thing of all is JJ commentary. This is not about love, it’s about EC Hallmark movie. If JJ had told the truth before posting this fluff, the public wouldn’t have a problem with it. JJ keeps telling us that apples are oranges. If JJ and LR are going to keep force feeding us this farce, then this is going to be the reaction everytime. Please JJ, the next time you write a “unbridled” or “happy couple” comment about EC do your homework.

    LR voice must not be too awesome since she has to use EC kids to promote her album and single and can’t sell tickets so they have to be put at half priced.

    If LR had talent, these photo-ops with EC to hype her album would not be necessary.

  • gwen

    I thought CBME said that she was banned, so why is she still posting on this site as MARIE?

  • myra

    lol gwen…u have alot of time on ur hands. maybe ur brandi since its not like she works to support her children at all so she would have all the time in the world to post comment after comment.

  • myra

    wow gwen u have alot to say and obviously alot of time on ur hands…makes me think ur brandi since she doesnt work and would have plenty of time to post comment after comment.

  • sara


  • michelle

    All I know is any time the girl drives the porsche away, the man is her bitch!!! No real man would let that happen. Choke chain eddie????

  • dee


  • Laine

    Gwen… Just curious…were you a big EC fan before he hooked up with Leann?

  • http://deleted Marie

    @when pr goes wrong: Did you see any headlines that said his cast mates were happy to see him go? Thought not.