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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Kissing Couple

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Kissing Couple

Leann Rimes and her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian show off their unbridled love for each other with a public kiss on Friday (June 25) in Santa Monica, Calif.

WATCH: LeAnn’s “Swingin’” Music Video

The happy couple held hands and got affectionate with each other as they strolled down Montana Ave. While waiting for the traffic light, LeAnn and Eddie leaned in for a quick kiss.

10+ pictures inside of kissing couple LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

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leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian kissing 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • http://deleted Marie

    @gwen: You are one of the most ridiculous people I have ever seen!! Kissing LeAnn for a Halmark movie. Ha Ha

  • http://deleted Marie

    michelle is the ex !!!!

  • http://deleted Marie

    @michelle: Jealous heart, B?

  • Zoe

    GWEN – you were renound for going on long tangents on the PopSugar website towards that Baltazar and Sienna Miller weren’t you?
    You SERIOUSLY need to seek professional help. You’re obssesive\psychotic.

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    Hi cbme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why did you say that JJ banned you when you are here posting under the name of Marie?

    1) Well that is only because you haven’t looked in a mirror lately.

    True or False does EC Hallmark movie air tomorrow?

    True or False, EC usually only does these pda when LR is trying to hype up her album or when CSI and HH aired.

    2) What are you talking about? It doesn’t matter where WEWE came from. LR stalked EC wife under WEWENLOVE.

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  • http://deleted Marie

    @gwen: I read what LeAnn said and she was not stalking the ex. Why would she stalk her? She and Eddie were already together. Stuff you say does not make sense.
    The wewe has a meaning.

  • gwen

    Laine(aka cbme)

    Just curious, why did you say that you were banned from JJ when it is very apparant that it’s you posting under these different names?

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    Thanks for outting yourself. Just like CBME you want to sit here and argue that the evidence does not show what it shows or that it does not exist.

    So the article from In Touch, the very same one that you are on Celebrity Bitchy and other sites doing damage control on does not exist?

    You are just mad because once again you got caught in a lie. Where are the headlines that say that EC castmates called him? Why are you on Celebrity Bitchy passing this off as truth if you got the info from LR twitter page?

    BTW, we know that any “fans” that show up at this time, is YOU.

    So JJ, you didn’t ban CBME she is just posting under a different name.

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    Marie(aka sara, zoe, CBME)

    Now where have I heard this before? So just like CBME, Marie is arguing that the evidence does not say what it says or does not exist at all?

    So if the headlines that said that EC cast mates were happy to see him go don’t exist, why then are you on Celebrity Bitchy or any site carrying this story doing damage control?

    You are your own worst enemy.

    So you are mad because I asked WHERE you heard that EC castmates had called him? Did you read it in a headline or off of LR twitter page and if you read it off LR twitter page why then are you on CB trying to pass if off as the truth?

    Once again, why would anyone believe LR when she said that her divorce was a top story when it wasn’t and JJ knew it was not true and printed the lie anyway?

  • gwen (aka when pr goes wrong )


    Marie (aka cbme)

    1)”I read what LeAnn said and she was not stalking the ex.”

    I know rhat you can read. The problem is when you try to tell us that LEANN words don’t say what they say. LEANN admitted to stalking BG , you can’t deny it because the words are there for all to see.

    2)” Why would she stalk her? ”

    The same reason she slept with another woman’s husband, pays you to pose as fans, and then tips off the paps so that she can convince us that EC loves her despite the fact that he is breaking promises to his kids. LR is a very insecure woman who suffers from HPD.

    3)”She and Eddie were already together.”

    What does being together have to do with it? LR stalked BG. Obviously something is not right if LR is “with” EC and she still feels the need to compete with BG.

    4)” Stuff you say does not make sense.”

    Because you are too dense for your own good.

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    Since you hate on Brandi and Dean and are on every site defending EC and LR, please tell us why does someone else’s life upset you so much?

    The major problem that the public has with these two is the LIES. JJ knew that LR was lying when she made that comment about how her divorce was the top story, but her continued to glorify her behavior anyway. And now we have the issuse of EC plea for privacy. Why would we believe that EC is in love with LR when he can’t even keep his own words? And then there is the issuse of EC Hallmark movie. JJ does not think that it’s odd that we are seeing these photos just as EC Hallmark movie is set to air?

    4)”AND, YES, michelle is B !!!!”

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    How interesting that the votes show about 13 fans so where were these 13 fans when LR needed them?

  • Worth

    LeAnn worth about $38 million…Eddie ain’t stupid. ha ha ha

  • gwen (aka when pr goes wrong )

    We want JJ to be honest.

    When we the public is bombarded with these photo-ops we know that it’s because:

    a) CSI was airing a new episode

    b) EC Hallmark movie was airing

    c) LR is promoting her album or single

    d) LR is trying to make us think that EC loves her because he kisses her

    e) LR is doing DAMAGE CONTROL (in this case it’s for the In Touch article about how his public affair with LR made him lose his job)

    Sienna And Getty did the same thing and look what happened to them.
    LR and EC jsut can’t understand why the public dislikes them. Well can they manage to go ONE week without tipping off the paps? I mean you would think that EC and LR “romance” can only survive if JJ, or the media is telling them that they are “happy and in love”. No couple needs this much validation. Do you notice that EC and LR are the only couple that the media goes out of it’s way to say write the word “happy”. Who needs this much validation? A fake relationship, like EC and LR.

  • CBME was not banned

    She is posting as MARIE

  • when pr goes wrong

    JJ can you put up the side by sides of EC kissing his wife and of LR kissing DS and please tell us what the difference is?

    I mean if they were doing the very same actions when we know that they were not sincere last year, then why do you expect us to believe that they are sincere now that they are kissing one another the same way we saw them kissing their spouses? It makes no sense.

  • gwen

    Ding. Ding.

    Did I call it what?

    Marie(aka cbme) makes a threat against me and when I go to E I see that she has used my name and is posting under my name.

    Post 158 on the EC Split Hits Snag, post 158 was made by CBME.

    She also is on CMT using JJ from CB name.

  • gwen

    Why are we seeing these “EC loves me because he kisses me and holds my hand” photo-ops?

    1) LR is a typical HPD and needs to be reassured by the media that EC”loves” her since In Touch posted that article about how EC is using her for money, trips, and gifts.

    2) EC is an oppourtnist. He has no job and his Hallmark movie airs on Sunday, so why wouldn’t he milk LR for all he can get?

  • gwen

    myra(aka cbme. michela)

    Now if you are banned, how come you are still able to post? Now keep in mind you made these same statements on FY, EB, and x17.

    I fixed your posts.

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    2) maybe CBME is LEANN, since its not like she works seeing as how she stages these photos every week and keeps tweeting about another woman’s kids.

    3) “wow “? Where did you hear that? You picked it up from my posts? Now who else did I catch using wow? CBME and KATHY. So myra=cbme.

    4) Who else likes to tell others to get a life? CBME.

    5) Notice that all of the “fans” disappear when CBME normally stops posting for the day?

  • Cayssa Yeardley

    Why do you people act like it is anyone but BRANDI on this site?? No one else cares anymore but BRANDI.
    She needs to be locked up. My two sense!

  • Cayssa Yeardley

    FUG! just saw a picture of BRANDI the ex-wife! No wonder eddie left!
    Brandi looks like a plastic surgery nightmare.

  • dave

    leanna is “hotter” than the ex of eddie’s. leann’s body is better.
    not sure why he would stay with a woman who was old and doing nothing.

  • Jay

    Worst couple of the year award. I don’t like the way they are together. Weird,hurtful,selfish couple. I can’t wait for their karma to catch up to them.

  • Jealous of What

    u realize that u and ur various akas are the ONLY ones saying that leAnn looks better than Brandi. STEP AWAY from the pr machine known as JJ and see what people think of her. everyone was saying why the heck would he leave his beautiful wife for fugly leAnn but then we have to remember leAnn is rich and he aint got a stable job. he’ll use her and dump her just like he did to the last mistress Scheana, he dumped his mistress for another mistress you see the pattern? He’s getting some action from elsewhere, then when they break up you leAnn supporters will be trashing eddie left and right kinda like how ppl who supported mel are trashing oskana lol

  • Jealous of What

    u realize that u and ur various akas are the ONLY ones saying that leAnn looks better than Brandi. STEP AWAY from the pr machine known as JJ and see what people think of her. everyone was saying why the heck would he leave his beautiful wife for fugly leAnn but then we have to remember leAnn is rich and he aint got a stable job. he’ll use her and dump her just like he did to the last mistress Scheana, he dumped his mistress for another mistress you see the pattern? He’s getting some action from elsewhere, then when they break up you leAnn supporters will be trashing eddie left and right kinda like how ppl who supported mel are trashing oskana lol

  • Erin Renee

    You know they say that no publicity is bad publicity. I didn’t even know that Eddie had a hallmark movie on today. It was only because Gwen went on and on and on about it in all of her posts that I found out Eddie’s movie will be on hallmark today. Luckily I set my tivo to record it just in time! I guess all these photo ops he’s doing for his movie are working. Thanks Gwen for being a big part of the PR machine and getting those ratings Eddie was hoping for!


  • http://none Star

    Eddie got fired due to his tacky love life and lack of professionalism on the set of CSI Miami. He would brag about his love life (with LeAnna Rimes) to his fellow cast mates. lol Karma reacted quickly this time. Read about ii in Intouch Weekely!

  • http://none Star

    @Star: weekly*

  • http://none Star

    Brandi is a gorgeous woman, LeAnn Rimes is rich but, not attractive. Brandi’s Cosmo magazine interview was an eye opener. It’s a matter of time before Eddie cheats on LeAnn.

  • Zoe

    JJ – Ban this Gwen chick. She is seriously unstable and spends her time ranting, stalking and harassing certain celebrities on a couple of websites and allowing her to continue to post just fuels her paranoia and mental instability.

  • Mer

    Lovely couple – holding hands, smiling, and enjoying life together! Eddie looks miserable. LOL

  • Zoe

    Gwen – it’s quite obvious that you have been dumped by a boyfriend/husband by the way you take take to these boards and stalk and rant on and on about them. Seriously. You need some professional help!
    And I have no idea why you call me and other people this CMBD or whatever name. Maybe you’re swearing at me in another language ?? LOL
    Bottom line Gwen. Get on with your own life and leave them to theirs and any other celebs who have gone through maritial problems. It will happen again. Guaranteed. So you can’t obsess about all of them or you’re going to wind up in a loony bin.

  • Go Ask Alice

    131 posts!!

    Lets all move on.

    Brandi sold their home. Eddie gets a cut from the 2.2 million.

    THe home was theirs. It is most likely bad mem., too close to Eddie and LeAnn’s new home ( remember LeAnn bought a new home for her and Eddie which was closer to Brandi”s) , and Brandi was fresh start.

    LeAnn and Eddie spend time,vacations,with the kids and lunch with the kids and his parents.see LeAnn’s twitter

    Dean has moved on. Time and proof tells there because we know he got a nice settlement.We know LeAnn made him sign a confidentiality clause. But still, the guy could leak things through a 3rd party,and he has not. He has a new love and a new city,and career.Good for him. He is a A+ #1 kind of guy.

    LeAnn and Eddie won this, their life and WHAT a life sweet life they have being in love,money,events,great vacas, 2 kids, his parents,their friends.
    Their life is just the way they have had it and wanted it to be for the past 2 years.

    Brandi, I have sympathy fo, for how EDDIE and Le Ann treated her like a fool , but Brandi needs to let it GO!!!!!!!.
    It is not worth her energy. Forget Eddie Cibrian ever existed.
    He ain’t worth her thought.
    No more interviews, nothing.
    She is well off, has2 healhty hand some kids,and is very a very pretty girl,a good catch for a good guy.
    Brandi can do 100 % better than Eddie .

  • Mer

    Thanks Gwen, didn’t know Eddie’s movie was airing today.

  • anonymous

    to ZOE: Consider that gwen is close family to Brandi. And thank you for the morning laugh about gwen maybe swearing at you in a foreign language when she calls you CBMO…rofl

    Thanks gwen for the EC movie alert.

    Jason aka Star and Jealous of What: Don’t find BG gorgeous but if you’re a relative your nuttiness is understandable. Get some help too because you are almost overboard on this issue. How’s Robin and Rita these days?

  • lil meme

    There’s no apathetic body language on Eddie’s part diving in for a smooch. If you owned a Porsche Cayenne like LeAnn you might want to do the driving too. I drive my man around because I enjoy driving my own car but don’t mind being a passenger in his. That’s some narrow-minded mind-set in the poster who thought Eddie was a douche for not driving.

  • http://deleted Marie

    Guess you didn’t know that Sienna is going to Broadway in a show!!!!

  • http://deleted Marie

    gwen is really trying to get me barred from posting. She says I post uner how many names now? 30? She says that I am an adultress.
    She said that I spread a virus and I don’t know how many other things yet she is allowed to keep spreading malice everywhere she goies.
    I didn’t know that Eddie’s movie was on tonight either – thanks, gwen.
    I send you no bad vibes or virus or anything else. I also thnk you need help. So I say to you, gwen, God be with you!!

  • Jennifer Aniston Clone

    @Gwen: Thanks you complete moron! I’m now watching Eddie’s Hallmark movie Healing Hands. He’s really cute in it too! I wouldn’t have even known that it was on if it weren’t for you. And you say you don’t agree with “no publicity is bad publicity”. I wonder how many people are watching the movie because YOU told them about it. So funny! Dumb, dee, dumb, dumb, D – U – U – U – U – U – M – B!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I’m cbme now because I used the word publicity. There’s lots of common words that we can’t use or Gwen will accuse us of being someone else. You should make a list Gwen!

  • anonymous 000

    Which name does she mean? She uses so many, so let her be specific or we can list them and she can take her pick. ; )

  • wow


  • Jennifer Aniston Clone

    Marie: Please tell me the meaning of wewe and the story behind wewenlove. I see lots of people mentioning it, but don’t know the story. Please and thanks!

  • nycsep

    I think he is hot as hell. I don’t know how she scored him. Sometimes people just find each other and I think that they seem to be right for each other. Seinfeld ditched his new bride on their honeymoon.

  • Jake

    Aren’t these two schmucks dead yet? Oh, that was their careers!

  • Markus

    A douchebag and his mistress.

  • ClubGirl

    @Jennifer Aniston Clone:

    I may be wrong — but I thought Eddie’s kids called LeAnn “Wee Wee” instead of Lee Lee. Cute!
    The kids have really taken to LeAnn! She is obviously a wonderful person.
    I don’t like Eddie Cibrian – I personally think he is a world class DOUCH/E and loser and he isn’t even all that hot (sorry, Mario Lopez does that look better, Eddie) but if he makes Leann happy, so be it.
    I was happy to see Eddie go – he sucked on CSI.
    LeAnn is a true talent and must have a heart of gold to deal with that true loser, idiot Eddie.


    Brandi was less than Eddie.

  • michaela

    Jen Clone…..the younger son hadn’t mastered the “l” sound and the easier sound, “w”, was used. So LeLe became WeWe. And, apparently, WeWe is what Jake calls LeAnn. Precious!