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Michelle Obama Treats Russia's First Lady to a Show

Michelle Obama Treats Russia's First Lady to a Show

Michelle Obama visits the Duke Ellington School of the Arts with Svetlana Medvedeva, the First Lady of Russia, on Thursday (June 24) in Washington, D.C.

The 46-year-old First Lady, in Tracy Feith, invited Russia’s First Lady for an afternoon of song and dance. The school performed pieces in tribute of the school’s namesake, Duke Ellington, among other selections.

The performance was a thank you to Medvedev, who invited Michelle to a recital by the Moiseyev Dance Company when she visited Moscow last year, according to the Washington Post.

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Credit: Carrie Devorah; Photos: WENN
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  • robert vasquez

    she looks like shit, where are her boobs, first lady? she looks like a man.

  • Channy

    usually I think her outfits are nice but this one… umm… no just no

  • to robert vasquez

    you’re are talking about the first lady of the united states of america. please show proper respect, if you even understand the concept.

  • buckywucky

    # 3- huh? she is just another human like the rest of us. Proper respect should go to all when warranted.

    Regardless….her outfit is silly…no question,

    I think she has forgotten Easter is over.


  • geraldo

    No disrespect to her, but that dress is a total downgrade. She usually got it right, but this… no. Ugh.

  • yvette

    So does her being busy doing this mean the whole oil crisis is over? She should use her man arms to squeeze the pipe closed.

  • fashionflop

    Did her mom make this dress for her?

    Goodness grief! too loud for the eyes. too many patterns and crapola on her top….dyed cotton balls??

  • Lady Croft

    Who cares about her dress, you fools!
    She’s doing something for your country.
    Love you Mrs. Obama
    Best 1st Lady ever………

  • TAXpayer

    When she learns to respect the hard working taxpayers that PAY HER LIVING EXPENSES, then and ONLY THEN will she have earned the right to be respected.

    obama is FAKE and a LYER.

  • Chase


    STFU you idiot. DO you realize EVERY First Family lives off tax-payer money technically you stupid cow. And learn how to spell you backwoods hick.

  • Laura

    Yeah, its a crap dress. Horizontal lines and all the wrong colors. She has a great body to dress though, especially considering she is almost 50 years old. She looks good in jewel tones and long-lean sheaths and fitted dresses.

  • Tina

    I like her. She seems always upbeat and positive and works hard for no pay. Seriously, she could be making a fortune on a speaking tour and I wish her all the best and to her family. God Bless.

  • Paul


    Some people need to get off her back. They say the nastiest things about her but she is NOT the President and she didn’t ask to be First Lady, but she is doing an incredible job. Nice to see the haters will not slow her down. Keep it up Michelle!

  • Rhonda

    The beast is back!

  • Harley


    You’re declaring that you’re back? Who gives a sh-t.

  • http://Justjared Slig

    Why she no help people u have more mony

  • http://h Kaz

    She like angry always

  • Iffy Miffy

    Why are some of you confusing things, I’ll never understand. That is one horrible outfit, fact. Also facts, and this is the important part, are all the things she’s accomplished in her life. So no need to confuse a statement about her outfit with an opinion on her.

  • Inaru

    I usually like what she wears but that dress is horrible. She’s tall and has a great figure, that dress doesn’t showcase any of that.

  • debbie

    ITAW geraldo at #5 . As my granny used to say, “That dress ain’t favoring nothin’!”

    BTW: The Obama family pays their own living expenses at the White House. They didn’t even redecorate like the other First Families do. They even brought their own furniture from Chicago for their private living quarters. They spend their own money for a lot more stuff than other Presidents who were much richer.

    also: This President and First Lady can do more than one thing at a time! LOL! President Obama and the First Lady are doing a good job.
    The Republicans are like 8 year olds. They don’t want any rules at all so we get BP oil spills and Wall Street going crazy, and the Republicans don’t have solutions. They only ever just say NO! and complain. I am glad we have good smart people trying to solve problems. We have a lot of problems to solve.

  • lisa

    obama the marxist

  • STFU

    @lisa: Lisa the pschyo

  • missy


    I’ll bet they paid, when they had to shut down Disneyland for the bimbo and her bimbettes. I’ll bet that helped the economy, the Obama’s, always thinking of others! NOT

  • Babs

    She has always been a crappy dresser and this is just one more super ugly thing. She walks and looks like a baboon. Fat cow even with using the gym every day. I LMFAO when she wears a gown. The baboon ain’t no lady ands looks so uncomfortable the way she is digging loads of material of her dress out of her anus. As she’s adigging into her arse her two feet are spread extremely wide apart (very unlady like) so she doesn’t go asss over teakettle ripping the gown as she falls on her baboon face….i guess..
    Why else would she look so stupid especially while wearing a hundred thousand dollar garb.
    She ain’t no lady. glad i am not from the states i would hate to have to call this thing the first lady.

  • wtv

    She always comes across lovely. I like her, just not her husband. All Presidents are the same.

  • Really

    WOW that is one horrible outfit!!!!! that thing is about as bad as the leopard print leggings on duff…….. another thing that should just be burned to ashes b/c that’s the only thing it’s good for. YIKES. Definitely not a look that should be repeated.

  • lisa

    to stfu, the truth hurts. obama the marxist

  • missy

    Hate to say, I told you so, BUT, I did tell you all that the Obama’s were marxist/commies.

  • missy

    Did you guys know, the Congress just gave the thing in the WH the power to shut down the Internet for four months, in an emergency, of course. :( When is it a good time to shut down COMMUNICATIONS?

  • Chris

    She is being dressed by American stylish she always gives American designers a chance. All politicians lie.

  • ABS


  • New York

    Her dress is breezy casual and perfect for summer.

  • Realistic

    My original comment was moderated and now it is gone but the racist, ignorant and trolling comments of others remain. lol I guess. I’m not mad at ya though this is your site you can do what you want to do.
    I still stand by this part of my original comment: Yeah Michelle dress is not cute and everyone is entittled to their opinion and no one should be put on a pedestal but to call the FLOTUS a “baboon” (which besides being an insult is a racial inclination) is something else all together. Then people turn around and get mad when someone gets called “white trash” but no one says anything about The First Lady being called a “baboon”. That is just not on here I notice this happens off-line as well.

  • Realistic

    @missy: Surveillance and the capabilty to shut systems down have been here for years. J. Edgar Hoover, Nixon and Watergate, the Patriot Act of 2001 etc. are some of the incidents that has us where we are today.
    If it keeps going down this route in the end we are going to be a politically correct, heavily globally watched society. This was more than likely going to happen no matter who the president was. This did not just start with this new cyber security bill stuff. The bill is suppose to be used in case of a cyber threats such as hackers, terrorist etc. Now if it will be used for that purpose only is a different story.

    Good Night :)

  • missy


    oh, well, let’s all just shut-up and go stand in that line for your food stamps. This is America, we’re not gonna lie down and die for anybody!

  • KiKi

    This thread is full of angry racists. Obama is president… stay mad or leave. Glad that you aren’t American Babs, because we don’t want trash like you here. Stay in your dungeon, troll.

  • StuntMom

    this dress is definitely a miss. unflattering horizontal lines, poor fit and the colors do nothing to flatter her skin tone. not a good choice for anyone in a position such as hers.