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Tom Cruise Ziplines Across Hollywood Blvd.

Tom Cruise Ziplines Across Hollywood Blvd.

Tom Cruise and Jimmy Kimmel get secured in harnesses and zipline across Hollywood Blvd. during Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Friday (June 25).

Apparently Tom makes chicken carbona for his kids and he was going to make it on the show for Jimmy but he wanted to pick up “fresher” eggs across the street from Jimmy‘s sidekick, Guillermo.

20+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Jimmy Kimmel ziplining across Hollywood Blvd…

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top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 01
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 02
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 03
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 04
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 05
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 06
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 07
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 08
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 09
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 10
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 11
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 12
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 13
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 14
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 15
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 16
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 17
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 18
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 19
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 20
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 21
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 22
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 23
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 24
top cruise zipline jimmy kimmel 25

Credit: Michael Wright; Photos: WENN
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  • petal

    Anything to sell Knight and Day!

  • Iffy Miffy

    What utter nonsense.

  • mickey

    Desperate Tammy still doing PR stunts to sell his d.o.a. film. She is such a tool.

  • efron

    desperate much? Go away tom cruise!! You’re not a box office hit anymore.

  • http://h Kaz

    Now im going eating ,becuze im soo hungry

  • http://Justjared Slig

    I finesh shower yeah yeah nice and clean i want know mony and food yeah baby hahaha

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    All of his movies get such huge promo tours… Unnecessary. At least he’s calmed down a bit. Lessss is moreeeee.

  • Alaia

    Didn’t Knight and Day underperform? He should stop promoting the film now to save himself from embarrassment.

    Also why was there no LA premiere? Having the world premiere a few weeks ago in Spain is just ridiculous. They obviously weren’t expecting much from the film.

  • OMG

    everything to sell the movie. Tom, to away! We don’t like you and your movies

  • Soniaintown

    On the other hand, TommyGURL’s contract beard jumped boat and left town with her feral child.

    The strong woman, surprisingly wore a pair of leggings with barrel socks.
    I cannot help but wonder, maybe the graffiti stays on.

    Homely the Beard left town when her employer’s flop bombed even further.
    Hehehehehehe, it’s all very funny!

    I will never watch any production with the gay midget and his thick leg beard involved.
    Including that inept miniseries Homely’s gay boyfriend bought her.

  • Soniaintown

    To answer your question, why no US premier?
    For the nationwide lack of interests about Katie Holmes’ gay boyfriend and his flop.

  • boston61

    Maybe he is looking for L. Ron Hubbard’s flying saucers that came down and fertilized the world?

  • de Cosmos

    Can we have a few days WITHOUT Tom, Katie or Suri?

  • why

    @de Cosmos:
    no suri anymore. wonder why?

  • Kimmel more adventurous videos

    Wonder if Katie is still in Toronto she gets to be Jackie a
    tv movie….Her house that she is staying at is down the street from
    TO MAKE VIDEOS..!! THANK GOD…WONDER how well it is going
    to do this weekend.. TOMMY…Where are the older kids.. and y is
    he hanging with Jimmy..Jen Garner and Ben have not been shown
    as much this week… So being in New York again.. now L>A

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Carbonara……Chicken Carbonara. Chicken Carbona, my ass, Chicken Carboner, maybe.

  • jmho

    Tom, you can actually act. I think you need to get yourself into some indy films and take it down a peg.

  • Lisa2

    I’m still a Tom Cruise fan…. I think he is still a good actor, and thought the skit was cute. I thought Jimmy was funny! You could tell he was really scared and it was just like another little stunt for Tom…..

  • to OMG

    i agree with you, i don’t like tom cruise either. however, there are a whole lot of people who don’t agree with either one of us. he gets millions of dollars each year from dvd sales, rental, merchandise, etc. etc from fans who buy. then there’s the millions from real estate investments. i’ve heard accountants in hollywood suggest that the man is worth 300 million dollars; they say it’s a conservative estimate. that’s not including the money he’s going to make from MI4 and yes it’s going to be filmed.

  • snotty

    love tom he is so funny and sweet he seems to a very nicy man, i have seen all his movies and loved them all and i loved this one to he is one off the best actors in the world

  • Tordarita

    Tom Cruise is AWESOME: Love him and Katie together.

  • Katie

    i love it! love tom cruise and knight n day was hilarious! loved it

  • wano

    wow Tom has a flop, Cameron has another for her, wow.

  • MB



  • plslikeme..luvtom

    Yeh he wishes he was a BO hit like the old days but since he hooked up with the clambake of murderous evil ones or moreso since peeps found out he is second from the top of the Scientology freaks.
    Peeps don’t want to contribute a red nickle to his ilk.

    Man there are allot of murders carried out by that cult. Those poor mentally ill folk some are just kids they die off young.. They don’t believe in phycologists or brain doctors/brain surgeons for any of them and medication is totally against their law..Tommygirl you are a fruitcake with a teeny peene zero ballz.

  • !!!

    Geez people relax ! He’s still a big draw overseas,don’t get too carried away!

  • eliza

    Tom never seems genuine. He always seems to be playing the role of Tom Cruise, movie star, a character that he’s created. We got a look at the real Tom a few years back. Now he’s trying hard, maybe too hard, to make us forget.

  • buckywucky

    Yikes….silly silly.

    he’s so annoying…i feel like I’m going to break out in hives!

  • lola

    Saw Knight and Day tonight. Wasn’t planning on it, but I had already seen everything I’d wanted to see and this looked like it had potential.
    I was impressed with it. I thought it was funny, clever and charming! Not sure why the numbers for it are so low, the theater I saw it in was fairly full even for the latest showing. I don’t know why cr*p like Growups is doing so well, but Knight and Day isn’t? I know Tom Cruise doesn’t have the fans he used to because of his behavior but that didn’t influence my decision in seeing the movie. I’m not watching him, I’m watching the character he plays. Cameron was adorable and funny in it and I liked all the locations.

  • why

    @to OMG:

    Your are joking? His fan base is close to non-existant. What DVD’s are they buying? And that makes him rich? Is that a scientology way of defending the looony?

  • dido

    tom is still my man and K&D was gorgeous, ıt meant to me fun and action, can’ t wait for MI4

  • annie

    Scientology has totally screwd it up for him, paticularly all those people who have defected, written books , went to the newspapers, and tv ,given their advice to Katie to watch her back. Tom might really be a good guy and I think deep down he is, but it leaves a never ending question mark hanging over him sometimes that you can’t shake, even if you want to.
    I like Tom and I think he is a good person, but all the things that are written sometimes cloud your judgement, and nobody has a way of knowing what is the truth and what is not, so I guess it makes it a bit hard for him.

  • yep cruise fan

    Love Tom and loved Knight and Day! Keep moving forward. Tom is a really good actor! Tom just looks so great!

  • yep cruise fan

    @snotty: i so totally agree!

  • yes

    knight and day is doing a lot better than green zone did!!!!!!!!

  • boo

    chicken carbonara

  • lola

    So many haters on here.. wow, it’s pathetic! I like Tom, I liked this movie and I really like Cameron :)
    People are so bitter. He’s famous, rich, handsome, has great kids, probably more cars and homes then any of us can fathom, and gets paid to play dress up.. jealous much? :)
    I don’t know anything about Scientology and it doesn’t influence my opinion on him at all. It seems a lot of people on here dislike him for that. At least he believes and finds faith in something. I’m a Catholic and I know there’s plenty of people out there who find that ridiculous, so what.

  • sydney

    I loved Knight and Day and the theater I was in was full. People all seemed to really enjoy the movie. Word of mouth will get around and not only will the movie do well here in the U.S. but it will make a HUGE profit worldwide. This movie will be a hit.

  • K000000

    Drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . .

  • K000000

    I saw in one of those flash video plugs that you said something about your father. So what does that make you. The son of cow or the nerd want-a-be in the chicken suit standing in front of DUMB CLUCKS.