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Wentworth Miller Pens Project for Carey Mulligan

Wentworth Miller Pens Project for Carey Mulligan

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller is going behind the camera, penning a project for An Education actress Carey Mulligan called Stoker.

LA Times reports the flick is about “an eccentric teenager whose enigmatic and estranged uncle returns to the family after the death of the girl’s father.”

Fox Searchlight is hoping Jodie Foster will join the cast and Ridley and Tony Scott‘s Scott Free Productions will produce.

Carey also stars in the upcoming Fox Searchlight production, Never Let Me Go, opposite Keira Knightley.

Sounds interesting!!!!!

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# 3

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing that film.

# 4

It’ll be cool to see how talented he is writing-wise…

# 5

Hahahahahahahahaha ooooh funny marie and cool

# 6

Wow awesome! I stopped believing in him writing a potential scenario, but looks like a project is int the work and actually good actors like it … YES!! U go Wentworth (I almost forgot how gorgeous he is as well, Miam miam, thx for remindin me lol)

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I love leonardo and child and more more

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Of course leo dicaprio

Leo has a baby? Wow

This is wonderful news!. Congratulations, Went if you read this. I knew you would write, you will be successful in this field trust me. I’m so happy for you. What a talented soul!

Carey is a prostitute!

yes Slig, I know she a hooker

this woman always has this ‘I’m better than all of you’ look.

couldn’t figure out why.

Fvck you Kitt @ 06/26/2010 at 6:28 pm

@kitt: Hey Kitt, how about YOU go die YOU dirty ugly worthless hooker.

Carey, I love you so much but please… youre 24, STOP PLAYING TEENAGERS IN MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fvck you Kitt @ 06/26/2010 at 6:41 pm

@Kitt: Your a complete moron and a troll. Has the thought ever occurred to you that she is where she is because she has talent (she did get a oscar nomination after-all, idiot) and not because she’s a “prostitute”. How about you take you Shia LaBeouf-obsessed mind and go back to dreaming of sucking his di/ck because it sure as hell isn’t going to happen in real life loser!

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Fvck you Kitt @ 06/26/2010 at 6:50 pm

@Slig: Well Slig, you’ve posted under three different names (“Kaz”, “Angi” and “Fami”), so I’m guessing your also Kitt. Pathetic.

Realistic @ 06/26/2010 at 6:52 pm

Wentworth is an intelligent guy, he has an academic background in literature and behind the scenes work experience. His input on this project should be pretty good and interesting.
Went. is not just some cute guy in Hollywood who’s dense and pretentious like the majority of them, where the only thing they having going for themselves are looks and popularity.
I sound like I’m his publicist or something lol.

@Fvck you Kitt: YOU ARE A COMPLETE MORON AND A TROLL. I’m not going to argue with you. Carey knows she’s a “prostitute” and Shia knows it too and that’s all that matters.

@kitt: K.I.T.T. you have to go. Michale Knight is calling he need help so bad. forget boy Fvck you Kitt. he needs sucking d+ck bad too.

Fvck you Kitt @ 06/26/2010 at 6:58 pm

@Kitt: And what proof do you have of any of your claims? Your idiocy, your Shia-fan girl obsessed mind or your imagination.

@Fvck you shai: those are your aliases not mine.

Fvck you Kitt @ 06/26/2010 at 7:02 pm

@Slig: your a moron.

@Fvck you Kitt: logical thinking…
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LizzieAxe @ 06/26/2010 at 7:22 pm

Likes both Jodie Foster and Carey mulligan.Movie together? Cool.

Fvck you Kitt @ 06/26/2010 at 7:33 pm

alright I admit it. I’m pathetic. sorry Kitt for hurting your feelings.

Fvck you Kitt @ 06/26/2010 at 7:50 pm

@Fvck you Kitt: WTF, I didn’t write that! Slig or one of his other stupid users names stop pretending to be me you loser/s.

A doll & Icy @ 06/26/2010 at 9:24 pm

Jared, since way back when is this photo of the Pretty, 2007?
Go Wentworth! Great news! If you feel like talking about it I´m listening baby I´ll even bring my camera so we can jump to 2010 ;)

I’m so happy for Went, his dreams come true. Congratulations to Wentworth Miller. Great actor…now…great writer too. Kisses!!!!!!!

Congrats for Wentworth!!
He is so cute, love him!

Congrats for Wentworth!!

Primulablue @ 06/27/2010 at 1:13 am

If everyone would click the “thumbs down” symbol and “flag this” post on all the trolling, perhaps we could enjoy this good news!

It proves Wentworth is multi-talented.

‘m hoping that he’s NOT behind the camera, but as he’s discussed regarding this project, there is a part in Stoker for him! In fact, when interviewed in 2007, that’s why he said he wrote it.

Very good news ! I’m so happy for Wentworth !
I adore him and I’m waiting for his movie !

No no No i swear iam just slig slig slig u undrstand what i say

Ryan Hunter @ 06/27/2010 at 4:33 am

This is great news indeed. I’ve been hoping ‘Stoker’ would eventually happen for him. I hope he is able to work both in front and behind the camera in his future projects. I think he is talented and creative enough to manage both and ‘Stoker’ is obvious proof of that, with stand out names like Jodie Foster and Ridley Scott already being dropped it is obvious hot property. He has a great sense of direction with his writing, even those short stories he wrote when he was young had a unique quality about them and not to mention a sadistic twist to them. I also didn’t mind ‘his’ idea/version of Prison Break’s ending. Congratulations Wentworth!

@Ryan Hunter: Short stories. Are they available for everyone to read?

Ryan Hunter @ 06/27/2010 at 5:13 am

@gazet: Yeah, they were printed in one of his yearbooks. They should be found online.

Like @ Ryan Hunter points out, the Prison Break ending was Wentworth´s idea so all you still crying for PB 5 are going against Wentworth´s will! He,he.
Sadly you guys outcry yourselves as the ‘good fans’ of Wentworth. Just take a moment to think what it would be like for him to go back there repeating himself when he has so much new and original to offer. Some of you guys are too brutally re-tarded to see that but maybe you can try for Went to support him on his journey heading forward,not backwards.

why doesn’t she just f*ck off already?


I’m so tired of seeing her ugly face everywhere. go die carey mulligan you dirty hooker.

My adorble boy is a multitalented star :)
God bless u Wentworth & make u successful in any project u do
Love from ur biggest fan

Now chubby is a writer it´s OK he got no waist ;)

My adorable boy got a big lolly-pop mmm I likee me some lolly ;-p


Wentworth has accomplished something great! Congrats to him and best wishes for the success of the film!!

Why the thumbs down for my comment? How is it offensive to anyone?????

@Raphael: Raph your not offensive just predictably boring.

Shia Labeouf is a sick little *******.

Carey Mulligan, your time is up. go find a new occupation.

@Fvck you Kitt: @Slig: @Kitt: @Tran: @Fran: You are unoriginal and boring d!ckhead.

@buz: d!ckhead you are unoriginal and a looser.

shia is a sick f*ck

he’s manipulative full of sh*t and lies to everyone. even to his friends and family.

Can some of you fine another place to play and sick comments to each other……please.

Way to go Wentworth…smart, talented and handsome-nice package.

I like Jodie Foster she is the best but this Carey Mulligan has a dwarf head and is not a lift up for any movie. Even though Stinky has a sick sense of humor this is just too sick a choice and will ruin any good script.

Carey mulligan is soooooo boring.

@J:isn´t Went a bore too?

i read some of his stuff. he’s talented. I dont like as an actor though.

@buz: Shia is a great talented guy. Stop with the insults, d!ckhead.

@kate: Are you related to Raph by any chance? ;-)

Just me... @ 06/27/2010 at 4:06 pm

OMG! YouHou…it’s a BIG GREAT new!!
Can’t wait to see his movie!! :D
Congrats my sweet Wentworth, you deserve all the best! ;)

cocoa lux @ 06/27/2010 at 4:21 pm

That’d be good considering he studied English Lit or something like that at one of those Ivy League unis. He ‘s mentioned that he’d like to get into writing and directing. So good for him

cocoa lux @ 06/27/2010 at 4:27 pm

By the way.. some crazy and pressed e-ballers on here JJ. What’s wrong with some you? Get a grip behind that keyboard. Lord have mercy! On to the next one anyways.

The Canadian boys @ 06/27/2010 at 4:31 pm

STILL PARTYING & the slu-t Muulligan is not at it – just- ask- Went.

vittoria crispin @ 06/27/2010 at 6:48 pm

Like what I’ve said on my previous posts while PB was still on air, that Mr. Miller will do well behind the camera as a writer and maybe someday as a director.

As a viewer, I have the right to say that he’s acting does not convince me. I saw some clips on his upcoming movie “Resident Evil” and he’s still the same – he’s awkwardness in handling a gun and those running stunts are so stiff and superficial! And if he still continues to be an actor he should concentrate on dramatic scenes than on action scenes……PLEASE!

@vittoria crispin: A new name.Nice try d!ckhead. Why am I not surprised.Do you want me to throw in @ crusty the clown,@ embla, @ Dr Adam.

she is so ugly.

Hi…please dont give negative comments like that…tot we are here bcos of Wenty.Should give encouragement.God bless you WM

A doll & Icy @ 06/28/2010 at 4:07 am

So who will be getting the role of the teenager in this film? Have there been names of some teenage actresses mentioned?

And please bring a NEW one of Went ALONE.
But if you must…then Jodie Foster. Not this….

@Raphael: Can you tell why@K.I.T.T.: has so many thumb- downs? His comment is not offensive to anyone, hes just saying his opinion.So strange! Some people here cant take ANY criticism about Went. LMAO

I´ve never bf seen Went´s page so disgusting :(

Nice. Now we got 2 cünts instead of 1. A big LOL on that

Where are my thumbs…I´m waiting ….

I think she is pretty.

Thanks Ryan! You give me new opportunities to read interesting stories.

@Mariana de Souza: Ur such a suck up. Rofl.

@vittoria crispin: You should get atleast 20 thumbs-up but this place is for people that think Went should be wrapped up in cotton and no one can say anything but he´s hot, he´s cute, he´s a great actor…This place brightened up with your comment. Love people like you. Thanks.

@Leba: It is the same it is thanking them selv.

Hello Dears. Hows ya all doing hope you all are doing well
Mariana de sousa is a troll.And is making a fool of Ryan Hunter.Add me on facebook. Where is Sherry?

vittoria crispin @ 06/28/2010 at 7:09 pm

@vuelvo – #90

Thank you for replying regarding my post and looking forward to another one.

Again, like I said on my previous post, I’m not the majority kind of reader who dotes on a celebrity. I’m just a viewer who is after a good story and does not mind who the casts are because finding the right actors to play a certain role is a casting directors job.

I believe this site is NOT an exclusive fan base for Mr. Miller. Therefore, that gives me the right to make constructive criticism and not a destructive one to WM and to your other fave stars out there.

I believe that Mr. Miller has a lot to offer as a writer, a speaker and as a spokesperson than to be an actor.

vittoria crispin @ 06/28/2010 at 7:11 pm

@vuelvo – #90

Thank you for replying regarding my post and looking forward to another one.

I believe this site is NOT an exclusive fan base for Mr. Miller. Therefore, that gives me the right to make constructive criticism and not a destructive one to WM and to your other fave stars out there.

I believe that Mr. Miller has a lot to offer as a writer, a speaker and as a spokesperson than to be an actor.

@vittoria crispin: I share your views and especially agree that this site is NOT an exclusive fan base for WM. If people want to read only one-way comments of phrasing everything about him, they should go to other sites that won´t allow ANY criticism, not even constructive criticism.

mera aka mariana @ 06/29/2010 at 5:20 am

Ryan Hunter…you’re very intelligent. Congratulations!!!

Has super cutie got any acting job?

News about Stoker are all over.Here is a quote from the site’ Flix 66.’:

Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller has written a script that Fox Searchlight is moving forward with Carey Mulligan and Jodie Foster attached to star. I have to admit that I never thought I’d write that sentence. I thought ‘Prison Break’ was a horrible, horrible TV show, most notably because of the bad acting. But maybe Wentworth Miller is a better writer than he is an actor.

It is out of his hands now so I doubt he will get a part in it since they got really talented actors for this film. Maybe if he sold the script obligating a role for himself….

Wonderful news and must be tempting for the media to get an interview with the man himself cos he might have some sayin in the matter?This could have been so much fun, with all the good news and all, but oh no,no, no, this thread has encouraged some seriously damage trucks to vomit total BS insults and mud all over the place..Now,now, would Went ever talk like that to anyone? Wentworth,sweetcorn, never mind that, just enjoy that you got cash like ash and don´t look so bad ;) baby, we need to talk, call me, sweetnuts ;-*

Horned Puffin @ 07/01/2010 at 1:15 am

@ZZZ: sweetnuts … fuuhhnnyy
it better be good :D

@Horned Puffin: Talking to yourself again d!ckhead or should I say @ Buzz @ Tomas do you want me to trow out some more?

Mulligan might be the uncle.

Yeah that would be kinda creepy as in the theme of the story. That´s probably it. No wonder Went´s being interviewed all over by the press. This will be the most horrible looking uncle in the movie history.

He has not many fans left.So sad for him.

I’m a big, big fan of Wentworth, he is so cute!!!!

I’m a big, big, fan of Wentworth, he is so cute!!!!

Is he cute or what!

Anna Lisa @ 07/02/2010 at 1:02 pm

Wenty looks so hot.Not look a day older than 40. Love from your biggest fan.You are the best!

@ZZZ: Do you know the big actor personally?

Aren´t you a nosy little thing. Come from a land far far away do we now.? One more little faraway princess that likes to intrude on strangers with silly questions.LOL
Now,now, lets not loose our selves over a few phone calls. Mind your own business sweetie, you have to respect people´s privacy.

Why is the thumb down for my comment? How is it offensive to anyone?


The best actor in the world. How great news for Went. Congratulations with your film. So cute guy.

Wow looking good. he must spend at least 6 hours a day at the gym.Nice tan is he from LA?

So adorable. He´s just looking better and better.Looks like a tleast 2 years younger in this picture. How does he do that? Cant wait until September 10 to see his version of Chris.Good luck Went.

Love you Went.Hope you will be in many awesome movies.

Yammee, yammee,
oooh Wentworth!


The dude was finished after PB.How he landed the role in RE is beyond understanding he looks comical and the gray outfit is hilarious, whats that about!!!He´s got some fine @ss though, can´t get enough of that.

I like being nice. I like being @ Anna Lisa,@Fran, @Sue, @Julia, @Mike
and recently @ Kijuju (he was slowing down, so I´m Kijuju on this thread)
BTW Thanks for all the thumbs up.

Engaged!!!!!!!I knew there was something in the air!!
I love Excom

11 fans. Nice

Julia Green @ 07/03/2010 at 5:59 pm

Somebody get Wentworth in one of those PETA ads. Im sure he can hold a boob better then a gun.

Julia Green @ 07/03/2010 at 5:59 pm

Somebody get Wentworth in one of those PETA ads. Im sure he can hold a boob better then a gun.

Zeta Green @ 07/04/2010 at 3:24 am

I´m so happy for Wentworth.Everything is just as it should be.Thank goodness how well it is going to op hold his privacy. I recommend that Jared will from now on only use old photos as in this thread so Wentworth will not be disturbed. That way, the further the photos go back, the better he will look and everybody will be happy.=)

Princeton should be proud of its students, especially Wentworth Miller. He became a great actor and writer and dignify the name of his teachers with his behavior, talent and intelligence. Congratulations!

@Mariana de Souza: He became a great actor and writer
Since PB he´s done one show of Law & Order and done a minor part in RE.
Great actors don´t do movies like RE. He´s written one script.LMAO.
From reading your sh!t-You must be a complete moron!And a total suck-up Congratulations!

First of all this is a space of Just Jared’s fans. People who believe in the seriousness and credibility of his work. Well .. I think a Wentworth Miller’s fan like Ryan Hunter has a power: he writes clearly and easily understood. I hope to read everything he writes about Wentworth Miller. Because to me it’s a great pleasure.He is very objective and insightful in his placements about my favorite actor. Sorry if there is somebodybody who doesn’t appreciate this talent because it isn’t yours. Indeed Wentworth Miller deserves fans from this level. So … I particularly, admire this fan!
I admire the actor and writer Wentworth Miller like all. Thanks!

@Mariana de Souza: Whats that!!! Wtf are you obsessed with Ryan Hunter. I was talking your very own sh!t and that I think you write like a moron and suck up to Wentworth with idiotic talk that only make him look foolish like you.

I hate gossip about anyone. I am very optimistic about the people I love and my wishes are best for them. I hope you understand my point of view and respect my opinion. Excuse me.

@Mariana de Souza: I hate gossip about anyone.
…Yeah JJ is a healing spa…. Rofl

I am so more sure of it is the same and is saying it selv has power on here. It is full of it self.

@Azul: Agree. I think a normal person will not talk like this about another if it does not know it or is the same.


gimme five you handsome fukc ;D

@Mariana de Souza: First of all this is a space of Just Jared’s fans. People who believe in the seriousness and credibility of his work.
What a load of crap you write! People on this board have every right to an opinion of their own.Not everyone likes to suck up to every action of WM. I don´t think wentworth is a great actor but I think he might be a better writer.From how you´re talking he might as well settle down and retire!!! What a load of none sense blather!! You say you hate gossip but still you are constantly writing on a well known gossip site. Whatever you are trying,looks like your trying too damn hard and FAILING big time.

@ellen…pls do not say something that not nice for people ear.We respect your opion but it is better to give people positive comments or encouragement.Every human being is not perfect and only God knows what is good for each one of us….everyone future is in God hand.Everyone is special in God eyes.So wish and pray for each one to be successfull in the undertaking.God bless you Wenty and also Ellen.

@HALLO: So wish and pray for each one to be successfull in the undertaking
Undertake this you ****:
‘Take your god-damn preaching elsewhere you whining religious fukc.’

I can’t understand how there are people who care about what fans think about their favorite actors. Do not just make them think about their own favorite. Why is it so important to interfere in others opinions? Discover their own actors and let every one who wants to enjoy

@Samira Cristina: ??? I can´t understand you. If you want to say something then say it so people understand it please. Have no idea what you are talking about!

I admire Carey and Went so much. Both are very intelligent actors. Good and beuatiful. Love and success for them.

I agree with Realistic – 26. U are handsome.

@Samira Cristina: Hi Mariana nice new name.

Ryan Hunter you are so intelligent like the great writer.Congratulations! I am not Mariana again.

Princeton should make a statue of the great actor and writer. Congratulations! Princeton. Congratulations! Hollywood. Congratulations! Starbucks.

@Samira Cristina: I think you are nuts to think so much about someone you don´t know.What if I told you Ryan Hunter is a 60 year old bold guy in a bath rope with just one hand on the keyboard. Nice eh? Think for once, think!

@Atli…heheheh do not take it to personal and be positive.God love you so much.God bless Wenty.

@Hallo: Do you think you could do one post without talking God? People have a right to be free of this kind of talking here it will always be off topic.I find it both insulting & unnecessary.Please respect that.

Wentworth Miller is so highly popular by the press that his fans have not gotten any pixx of him since his hiking ages ago.Congratulations!

He heheh…you all want to see my beef? Everything is big in Gods eyes even my little tiny peene…ehheheh

@Hallo: Aren´t you a nasty little herbert you sad little man.Now,now you just find your self a good support group for your little problem.Just try to hold back on your posting honey until you feel better.

I better call Wentworth asap.

Can we have more news about the new writing and what Went is doing now. Thank you.Miss him so much.

Is Wentworth for sure in the Mourning Portrait and is it filming now!

@Helen: Thanks. I was really looking forward to seeing him in that movie. Hope it goes well!

Heheheh…why are some of you so sensitive with the word GOD ?…..very sad .God is our creator.If not we are not here.God bless Wenty

@ZZZz…if you happent to call Went…send my regard and miss him so much.Cant wait for Sept 2010 for RE

Dont you guys want to get new photos of Went and more news!!! Is everybody on holiday from Went.

@Sandra….no one is holiday from Went. We are here bcos we want new news and pictures of him.Pls JJ

Jared, can we have a new thread with NEW photos.
——————-…Bring Sexy Back…———————–

Are you kidding me.where the heck is Wentworth?

Mr Scofield @ 07/08/2010 at 2:04 pm

Has he got a boyfriend?

Mr Scofield @ 07/08/2010 at 2:47 pm

A pretty boy like him sure has a boyfriend

Mr Scofield @ 07/08/2010 at 4:10 pm

who is butt budd

Mr Scofield @ 07/08/2010 at 5:42 pm

Canadian or Chinese?

Nice to see Wenty interview with Fang.Thank you very much

Canela Bonita @ 07/09/2010 at 2:22 am

At least we know now he´s not in Bioshock. That Fang interview is fine and Went is quite good in it.

Everyone,…haved nice weekend. JJ bring more,more of Wenty.Thanks

Sorry but blieve he is the mostweird celeb of all. Why so much secret! Is he that much nobody now so he can go everywhere with no photographers intrest for him.Strange how Prison Break star forgotten. He was so hot. Is he still maybe. Do someone know.
very strange blog from Mariana de Souza. Successful troll I think. Making fool for some it is not good to know for them they was owned so better to all think it is not a troll.Only my opinion.

The windmachine guy @ 07/09/2010 at 9:24 am

Wake me up if I should crank up the wind machine again.

They are still looking for the money.

They might wanna check under Went´s pillow.
And while they’re at it they might check under the bed
to see if Went is lying there
I fear he´s dead:(

While the dogs bark the caravan passes. What wonderful and imposing caravan!

I like to see new pictures of Wentworth but I respect his privecy, it’s his choice. I look forwards to see Resident Evil Afterlife, can’t wait!!
He is so hot, even with the longer hair and a small belly.

A doll & Icy @ 07/10/2010 at 3:20 am

His choice OK. But have the papparazzis gone all polite just because of Went´s wish of privacy? Don´t think so. He´s just not hot property to them anymore.A big part of that is his invisible acting that is supported by a lot of his fans. It´s sad but this place is a good example of that.- The same few people, just waiting for whatever is offered, going on and on bleating about how they respect his privacy blah blah.
Everybody can´t wait until Septemer 10… then what!!!
People get thumbs- down for wanting new photos cant believe how absurd that is especially in a place like this :/

After my little talk on the phone with Wentworth I am very surprised we havn´t got the new pics yet.They must be just around the corner ;)

Canela Bonita @ 07/10/2010 at 3:52 pm

Went is going to be at Comic Con.
Saw it on Excom.


It’s a big corner ;-))

feoépoca @ 07/11/2010 at 4:05 am

good went upholding privacy.we know not ask. thank for la guardia grande for all boring time for fan on board.

ahahaha muha a good one feoépoca.Finally someone with guts & brains ;D;D

@Dutchie: A big fail talking to @ZZZ: now you will be forever unpopular with just 0 or thumbdowns. I´m sorry but you should know the rules better.Don´t talk with cocky people. Just don´t do it again &you might be forgiven, ok?

Zoey Leigh Thomas @ 07/11/2010 at 7:31 am

;D ;D

Oh yes…”Canela Bonita” (179)… On July 24 from 16:00 to 16:45 in San Diego, will happen Comic-Con, then actors will respond questions from the audience and show some scenes from the movie Resident Evil: Afterlife. The event will be attended by the director and screenwriter Paul WAS Anderson, the actress Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter and nothing less than Wentworth Miller. Thanks God!!!!!!!!!!!

Canela Bonita @ 07/11/2010 at 12:15 pm

@Mariana de Souza: @Mariana de Souza: And where is my thumb up for that?You will not get news from me again I tell you. I have put my pretty presence inside the Excom area where everything has been upside down because of a guy in shorts that was out walking in the street. Before I knew what was happening I was up to my neck in pictures of Went´s ankles and without thinking I was in on the research team with the girls examining every inch of the guy in the shorts.It took me 7 days to realize what I was doing and I will not go there again, I´m tellinya it is a madhouse.

The excom girls have not yet found out if the guy is Went or not even though they have been @ it for days.LOL

@Canela Bonita: They’ve got some new obsession over there now, they’re trying to squeeze more info out of someone who posted about seeing Went at a night club in Vancouver. Poor poster never new what they had coming LOL

Can´t wait for July 24 !!!! So exciting !!!

The Canadian boys @ 07/12/2010 at 5:35 am

@LOL:- so what else is new-

That is new, Wentworth at a night club.

A doll & Icy @ 07/12/2010 at 9:04 am

@Beth: I don´t know if that is new.He might be at nightclubs without me knowing about it! I don´t know how Wentworth spends his time at all but I´m sure he´s a normal guy that likes going out with his friends or his girlfriend or whoever he´s with.No big deal.

@A doll & Icy:
I was just been ironic, sorry

I love Wenty you come in my country to show Recidence Evil and I want to come to see you. Like Ryan Hunter is saying about the karakter you do justin with Chris you are so good in playing boys.

Good,wish I can be there at San Diego…too far from here.Wish all the best for my Wenty(favourite actor).God bless you

Went did a NO show at Comic con in July 2008 when they had announced he would be there with the PB cast. Just Dom and Sarah showed up.

A doll & Icy @ 07/13/2010 at 3:10 am

@wow: This time it´s different, the audience is not there for HIM like in 2008. He cant toy with his fans anymore than he already has. Anyway, this would be his idea of a little something for the fans, no one intruding on his privacy ;) He did do RE to withhold his international fan base. Two years later- this time….he NEEDS to be there.
Just give as little as possible Wentworth then your fans won´t be in for a surprise!

@A doll & Icy…..well..what ever you say loh….who cares

Western Star @ 07/13/2010 at 4:40 am

he will be so boring.

I want him to be in playgirl so I can get more detailed pics in my little scrapbook

A time for beard

I like him better shaved.

He is stuck in a cotton candy world of denial.

I´m tired of the hamburger. he is just gross.

@Lesley: Agree. He´s an idiot.Do people even talk about him anymore?More and more of his fans cant talk English properly and sound like re-tarded 5 year olds. Lmao

@Beth: I was just been ironic, sorry

Liar liar, pants on fire. You one of the freaks thinking Wenty sits home all nights waiting for you Lmao

Yo! check this out, someone here calles themself Ryan Hunter & want people to be seroious about it. Lmao

@Lesley: do you want me to puke now, it´s the bold guy from 4chan. Rofl

Went, where are you??
I miss You so much, please give us a picture!
Then, we are happy!!!!

@Sanjor: Your words so true.Thank you!!! I am happy to think a new picture will come. And happy to have you here my dear Sanjor to talk about Went.

Love Twitter.He´s got a mullet and a mustache now. Was wearing white suits at the nightclub and on the dance floor all night. A bit sh!t faced but hot with the babes as usual.

Canela Bonita @ 07/16/2010 at 10:17 am

Pleeeasssse Wentworth
Come out & play
This place needs new
photos and news

Stinky Hamster @ 07/16/2010 at 2:42 pm

I come from big country with small people.I like new photo please.I respect privacy in actors home and in everybody home.

name required @ 07/16/2010 at 4:19 pm

He is so creepy also very strange and a weirdo he always sounds like he’s hiding something.If he thinks that makes him interesting and mysterious he’s wrong that makes him a weirdo and freaky.He can come out now. No one would care.

He always sounds boring in his interview and moronic not that he is he just sounds like it.He is really pathetic he should be so lucky the press as little as even takes pictures of him and he should stop dissing his fans.Without them he´s nothing.No one from the press is interested in the great script.What a joke.

He is so D-list! Why do you even bother to cover his pointless, boring and stupid press junkets, Jared? ..he’s so ten minutes ago.

#214 #215#216

If your sayings are true, you should be the first dismissed!
You shouldn’t be bothered coming to take a look!

This is NOT a fanboard.This is a commentboard.If you don’t like some, don’t read them or take your whining to one of the fanboards where everybody is bleating their one voiced crap.


Went started a new page of his career, didn’t he?

Went, hope to see new pictures of you next week from San Diego.
It’s to long ago we saw pictures of you, you have to keep your fans satisfied!! We are waiting, love you!!

@Lee:Went started a new page of his career, didn’t he?

Did he?No followup on Stoker anywhere.Looks like a blanc page.

No followup on Stoker anywhere.Looks like a blanc page

How do you know it?

@Dutchie:you have to keep your fans satisfied!!

Couldn’t have put it better myself! I’m starting to like you´r talking better and better ;-)

Comic Con is next Sunday. Will he show up this time LOL.

My Englisch isn’t so good, I don’t understand everything what is written here. I live in the Netherlands, are here more people from the Netherlands? Why don’t we see no new pictures of Wentworth, is he hidding? I think he don’t look like Michael Scofield now, he is putting a lot of weight I saw. No problem for me, he is stil a hunk!!

A doll & Icy @ 07/19/2010 at 1:46 am

Some are so sensitive about their idol.LOL Not good to talk about how he did not show up on Comic Con 2008.LOL They have to thumb-down a comment of a FACT. He didn’t show up!!! People left when it was announced he wouldnt shhow up. Back then his fans where tired of the lack of interviews and of not seeing him,sounds familiar,eh. People wanted to see him in person, finally.Many fans where pissed off and left so nothing new, him dissing his fans.

Brian Hunter @ 07/19/2010 at 3:40 pm

OOOH Just caint get enouf of that fat hunk.Hes got bigger cans than Mulligan. Suckey suckey.

724 is the day, fans may have news and pics of Went!

Ryan Hunter @ 07/21/2010 at 10:35 am

It’s great to see the creative talents of Wentworth are truly being explored with his second script ‘Uncle Charlie’ the prequel to ‘Stoker’ already penned and in play. Am really looking forward to both films. Wentworth has always expressed his desire to pen a screenplay and it’s fantastic to watch him accomplish what he set out to do years ago. Both the stories sound intriguing and I know Wentworth is talented and creative enough to bring us something ingenious. I hope the deal-making process goes smoothly and we don’t have too long a wait before we see these films on the big screen.

Congratulations Wentworth!!! or should I say Ted! lol

@rena: Yeah, let’s hope for the best. Just wish Jared would bring us pics even sooner!

The latest photos of Wentworth in here are since April 16. Is he in hiding?

shia labeouf is still an assshole and carey mulligan a dirrty *****. they still have a fake relationship.who cares?

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