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Wentworth Miller Pens Project for Carey Mulligan

Wentworth Miller Pens Project for Carey Mulligan

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller is going behind the camera, penning a project for An Education actress Carey Mulligan called Stoker.

LA Times reports the flick is about “an eccentric teenager whose enigmatic and estranged uncle returns to the family after the death of the girl’s father.”

Fox Searchlight is hoping Jodie Foster will join the cast and Ridley and Tony Scott‘s Scott Free Productions will produce.

Carey also stars in the upcoming Fox Searchlight production, Never Let Me Go, opposite Keira Knightley.

Sounds interesting!!!!!

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235 Responses to “Wentworth Miller Pens Project for Carey Mulligan”

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  1. 126
    Julia Green Says:

    Somebody get Wentworth in one of those PETA ads. Im sure he can hold a boob better then a gun.

  2. 127
    Julia Green Says:

    Somebody get Wentworth in one of those PETA ads. Im sure he can hold a boob better then a gun.

  3. 128
    Zeta Green Says:

    I´m so happy for Wentworth.Everything is just as it should be.Thank goodness how well it is going to op hold his privacy. I recommend that Jared will from now on only use old photos as in this thread so Wentworth will not be disturbed. That way, the further the photos go back, the better he will look and everybody will be happy.=)

  4. 129
    Mariana de Souza Says:

    Princeton should be proud of its students, especially Wentworth Miller. He became a great actor and writer and dignify the name of his teachers with his behavior, talent and intelligence. Congratulations!

  5. 130
    gumm gumm Says:

    @Mariana de Souza: He became a great actor and writer
    Since PB he´s done one show of Law & Order and done a minor part in RE.
    Great actors don´t do movies like RE. He´s written one script.LMAO.
    From reading your sh!t-You must be a complete moron!And a total suck-up Congratulations!

  6. 131
    Mariana de Souza Says:

    First of all this is a space of Just Jared’s fans. People who believe in the seriousness and credibility of his work. Well .. I think a Wentworth Miller’s fan like Ryan Hunter has a power: he writes clearly and easily understood. I hope to read everything he writes about Wentworth Miller. Because to me it’s a great pleasure.He is very objective and insightful in his placements about my favorite actor. Sorry if there is somebodybody who doesn’t appreciate this talent because it isn’t yours. Indeed Wentworth Miller deserves fans from this level. So … I particularly, admire this fan!
    I admire the actor and writer Wentworth Miller like all. Thanks!

  7. 132
    gumm gumm Says:

    @Mariana de Souza: Whats that!!! Wtf are you obsessed with Ryan Hunter. I was talking your very own sh!t and that I think you write like a moron and suck up to Wentworth with idiotic talk that only make him look foolish like you.

  8. 133
    Mariana de Souza Says:

    I hate gossip about anyone. I am very optimistic about the people I love and my wishes are best for them. I hope you understand my point of view and respect my opinion. Excuse me.

  9. 134
    gumm gumm Says:

    @Mariana de Souza: I hate gossip about anyone.
    DING DONG :$
    …Yeah JJ is a healing spa…. Rofl

  10. 135
    Azul Says:

    I am so more sure of it is the same and is saying it selv has power on here. It is full of it self.

  11. 136
    Ana Says:

    @Azul: Agree. I think a normal person will not talk like this about another if it does not know it or is the same.

  12. 137
    Atli Says:


    gimme five you handsome fukc ;D

  13. 138
    ellen Says:

    @Mariana de Souza: First of all this is a space of Just Jared’s fans. People who believe in the seriousness and credibility of his work.
    What a load of crap you write! People on this board have every right to an opinion of their own.Not everyone likes to suck up to every action of WM. I don´t think wentworth is a great actor but I think he might be a better writer.From how you´re talking he might as well settle down and retire!!! What a load of none sense blather!! You say you hate gossip but still you are constantly writing on a well known gossip site. Whatever you are trying,looks like your trying too damn hard and FAILING big time.

  14. 139
    HALLO Says:

    @ellen…pls do not say something that not nice for people ear.We respect your opion but it is better to give people positive comments or encouragement.Every human being is not perfect and only God knows what is good for each one of us….everyone future is in God hand.Everyone is special in God eyes.So wish and pray for each one to be successfull in the undertaking.God bless you Wenty and also Ellen.

  15. 140
    Atli Says:

    @HALLO: So wish and pray for each one to be successfull in the undertaking
    Undertake this you ****:
    ‘Take your god-damn preaching elsewhere you whining religious fukc.’

  16. 141
    Samira Cristina Says:

    I can’t understand how there are people who care about what fans think about their favorite actors. Do not just make them think about their own favorite. Why is it so important to interfere in others opinions? Discover their own actors and let every one who wants to enjoy

  17. 142
    Mari Says:

    @Samira Cristina: ??? I can´t understand you. If you want to say something then say it so people understand it please. Have no idea what you are talking about!

  18. 143
    Samira Cristina Says:

    I admire Carey and Went so much. Both are very intelligent actors. Good and beuatiful. Love and success for them.

  19. 144
    Samira Cristina Says:

    I agree with Realistic – 26. U are handsome.

  20. 145
    Jo Says:

    @Samira Cristina: Hi Mariana nice new name.

  21. 146
    Samira Cristina Says:

    Ryan Hunter you are so intelligent like the great writer.Congratulations! I am not Mariana again.

  22. 147
    Samira Cristina Says:

    Princeton should make a statue of the great actor and writer. Congratulations! Princeton. Congratulations! Hollywood. Congratulations! Starbucks.

  23. 148
    Timothy Says:

    @Samira Cristina: I think you are nuts to think so much about someone you don´t know.What if I told you Ryan Hunter is a 60 year old bold guy in a bath rope with just one hand on the keyboard. Nice eh? Think for once, think!

  24. 149
    Hallo Says:

    @Atli…heheheh do not take it to personal and be positive.God love you so much.God bless Wenty.

  25. 150
    gazet Says:

    @Hallo: Do you think you could do one post without talking God? People have a right to be free of this kind of talking here it will always be off topic.I find it both insulting & unnecessary.Please respect that.

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