Katie Holmes: Strawberry Picking with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Strawberry Picking with Suri!

Katie Holmes holds on to daughter Suri Cruise as the two leave Whittamore’s Farm in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

The 31-year-old actress and her adorable daughter, 4, went strawberry picking together! Katie is in town filming her new miniseries for The History Channel, The Kennedys, with Greg Kinnear. Look for the film on TV in 2011!

Katie was spotted researching the role of Jacqueline Kennedy earlier this month.

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Credit: John White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • pr person

    Ummmm… who takes their four year old daughter out in her pj’s and BARE FEET …. to a farm, to go “strawberry picking”????

    Mrs. Crazy Cruise… thats who!!! UGH!!

  • apellla

    Why is she still carrying a 4 year old, let the child walk, and Jenn Gardner does the same thing. What’s up with these celebrity parents.

  • dani

    Pajamas? Guess this really does show who is in charge at the Holmes-Cruise household. All you have to say to the child is “honey, if you want to go to the strawberry farm you need to get dressed.” And if she doesn’t you leave her home with the nannies and body guards.

  • kara

    When is this spoilt brat going to use her feet? I picture her in 15 years still in the arms of her mother going to middle school… yes, middle school.

  • Pac Man

    What an adorable sight!

    Who cares, #2? Will they die?

    You’re a moron, #3.

  • slambang

    Where is this child’s shoes? Out in public again without shoes. How unsanitary. This whole family is WEIRD.

  • elle

    um, that isn’t a pajama, it’s a dress.

    and does it really matter what a 4 year old wears? she’s just a child, so let her be one. kids like to wear their pajamas, it’s not the end of the world.

  • missy

    I think Suri looks adorable and this doesn’t look like a pj dress to me.
    I wish katie good luck on her new role.

  • to apellla

    there is only reason i can think of. actually, my friend’s mother who used to work for the gossip column at the new york post suggested it. katie and jennifer garner may see the paps as threats to their children. as a result these two women constantly carry their children so they can easily disappear into some waiting car, into a secure building in a hurry. so no one can grab their children. jackie kennedy used to do the same thing. she would constantly carry john in her arms as if to protect him any threat from the paps. so no one could grab her son.

  • Ask Angelina/Brad!


    Are you frigging KIDDING ME???? Zahara is OLDER then Suri and is still being held. Shiloh is the same age and is still held, go, go ahead and look for recent pics of them in NYC being held!! for the same reason you morons, they are being PHOTOGRAPHED and it’s ‘
    safer’ I guess in their arms.
    I cannot believe the GALL of the Ange/Brad lovers here who NEVER say a darn word about those kids still being carried by their parents. Heck, Madox was held until like 6!!! MYOB! is more like it,

  • Ask Angelina/Brad!

    @to apellla:

    WOW you have a BRAIN! I’d pick up my kid at 5 or 6 if I had to with the crush of paps waiting to take pics, the kids are small and can hurt.

    Can you believe the nerve though of these JP Fans on here who never once, never once——— say a word about Z or Shi being carried! And Z is older!!!!!!!!!! OH I guess they are golden kids, huh?

  • Pac Man

    Exactly, #7. And it’s also hypocritical because those OTHER kids wear raggedy clothes or full-on costumes every day and yet they never get the same targeting.

    It’s a disgusting double standard, #10.

  • Another JP Biased comment


    Kara, a “brat”??? I guess then Zahara is a brat, shes FIVE and is always in Brads arms with her BLANKIE! lol.
    Shiloh still gets carried around, she’s suri’s age, so she’s a brat, correct? Idiots , biased, Idiots!
    these are celeb kids with people/mobs taking pics, not the normal little kid of normal people, get it?

  • sarah

    I don’t really mind the pajamas, but I wish they’d put shoes on her, and let her walk.

  • pick and choose huh?

    Love them! Suri is a doll, Katie seems so sweet! Great parents.
    I see the same old comments about her being held, and I agree, no one ever says anything when brad/angies kids are carried, and they are, and two are older then suri. so what does it mean then? Only suri shouldn’t be carried? Are you all kidding or what! Let the parents carry them, they are safer with the photographers/fans all around them.
    But I can’t believe how posters here berate Suri, and not Brad’s kids, it’s like, give me a break we know you adore them, but, god damN!

  • julia

    @to apellla:

    I could imagine that you are right.
    I suppose these women don’t constantly carry their daughters, only when there are paps around – which explains why we almost always see pictures of them carrying their children :)

  • Kara said what?

    < I am waiting for the next pictures of Brad and Angie carrying their kids,no, not the twins, the older ones. I am waiting to see who says they are ‘Brats” like KARA did here. Sickening. But wait.

  • haha

    @Another JP Biased comment: @Another JP Biased comment: @Another JP Biased comment:

    true she (Zahara) holds a blankie at 5, gets carried a lot, and nothing ever said LOL! & that’s fine, it’s their business, but they always put down the Cruise’s, never the Pitts.. HA SOOO funny. But we do get it JP Loons! Oh wait there willb e more pictures of those kids carried, and there must be a reason for it like the Paparazzi, but I will see if anyone here puts them down, Neverrrrrrrrrr.

  • KellStar

    The child looks fine. Clean, well rested, and well behaved! Much more than I can say for most little kids I see out and about.

  • sara

    @Pac Man:

    You always write defensive posts about this weird family…are you on their payroll? How much are they paying you?

  • some thoughts

    I notice that Katie usually carry Suri when they are outdoors, they let her run around most of the time indoors so I do understand what apella is saying. carrying a child at 5 or 6 is not astounding, it is still withing the carrying boundaries. If you are ever a parent, you will want to carry and protect your child if yourself deem the situation as dangerous. We are never at the place and time while the pictures were taken, we do not understand why the mothers felt the threat, so lets cut them some slack.

  • apellla

    Pacman/ angelina and Brad:

    I’m commenting on the pic you moroons, so you attack me. This is american. Parenting 101, you shouldn’t carry around a child that is 4 years old. The child is pulling the strings in the household. I don’t care about brad and angelina. This posts isn’t about them.

  • From Paris with love

    I am not a JP fan but i think i’ve never seen their children wearing high heels, heavy make up, pyjamas, sleevless dresses in winter and being almost CONSTANTLY carried, etc.

    And Shiloh does get put down because she likes being dressed like a tomboy – i don’t like it either altough i get it – so your theory is wrong.

    Don’t try and deny the fact that they act weird with suri, that’s a fact, period.

  • apellla

    By the why some thoughts:

    I’m a parent , my children walk on two feet. You don’t baby a child that is 4 years old, that’s what katie is doing and it shows. She feeds the child a bottle, that’s too old.

  • luxegirl

    @to apellla:
    That’s exactly it. If you see the crush of photographers and flashlights around them it’s truly scary. The only option then is to never take your kids out in public.

  • some thoughts

    It puzzles me too as to why they still feed her with an infant bottle. If the general assumption that Suri is autistic, it is possible that she tends to hurt herself easily when she is running freely. The reason I am saying this is that I noticed that Suri constantly has brusies on her legs and I have a niece who is low on the spectrum tends to injure easily because she tends to run on the tip of the feet. However, looking at Suri’s footage, she seems to be running fine. Once again, it is really a puzzling case. Will this family go down history as a mystery case or someday the kids will come out and dish all the dirty laundries.

  • to julia

    as i said it was my friend’s mother who suggested it. also in the case of jackie kennedy don’t forget she was in the car when president kennedy was. assassinated. that would be a life changing event. after that the press never left her or the children alone.

  • to luxegirl

    oh yeah right!!! never take your kids out in public. then the paps will write articles in the gossip rags that there is something wrong with the child/children. why else would you hide them from the world? i suppose people like katie and jennifer garner could make their children wear masks in public following the example of michael jackson. i have a better idea. we can chase after and photographs their parents all we like. they chose this life they’re living. however, the children did not choose this life and, therefore, should have their privacy respected.

  • Angie

    Where are her shoes again?

    ugh..this woman is koo koo ;puffs.

  • Whitney

    Wow, Katie looks like a farmer girl here. And not in a good way. The only problem I have with this picture are the boots.

  • essie

    omg i live so close to there! and to think i almost went today but deemed it way too hot for some strawberry picking.. dang

  • Jokergurl

    I don’t care that Katie’s always carrying Suri, that’s fine, some kids like the closeness. My niece is almost 5 and I still pack her everywhere, she says it makes her feel safer. The thing that bothers me is this kid out and about without shoes, that’s just not sanitary. She could easily cut her foot on something. I do agree that Suri probably feels safer in her mother’s arms when those OBNOXIOUS paparazzi’s are running alongside her and her daughter. Imagine you’re about 3 feet tall and this mass of people with cameras are towering over you flashing lights in your little face that you can’t see. That would suck wouldn’t it? Stop calling this kid a brat she can’t help it her parents are famous or they stuck her in Scientology cult the day she was born basically.

  • soniaintown

    Doesn’t matter now!!!
    Kaka Homely’s gay boyfriend’s movie bombed big time!!!

    Very telling, exploiting the PR pawn does not help at all!! Not to mention, that Strong Woman\ Wonder brat is less and less cooperative now!!
    She has to be sugar bribed to get out of the house for the paps!! Homely the beard cannot even bribe her enough to wear shoes and get dressed!!

    How funny!
    What a spetacular freak shoe we have here, folks!!
    And look at that Homely contract beard. How she’s embarrassed and humiliated by her feral child!!
    Not to mention ‘The Extra Man’ went straight to ‘on demand’ channel!!

  • aisha

    i dont caer
    i only love suri so mach
    what ever you say i well not read

  • Suri’s Stimming

    Her poor hands :-(

  • Sugar Bugger

    So glad Suri is having something sweet for a change.

  • Butterflier

    Tom has sucked the life out of Katie. And this Scientology brat will be a nightmare by the time she is 16.

  • Kat_momof3

    Okay… I don’t care if she carries her child for all the reasons mentioned… or not… kids are only little once…

    but seriously… when a child is going to be walking around outside picking strawberries (and you can tell she was from the dirty bottoms of her feet in some of those pics)… you put SHOES on them… ones that are appropriate for what they’re walking on.

    I’m all for barefoot is best up to a certain point… but this is a 4yr old CHILD who needs proper footwear.

    My children would be in slip on or velcro/tie-on sneakers… WITH SOCKS for that type of outing…. just as (those of you mentioned her before) Jennifer Garner has had her children do.

  • seriously,yo



    Suri never walks… I assume that Katie holds her all the time, because its easier with all the paps around she can run away with her easier, but for crying out loud… she’s 4years old.. let her walk on her own!

  • its robo-bride

    As usual she looks awful. Please use some of your money from your uninspired clothing line and hire a stylist.

  • Bunny

    If you notice, she is barefoot and being carried because the ground is gravel. Cut the kid some slack.

  • J

    I don’t care about the fact that this post has Katie and Suri, but I LOVE Whittamore’s Farm!! I have so many childhood memories there :)

  • troubledfakecouple

    She shouldn’t have to be carried because she’s barefoot because the kid should be wearing shoes. Only babies are carried around barefoot, not 4 and a half year olds. If I wrapped my 4 year old in a blanket and carried her around like Katie does Suri, people would think I was crazy. Katie needs some parenting classes.

  • Don’t want Ms Crazy Angelina


    People can’t take it when people slam their precious JP family, the double-standards make me want to vomit. Stop being so one-sided when it comes to the Jolie-Pitts, they have flaws like everyone else!

  • Blaa

    Leave the kids out of the equation. Tommy’s movie is a flop. Haaahaaahaa. Could his ridiculous Scientology be putting off fans? I mean, outer space people? Good lord. What a bunch of BS. I feel sorry for the kids like Suri being brought up to believe this junk. What’s wrong with Katie? She buys into this? Or is she just buying into the money at any cost?

  • Lisa2

    I don’t have a problem with what Suri is wearing or that Katie holds her while they are walking, I figure whenever Katie is in the public eye with Suri she probably is hounded by the press and wants to get in and out as fast as she can.

    The only problem I have is that Suri should have some kind of shoes on and if she doesn’t then they should have at least some flip flops kept in the car for her just incase she needs them. It’s not the safest place to be without protecting your feet. She could step on something sharp or step on the strawberries and get her feet muddy. So, I only have a problem for safety reasons.

  • Amy

    Those two had to get away while daddy’s movie tanked at the box office.

  • Jolla

    Well, haters would like to have Suri Cruise’s life. They don’t, they can’t, they did not have that chance. So, haters invented this game: let’s spread horrible things about Suri: she’s ratarded, she’s autistic, Tom’s not her father, she can’t walk, she can’t talk, she’s the next Lindsay or Paris… Well, folks, Suri has a wonderful life and you can’t spoil this: she can’t read your posts! She will not read your posts. I like Suri’s sense of freedom: she’s a 4 year old child; if she feels good barefooted and in her nightgown this is good for her no matter what people think: it’s just an outing to a farm and she’s not a supermodel or famous actor. SHE’S JUST A CHILD.

  • omg

    I dont understand why they feel its appropriate to have a four year old wear high-heels yet on the other hand she barely ever walks or get out of her pjs for that matter, not to mention occasionally still drinks out of a bottle! If shes old enough to be wearing high-heels she sure aswell can walk herself around that farm. Put some comfy shoes on that kid and get her out of your arms!!!

  • Patlouela

    It proved she doesn’t need that security blanket..toss it