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Angelina Jolie Covers 'Vanity Fair' July 2010

Angelina Jolie Covers 'Vanity Fair' July 2010

Angelina Jolie turns up the glamor on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine’s July 2010 issue, on newsstands in NY/LA on June 30, and everywhere on July 6.

The 35-year-old actress chatted with contributing editor Rich Cohen on the set of The Tourist in Venice, Italy earlier this year.

Read highlights from Angie‘s interview, including her thoughts on working with Brad Pitt again and how her kids’ personalities differ, here!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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angelina jolie vanity fair july 2010 cover 01

Credit: Vanity Fair; Photos: Patrick Demarchelier
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  • yuk

    sunken cheeks,innertube lips,and raccoon eyes….lovely

  • lily

    um angies cheekbones are one of the most beautiful thing on her lol. funny you are finding fault about it. people pay for those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im not an angie fan and never liked her face features all that much, but her bone structure is WOW. that for me is what makes every woman want to look like her….lol (and yes she is one of the most requested faces for plastic surgery)….

  • releka

    Love the cover and all the pictures I’ve seen.

  • Aiden

    What a gorgeous amazing woman! I’m in love! :)

  • anon

    All of the so called realty wannabe stars take note…this is what a truly beautiful, sexy female STAR looks like! Her and an elite group of others both past and present. The other poseurs (like Kate G. et. al.) get over yourselves please!

  • KellStar

    Ridiculously stunning. Such an unspoken confidence there that is so fierce without being aggressive.

  • COCO

    oooow la ou le Barbie est de retour

  • http://h Kaz

    Amazing cover angelina

  • anustin


  • angienewsmakemecaught

    that picture is horrible!! big bangs alert!

  • http://Justjared Slig

    Thanks jared wow geart mama 3 child i want see shiloh and twins or all famliy pleas pleas

  • hal

    AMZINNG!!no wonder everybody want to be like her!!!!!look how much plastic surgerys megan did but she failed !!poor mega!what a lips!!
    Luves her♥

  • Men’s online magazine

    Angelina is still looking hot on this cover

  • WBPfan

    WOW — three threads on one cover!! Thanks Jared!!

    US weekly has this quote not on the VF website yet which I love “Adds Jolie, “I feel fortunate to have a relationship where I actually feel safe enough to imagine growing old together.” “

  • Frenchy

    Good photoshop work.

  • teri

    I LOVE THIS FAMILY, SO AWSOME. Being happy with the ones you love is all that matters.

  • http://Justjared Slig


  • anustin

    o.t from the cross-eyed lainey!!sorry

    Anna Wintour once said of Angelina Jolie, when trying to choose which photo to use for a Vogue cover, that “this girl doesn’t take a bad picture”.

    The Jolie gorgessity is on full display this month in the new issue of Vanity Fair. They propped her tits up for the occasion too. I don’t love her old school fringe. Much prefer the shots inside when her hair is pulled off her forehead. Look at this close up. I’m taking my clothes off for her right now. That is an all time face, a beauty for every generation.

    And of course there’s an interview. The cover promises details on those incessant break up rumours but we’ll have to wait a few days for specifics on that because right now the excerpts only focus on the children.

  • Halli

    Vanity Fair had to do a TON of re-shoots and photoshop apparently becuase Angelina Jolie is so anorexic that she lost her softness and now looks like a manly skeletor with horse teeth. Thus the strange alien-like cover.

  • WBPfan

    More VF interview quotes in USTODAY

    “On “family sleep”: “That means everybody crawls into our bed. And we actually have a giant bed. We had sheets specially made. … Everybody files in and we watch a movie. It breaks all the rules. Mommy and Daddy are very tired the next morning. We have that in L.A., and when we hang out in France, we’ve got it there. … We’re thinking of building a room just for family sleep.”

    On tabloids and marriage: “There’s a cycle that goes through the newsstands— we’re separating, I’m pregnant, we’re getting married, we’re separating, I’m pregnant, we’re getting married,” she says. “We’re not against getting married. It’s just like we already are. Children are clearly a commitment, a bigger commitment (than marriage). It’s for life.”

  • WBPfan

    OOps, meant USAToday in my previous post #22 *(US Weekly in my #16 post)

  • phool

    wow wow wow wow gourgeous or what you rock angelina love you

  • Sanne

    Go take your meds.

  • Frenchy

    LMAO at all the name stealing…Sorry you can’t fool fans. All you trolls are PATHETIC, MISERABLE, DEPRESSED, SOUR and UGLY

    This is JJ, not the hateblogs you all are used to going to. What a bunch of dummies.

    Angelina rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SALT IN THEATRES JULY 23

  • YAY


  • Sanne

    Oh, and you forgot FAT, too. LOL Those Jenhags are hilariously stupid. OMG!
    SALT IS GOING TO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ykw aka Evelyn

    Lovely Lady!!!

  • anon


    Angelina Jolie’s Top Priority: Protecting Orphans in Haiti
    Published June 28, 2010

    Throughout her incredibly successful career, Angelina Jolie has taken on a wealth of different roles. But, one thing that seems to never change is her world-renowned status as a champion for human rights, with a particular focus on protecting children in Third World countries.

    Jolie returned to the SOS Village in Santo, Haiti, outside of Port-au-Prince last weekend to evaluate the progress made since her last trip more than six months ago, shortly after the Caribbean country was struck by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake.

    “One of Angelina’s highest priorities is protecting children without family; she was there to meet with Haitian officials to try and figure out solutions,” said Heather Paul, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages, an organization that provides housing and long-term care for orphaned or abandoned children in 132 countries worldwide.

    Both Jolie and her partner, Brad Pitt, have been longtime supporters of SOS, and, in the past, the 35-year-old star has visited an SOS Emergency Relief Program in Chad, an SOS Children’s Village in Ethiopia, and together the couple also sojourned to the SOS Village in Amman, Jordan.

    And no surprises here – Jolie, who even brought toys to the children on her recent visit, creates quite a commotion whenever she comes to town.

    “The children are out of their minds. They love her, she’s very hands on and spends time with them and that means a great deal,” Paul said. “Haiti is a hard place right now, our villages are overcrowded. We have 500 children instead of 200 children who are without parental care with us at the moment. We have 800 children in our school in the SOS village, so there are a lot of challenges. But just to have Angelina there recognizing these challenges really brings everybody up. It’s a wonderful thing.”

    On the subject of schooling, another critical component of Jolie’s mission in Haiti is to ensure that as many young ones as possible find a place in the public education system.

    “I’m sure Angelina was aware of how crowded conditions were, but she had to be inspired by the fact that we have so many children in school, and we are negotiating with the Haitian government now to have them construct more schools,” Paul told us. “I can imagine that Angelina would believe that public education for children in a country like Haiti is absolutely essential to the nation’s future.”

    Jolie’s visit also has been beneficial to SOS in creating a resurgence of attention on the natural disaster zone, and reminding people that while six months have passed, the devastation rages on – but ultimately it is in the hands of each individual to decide where they want their charitable dollars to be spent.

    “It is always a challenge (to keep up awareness), and now we have our domestic tsunami with the BP oil spill, so it’s very understandable that America’s interest is split – we have a lot to deal with,” Paul added. “So each American needs to figure out how best to support the efforts they think are most important … But I always say, there are celebrities, then there are celebrities – Angelina does a terrific job in wearing all the different hats.”

  • Mrs. Chancellor

    Wait, nw where are we? The last thread looks like the new thread. Didn’t we see this before? I’m confused…

  • cc

    I wants to git me one of them Angie masks fur Halloween an scare all the little childruns in the neybor hood

  • Sanne

    Learn how to spell first.

  • preserved

    She’s starting to look like Joan Rivers with all of the fillers and Botox injections.

  • Mrs. Chancellor

    Ok JJ why don’t you put all the threads regarding this Vanity Fair issue in one, including the video from ET. All of these sub threads are making an old lady like me confused lol I can’t wait to read more when the issue comes out.

  • Ella

    gorgeous woman

  • anon

    Spy With My Little (Smoky) Eye: In Praise of the Femme Fatale
    Napoleon Perdis.Makeup artist, businessman
    Posted: June 22, 2010 09:41 PM

    In the new summer movie, Salt, Angelia Jolie delivers what might be called a peppery performance — sharp, sassy and a little stinging. Jolie plays a CIA agent accused of being a KGB sleeper, after which all hell breaks loose. The spy role comes naturally to the celebrated bombshell, and in this film she flaunts two distinct looks. As the good cop, Evelyn Salt, she’s all honey blond locks, creamy skin and berry lips. After crossing over to the dark side, Salt acquires an inky trench, dyes her mane black, and sports buff makeup colors. The movie got me thinking about femme fatale style, and why it’s so compelling.

    Ever since Greta Garbo’s turn as an exotic spy in Mata Hari, the idea of a glamorous temptress who could also thwart anyone in her way has captured our attention. Playing characters who could probably wield a lipstick case as a lethal weapon, in blockbusters such as the Lara Croft movies and Mr. & Mrs Smith, Jolie is the leading exponent of the don’t-mess-with-me beauty look. But there are many iconic performances from which we can glean makeup influences. Going undercover doesn’t necessarily mean being a shrinking violet — as any Bond girl would attest. Kicking as always looks best paired with ultra-smoky eyes and scarlet lips. Here are some of my favorite cinematic vixen looks–and how to replicate them.

    Angelina Jolie in Salt :To recreate the movie poster’s bewitching look, start with a healthy coat of volumizing mascara to frame the eyes. Use a black gel liner to create depth around the peepers. Start from the inner top corner of the eye and extend to the outer corner, graduating in thickness. Be sure to also line the inner rim and lower lash line. Using a charcoal shadow, soften the edge of the liner around the entire eye. Soften further with a pink shade in the crease and towards the brow. The final stroke? A nu de pink lipstick like my DéVine Goddess Lipstick in Hess, and a coat of gloss for extra oomph.

  • anustin

    lmao..anjie got botox?that fckable face don’t need of make up!azzho.le!!!

  • Lolol

    Well, I will get the magazine because I want to read the entire article to see if it’s any good, but I have to say I am a little disappointed with what I’ve read so far. They ask her these same questions every interview and she always has the same answer. Yawn

  • M

    I think you know your family is large enough when you forget to mention one of your kids in the recap of their personalities… ummm how about PAX

  • old lady

    She looks appropriately made up for her role in salt. Of course in reality she goes around without make up and with her hair pulled back in a pony tail. Thanks JJ for the new thread and God bless everybody.

  • Kriss

    She looks like insect

  • Jennifer

    To all the haters, angie’s just plain gorgeous. There’s minimal photoshop done….. I mean… just look at her THe Tourist Stills. She looks exactly the same. Only diff is the cheekbones a bit (which i disagree with… she looks so much more gorgeous unphotoshopped).

  • Frenchy

    I am a PATHETIC, MISERABLE, DEPRESSED, SOUR and UGLY, Brangelina stalker and a moron.

  • WTF?

    Yeah she looks good but she always does and yeah she’s better in person. Why do these magzines ask the same freaking questions over and over an over again? I hope there’s more about her and her movie and future in the industry in the article….I mean she’s one of the top female actors in Hollywood, an Academy Award winner for pete’s sake and would looooove to read her thoughts about the state of the industry right now, how she feels about the scripts she gets, what type of scripts she’s offered, what about roles that women over a certain age gets in Hollywood, how she feels about others trying to steal her look and persona to make names for themselves and if she has any advise for young people just starting out. I mean come the fuk on!!!!!

  • Brad’s child


    Her fame is based on the kids she has with the most beautiful man on earth, so naturally – this is what she gets asked about.

  • kdh

    For all those cynics out there who are reluctant to believe that Jen and Brad speak daily, well, your minds could be changed after this, or you may remain skeptical.

    But, this is the real deal. We have months and months and months of Jen and Brad’s correspondence. We didn’t get it through an illegal means…. we just know “people”.

    For those who aren’t aware, Brad’s code name for Jen is Charlie Sanders (his staff are aware of this as it’s a way he can speak to her without Angelina finding out). Jen sarcastically calls him Mr. Smith, and she never hides her disdain for the woman who wrecked their marriage.

    Here’s just a snippet of some of their conversations… there’s lots more to come.


    BP to JA skyp

    JA to BP still out> where are yu

    BP to JA itly>

    JA to BP wtf I saw it onlne SMITH

    BP to JA srry> not my fault> >>cells did not work<<<<

    BP to JA I will mke it up to u< Tlk at the break

    JA to BP peace<<


    JA to BP yu done saving the world

    BP to JA nt nice Charlie

    JA to BP whtEver

    JA to BP U going to nola or will I see it online?>?

    BP to JA yu done

    JA to BP nt even close J

    BP to JA need to<> trble HERE

    BP to JA did U see

    JA to BP

    JA to BP who did it U J

    BP to JA NOT funny She is out for heads

    JA to BP ok bradleeey

    JA to BP NOone nxt time

    BP to JA you just wait>>>! LOL

    BP to JA BiG trble over that

    JA to BP good J peace

    JA to BP skyp tlr J

    BP to JA lgging on now

    JA to BP ok

    We have to wonder if Brad could turn back time and had the luxury of retrospect, would he ever have left Jen?

  • Far

    This is what a skeleton with fake boobs n pumped lips would look like!

  • az

    saw younger pictures of her, when she was19, 20 years old and her nose was bigger, her upper lip smaller and she didn’t have cheek bones or brows that high………. instead of the fake a** image celebrities portray why doesn’t the media write about what these celebrities are really like and what they have done to look as the do, including the Madnonna’s and Demi Moore’s … they would do society a great service .

  • Frenchy


    Stop THEIF. I reported you to the head Jolie Pitt leader, Mr. Jared. That is all….

  • Lolol

    @WTF?: I am with you on that one. She needs to stop doing interviews with these semi tabloid magazines. They focus too much on her kids. it might have better stuff in the actual article but most sites only took the snippets about her family

  • um

    there’s more of the article in USA