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Charice Covers Shania Twain's 'You're Still the One'

Charice Covers Shania Twain's 'You're Still the One'

Teen singing sensation and future Glee star Charice goes country doing an acoustic cover of Shania Twain‘s “You’re Still the One” for Billboard‘s Mashup Mondays.

Charice said that she chose to record the song because it reminds her of her mom. “[She] used to be a vocalist in a band and they were always singing that song,” Charice said. “I love the way Shania sang it and recorded it. It’s just really amazing.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Charice‘s cover of the song?

Charice Covers Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One”

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  • Donovan

    Epic FAIL! Shania is one of a kind find your own songs loser!

  • Reason


    First off this is Billboard mashup monday where artists COVERS the Genre that they arent comfortable with…like Iyaz covering Greenday.

  • Reason


    First off this is Billboard mashup monday where artists COVERS the Genre that they arent comfortable with…like Iyaz covering Greenday.

  • Lucy

    Just incredible! I love her, I look forward to seeing her on glee out-sing Lea Michele! haha!

  • Dee

    First, do you know what is a Billboard Monday Mashup ? (they ask artist to cover a song that is out of their genre, the artist didn’t just pop out of no where and do it). Second, she really likes Shania’s song, she didn’t say that she want to steal Shania’s song.

  • Timmy

    I never knew Shania till Charice sang this song,,,,i must be in a new generation,,, well a cover is a cover,,,and she sang this song well,, she can sing any genre,, i think Charice is the best teen vocalist at the moment,, BILLBOARD is a very credible institutuion in the music business,,,they must be conviced if the enormous talent of this kid

  • Madison

    she’s great… such a talent!

  • dgr911

    this is a great cover of the song… GREAT performance. Better watch out GLEE.

  • Bay Area

    You sound like you’re from San Francisco

  • Truth

    @Donovan you are an IDIOT!!! Jerk off to Shania on your own time.

  • Timmy

    am looking for CARDCRUSHER is he /she here yet????

  • Adrian

    @Donovan <– EPIC FAIL ignoramus. Think before you open your mouth, or in this case, before you type, loser.

  • Bax


    Donovan’s comment = EPIC FAIL (for all the world to see). You’re an embarrassment, dude. I’ll pass your comment around especially to people who follow BB Mashup Mondays just to make them laugh at you! (find your own songs, he says!) What a hoot! I still can’t stop laughing at you!

  • ldc

    she’s awesome… she can sing anything… great cover!

  • Mia

    The guitarist kind of looks like a young Mark-Paul Gosselaar, haha.

  • era

    Yikes, i keep on repeating the video! Love her cover of Shania’s “Still The One”.

  • jovs

    @ donovan……… patient and learn something first before posting your comment. so your don’t embarrassed yourself. me too i really don’t know what is mashup now i’m ilearning what is mashup word time try to post positive comment.. is good to always have a peace of mind.

  • Robert


    You’re an EPIC FAIL for not knowing what Billboard Mashup Monday is…you MORON!!!!

  • Gleefan422

    @donovan Eat your heart out! How envious you must be, you’re a Shania fan. Yet you can’t even sing her songs. HA! Sorry but an adorable Asian girl who doesn’t even have formal training in singing – beat you. Who’s the major fail now. Right – it’s you!

  • freezepudding

    @Donovan you are obviously the LOSER! Charice is a very talented artist, she can sing any genre…that’s what separates her from the other artist!

  • Robert


    I know, huh…Donovan is such a big DORK!!!

  • Styles

    Wow ! Really awesome job on covering one of my favorite Canadian artists. I am sure Shania would say the same !

    @Donovan – Too funny – I hereby nominate you for the idiot award of the year – lol – Will anyone second this – lmao ?

  • Robert


    I’m waiting for cardcrusher’s usual diarrhea, I mean diatribe, about her being a ‘copycat’…I can imagine cardcrusher saying, “you see I told you she was a copycat! Look at her copying Shania”

    Donovan and Cardcrusher should hook up and have ugly babies!

  • krista0

    her voice is so smooth and silky. i still can’t believe she’s that young and have a full voice!

  • Robert


    I second that!!!!

  • M-

    sounds better than Elieen Twain with the over developed crap Mutt produced to hide her lousy voice

  • marie Bachicha

    sounds better than Eileen Twain ever did with her overproduced BS from Mutt

  • Donovan

    Everyone here plus Charice and her mom SUCK!!!!!

  • cora

    Can’t wait to see her on Glee! ;)

  • Tina

    It would help if she knew the words.

  • Tina

    @Donovan: I agree

  • Angela

    Amazing as always! Charice, you are awesome, your voice on that cover is soo sooothing!

  • JaredG

    This @donovan, what an idiot! He even posted almost the same thing on the youtube version of this. Now everyone knows that you are also drewtodamaxx on youtube. What an epic fail you are.
    First of all, this said cover! Second of all, she was paying some homage to Shania! And third of all, you should be proud for Shania (as her fan) that even as this girl was only five when this song came out – she still loves it and remember it enough! She chose this song from all others and is sharing it to a whole new generation. Idiot, epic fail – DONOVAN!

  • JaredG

    Another idiot @Tina or are you still Donovan! She knows the words, it’s just an acoustic version – therefore a little shortcut and different arrangement than the original.

  • drummersrock


    bandmates told me to look for your comment in this link. hahaha! obsessed with shania much? dude, do you have shania pictures in your purse?

  • selene

    This is the 1st time I have heard her sing, she has song a beautiful voice. Very powerful but also soothing, some big voices can be quite grating and irritating but I really enjoyed listening to her. I am even more excited about her being on Glee now, it’s about time Rachel Berry got some competition, although Amber does have one hell of a voice also.

  • bld9696

    @Donovan: She does have her own songs, loser. Her new CD, produced by Songwriter’s Hall-of-Fame member David Foster, is out now.

  • http://shayzter shayzter

    @donovan &@tina jealous much?!! you two are out numbered!! as you can see haters dont belong here!!hahaha

  • alexis2016

    @Tina: what a bitch..if u don`t like her get the hell out of her video

  • Debunker

    She sounds like a duck. Nothing special. Her P.R. is bending over backward promoting this girl to make a buck. Fools are gullible when it comes to this girl or the so called pride! Her 15min is uP!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    I’ve never heard of her, or seen her face before. To me covers aren’t all that impressive. They’re nice and all but if you want to show talent make your own music. Make your own great music then you’ll impressive ppl. Whoever she is she should stop singing other ppl shiit and come out with her own.

  • kaye

    wow!super love it!powerful voice yet very sweet to listen…its llike so deep yet so high and so sweet!

  • JaYrOx

    Charice can sing the contents of a newspaper and she’ll make it sound good.. LOL. Wow. Nice rendition of a Shania classic. Good job, Charice! Thanks Billboard for featuring our girl. :)

  • http://noysmaykr noysmaykr

    Haha! Cardcrusher has been crushed! Let’s wait for a few days if he gets resurrected!

  • http://noysmaykr noysmaykr

    Haha! Cardcrusher got crushed lately. Let’s see for a few days if gets resurrected!

  • ellen

    She is fabulous!

  • j.jon

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:@ infamouslycool… If you don’t know her or haven’t heard her doesn’t mean the whole world does not know her. You ignorance is bliss but you don’t even want to read the thread prior to uttering your 2cents ignoramus comment. She is famous and she has her own music album and she cover other singer’s song just to show these famous other singers how the song should have sung in the 1st place. Research first before your own dung blow-up in your face.

  • lms

    Just amazing! I love her and looking forward to her Glee performances! Now i have reason to watch the show!

  • Styles

    @infamouslycool Are you like related to Donovan -lol? This is Billboard Mashup Monday. They ask an artist to cover a song in a genre that they are lease comfortable with. Further, she does have her own international Album called “Charice.” Talk about opening one’s mouth and putting both feet inside – ouch that must have hurt – lmao.

  • alexis2016

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: r u serious? and if its true that u don`t know her , my next question is what planet r u from ? common now, shes all over the news for the last few days because of her landing a role in glee. and for ur info. she`s oprahs fave singer and she just recently released her self titled debut album. and if u still not satisfied with this u can check all her performances in you tube.