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Elisabetta Canalis: Bikini Boat Ride

Elisabetta Canalis: Bikini Boat Ride

Elisabetta Canalis shows off her amazing bikini body as she goes for a boat ride in Lake Como in Italy on Sunday (June 27).

The 31-year-old Italian model and girlfriend of George Clooney, who wore a two piece floral bikini, was joined by showgirl Maddalena Corvaglia and another friend.

You can catch Elisabetta playing an Italian spy on TNT’s hit series Leverage where she’ll appear in 2 more episodes this summer.

15+ pictures inside of Elisabetta Canalis rocking a bikini on a boat…

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elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 01
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 02
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 03
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 04
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 05
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 06
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 07
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 08
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 09
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 10
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 11
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 12
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 13
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 14
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 15
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 16
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 17
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 18
elisabetta canalis bikini boat ride 19

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  • Lop2de

    I know Maddalena Corvaglia, and she is more beautiful than Eli

  • Clooney Fan

    Beautiful Italian girl who won George’s heart! I hope they get married soon, they will have beautiful babies.

  • Dance In The Dark

    I bet she regrets that tacky 90s tribal band tattoo …

  • http://Justjared Slig

    Old man love this girl she look young and he like 60 year old hahahahahahahahaaaa

  • rachel

    Why a post about this ‘Nobody’ ????

  • anonymous

    Tick-tock, Elisabrutta. Hope you haven’t bothered unpacking.

  • COCO

    ou est George ?

  • Paula

    I think it’s the same dog that she adopted last December in Los Angeles?
    Here is the photo
    I believe that a person who loves animals so much (so much to bring her dog in Italy from America) can not be that bad … okay maybe she is not very smart and is not particularly expressive at all when she acts.. but who knows, she could be a nice person in private.

  • http://h Kaz

    Elisabetta Alot like gisle

  • Losers in Despair

    She has a great bod, better than Iggy Pop Maniston

  • COCO

    Ou LA Ou leeeee….

  • Cora

    classy bunch

  • COCO

    his bellydance is like In Cuba
    il y a 1 an
    I read the title but it didn´t change the movie!!
    :-( leverage in Cuba

  • poser

    I love how she’s arching her back and sticking her as* out as far as she can, all while driving the boat. It would be great if she fell. Classless loser.

  • COCO


  • laverdadduele

    MESSAGE TO JARED: Please remove that horrible whale in a blue bathing suit picture from the front page. It’s disgusting!

  • nicki

    I used to think she was okay and had some class until I saw these stupid “look at me I’m so hot” pictures.

  • good one

    Picture # 9 is hilarious! I love you, Jared!

  • bush

    drag queens look more feminine, she cut short her hormone treatment for becoming a woman, sports a brutal man-face too, george must be gay

  • Ily

    these are posed photos made to show her ass and boobs and I think these are photoshopped! Her ass isn’t that…see the Hawai’s photos without photoshop, her ass is flat and flabby whit cellulite and she didn’t have so big boobs…maybe she has siliconated boobs now!
    and the face is very posed and probably she chosen the best photos …but see paparazzi photos ande oscar photos where shi’s a horse-face…she’s very different!

  • anonymous

    She’s sticking her butt up for the stage photo op. That is not a natural was to stand, with your pelvis thrust back like that. She looks ridiculous and nasty as always.

  • annab

    Thongs are nasty….they don’t look good on anyone.

  • anonymous

    Ily, her butt looks better here because she’s not standing up straight. When you bend over like that it stretches the skin and flesh tighter.

  • Lucy

    Great body!!! I would love to have such a body myself. Anyway, I think she is good looking in a very European way and it doesn’t matter who GC would go out with. That woman is always going to be hated and trashed by everybody. Can’t see the Tranny in her at all.

  • twpumpkin

    She is beautiful but George will still dump her. He is a pig.

  • her g

    look like ely have friends try heal her image by bikini shots and comment t
    o ely stand stright do not bend your waist to show your ass it is so fake not good not bad body

  • Housewives STOP the HATE!

    The more you lonely obsessive housewives complain about George and his fame whore, the longer he will keep her. I think some of you female fans are just as pathetic as Eli and George. You really need stop that hate and envy. It doesn’t look nice on you at all. Some of you are in your 40′s and 50′s and you are on GC messages boards and HERE on JJ bashing this attention whore wanna be starlett. Why do you continuously give her the attention she wants? All the complaining in the world from you will not make George dump this chick. He will dump her when he’s ready. Go on with your own lives and stop giving this fame whore what she wants.

    Eli loves doing photo ops because it’s her way of sticking IT to YOU! Especially American women! She knows you bash her, so those ass pics are her way of getting back at you. And no matter how much of an attention whore she is, she is still lucky enough to flaunt her skinny ass on a yacht. How many of you have been lucky enough to do that? And even more importantly —- She’s banging George Clooney!!!! So, there “in your face” from Eli. lol

    Maybe if you old broads shut up, she’ll slither way. You’re only getting what you ask for. Think about it ladies, who’s the true fool Eli or YOU?

  • Ally

    good #27!
    She wants people speak on her, this is all publicity! for this she made this photos and sold at gossip apapers!
    She shows ass and (siliconated) boobs because she can do only that!
    these are posed photos that she wanted to do, it’s evident! That isn’t a natural way to stand with your pelvis thrust back like that, it stretches the skin, and cellulite isn’t evident.
    I find her very ridicolous and trashie as always!

  • her g

    @Housewives STOP the HATE!: well said agree with u
    but i just say its ok george keep her or marry her but the bitch should know that she is fake person and her games for fame and ego may work on her friends but not real people

  • CanadaGirl

    @Dance In The Dark: I know. Hilarious. Tattoo styles come and go and I find it funny that people don’t seem to grasp this.
    I realize he’s living his life, but I’ve seriously lost respect for this man as he seems to have little regard for women – reel them in and throw them back when he’s done. What’s just as disgraceful is the lack of self-dignity these ladies seem to have for themselves.

  • Glenn Beck eats dog poo

    I agree 27. I think she is getting back at George’s female fans. She knows women hate her. So, she’s just flaunting her non-talented ass to make his fans jealous. And since George seems intent on keeping her around, I think more photos like this will show up.

    I also think she is trying to distract attention away from her Leverage debut. She would rather folks talked about her half naked ass than that horrible excuse of acting she did w/ Tim Hutton. LMAO

  • Mark

    I don’t find her attractive, she’s manly and her ass looks not very natural, maybe did she use Photoshop?

  • tmz onl
  • scallywag

    Elisabetta do you know what happened to the suntan lotion? I’ve looked every where but no sign.

    Wait a second, do you think the paparazzi took it?


    HOUSEWIVES #27, get off your high horse. After all, you are here posting judgemental, insulting comments yourself, and your comment is as long as 5 of ours put together. Hypoocrite.

  • Brad Pity

    Skanky is as skanky does. Georgie, you really can do better.

  • Brad Pity

    Oh for godsake, you show this womans a ss all over the place and you moderatte the word s ka nky?

  • kim

    the squalor of the comments is appropriate to your way of gossip!

  • Eve

    She looks like Jillian Michaels!

  • NonBeliever

    No, she looks more like George Michael.

    Hook ers R Us have struck again, I see and their PR department was standing by with laptops in hand. I’m sure they had nooooo idea that the evil paparazzi were out there with their big bad cameras infringing on their fun girls day in the sun. Uh huh.

    Yes, and where ARE The Boys? Or are their wives and girlfriends refusing to stay in the same villa as Our Lady of Elisabetta? Or should we say the same brothel. Tsk tsk.

  • Jackie

    NonBeliever, ROFLLLLL! Best comment of thread!

  • Jackie

    Although I agree with another poster who said she looks like Steven Tylers ugly daughter.

  • Lobster

    She has a GORGEOUS BUM!

  • Kendra

    Jorge is lucky guy

  • Impartial Observer

    It is only a temporary distraction. A refurbished arse cannot fix what transpired on Leverage. She would have been better served to use that money for acting or diction lessons. She is not serious about acting. If she were she would not have made that disastrous debut. She is for the most part a T&A performer. If you body is in reasonable shape, that’s all the talent you need. I remember Tracy Lords, who did a similar type of “acting” as canalis. She wanted to cross over into legit acting and did for a while. She studied acting and made a legitimate attempt to learn AND she had talent. I don’t know what happened to her but I remember thinking after seeing her in a few things that she was good and deserved to make the crossover. I think people would have given this girl a chance if she had not shown how little she cared and how little prepared she was.She set the tone for her debut. Everyone knows what she is and that she has no acting ability. No amount of T&A can change that.

  • cringe-worthy

    I understand that this is meant to divert from her horrible Leverage performance, but this sort of stunt will not help her get any serious work in the long term. She’s showing her newly refurbished butt off to the world, so what? Is the message that this is her only true talent? She’ll be 32 years old in August and her face looks way older, so it’s not like she can compete with all of the young girls as far as looks go. At least she will have an interesting stripper/pron name: CanalAss.

  • LaughORama

    “Refurbished” butt? Ya know I hadn’t thought of that before but now that you’ve said it — I agree that these pics are either photoshopped OR she’s had fat injections or something in the rear. There is a big difference in her butt now and in the Hawaii pics. She is strategically posting for the camera so that probably has something to do with it but maybe she was getting some touch up with George’s cash during some of the time she has been out of the public eye. Too bad she can’t get the horse lasered off of her face though.

  • jenm


  • Yes

    I think this is a lot of photoshop + silicon in boobs, iniections and liposuction in the ass. She can’t get the horse lasered off of her face though but botox in her wrinkles she can…she’ll do also that with George’s money!

  • fortuneteller

    Yeah, I agree this setup, coming monday morning after her leverage ep, which was even worse than the week before, is pr psych ops at its finest. Take everyones mind off her horrible acting by showing off her only asset. So lest it be forgot…

    Canalis, your acting suuuuccckkksss. And you have ruined Leverage. And whichever Leverage exec ok’ed this disaster, ruining the 3rd season, should be FIRED!!!