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Emma Watson: 'Say You Don't Want It' Music Video Debut!

Emma Watson: 'Say You Don't Want It' Music Video Debut!

Emma Watson makes her music video debut in One Night Only‘s “Say You Don’t Want It”.

The video was shot earlier in May around NYC and stars the 19-year-old Harry Potter actress opposite her real life boyfriend and the band’s frontman, George Craig.

Emma and George recently did an interview together with Radio One where Emma explained how she worked with George to come up with the video’s concept – check it out here!

One Night Only – Say You Don’t Want It
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  • Charlotte

    Jared, you are kind of late. I saw the video already but thanks still.
    Emma and George look cute as a couple and I felt in love with this catchy song instantly. <3

  • c

    she’s pretty creepy. looks like a 10 year old girl trying to be a woman.

  • Carol

    Lovelly video. I makes me miss New York sooooo much!

  • tim

    So CuTE! <3 Emma

  • Shan

    Emma is so beautiful…I’m so jealous of her! :)

  • Celia

    Jared needs to post the EPIC new Deathly Hallows trailer!!! AMAZING!!!
    I love this music video!! It’s so cute and not your stereotypical rock song/video. It’s very light and great for the summer! The video makes me feel happy…until the end. That poor doggy. The Lady and the Tramp theme is very creative! Emma looks gorgeous in this video! I love it!

  • Helena

    I love absolutely everything about this – the song, the concept of the video, emma, emma’s clothes, hot brit george, george’s clothes, the dogs, the absolutely amazing band, new york… there’s really nothing not to like

  • terra

    Please tell me she’s not wearing real fur.

  • alec

    Catchy but way too derivative song.

  • Kendra

    she is hot

  • she shall remain nameless

    This video is adorable…Emma & George are so cute together!!!

  • Celia


    I don’t think it’s real. It looks like faux fur.

  • Jimmy

    BAD career move. While Radcliffe is doing serious plays and musicals on Broadway, and major movies, she is doing some silly video with her ditzy boyfriend. I predict no career for her in the future at all. Downhill, relentlessly downhill.

  • Jimmy

    When all fans can say about you is “cute” you’ve got brainless fans and no career.

  • Marieme

    terra, Celia – thanks for caring! :D I think it’s fake too. Better be.

    I thought this video was weird at first until the end. How friggin’ cute is that twist! Poor little fella. Song isn’t that bad. Music is catchy.

  • liv

    jimmy i agree with you

  • Slig

    She yeah young but normal

  • JuBEE

    I am surprised. I really like the song.

  • Emma B.

    She’s so pretty, and I really like the song!

  • Iffy Miffy

    I actually like that song, and she looks great too, good video!
    @Jimmy – she’s getting an education genius, and yes, we do understand that’s a foreign concept to you but those things do take time.

  • LMAO Emma stans

    Jimmy i agree,all the comments say “soo cute”so pretty”lol poor girl she has NO CAREER outside HP while Daniel and Rupert have several projects non-Potter.Dan has already 2 ROLES after-Potter….and this girl has a boyfriend with a music video LOLOLOL

  • eyeh8twilight

    I loved this music video. I watched it on mute, because I’m really not into this kind of music, and I just wanted to see it for Emma. I think she did brilliantly. I love the ending. It’s kind of sad, but it was beautiful. I love the part where he licks her.

    A lot of people said she seemed very uncomfortable and out of her elements in this, but it’s her first music video. She doesn’t speak in it, it’s just like mime. It must be uncomfortable to act without having anything to go on or without any lines to work with.

    I love this couple, I hope he puts her in more music videos.

  • eyeh8twilight

    BTW, I doubt her career wil go downhill by doing this music video. Jimmy, I think you’re just in a jealous fit and hate it that she’ll never meet you or be with you. Or are you a Twi-Crap fan that wants to see Harry Potter get taken over… I think it’s the first one.

    Emma’s a good actress. She isn’t the best, she’s like Angelina Jolie compared to Kristen Stewart, but she has something. Maybe she needs to take up a couple tips from other actors. She hasn’t done any other big movies, and like Dan and Rupert, hasn’t gotten any tips on how to get better. She needs to do a big movie that gets released in theaters (and I think she is because they said she’s filming another movie with Logan Lerman), she might get tips.

    Like I’ve always said, the Harry Potter trio has MILLIONS and MILLIONS of fans all around the world, who don’t like her JUST because she’s in Harry Potter. Even if she spends the rest of her life modelling and doing small films, us fans will make what she’s doing BIG!

  • mln

    she has millions of dolllars and is still smart enough to realize the value of a college education, even if she doesn’t turn into the best actress ever, she seems like a smart and classy girl- i think she’ll be just fine. and its better she’s called cute then what some other girls her age are being called!

  • ashlee22

    this so good
    i love this song and the video is go cool
    i love emma
    and george so godd singer

  • Chloe

    I’m sorry, but this music video looks stupid. Good song, but the whole concept is stupid.

  • Vanessa

    Hermione! They make a cute couple!

  • Elise

    @eyeh8twilight: If she really was a good actress, she wouldn’t be so uncomfortable in this music video.

  • Helena

    @mln: I second that.

  • marina

    I love Emma!!! She’s beautiful!!!

  • liki

    @Elise if you watched the video you would know that`s the point , to be uncomfortable, because she`s the lost dog! Instead you came here hating on her for no reason! She is famous,gorgeous ,talented and successful since she was 9 years old and there is nothing you can do about it!!!!!!

  • Elise

    @liki: I did watch the video, and you won’t change my opinion. She obviously did not act uncomfort well enough to convince the viewers.
    I don’t hate Emma Watson, I really don’t care about her. Yes she is very pretty and successful but she is no good actress, and the blind adoration of her fans really annoys me.

  • Jimmy

    @Iffy Miffy: What’s an “education genius”? I never heard of that. She is going to Brown. Nobody knows what her grades were for her first year. I suspect not very good or we would have been told how “brilliant” she is. Amy Carter flunked out of Brown. Now let’s see what Emma does. She seems confused, not knowing whether she is a model or a university student or an actress, and trying to be all things at once. She won’t get anywhere in my opinion. Unlike Radcliffe.

  • Jimmy

    @eyeh8twilight: I could not care less about Emma. But I do know a lot about universities having spent most of my life in them. She doesn’t seem cut out to be a genuine university student to me. Confused, I would say. Also jumping from boy friend to boy friend. Again, confused.

  • Lynn

    Emma is smart and talented and beautiful and classy! She sure will continue to be a success at whatever she pursues. It must have been really fun to do this cool video with her boyfriend.

  • Lynn

    Jimmy,you sure don’t sound like you spent a day longer in high school. Jodie Foster, Brooke Shields,to mention a few, went to college,also modeled and did other things AND had successful carrers. Emma will certainly follow in their footsteps.
    You are a moron.

  • lol

    As usual, she can’t ACT to save her life.

  • Lynn

    lol,you are so funny! Isn’t it past your bedtime already? You will be late for school tomorrow.

  • Sassy

    wow i liked the song Emma and George look so cute together

  • thammie

    I so love the video!!
    PS she is not 19 she is 20…

  • *Vikki*

    Hm, pretty nice video. When I heard this song first, i think that sounds great , but now…i absolutelly LOVE this song, it´s really fantastic.
    I fully don´t understand that clip, but it looks interesting. Emma showed her talent again . ^_^

  • joeya

    awesome vid :)

    btw emma has already done other “non-potter” projects (ballet shoes, desperaux-synchronization), but she’s concentrating on modelling and on her education at the moment – her decision, isn’t it?

  • Sooo Sally can wait

    Emma is a lovely young woman who I met when she was 16. She is growing up with alot of money that has not gone to her head. How many famous youngsters can that be said of in todays society??!! Pllease tell us where your clothes are from in the music video as my daughter thinks they are fab xxx Keep going Emma you are a credit to your mum xx