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Evan Rachel Wood: Roman Holiday!

Evan Rachel Wood: Roman Holiday!

Evan Rachel Wood plays tourist while visiting Rome, Italy on Sunday (June 27).

The 22-year-old actress is in town to shoot ads as the face of Gucci’s newest fragrance, Guilty, but took time to explore the sights!

Joined by her mother, Sara Lynn Moore, Evan spent the day exploring the famous Roman colosseum.

Evan‘s Guilty ads are expected to launch sometime in September.

10+ pictures inside of Evan Rachel Wood touring Rome with her mom…

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evan rachel wood rome tourist 01
evan rachel wood rome tourist 02
evan rachel wood rome tourist 03
evan rachel wood rome tourist 04
evan rachel wood rome tourist 05
evan rachel wood rome tourist 06
evan rachel wood rome tourist 07
evan rachel wood rome tourist 08
evan rachel wood rome tourist 09
evan rachel wood rome tourist 10
evan rachel wood rome tourist 11
evan rachel wood rome tourist 12

Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • what

    there are ALREADY fragrance ads out for the perfume. with her face on them.

  • oasis

    She looks better as a redhead than a brunette.
    Brown hair does not suit her.

  • luvs2shop

    Her face looks puffy.
    Is she pregnant?

  • http://h Kaz

    My hair colour like she colour

  • me

    she’s gorgeous

  • fashion 911

    I think the ads are already out. I saw a small one

  • fashion 911

    They shopped the shit out of it. Doesn’t even look like her.

  • mickey

    ugly chick.

  • m

    Heavy boots in the middle of summer, in Rome? hmm. The outfit is ok, but not for that heat.

  • Pop

    Where’s her boyfriend, Nic Cage?

  • two dollars

    @what: Maybe they are redoing them because they don’t resemble her?

    If they wanted to change her that much, they should have just hired a model.

  • Grayson

    Evan is a slightly more attractive version of her mother who is no great shakes in the beauty department. That said, she’s a good actress with the exception of True Blood although so far, she’s better this season than last year.

  • jingles

    Did anyone catch her in True Blood?

  • jingles

    I loved how she cupped that dude’s balls!
    But wow, she really has an acne problem.

  • Slig

    Iam so good looking like she ahahahahahaha blive

  • Robert

    What the woman delicious

  • Jake

    Is Italy cool right now or something? She’s dressed for the heat.

  • Nicky

    She is very plain but her body is great.

  • Kaz mini

    Robert: you stupid she not dinner

  • jmho

    I think she has pretty eyes but her features are harsh and she always look unhappy even when she’s smiling. Not pretty but not ugly.

  • WTF

    WTF happened to this girl? She was adorable on Once and Again.

  • truly

    @jingles: i watched it in hdtv and was shocked by all the pimples up and down her face. the movie makeup has really taken a toll on her skin. can’t they remove that via cgi or something?

  • kali

    I don’t find her pretty either, she’s sort of masculine looking in the face, but I like her casual style even if she does wear the same clothes over and over again.

  • human

    @truly: who gives a crap? have you not seen kiera knightley?

  • Farmer Ted

    Great legs. Shame about the horse face.

  • June

    Why does this chick have so many haters? And I mean all over the internet not just JJ. I know nothing about her except for the fact that she apparently dated A Skarsg. and now Manson.

  • Quest

    @June: She did not date Skarsgard. That’s just a rumor started by that Lainey Gossip site.

    Manson isn’t too popular on certain blogs and she hooked up with him while he was married.

  • Terry

    why do people hate Manson?

  • You go, girl

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I like her more now that I know she rejected A. Skarsgard. She wouldn’t walk behind him, like his current ‘gf’ does.

  • CanadaGirl

    Great boots, but she’s recycled this outfit too quickly.

  • Vanessa

    Hey, at least she has a career and has things going for her. Mildred Pierce will probably win lots of awards and she’s improved a lot this season on True Blood. Also, she’s a spokesperson for Gucci. Geez, if ASkars was looking to get a famous girlfriend he picked the wrong co-star.

  • jazzy

    @You go, girl: Sounds like it was vice versa. She seemed to be trying to nab him but he must have not been interested.

    I like him more knowing he didn’t fall for her shit and isn’t running after girls barely out of college. Now if only he would dump that bag of bones.

  • You go, girl

    @jazzy: Sometimes it’s not about the age, it’s about the character, and cleary ERW has a strong personality, while K Bosworth has the personality of an insecure teen. It says a lot about ASkars that he chooses that kind of weak women.

  • Mystique

    @You go, girl: ERW does not have good character. She may have a ‘strong personality’ but she acts like an obnoxious teen. She’s just as immature as Bosworth but she manifests it in different ways. Agree, she’s too young for that guy, physically and emotionally and props to him for not taking the ‘Team Alex’ bait. Anyone who sleeps with a married man and slams his wife out of jealousy does not have good character.

  • JJ

    Gucci has shi.tty taste in spokes models. They do deserve credit for naming this fragrance Guilty though. Perfect match.

  • You go, girl

    Wow, I not even a fan of ERW. @Mystique: you can’t compare ERW with KB, one was very young when she fell in love whith a man with a broken marriage, while the other (Kate Bosworth) tried to wreck a marriage between a friend and a guy with two little children.
    So, your last phase match better Kate Bosworth than Evan.

  • Alec

    @You go, girl: Why does every Wood post get turned into a Skarsgard post? I don’t understand it.

    There is no more proof that Manson had a broken marriage with Von Teese than Martin does with Paltrow. There is more proof that Manson fooled around with Wood than Bosworth did with Martin. Bosworth wasn’t even good friends with Paltrow. They move in the same social circles with shared friends but were not good friends. More like casual friends or friends of friends. Same with Von Teese and Wood. She was friendly with both the husband and wife when she took up with Manson.

    Wood was 22 when she was publicly slamming Von Teese in mags — only 3-4 years younger than when Bosworth was rumored to have fooled around with Martin so don’t use age as an excuse. She was more than old enough to know better and was also an adult when she hooked up with Manson.

    Both ladies were wrong in what they did and age does not excuse either’s behavior.

  • LU

    well I think she looks good!

  • H.

    @JJ: They should have named it Ho.

  • You go, Girl.

    @Alec: The difference is that ERW has only done it for one person (she’s still with him) and when she was about eighteen, while Kate Bosworth does it everytime she can and she’s 27. What do you think of a woman like that???

  • Alec

    @You go, Girl.: She was 19 not 18 and she was 22 when she was slamming his wife right before the Skarsgard rumors started There’s no proof Bosworth had an affair with Martin or any of the other guys. Personally, I think it’s true but she didn’t help break up Martin’s marriage like Wood did with Manson. I don’t admire either of these ladies but I’m not going to say one’s better than the other on this issue just because Wood is no longer linked to Skarsgard. Like I said before, they’re BOTH wrong.

  • You go, Girl.

    @Alec: This is my last comment. Manson-Rita marriage was very different from GP-Martin. The first was almost broken and they had no children.
    “There’s no proof Bosworth had an affair with Martin” Are you kidding, right? GP has subtly confirmed it, and what about the lawsuit that never happen??, and the MET gala cold shoulder??
    “I don’t admire either of these ladies but I’m not going to say one’s better than the other”
    IA with U. But ERW appears impulsive while KB appears cold and calculating.

  • Alec

    @You go, Girl.: Her name is Dita not Rita. You have no proof their marriage was almost broken and the same argument could be made for the Martin-Paltrows. Martin has been rumored to cheat for years. Just because Von Teese/Manson had no children does not make their marriage less significant. Some people choose not to have children. It doesn’t make it any less worse to fool around with their husband or their pain less significant.

    A lot of celebrities don’t sue tabloids over rumors. It only drags them out and prolongs the gossip. Not being spotted with Paltrow is not proof of an affair. I don’t think Bosworth’s ever been photographed with Paltrow and she was at the MET Gala representing Valentino not McCartney. Agree, her absence from that crowd at the after party was fishy. Silence speaks volumes but it’s still not proof.

    I think they’re both calculating although Wood is more obvious in this regard. Wood slamming the wife was cold and plain nasty but most don’t give Bosworth enough credit for having the brain power to be calculating.

  • Kendra

    She is pretty

  • Annie

    I would looove her outfit…on someone else. Keira could pull it off better.

  • Dadi

    Stupid girl, she’s in Rome in june, i.e very hot weather, and she’s wearing boots !

  • wtv

    she’s cute when she smiles and gorgeous imo

  • flawless
  • Sway

    @wtv: That is a cute pic (the first one) but she’s really not that attractive imho. Pretty eyes but she’s awkward looking and does look older than twenty-two.