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Gisele Bundchen: Calzedonia Bikini Bod!

Gisele Bundchen: Calzedonia Bikini Bod!

Gisele Bundchen debuts her post-baby bikini body in these brand new shots for Calzedonia swimwear’s ad campaign.

The 29-year-old supermodel made her first post-baby return to the runway for Colcci during Sao Paulo Fashion Week earlier this month, but it turns out she’d lost her baby weight long before then.

These newly released photos of Gisele in Calzedonia‘s Spring/Summer 2011 campaign were reportedly taken back in February – that’s just two months after she and hubby Tom Brady welcomed baby Benjamin!

20+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen‘s post-baby bikini photo shoot…

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gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 01
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 015
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 02
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 03
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 04
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 05
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 06
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 07
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 08
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 09
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 10
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 11
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 12
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 13
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 14
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 16
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 17
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 18
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 19
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 20
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 21
gisele bundchen calzedonia campaign 22

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  • Brasil


  • umwtf?


  • Ana

    Jealous. She looks great!

  • French Girl

    Unbelievable ! This girl is just an alien, her body is … just perfect. Look at her skin ! Any woman would have some strech marks somewhere after a baby, but not her.

  • lol

    She has a face like a horse. she isn’t even attractive.

  • holly

    so boring…..gisele is just a skinny man.

  • Lemon

    Beautiful Brazilian woman. :)

  • hate her

    manly face & huge nose! I hate everything about her.

  • Lemon

    Haters are fat, ugly + jealous… stay mad. ;)

  • Chris

    Not very pretty.
    She’s not my type.I don’t like her face and too long body she has a very weird face.

  • riri

    If they r going to photoshop her body, why do they leave her face?
    Her face is awful, so ugly and masculine.
    If that is her real body after giving birth- than good for her for that, although, it means that she is not really breastfeeding and is probably more concerned with her figure than the well-being of her baby.

  • Patlouela


  • http://J Ivanka

    Wooow that’s dedication, hot body

  • sara

    i’m sorry I REFUSE to believe that she actually had a baby. I mean come on. First she said childbirth didn’t hurt, and now this? No way she carried a child

  • A

    I’m sure she carried her own baby and stayed in excellent shape while doing so. Plus she got right back to her fitness routine ASAP. She never stopped eating healthy. But I’m also sure that these images are photoshopped like practically every celeb picture today. No way that her body and skin would be absolutely perfect 2 months after giving birth. Great shape….yes. Perfect….no.

  • ak47

    first of all, giselle can go eff herself…
    second of all, “lemon” you are ridiculous + delusional.
    you’re probably some “mary” that wants to look like giselle, cuz i know oL’ girl prolly walks like giselle. right, “lemon”?!
    there’s no way all her weight loss came “naturally”.
    she speaks of being a spiritual, mindful human being…
    if that were truly the case, she wouldn’t give a-good-gat-damn about this bullsh*t website and the celebrity/fashion mill she has submerged herself into. she would not be concerned with any weight gain or loss if she were really on her spiritual path.

  • yvette

    Its so silly when people go on here to just say negative things about this gorgeous women. If she was all you say, would she be one of the most famous supermodels. She looks fantastic! Its sad, people who haven’t even had a baby are trying to get a body like hers.

  • wow

    nice body ugly face it does not envy

  • bobbi

    Wrong. I’ve seen candid pics taken of her on the beach while pregnant. She didn’t gain much weight and her skin tone was the same. Some women can and do bounce back just like Gisele.

    I don’t see why people are so upset that she looks so great. She works hard at it. It’s her livelihood.

  • http://Justjared Slig

    She very long nice but she normal

  • good

    I seem to see her profile on ‘Rich m’. It’s a celebrity dating site. Many celebrities such as Charlie Sheen etc. have found great dates or love there. Maybe she’s lonely and looking for a new relationship there. Who knows?

  • http://h Kaz

    Yeah she awful and masculine



  • L

    How does she not have any stretch marks after a baby.. I guess some people are just lucky.

  • nola

    Since so many people think she’s a tranny, I’m inclined to believe you.

  • alec

    I just love those bendy poses people with no waist are always doing to give an illusion of having an actual waist. Whatever happened to hip to waist ratio on women and when did looking like a dude become desirable?

  • cindy

    Eat your heart people! Jealous, losers, uglies, will never like her, because they can NEVER look like that! Envy kills!

  • @otaviovalente

    PERFECT! Gisele é o orgulho do Brasil \o/

  • summerx12

    oh you jealous fatties, just look at pic#8 that is one of the most beautiful exotic faces I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you girls dont have her paycheck,dont have her hubby,dont have her height,dont have her weight,dont haver her beautiful gorgeous face and cheekbones. yep kate all ya want LOL. at least you got good reason to!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    so funny if a face isnt big and round like a basketball and 2 extra double chins its “manly” to you fatties. Lmao. nope hun its called being a supermodel and you just arent used to seeing faces like that. round fat pudge faces are gross and you see them everywhere you go (at least here in boring america where the girls are so mouse browned haired and average flat faces) in other countries where women are actually exotic, is where they are beautiful.

  • tom


    she isnt a cheap video/galmour model where they have to have “hip/ratio” she wears couture and gowns and her body is perfect for that. those girls would look fat in the clothes Gisele can pull off, perfect model!

    most gorgeous face I have ever seen!

  • lexylicious

    funny I was reading an article in Glamour magazine about “internet hating” and guess what the most popular comment to make is??? yep you guessed it: she looks like a tranny….LMAO

    so according to all you fat rediculous rediculously un good looking people. everyone is nasty and looks like men. (the beautiful women that is) funny somone like Gaby Sidofsdfds w/e her name is is praised and called beautiful (lmao) but every Supermodel and beautiful actress singer is uglier than sin…oh too funny. with all the hater comments, you are basically solidifying that person’s hotness!!!! afterall no one talks bad about the short fat ugly geek in the back of your classroom right? (oh i forgot that is probably you!) LMAO. keep hatin on the thin popular blonde girls in highschool. aka GISELE.

  • GiseleB#1

    just remember she’s got the paycheck and you don’t LMAO. end of story. I think that speaks for itself right there.

  • Alex

    wow she is just too beautiful! and she has a perfect booty for her size. so cute and bubbly. she is perfection.

  • patrick

    she has got one of the most beautiful faces and bodies I have ever seen on a human! can’t believe my eyes at some comments, just wow. lol
    Internet is really a crappy place eh?

  • Mshellgoddess

    some comments just PROVE how amazing she really is, lol.
    her face is the best thing about her if you ask me….Goddess like.

  • Bruce

    Of course she’s a beautiful woman she is German!
    All German women are beautiful!
    And now she is a nationalized American citizen and that makes her even more beautiful!

  • German


  • Mshellgoddess

    umm okay Brucie. lol if you insist. I agree Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer are beautiful german women, I wonder what those german women think about beautiful brazilian women like gisele??? just a thought

  • Babs

    German women are naturally slim, athletic and pretty it is in the genes. Glad I am German like her.

  • Brazilian

    Brazil loves our giselinha!

  • Otto

    I’m sure all of the beautiful German women support one another wherever they live. Heidi is now American citizen like Gisele. The beautiful Claudia is now an English citizen, but Germans are Germans wherever you find them. I’m glad that Gisele chose America to be her new home for citizenship. People change nationalities all the time through immigration.

  • Abby

    pic #11 Is she real?????????????????? that looks like a statue!!!! omg she is amazing looking. that is only a candid and looks like she is not real. there you go, not much photoshopping. her legs and butt. she is not too thin, are you crazy? what is a supermodel supposed to look like? a stubby chubby average girl’s body LMFAO…..dream on. that is why there are normal average weight/height girls and then there are Supermodels.

  • connor

    wow look at this statue of a woman! simply amazing

  • True

    So acording to everybody is you dont like someone its envy? i guess all of gisele fans are jealuos of Bar then… people have different taste just deal with it, gisele has no waist and a manly face that are just facts doesnt make her ugly…

  • Maniccoola

    Bar? who said anything about that d list smashed face “model”??? lmao
    and no its just called, some people have different tastes. no everyone has to think gisele is beautiful, but if you are googling her, looking her up,searching for her, taking your time to post a comment on someone you don’;t like to “look at: bc they are “ugly” well then….it is a form of jealousy yep. When I was jealous of a girl once, I couldnt keep her off my mind and talked about her, lol. so yes….you just proved your point…

  • Mari

    She’s gorgeous! Leo eat your heart out. I like how she’s able to model swimsuits while still looking like a fashion model.

  • maria

    Now that’s a SUPERMODEL!…

  • Boston

    Bar is just as beautiful and looks more like a woman than Gisele. Bar has a very womanly face to match her body. Leo is quite happy now and so is Gisele.

  • lalavi

    funny Bar fans cant keep Giseles name out of their minds, but yet Gisele’s fans never talk bad about bar or even care about her, and honestly just bc they dated the same guy and you feel the need to have to pick one or the other is so childish….you can like both. I always tohught they looked like they could be sisters or cousins actually, lol. Gisele just the more classy type. Bar the more trashy type. Leo obviously thinks so too….he has a type.

  • maria

    Bar who?