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Miranda Kerr: Leather Pants, No Sweat!

Miranda Kerr: Leather Pants, No Sweat!

Miranda Kerr smiles for a modeling shoot held in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan on Monday (June 28).

The 27-year-old posed without a sweat, wearing a black jacket and leather pants, despite the humid ninety degree summer heat.

Late last week, Miranda was spotted in Los Angeles, with engagement ring on hand, checking out churches. Her engagement to Orlando Bloom was confirmed a little over a week ago.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr looking great at a modeling shoot…

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miranda kerr leather pants summer 01
miranda kerr leather pants summer 02
miranda kerr leather pants summer 03
miranda kerr leather pants summer 04
miranda kerr leather pants summer 05
miranda kerr leather pants summer 06
miranda kerr leather pants summer 07
miranda kerr leather pants summer 08
miranda kerr leather pants summer 09
miranda kerr leather pants summer 10
miranda kerr leather pants summer 11
miranda kerr leather pants summer 12
miranda kerr leather pants summer 13
miranda kerr leather pants summer 14
miranda kerr leather pants summer 15

Credit: Ordonez; Photos: INFdaily
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  • mary

    she looks like a spindly spider

  • wtv

    gorgeous, pretty, adorable, cutie

  • Ben

    I have a crush on her….SEX KITTEN

  • Jonte

    I like her boots.

  • http://www. babyface

    she looks a lot younger than her age…

  • yes!

    She looks amazing!
    Can anyone ID the designer?

  • http://h Kaz

    Yeah looking soo much yunger,, she’s sweete like little girl.

  • Weber from Brazil

    She looks great here
    her body is bangin’ HOT

  • Slig

    Wow she like baby face alittle girl beautiful

  • flag boy

    Miranda looks great and I love, love, love the clothes.

  • Is Something Missing?

    I guess they told her she could not wear her engagement ring during the photo shoot.

    Such a shame, it would have looked great with the clothes she is wearing.

    Not saying anything.

    Just wondering why she was not wearing it?

  • Allie

    She is adorable and really suffers for her work because I was in a sundress today in downtown Manhattan and I almost passed out from the heat.

  • @11

    Models never wear their personal jewelry for shoots. It would be distracting and unprofessional especially with a new engagement ring.
    (even though I wanted a better look at it, too)

  • Amy

    That poor girl! It’s 95 degrees in New York today and I was dying in just a dress. I don’t know how she’s surviving.

  • @14

    Well, models are used to modelling swimsuits in the cold and leather in the heat. They get paid to look good no matter the conditions.
    And Miranda is very good at her job.
    I would be a puddle of goo wearing leather in that heat.

  • that is all


    By thinking of the gazillion dollar check she’s getting for doing it.

  • Biti

    She real super models

  • Ange

    Great photos she was a real beauty kiss you miranda

  • ken

    Lucky Orlando!!

  • Ange

    What this model has a young looking sweet but not britty

  • wow…

    Miranda is very beautiful and has legs for days…..lucky Orlando!

  • http://whatabeauty... Miranda

    I love you! Damn you Orlando, damn you.

  • Hellz

    Freakin’ funny! There is an Anti- marriage petition for her and Bloom!
    check it!! LMAO

  • @23

    (copied and pasted from other thread – since that’s what you did)
    Uhmmm, ya, leik everbody shud heve a say in sum1 elz weddin.
    leik im sur thet O n M are watin fer yer permison to git marred.
    Gosh, that was hard.
    I tried to phrase it in a language stupid enough for you to understand. I didn’t want to speak above your level of intelligence. After all, only a complete imbecile would start a petion on something as private as a marriage.

  • Kendra

    She is engaged now!

  • yvette

    She gorgeous and absolutely wonderful. I want her body..and her job.

  • Q

    Not the right body to pull off such outfit.

  • @23

    Each one of you will have to sign about 100,000 times to get there, and I don’t think they’ll cancel their wedding for you anyway. I know I wouldn’t cancel mine for some strangers LOL

  • HAHA!?

    This petition thing is joke, right? It has to be a joke. Oh, Orlando and Miranda are SO going to take the opinion of very few strangers on the internet over the opinions of their families and friends. I can just see Orlando running from Miranda. Priceless! Why people think they have a say and right to someones personal decisions and lives is just beyond me. But continue, I love a little laugh… I find this whole thing amusing to say the least.

  • Purrfect in tight leather

    Takes a figure like hers to do justice to a pair of tight leather pants like those. Very unforgiving style with no allowance for the tiniest smidgen of excess flab. But those long, lithe legs of hers pull it off amazingly well. Girl looks super-fine!.

  • Spencer

    I feel her, she looks ridiculous!
    A sexy shape and a hot body are mandatory to look good in leather, Nicole Scherzinger is the perfect example. Total miss.

  • @31

    To each his own, but evidently quite a few people think that he body is VERY hot. #30, for example. And every other person who made her a successful lingerie/bikini model before she made it to HF.

  • Raffy

    That’s the reason why I’ll never be a model, lol.
    If you say that you don’t like the clothes, hair, makeup etc. during a shoot you’ll be considered as a troublemaker, even if you look completely ridiculous.
    I agree MK looks miserable in these pics, it’s clear she doesn’t feel confortable and it’s totally understandable. Leather is not her best friend and she has grandmother legs with those black tights.

  • @31

    Yep, Nicole Scherzinger is the hottest thing on earth after fire, awwwwwwwwww

  • @30/31/33/34

    At least TRY to be a bit less obvious.
    When you make it this easy to spot. it spoils some of the fun.
    SOME of the fun, I said. Cuz these are pretty HILAIOUSLY obvious ‘socks’!
    Gave me a good laugh.

  • @33

    LOL @ granny legs, so true!!!!!!

  • & I

    Retarded face

  • @37

    No matter what your feelings are for this young woman, the use of that hateful word proves you to be an insensitive, bigoted, hateful idiot.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • @@@

    FUGLIEST WOMAN (or man?!) EVER!!!!!!
    ’nuff said.

  • C’est moi qui l’ai dit

    She’s ugly and shepeless, sure. But who cares? They’re gonna airbrush the crap out of her as usual, you’ll even forget that it’s her.

  • LOL!

    Oh no, the haters aren’t biased at all.
    Another gossip blog used these pictures and titled the article “Miranda Kerr looking so beautiful that she will kill you dead”.
    When that article was linked at other sites, most of the posters heartily agreed.
    All that before photo shop.
    So yeah, you pretend that she is ugly all you want. Won’t change the fact that she is a successful model, engaged to Orlando Freaking Bloom, while you sit at home alone in front of your computer.

  • Honestly

    What a beauty queen!

  • YAY!

    weird swollen head, very attractive.
    If you’re into aliens

  • san

    She is so gorgeous!
    Beautiful inside and out.

  • sid

    oh my, look at that wreck, she was run over by a truck

  • wow

    such a beautiful young woman!

  • wow

    It doesn’t look like real leather, more like cheap rubber.
    Elle Macpherson was wearing the same kind of pants recently. Only difference is that she’s 20 years older and much, much hotter than this.

  • @47

    It’s probably ‘pleather’. A humane alternative to real leather.
    All intelligent people know about that.
    Guee that’s why YOU didn’t.

  • @48

    Intelligent people come on this site to comment on the threads content. “Guee” that’s why YOU only visit to comment on other posts.

  • @49

    “Guee” that’s why YOU just commented on someone else’s post and NOT the content, hmm?