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Vanessa Hudgens: Planet Blue Babe

Vanessa Hudgens: Planet Blue Babe

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it cute as she goes shopping on Sunday (June 27) in Malibu, Calif.

The 21-year-old actress, who was spotted texting a message on her Blackberry, made stops at Intermix and Planet Blue on her day out!

Vanessa is the cover girl for the July 2010 issue of Glamour magazine – expect the cover and pics to come out this week!!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Web Eyewear sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens shopping in Malibu…

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vanessa hudgens shopping malibu 01
vanessa hudgens shopping malibu 02
vanessa hudgens shopping malibu 03
vanessa hudgens shopping malibu 04
vanessa hudgens shopping malibu 05
vanessa hudgens shopping malibu 06
vanessa hudgens shopping malibu 07
vanessa hudgens shopping malibu 08
vanessa hudgens shopping malibu 09
vanessa hudgens shopping malibu 10
vanessa hudgens shopping malibu 11

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61 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Planet Blue Babe”

  1. 1
    Slig Says:

    She wonderful geat look

  2. 2
    J-2 Says:

    Isn’t she supposed to be on JJJ?
    I mean this is like regular candids. No big deal. So keep it for JJJ

  3. 3
    Kaz Says:

    She’s always amazing

  4. 4
    jdizzzz Says:

    she always has such nice skin. I wonder what she is working on career wise right now??

  5. 5
    connie y Says:

    she’s on her new iphone 4, not blackberry!

  6. 6
    Dreads Says:

    She has a nice little style but I can’t like her. Don’t know why.

  7. 7
    fashionista Says:

    FABULOUS. I mean really…To be her age and look that free spirited fabulous sigh…Her bohemian looks are more polished and cleaner than others who try this look. She’s more pulled together.

    Looking good Vanessa.

  8. 8
    Josh Says:

    She´s all grown up!

  9. 9
    roadhouse Says:

    She looks like she just climbed out of the trash heap. Is that all she can do “shop”?

  10. 10
    Zee Says:

    she’s one of the top celebrities in this site (see list on the right), so why shouldn’t Jared post Vanessa candids here too. She gets the sites hits, so why not?

    it’s not her fault her haters care enough for her to get her comment counts soaring…

  11. 11
    meg Says:

    She looks gorgeous, lovely outfit. Excited for Rent, she is very talented and can’t wait to see more from her.

  12. 12
    mailey Says:

    she’s like a step down from the olsen’s hippyness. but nobody can top olsen hippyness. theyre so hippy it goes over into what we call ‘grandma-style’.

  13. 13
    sara12 Says:

    love her .. looks amazing

  14. 14
    Cindysue Says:


  15. 15
    jess! Says:


  16. 16
    cecile Says:

    Go Vanessa Hudgens, buying those clothes like no ones business with her *styling outfits. Certainly newsworthy of course. *thumbs up for truefax comment* Yeah, Woo!

    *Her peasant style skirt and top combo go ever so effortlessly with her beach wavy hair and sandals.

    I swear who needs real news when celeb news provides much better enertainment than real world situatuions.

  17. 17
    k Says:

    me too.

  18. 18
    offtheproperty Says:

    She always takes the glamour with her. And why would anyone be the least bit interested in anything Angelina Jolie has to say? Just why?

  19. 19
    Emma Says:

    l love nessa

  20. 20
    Malia Says:

    Love her casual look. Girl sure likes Malibu. But, who wouldn’t? I used to love going to the Malibu pier when I lived in LA.

  21. 21
    Karen Says:

    Why shouldn’t Vanessa be here with “regular” candids? Other people are here with regular candids. I see Rhianna here all the time without doing anything but being at the beach or shopping and she is no older than Vanessa. That kind of comment that she should be on JJJ is just to get people riled up or to get more hits. It is getting tiresome and foolish at this point.

  22. 22
    ivanka Says:

    i love her look, very summery

  23. 23
    luisa Says:

    bella simplemente bella

  24. 24
    ...... Says:

    zac is a womanizer.

    She should break up with him.

  25. 25
    Me Says:

    she looks amazing!!! anf of course she belongs to JJ, in JJJ its just kids she doesnt need to appear there. as u see shes all grown up!! shes already 21…

  26. 26
    lauren Says:

    zac’s not a womanizer,
    theres a reason why they been together for almost five years

    so quit your hating

  27. 27
    kami Says:

    why ppl get mad at vanessa for shopping? she buy clothes for zac too. store clerks say she buy pants and shirts for zac.

  28. 28
    ...... Says:

    @lauren: Hehehe..What do you know about him?

    He is a playboy. He cheats on his wife.

  29. 29
    Jojo Says:

    that’s an iPhone4 not a blackberry.

  30. 30
    jjeenniiffeerr Says:

    Nice ensemble, V!

  31. 31
    Kaz Says:

    Ur cool

  32. 32
    CurlyAlicia Says:

    I love when she wears her hair curly or wavy. She has such pretty hair. I love hippie style too. I wish I could wear my hair like this, it’s too short now though. I get all my curly hairstyles from Check it out:

  33. 33
    lauren Says:

    @ ….
    i know that him and vanessa have been together for almost five years, and there not married.

    what are you like 15 yrs old?

    and what do you know?

  34. 34
    jess! Says:


  35. 35
    vanessa 143 Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,she is the most pretty girl ,i like her boho style,hater is always there,haaaaaaaa………………ha……………….its funny cuz,every time they saw vanessa,they are mad like a bomb, its about to explode,,………………..vanessa hudgens …………….abudhabi …………. love you,always and forever…

  36. 36
    kgg Says:

    Nice to see Vanessa out and about, looking cute as can be in her summery outfit. Love you V!

  37. 37
    mariam of u.s.a Says:

    hi ………to all vanessa,fans i love vanessa hudgens .i like her style , her top is soooooooooooooo amizing i like it,@j-2 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you are so lame , you know why? vanessa is should be both of this site ,she be in it,cuz her fans we look for her anywere ,cuz her fans is didecated for her ,for better or for worse,they will be their .in her side,cuz vanessa is real,you got it ,thats why she have more fans,now they saw how she survive for long time, even up and down in her life her ,fan still ther for her ,as fans we love her……………….we adore her work ,we are happy for her.what ever ,happen to her carer,we will watch her,we are real fans of her and i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ,proud .. i …………love……………you……………….vanessa.

  38. 38
    Malia Says:

    Don’t know if someone already posted this here:

    • Meanwhile, in L.A., Zac Efron and his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens feted the actress’s father on his birthday at Morton’s the Steakhouse in Bubank, Calif. The group shared lots of laughs over their dinner, which ended with a birthday cake and a “Happy Birthday” serenade. According to a source, “the group couldn’t have been nicer.”

    BTW, Vanessa’s dad’s birthday was on June 22nd, and Zac’s dad’s birthday is June 29th. They are both Cancers. Another “coincidence” in the lives of these two. :)

  39. 39
    Dani Says:

    She is great!!! Love her outfit, too

  40. 40
    Malia Says:

    I think Vanessa does do a lot of Zac’s clothes shopping. I remember an InStyle (I think) interview right after HSM2 and they were shopping with her and said she bought Zac a leather jacket and ten v-necked T-shirts. Guess Zac doesn’t like to shop. :)

  41. 41
    Birdie Says:

    She looks so pretty and is the quintessential “California Girl”. I love the look. The item about the birthday dinner was just certification of
    how important family is to her. I just love this girl.

  42. 42
    maeli Says:

    V looks great love her style

  43. 43
    Daniel Tang Says:

    Beautiful sexy woman.

  44. 44
    vfan Says:

    Love the boho style outfit. Suits her very well. Love the sunglasses too. She looks pretty as always. :)

  45. 45
    Divine Goddess Says:

    LOVE her outfit! So simple and beautiful. Just effortlessly gorgeous and stylish. I envy her :)

  46. 46
    Malia Says:

    So, Zac and Vanessa got certified in SCUBA diving when they were in Maui back in 2007. Nice.

  47. 47
    kyle Says:


    That is sooo typical of Vanessa haters, to be posting her old photo taken when she was still a teen, more than four years ago. Couldn’t find any other negative news about her to justify your hatred for her, eh? Get a life!!!

    Vanessa is looking fashionably great as ever!!

  48. 48
    Trina Says:


    Do you know that by posting a link to a nude picture of anyone under 18 that you are distributing child pornography. JJ does have your ISP address and from that any law enforcement agency can find your name and address. They can also trace an IP address to a company computer you are logged in to. The thing is you can�t delete your post on JJ. It is there for the FBI to see and if JJ is doing his job, he will send your ISP information to the FBI anti child porn site. Consider yourself lucky if all JJ does is delete your comment.

  49. 49
    Karen Says:

    People need to go to the “flag this” in the bottom right hand corner of Jared’s post and report the comment and tell Just Jared there is a link that should be deleted. It isn’t just this “Jared” poster who can get into trouble Just Jared can too since it is illegal for a site like this to have links to those pictures as of about 2 years ago who Vanessa’s lawyers filed suit. So, it isn’t just this Jared person who can get into big trouble but the man who runs this site and supplies many celebrity pictures for you people.

  50. 50
    BARBARA Says:

    Vanessa looks beautiful, i love her springie outfit.

  51. 51
    Karen Says:

    Thank you, Just Jared, for working quickly to delete the questionable posters comment and link.

  52. 52
    Malia Says:

    JJ you should post the picture of Vanessa and Victoria Beckham in the August issue of Teen Vogue. The denim issue.

  53. 53
    Allie Says:

    Not a Blackberry…

  54. 54
    Olivia Says:

    It’s not a blackberry, she got the new iPhone 4! Lucky her.

  55. 55
    ghalia Says:

    i wish iphone4 was mine , not a bb , i have it already .

  56. 56
    ghalia Says:

    pls,…………pls . jared put on your post the picture of vanessa and victoria b, its so nice,she is wearing victoria jeans ,i saw it in zanessa sweetheart……………pls ….pls jared..

  57. 57
    kami Says:

    love the pic of vanessa and posh. wish jj would post it. it’s in the aug issue of teen vogue. same one zac has a feature in.

  58. 58
    annie Says:

    awww nessa……….love you both in jjj and jj i can’t get enough of your candid you always look from Indonesia………annie

  59. 59
    Tata Says:

    Vanessa looks great!!! love her sense of fashion :)

  60. 60
    zac77 Says:

    vanessa’s hot ….beautiful girls all over the world

  61. 61
    kelly Says:


    WRONG. This b*tch is every race. Not a pure breed that’s for sure.

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