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Alessandra Ambrosio: Motherly In Malibu

Alessandra Ambrosio: Motherly In Malibu

Alessandra Ambrosio spends some quality time with her daughter Anja Louise at the Malibu Country Mart on Sunday (June 27) in Malibu, Calif.

The 29-year-old Brazilian model was also joined by her California businessman fiancé Jamie Mazur.

Alessandra then wrapped up her day by hitting the beach where she squeezed in some surfing.

“Just went surfing!!” Alessandra said on her Twitter page. “So refreshing…”

10+ pictures inside of Alessandra Ambrosio enjoying a family day in Malibu…

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  • Madison

    love her dress!

  • Black


  • b

    That baby is adorable.

  • Slig

    Baby is gorgeous ..

  • Paperbag his head

    Thank GOD that baby looks liker her mommy. The dad is fugly.

  • Fresh faced girl

    Alessandra looks very young and fresh faced. I know 29 is still very young but I’m just saying she’s going to age very gracefully when she gets older.

  • She could do betta

    I don’t think the daddy is that ugly but Alessandra could have done sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than him. He’s so plain and blah looking and he’s even shorter than her!


    Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes should take a lesson from Alessandra and actually dress their daughter in comfortable clothes that she can play in! Ever since Suri was a baby they dressed her up like a collector’s doll never even letting her wear shorts or pants. She can’t even run or hop or skip or jump because she always has either a dress or skirt on. And now Suri is even wearing little 1 inch heels!!! Honestly, I feel so sorry for Suri Cruise. It’s good to know not all celebs are insane.

  • Daddy is better than Adriana’s

    @Paperbag his head: Have you ever seen Adriana Lima’s husband Marko Jaric? Marko is a Yugoslavian NBA basketball player and he is one of the fugliest men I have ever had the displeasure of looking at. I saw him in person once at one of his basketball games and I’ve seen him in pics with Adriana. HE IS SO GROSS AND HAIRY AND CREEPY LOOKING!!!!!

  • Big mistake Alessandra

    Alessandra Ambrosio could have definitely gotten someone better looking: she’s young, gorgeous, rich and famous. Who the hell is her man? I’ve never even heard of him. And he’s ugly.

  • Kimberly

    I agree with the Tom & Katie comment. They should learn from normal people and dress Suri with clothes she can actually play in. Suri is a child not a decoration. And now she’s even wearing heels?!! She’s just a toddler! So sad.

  • Creepy couple

    I used to think Katie Holmes was so down to earth and normal until Tom Cruise came along. Now they both look crazy together and they give me the creeps.

  • I love True Blood on HBO

    @Daddy is better than Adriana’s: OMG I know, right? Adriana Lima’s new hubbie is ugly as hell.

  • Mike thinks Adriana Lima’s hot

    I agree that Alessandra could have done better but Adriana Lima really does have one of the ugliest husbands out of all of the Victoria Secret models. Here she looks so hot and he looks like a pirate, hehehe…

  • Gay Tony

    Alessandra looks a little healthier and a little more curvy now that she’s a mommy. Sometimes she used to seem too skinny and you could see a lot of her bones. I agree her fiancé Jamie Mazur is nothing to talk about. He’s very dull and plain looking. Maybe he can knock her socks off in the sack. Who knows?

  • “California businessman”?????

    JJ wrote, “California businessman fiancé Jamie Mazur”. But what exactly does he mean by businessman? Is he a drug dealer? Or restaurant owner? Or store owner? Sometimes when a man isn’t very successful their wife or girlfriend refers to him as a “businessmen” so as to not make him seem like he’s a scrub or a loser, which usually is the case. I think Alessandra probably financially supports him and their daughter mostly from her modeling revenue. Why else would she go back to work so soon after giving birth? She hardly even rested.

  • Carlos

    @“California businessman”?????: ITA. I think Adriana’s the main bread winner in that family and her fiance is probably a STRUGGLING businessman. I hope she didn’t settle down with him out of desperation. She’s still very young (many women don’t even have kids until they’re in their 30′s and 40′s nowadays). Adriana is only 29!

  • @Carlos

    And you know she’s the “bread winner” how?
    What is attractive to her, doesn’t have to be attractive to anyone else. Maybe he makes her laugh, maybe he can hold a conversation, maybe he cooks her breakfast or makes her smile when she’s sad, maybe just maybe looks aren’t everything. I’ve seen pics of him and he’s not unattractive. He’s also probably not hiding behind a keyboard talking about how much better people can do or trashing people’s loved ones. Nope, I’m guessing right about now he’s snuggled up next to Alessandra and maybe their baby too :)
    As for her marrying out of desperation.. it’s not the 1960′s anymore. A lot of men and women don’t get married until they’re into their 30′s, some even later.

  • could’ve done better?? uh…!

    “could have done better”?? Is JJ’s public made of teenagers?
    Do the repliers here, who think “she could do better”, do not know what
    L O V E and appreciation is?
    It has nothing to do with fysical appearances.

    And I do wish you all discover that for yourself one day.
    I do hope too you’re all kings and queens of beauty, otherwise there is no hope in your world.

    If Allesandra is happy with her man, who are we to judge she could have done better.. for gowd’s sake.

  • Pi

    A lot of shit here, really! She is happy with her man, so he must be beautiful for you jealous people here, he is beautiful vor her, thats all that should matters! How do look all the men of the haters here? Like Brad Pitt or George Clooney??? You look ugly inside!!!!!

  • Billy

    She looks gorgeous as always. Adorable baby.

  • Stacey

    She is very pretty

  • Pieces

    Let’s think about LOVE before thinking about LOOKS. Ever thought that she doesn’t care about his looks cause she LOVES him? No wonder marriages can’t last nowadays, people get into them for the wrong reason!

  • cute..

    Lol, her baby’s facial expression!

  • Jon

    The story of Ambrosio’s “businessman” boyfriend, Jamie Mazur is quite interesting. Mazur and his family have been involved in several questionable businesses. Most notably are a credit repair business, a nutrition business and a voting machine business. Most of the businesses are related to penny stock schemes of which the stocks are sold, then false news stories are generated to inflate the share price. The majority share owners (Mazur and his family) sell the stock for huge profits. The companies are then dissolved or bankrupted with innocent investors losing their investments but Jamie and his family walk away with huge ill gotten profits.

    The mastermind of these schemes is Jamie Mazur’s father, convicted con man Sherman Mazur. Sherman spent 6 yeras in federal prison for tax and bankruptcy fraud. The Mazur’s are notorious for their shady business practices. The best way to describe them is as the “Gypsies of Beverly Hills.”

    I’m very curious how Ambrosio hooked up with Mazur. I’m assuming she went into this relationship with her eyes wide open. A simple Google search would have generated all kind of red flags. It’s a shame that her children carry the Mazur name.

  • lola

    @Jon, you sound bitter and like you have way too much time on your hands. Just because someone in his family did something wrong, doesn’t mean he is going to as well. By the way, not everyone Googles the people they’re dating. That’s kinda creepy Jon!

  • cindy

    I admire her! She loves him! And she doesn’t need his money, just like Adriana!

  • Laura

    Cute baby. She’s beautiful too. Love her dress.

  • Jon



    Since you are so supportive of Jamie Mazur, check out this story in the St Loius Dispatch

    Yes, Googling people can be creepy. But I bet a people who invested in or where customers of Jamie Mazurs businesses wish they had Googled him.

    And, if you think Googling people is so strange, the next time you apply for a job don’t be surprised if they Google you. Of course, they will Google you before they do the credit check, background check and drug test.

  • longchamp

    that kid is hilarious looking in the absolute cutest of ways!

  • Jokergurl

    Cute pictures, that baby is going to be tall like her mama.

  • Lynn

    The little girl is so beautiful, she looks exactly like mom.Future model,maybe.

  • Beautiful

    was there any surprise that her daughter would be beautiful?! she’s so adorable and beautiful :). Congrats Alessandra :).

  • Robert Crosby

    The baby looks great but yes I must agree with Jon , having to carry the MAZUR name is not a gift , the entire MAZUR clan have been involved in financial crime for years and SHERMAN MAZUR is still driving a Bentley and vacationing in Southern France with OTHER PEOPLES MONEY . Where is the FBI when you need them. As far as Jamie , he’s a Papa boy and just as bad as the old man and very short , just a bit taller than a certified midget , what did she see in him ????????????

  • Robert Crosby

    @Jon: I agree with you ,the entire Mazur clan is bad , all of them and he still drives the Bentley and goes to southern France on other peoples money .

  • Floyd Schneider

    Fourteen Arrested for Market Manipulation Schemes That Caused Thousands of Investors to Lose More Than $30 Million

    Two Federal Indictments Charge 15 Defendants in Plots That Fraudulently Inflated Stock Values and Laundered Profits Through Offshore Accounts

    U.S. Attorney’s Office
    February 14, 2013 Central District of California
    (213) 894-2434

    LOS ANGELES—Federal authorities have arrested 14 people named in two federal indictments that allege long-term schemes to manipulate stock prices that led to more than 20,000 investors losing over $30 million when artificially inflated stock prices collapsed. As one defendant described his scheme during a wiretapped phone call: “What I do is turn stock into money.”

    The arrests were made yesterday after two grand jury indictments were unsealed Wednesday. The indictments detail two separate, large-scale fraud schemes in which conspirators gained control of the majority of the stock of publicly traded companies, often co-opting company management to assist in these efforts; concealed their control of the stock by purchasing and transferring shares to offshore accounts and to nominee entities with names such as “Dojo,” “Picasso,” and “Big Dog”; fraudulently inflated the prices and trading volumes of the companies’ stocks through slick marketing campaigns, misleading press releases, payments to stock promoters, and “cross-trading” among co-conspirators that made it appear the stocks were being actively traded; coordinated the sale of the companies’ shares at the peak of the fraudulently manipulated market; and hid profits in nominee and offshore accounts.

    According to court documents, the defendants are serial market manipulators who carried out several fraudulent deals each year, each of which generated several million dollars. The defendants generally targeted marginal companies operating in areas they believed could easily be touted as generating breakthroughs or deals that would explain sudden increases in trading volume and price, including companies purportedly involved in pharmaceuticals, hair restoration, green technologies, entertainment, oil and gas development, and e-commerce websites. The indictments allege that increased trading volume and higher stock prices were actually the result of the defendants’ fraudulent actions. A company CEO brought into one of the schemes summed up a typical deal during a wiretapped call: “There’s nothing in there, there’s nothing to the company. It’s monkey business.”

    The indictments allege that the schemes collectively engaged in five specific deals that defrauded more than 20,000 investors around the world and generated more than $30 million in illegal profits.

    “This case has dismantled a far-reaching stock market manipulation scheme run with ruthless efficiency and operated with one goal in mind—to steal money from the investing public,” said U.S. Attorney André Birotte Jr. “This type of predatory behavior cheats the average investor, erodes overall confidence in the markets, and has a devastating impact on companies and their employees.”

    One indictment alleges a scheme led by Sherman Mazur and his nephew, Ari Kaplan, charging that they “perpetrated a multi-million-dollar scheme to fraudulently inflate the prices and trading volumes of public company stocks and then sell millions of shares of those companies at the fraudulently inflated prices to the investing public for substantial profits.” The indictment alleges that the scheme involved a number of companies, but focuses on deals involving two businesses—GenMed, which purported to develop, manufacture, and distribute generic pharmaceuticals; and Biostem, which purported to develop and license regenerative stem cell treatments, including hair regrowth technology.

    The 32-count Mazur indictment charges nine defendants, all of whom were taken into custody yesterday morning. They are Sherman Mazur, 63, of the Westwood district of Los Angeles, who controlled a company called the London Finance Group, Ltd.; Ari Kaplan, 40 of Venice, who is Mazur’s nephew and was his partner in the London Finance Group, as well as in a series of other business endeavors; Grover Henry Colin Nix IV (who generally used the name “Colin Nix”), 39, of the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles, who controlled the Santa Monica-based Calbridge Capital LLC, which purported to be a “boutique investment banking firm”; Regis Possino, 65, of the Pacific Palisades district of Los Angeles, a now-disbarred attorney who was Nix’s partner at Calbridge Capital; Edon Moyal, 32, of Carlsbad, California, who controlled a company called 8 Sounds, Inc. and while allegedly involved in this scheme was free on bond pending trial in a criminal case filed in federal court in San Diego; Mark Harris, 56, of Scottsdale, Arizona, a stock promoter who controlled Apache Capital LLC, an investor relations firm in Scottsdale; Joey Davis, 46, of the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles, who controlled S