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Jon Gosselin: Huge New Dragon Tattoo!

Jon Gosselin: Huge New Dragon Tattoo!

Jon Gosselin sports a huge new tattoo of a dragon on his back that he says he has been planning for years!

The names and birth dates of his children are inscribed throughout the tattoo, as is the name Ellen with the date 4/8/10. Ellen Ross is Jon‘s most recent girlfriend!

“I wanted something that resembled a rebirth or a change in me,” Jon said.

“The dragon is all encompassing,” he added. “It has all parts of the zodiac.”

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  • sigh

    An ugly tattoo for an ugly man.
    What a perfect combination of trashiness!

  • Matthew

    Ew, he’s a fat loser. Just go away, Jon.

  • lol

    Fcuking disgusting.

  • uh god

    He’s so gorgeous, talented, sweet and classy.
    Seriously, I just threw up.

  • meg

    no, he’s right. that tattoo does NOT make him look like a douche lord AT ALL.

  • Lola’s Cola

    Putting a NEW GIRLFRIEND’S name on your back?!!

    Jon Gosselin is dumber than I ever thought. This guy has no brains. He’s immature, aimless and goofy. I’m sorry he’s the babies’ daddy. Kate must look at him now and wonder, “What the HELL!”

  • Tia

    So much DNW.

  • [marie]


  • Tori

    So he has the money to go out and buy a HUGE ugly a-ss tattoo
    that’s pointless….when he could be using that money to help kate out with their 8 kids???!!??!?!?

    Selfish bastard,I’m sure his Kid’s will be so proud of Him one day

  • KellStar

    Pretty tacky to get your new gf’s name tattooed alongside your kids.
    Otherwise if he’s been wanting this for years, I won’t sink to personal attacks.

  • friggin witch

    uh,,,, isn’t that Kate on his back ……………………still

  • JED

    He’s so thoughtful posting this for the world to see. Everyone can finally sleep soundly at night.

  • SurfingEagle

    Isn’t it silly that people like this guy get tattoos like this today. What the hell is wrong with people? His back looks like the cover of a Chinese restaurant’s menu. Wow! look! it’s the year of the dragon.

  • T pain

    I’m suprised he didn’t get “Love Kills Slowly” tattooed..

    (Ed Hardy reference)

  • wtv

    wow, this really made my week. who the F cares about this buffoon or his ex. stop giving them attention Jared and co.

  • Ben
  • Whoogles

    How did they get such a perfect rendition of his ex?

  • Tina

    Go Away

  • http://j ivanka

    eeeeew, imagine that back when he’s 80 years old!

  • rhonda

    an ugly dragon on his back, is its name Kate?

  • kim

    OMG the face on that tattoo looks like ALF – the puppet from that 80′x sitcom. Ha ha ha.

  • Beam


  • w11

    It’s enough that you insist on posting about his ex-wife, but really…no more. I don’t care about his tats or anything else about him or that ex-wife.


  • offtheproperty

    I don’t have much self-esteem but whatever I have is critically dependent on never getting a tattoo.

  • Mia

    Perfect tattoo for a douche like him

  • Danny

    wtf? so typical. That dragon is going to get bigger!!! YIKES

  • srosparka

    @friggin witch: it is an ugly tattoo but i still think he s a good dad

  • Aly-0127

    nasty loser..thats all I have to say…

  • animay

    Seriously, why get a tattoo with your girlfriends name in it…considering how quickly he goes through women,

  • Vanessa

    ewwww. first of all this tattoo isn’t even aesthetically pleasing. 2nd, how are you going to tattoo the name of someone on your body that you’ve been dating less than 6 months. my conclusion: stupidity is rampant.

  • his new name

    douche with the dragon tattoo.. LMAO

  • velcrodots

    Is that a spelling mistake, Jared? Pretty sure it’s meant to read “Jon Gosselin: Huge New Douche Tattoo”

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    hhahahahahaaaa… douche…

  • NoJustNO!

    It’s still neck-and-neck for the title of,”Douche Lord”. Between Scott Disick & Jon Gosselin I don’t know whose worse..

  • Jokergurl

    I just feel sorry for all those kids, their parents are just… there are no words really. The dragon looks funny like he’s about to puke something up, or hack something up.

  • Nora

    I just threw up my dinner, lunch, breakfast, and more.

  • DarkEmpress

    Top 3 reasons this tattoo is scary:

    3. Jon is back on gossip blogs.

    2. It may encourage Jon to take his shirt off!

    1. There is room left for additional writing on the scrolls, which may mean that he plans of procreating again!

  • DarkEmpress

    @T pain:

    funniest thing ive read today!

  • dragon looks constipated

    I am embarrassed for him.

  • JuBEE

    He should have spent that money for the tatoo on his kids!

  • Laki

    That’s a lame ass dragon.
    It doesn’t look scary at all!

  • Vinny

    Who is he ..?

  • hamish


  • jessica

    What I don’t get is why JJ is telling us? Nobody cares.

  • funny

    No that’s not a tattoo of his new girlfriends name…………..that IS a picture of his girlfriend!

  • jaye

    I wonder if he purchased that tattoo on time.A rebirth or a change for him would be getting a full time job.

  • http://@dessaf Andressa

    He has 8 children, he puts their birth date on his tattoo, and TOGETHER his NEW GIRLFRIEND’S NAME. For the kids that’s OK, not for his new girlfriend.

  • Lisa2

    Gosh, I have so many comments!

    First of all, it is an ugly tattoo. It looks like a mess! Is it a dragon or a snake? I just don’t even understand what it is suppose to be.

    Then, why is it he has money to purchase this ugly creation on his back, but he can’t get a freaking job to help support his kids? I feel bad for Kate that she has to be the only one providing for her kids when he is out doing stupid things like this rather than going to job interviews. If he was a good father, he would get ANY job as long as he is bringing some in income. If he has an computer background, then get a job doing what he did when he and Kate started the show. He needs to grow up and act like a man.

    Kate is so much better off without him! She may not be perfect, but there is no way I could ever be with someone as lazy and stupid as Jon. What a role model he is to his kids. NOT!