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Kate Gosselin: Abstastic Run

Kate Gosselin: Abstastic Run

Kate Gosselin goes for a morning run while showing off her abs on Friday (June 25) in Reading, Penns.

The 35-year-old Kate Plus 8 mom jogged in a purple sports bra while listening to her iPhone.

On Friday, Kate will be returning to cohost The View where she will be talking about summer foods, sunless tanning, and Independence Day-ready outfits. This will be Kate’s third appearance on the show.

The reality mother is also set to premiere another reality show this fall called Twist of Kate. Kate will use fan letters inspired by her story to showcase women facing their own challenges.

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  • http://h Kaz

    Sweet Kaz

  • dani

    Who cares anymore?

  • Portinari

    Stupid attention-seeking cow. No one wants to see you in your bra. Sad what you’ll do to get attention, Kate.

    But good to know that Hayley Glassman’s father does good lipo work! We know you didn’t get that body without help, Kate.

    I hope your TV show sinks without trace.

  • Brightside

    Bad botox! Her face is frozen, even while running!

  • GossipGirl

    Do tummy tucks make your belly button high? Just wondering….

  • the duggars should take over


    So she isn’t the only one showing up ….who knew that one woman
    was so jealous of her own son she decided to have another kid..
    Yes granma Duggar and her husband should take over for Kate now.

  • .

    Is she seriously only 35? If I look like that in just 6 yrs I’m going to freak out!

  • Angie

    She has a body like a man. Speaking of man, how far behind her is
    Steve? He’s not even in sight. Kate runs for the attention. That’s all she wants is attention. Her days are numbered…

  • Stacey

    What a good mom

  • Karen

    Her belly button is very large and her face is very old looking. She looks like she needs some plastic surgery on her face. It would be nice if she included her eight children in her exercise program.

  • Paula

    LOL – Can you say “staged” photo op? There is not an ounce of sweat on the woman.

  • Stephanie

    Reality Fame whore who hates the press so yeah this is a staged pic ever heard of a treadmill?

  • missy

    please, bitch, just go away!

  • dnw

    Stop posting about her Jared.

  • ick

    sorry kate are not a star or a celebrity.. stop trying !!

  • nasty road pizza

    …..cue the runaway truck with failed brakes……splat

  • http://justjared anymouse


    your comment has jealousy written all over it! can’t deny it! she is far from a cow, i know it, you know it and everyone who sees her picture knows it. only a jealous person would call her a cow!

  • http://justjared anymouse

    @Portinari: she isn’t a cow, everyone can see that. that is just jealousy, and please deny your jealousy, so i can have a good laugh!

  • ????

    Is that her bellybutton or a second mouth?

  • Rachel

    Keep it up Kate. All your ignorant haters would rather sit on their fat behind and post nasty insults. Take the high road!

  • Rhonda

    those poor kids!

  • Jabbery Jibbery

    I WANT NIPPLEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • gloriie

    “while showing off her abs”
    I don’t know what this woman is supposed to be showing off but it’s not a set of abs…..she should get with the situation maybe they could shove their brand of crap to the American public with each other….

  • dawne

    I wish she’d run right off a pier……..phoniest bish on the planet. She’s so trying to go all ‘star’ on us……….what a joke……even as a mere reality star train wreck she takes up too much media oxygen, including JJ’s

  • Meghan

    I don’t mean to sound critical, but is liposuction supposed to look that abnormal? As much as she says she works out she has no tone to her stomach. From what I read in an article, Kate will have to get more botox procedures done in order to diminish the botched procedure from her recent botox injections.

    Why can’t Kate just be satisfied and focus on her kids!?!?

  • Marisa

    The problem that I have is not her jogging – that’s clearly normal. It’s the *way* she carries on doing what she does. I don’t know her, so I’m only here to judge as are the rest of you. But she seems to act with such distinct artificiality, whether it be when she’s on a talk show or doing something as simple as jogging. The fact that I get a strong narcissistic vibe from her just by glancing at simple jogging pictures speaks volumes. I have never felt so bothered by a celebrity’s presence before. She is the only celebrity that makes me cringe inside. She’s a prime example of someone who is unattractive because of who she is (or from my point of view, who she seems to be) on the inside. I wish she’d just go away for a while. I mean, look at the amount of attention she’s received over the past year and a half or so. She has become a major celebrity for no particular reason at all. I sincerely do not understand why she feels the need to thrust herself back in the spotlight, whether it be by nudging her way back into talk shows or pulling off some sort of photo-op. I somewhat understand that she puts herself in the media for money. She has 8 kids to support after all, however I still stand by my opinion that the entertainment industry won’t solve all of her problems. But for Christ sake, stay home and at least attempt to be low key! One of the reasons why people are so sick of her is because of her constant need for being in the public eye. I think it’s safe to say she’s made quite a lot of money over the years. So, taking a lengthy break from drawing attention to herself on daily outings and appearing on countless talk shows will do her good. She’s already in the public eye due to her new TLC show, in addition to another one coming up.

    I also want to add that I have slight pity for the rabid Kate fans. It’s quite sad actually, to read their defensive tendencies. What’s even more sad is to take into account the woman they are defending. Kate Gosselin is actually considered by some as the most excellent role model in the entertainment industry. What has our world come to? What’s even sadder than that, possibly, is that they fend off ‘haters’ as ‘jealous’ and ‘insecure’, not to mention ‘ignorant’. My only response to that is this: Why in Christ’s name would I be jealous of Kate Gosselin? Why would I take out my insecurities on someone I wouldn’t spend time with if someone paid me to? Perhaps I can be classified as ignorant, but I wouldn’t want to be educated on the woman anyway. I have far better things to devote my time to. The only reason why I’m taking time out of my day to judge Kate is because she’s, again, the only celebrity who irks me to no end, prompting me to give out a piece of my mind. In no way am I jealous or insecure. I’ll tell you what I am: I’m judgmental. We all are, in some way. Celebrities are placed under a microscope with the public as the eyes behind it. Some people are jealous of success and good looks. Others are drowning in their insecurities and need someone to take their frustration out on. Some simply have nothing better to do and whine out of boredom. But I’m visiting a website that I usually visit, and when I come across a piece I’ll make my judgment when prompted to do so. I don’t come here to escape from a horrid life (my life is great, thanks) or cover up my insecurities (I have my days, but I’m pretty pleased with what makes me who I am).

  • boo

    Really bad Botox. I can’t believe with all the money those kids made her she can’t go to a good doc.

  • Jokergurl

    I can’t call this woman a NARCISSIST enough. So I am doing it once again. She uses her kids for fame and is completely oblivious or doesn’t care about the feelings of her own children. She is not worth the tabloid ink that her picture is printed on!

  • Kendall

    @Marisa: Your comment was really intelligent. To be honest, I watched the show in the beginning and for a short time enjoyed it butI have always wondered what it is about her that I just do not warm up to and it is her whole persona of artifice. The devout Kate fans always attack those who questions her motives and behavior as jealous and ofter throw in fat, lazy, etc all while saying anyone would do the same thing if they were give the chance which to me is crazy. Who would want her life? Also, not everyone is insecure enough to feel the need to change their appearance through obvious plastic surgery. I am not talking about the tummy tuck, just the apparent new boobs and botox. Most people that I know value their privacy and that of their families much more than they do the chance of 15 minutes of fame and the scrutiny it brings.

  • jessica

    For a woman who has eight kids she looks pretty good… even if she used lipo.

  • dawne


    Totally get your point. There are two fame ho artificial narcissist types in HW that make my skin crawl on the same level with their manipulative poor me pity parties ……she and Aniston.

  • anon

    Marisa: Loved your comment. Kate Gosselin uses her kids for financial gain. They will be screwed up when they are older.

  • Katesucks

    @nasty road pizza:

    Karma would have it being a Brink’s Truck, too.

  • dorothy grimes

    Dr. Glassman informed Kate that because of the amount of stretched skin that her belly button would be placed in that position. Next,. why is K8 running on a highway? From her McMansion that many miles would [1] put her in plain view of her beloved p-people; [2] afford those who park around the property great photo ops; [3] why the pink phone? Is it permanently glued to her hand? Inquiring mind wants to know.

  • Nicole

    Im going on 27 and still look 18. I am grateful for looking much younger than my age after seeing these pictures. She has never looked young for her age but she still looks pretty :)

  • bonerboy

    Kate is totally hot. I would love to bend her over and shove my boner in her hot @ss.