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Kristen Stewart: Lighter Locks in NYC!

Kristen Stewart: Lighter Locks in NYC!

Kristen Stewart shows off lighter locks as she makes appearances across New York City on Monday (June 28).

The 20-year-old Eclipse actress dropped by The Late Show with David Letterman and rocked an Herve Leger dress! Kristen told Dave about her pet wolf hybrid and even shared pics of her adorable pup.

Later in the day, Kristen wore RM by Roland Mouret as she attended a screening of Eclipse at The Cinema Society.

20+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart in NYC…

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kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 01
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 02
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 03
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 04
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 05
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 06
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 07
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 08
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 09
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 10
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 11
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 12
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 13
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 14
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 15
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 16
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 17
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 18
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 19
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 20
kristen stewart nyc letterman cinema society 21

Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Stephen Lovekin, JDH/JCP; Photos: Getty , WENN
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  • ok

    I think this is the first I’ve seen her with eyehsadow….she looks good.

  • Sacha

    Her new hair color really suits her. And her hair looks good for once! I like the braid.

  • Love it!

    She looks GORGEOUS with her naturally lighter hair. It really shows off her eyes :)

  • well

    these pics are a lot more flattering than these ones I saw of her new hair

  • wtv
  • http://WWW. VOMIT


  • Iffy Miffy

    Great hair … I’m trying to figure out how they did it though, it’s a relaxed braid but hmm, looks like they took two strands, and added the third one from a bit behind. Looks great.

  • Eh

    Had potential to be a great. It would look much better if the color was even, it looks like bathroom dye job.

  • http://h Kaz

    She look amazing cute beautiful always ,,like me

  • please evaporate

    fug, talentless, ungrateful, useless etc.

  • whatever

    I can’t believe this, I better take off the rest of the week from work to process this change! I may have to quit my job :-(

  • Vogue

    Awful acting aside,T this girl has NO sense of style and the worst posture in the business.

  • Vogue ETA

    - T


    THAT STUPID repetitive pose, EVER Y TIME.

    Hunched, leaning over as though resting and supporting her weight after a long walk up hill.

    Stand up straight dear, hand OFF hip, and hold your shoulders back.

  • no no no

    Who told her that hideous dress was a good idea. She needs to retire her one-sleeve dresses.

  • katie

    Why are you so mean to her? She is not a model and she doesnt have to stand like them..She is a really cute girl and I really like her new hair..That suits her well



  • Guess what?

    Does she ever stand up straight? Or not look bored?
    She needs to quit if she’s bored with the public already.

  • Ben
  • Beam

    she’s nothing special, but her dogs are amazing!

  • seila

    So what if she doesn’t stands very well? she’s an actress and a beautiful person and her hair color is absolutely beautiful, she’s a star and she and all the Twilight cast deseves it

  • lmfao

    @Ben: Ew. She will probably frown all the way through it and then complain and cry about it afterwards. Lol. I will never understand her appeal. No talent or charm at all.

  • spitsoutdrink

    @seila: “She’s an actress” LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

  • dnw

    This ugly talentless bit*ch.

  • justkaren

    Celebs…or just rich people in general…They never know how to do anything ‘normal.’ Why a wolf hybrid??? Why is that necessary? Such a bad idea…why isn’t a good old fashioned German shepherd okay? If her mom needed some companionship she should have gone to her local animal shelter instead. There are TONS of dogs that need a loving home. On a separate note I gotta say, I love how defensive she gets when he tries to grill her on the purpose of this concoction. Made me laugh.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @seila: The only thing the Twit@rd cast deserves is an award for the worst acted movies ever.

  • Jaded

    Sh looks great.

  • sara


  • maya

    woww so cute

  • Outlawed

    Hope the wolf part of this canine comes out and rips her throat open. These are NOT PETS. When they become full grown they will challenge you when you sit down for dinner. Stupid bittch

  • JustMe

    I see she’s trying the Miley Cyrus look. Looks good!

  • Lizz

    i loveeeeeeee her!! this new look suits her!! she looks amazing,great body and is very beautiful!
    but i love her for the person she is ,so down to earth,unique with her own style! goooooooooooooo kiki!!!!;x

  • ERIC


  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …I was lucky enough to go to the screening last night at the Crosby Hotel… I wont even type any spoilers.

  • serena

    she looks really beautful i always thought she was cute
    but never noticed she had a great body like this
    the colour is perfect for her

  • From Paris with love

    Not fond of girls dying their hair before they get grey hair. There isn’t a girl left with undyed natural hair anymore.

    However she is beautiful. Love the smoky eyes, the dress and the shoes on the right picture.

  • lola

    OMG she is so cuuteee

  • joy

    She is naturally beautiful..she has an angel face, sort of shy but never snobby. Look closely you guys, she is classy compared to younger actresses and you know who they are.

  • Andie

    Love her! Lover her hair, her fashion sense! Love that she isn’t generic or cookie cutter.

  • Jokergurl

    She looks more comfortable than she has in the past, at least she’s smiling more. Kristin seems pretty shy off screen. At least she’s not plastic looking like (I won’t mention any names) she looks genuine. Wolves are highly intelligent, but a wolf hybrid I’ve never seen. Wouldn’t a wolf make an awesome crime deterrent though? Instead of “beware of dog” it would read ” beware of WOLF” yeah that would send a few burglars running for the hills. Interesting though, she’s not the cookie cutter starlet that’s for sure and I think it’s part of her charm.

  • Aitch

    Glad to not see an overwhelming amount of hate for this girl that I see on other websites.
    I thought her Letterman appearance was JUST FINE—
    I love the red hair but it is for a role anyway as was the black mullet for which she got so much sh*t.
    The best actresses change around their hair a lot for roles–look at Keira Knightly!

  • basher’s anon

    wow, all of you negative people who dislike her so much take the time to post comments based on how she looks physically. sounds to me like you guys need a 12 step program for anonymous hatred posting on blogs.

  • jen

    Letterman pisses me off. Kris tries to share a personal part of her life..her pets. And he has to turn it into an attack on her and her families decision to have a pet that is not a beagle. What Letterman did was wrong and I for one am sick of this “lets bully” to make me look better crap!!! I was really proud of Kris for firing back on him!!!!

  • From Paris with love

    Why shoud she change her posture?! that’s just who she is and actually her being kind of awkward, shy, is part of her charm. There are different ways of being beautiful, and hers is this laid-back, rad, unsure personnality. And that’s part of the reasons she gets the roles she gets instead of say, bubbly blond Amanda Seyfried (just making a point here).

    The same goes for her white skin. It could very well be her trademark… People keep complaining about generic girls in hollywood then pick on EVERY SINGLE particularity that actually makes a person unique. Then you wonder why Megan Fox messes with her face.

  • i hate on her

    cauz i’m fat and boring and her cute boyfriend makes me wet too bad i can’t reach my wet p*ss* cauz i have a huuuuuge F.U.P.A. LMAO

  • N

    @spitsoutdrink: How immature is your comment… Grow up. People can have their own opinions. All you can do is put someone down for their comments using immature language. Most comments on here are nasty. Everyone acts like they know Kstew personally and picks on everything she does. No wonder why she is the way she is infront of the cameras. Another thing, the girl is an actress, how many movies have you seen of hers? It’s funny people give the Twighlight movies crap and they haven’t seen or read the books, and her crap about her acting when they have never seen her in a film. People these day’s are just sheep, lets follow what other people think and say because it’s cool to do so. Grow a brain, form your own opinions and learn to speak without using such juvenile and critical language. I think Kstew looks great! She is beautifull.

  • N

    @Outlawed: You need serious help, to say stuff like that about anybody is sadistic and immature. What goes around comes around – It’s called karma.

  • N

    @Outlawed: Another thing are you an expert in wolves? have you worked with Animals? Pitbulls are meant to be vicous, I worked in a vet and it’t the way they are raised. Grow a brain.

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    I really like her,and the films so nice.

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    I love her