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Lourdes Leon Blogs For 'Material Girl'!

Lourdes Leon Blogs For 'Material Girl'!

Lourdes Leon is ready to take the fashion world by storm! The fashionista-in-the-making and her mother, Madonna, are getting ready to launch their clothing line Material Girl on August 3.

Lola, 13, posted her first blog entry on the Material Girl website, where she talks fashion faves, her love of My Chemical Romance and what she’s most looking forward to when she turns 14. Here are some excerpts from her blog post:

“I am totally obsessivo about 80′s shorts… You know the kind that makes your butt look kinda big, with a grunge-looking shirt tucked in. It’s kinda nerdy but I love it. And the 80′s are another huge obsession of mine, which is totally amazingly awesome because Material Girl…HELLO! It’s like 80′s themed, which pretty much rocks, so yeah.”

“Music wise My Chemical Romance is THE BEST BAND EVER for realzzzz. They are so awesome it hurts. If you don’t know who they are just… go away OR download their songs.”

“I’m 13 and I’ll be 14 in October, so I can’t wait for that because I am FINALLY allowed to dye my hair… THANK YOU MOTHER!!” got to preview the collection today and it looks AMAZING – think ’80s rocker chick meets 2010 chic! We can’t wait for the launch this August!

For Lola‘s full blog post as well as more info about Material Girl, visit

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  • zomg etc.

    “is THE BEST BAND EVER for realzzzz”

    Haha. I know she’s only 13 but for some reason I expected her to speak more posh? Since her mum is very articulate & all.

  • Inaru

    14 is too young to color your hair!

  • Louise

    God, she’s just a child

  • KellStar

    Seems like any normal 13yr old girl. The fact that she doesn’t write in text form “f u 2 da h8terz” is a nice.

  • Slig

    She good looking .now i a a i i i i

  • Kids…

    They grow up fast….

    Yeah, kind of glad she acts like any other normal child.

    Love her taste in music, not surprised look who her mother is.

  • Jason

    @Kids…: MCR are awful…

  • yeahwhateverlulz

    Somehow this sounds to me not like how a real 13 year old would write but how a 40 year old publicist person thinks a 13 year old would write. The “zomg for realzzzz lolz totally” are way too cartoony and over the top…unless she’s trying to be ironic.

  • Ali

    do not dye your hair, darling. it ruins the texture of your hair. highlights okay, but no dye job please.

    now, you jumped the gun on announcing this since the site is still under construction. post another release when you have that fixed.

  • http://j ivanka

    @Louise: yeah i think the same,

  • postwatcher

    Dear Lourdes,
    So I was at an event the other day and say a bunch of cute teens and 20 somethings and noticed they were all wearing black shirts and jeans. Boring boring boring.

    Lourdes, you do not live in a Tim Burton movie or an Edward Gorey cartoon! You are young and cute and I would recommend throwing out all the black and drab for color!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Oh please! Use your head people, her words my .. posterior. This is pure PR, nothing more than that and really low too, using her kid like that. But what can you expect really …

  • yeahwhateverlulz

    Yeah and claiming her favorite band is My Chemical Romance? Weren’t they ‘cool’ back in the Helena days, like 6 years ago? I’d think a kid her age would listen to more current music, no matter how shitty. Like Paramore or something like that..

    Nothing against her, she looks like a cute and stylish kid even if a bit on the precocious side, Im just not buying this blog.

  • FAN



  • keftedakia

    “go away?” that’s a hella attitude for someone who is starting their business. oh wait. she’s madonna’s daughter. she automatically assumes that everybody knows her, everyone will buy her clothes and she will never have to work in order to get known

  • Brickhouse

    The shame of it is – My Chemical Romance is actually a pretty good band of guys in their 30s. But this will NOT help their street cred among the non-teen set, lol.

  • Lara CROFT TR

    I couldn’t care less about some kid’s opinion on an era she wasn’t even around to see. It’s like me telling the world how great the 60′s were. I wasn’t even there. Sure I can admire things from that time, but lets not go overboard. This, too me, is mommy’s way of keeping her most popular days alive while getting her daughters name out there.

    #4. Please. Her mother is MADONNA. Language like that would never be released, it would make them look bad – and people would slam her mothers parenting skills. Not what they want.

  • stylist

    Lourdes don’t dye your hair. You are dark-skinned and you’ve got brown eyes. You are a young pretty girl. I don’t know why you want to dye your hair but there are blonds who are so ugly and brunettes who are really beautiful. I think that your boyfriend should have tell you.

  • not cute

    a 14 year old’s view of fashion? no thanks Because of her mom she gets to show “her line” in Macy’s when there are people who have worked for years training in the fashion industry and don’t even have a place to show their lines.

  • what a joke

    she’s as qualified as any young girl walking through a mall at this moment

  • lucie

    hmm sounds like a normal 13 year old

  • Sabienne

    She’s cute. She looks just like her mother..

  • eva

    haha she sounds like my little 13 year old sister. however, my sister doesn’t know sh!t about fashion.

  • Eloise

    What exactly is so abnormal? She sounds like a normal, funny, and excited 13 year-old girl with a knack for fashion. It’s kind of refreshing she’s normal and acts her age instead of coming off as some pretentious cookie cutter posh kid. Like it or not, SHE has a fashion line and other girls admire her fashion sense. It is you all who are trashing a kid, feeling brave hiding behind a computer, who are the sad ones. Now THAT’S low.

  • Eloise

    @keftedakia: A sense of humor would really help you out. Read the whole blog and you’ll know she’s kidding around.

  • Mel

    She seems really stupid. And why is she determined to ruin her hair?

  • ooohkay

    I just read Lola’s blog and although she may be a very nice girl, she does sound uneducated and really ditzy. Sorry, but I didn’t speak that way at 13, nor did any of my friends. I realize that neither of her parents have blessed her with brains, but you’d think she’d be attending the best private schools and sound a little more sophisticated.

  • lisab

    Uhoh. Not bright, this kid.

  • lux

    Thank you Lola’s middle aged PR person ( oops, I mean Lola) for introducing us all to the little known band My Chemical Romance. And you couldn’t be more right about gladiator sandals. They are so out of style. It’s not at all like people have been wearing them since, well, gladiator times. Timeless 80′s fashion, on the other hand, will last forever, just like your mom’s youthful looks. For realzzzz.

  • jack

    two words : fugly

  • leya

    I agree with the yeahwhatever poster. This sounds kind of over the top. Also we’ve seen her in brief interviews when she’s on the red carpet with her mother, and she sounds very sophisticated and thoughtful. Now either she has to wear that mask for her mother, because Madonna seems like the type who forces her children to act all proper and intellectual, or she really is proper, but is now rebelling because she’s a 13 year old. Either way, she definitely doesn’t sound like I expected her to. I guess Madonna’s posturing, and her incessant Kabbalah classes, can’t really force children to talk like robots. But I’m also sure that this blog was reviewed before it was sent out. When it comes to Madonna’s money, she’s gonna supervise very detail, and I’m sure they encouraged the daughter to a write in a way that would appeal to younger people. Because the last thing kids want to do is buy clothes off of some rich, posh kid who sounds too sophisticated and too intelligent.

  • sid

    Vadge’s spawn sounds exactly as you would expect — inarticulate and utterly vacuous.

  • sandi

    If you took a vallely girl who tries to sound like she’s from the hood, and imagined her rolling her eyes at anything she dislikes, and praising everything she does like, you would have this blog. a little over the top.

  • PK

    She’s says that her least favorite color is brown. HELLO! Mirror check! You’ve got brown eyes, brown hair and brown skin.

  • catalina

    I’m not sure if this is a very good business idea for Macy’s. Madonna designed some tracksuits for H&M that they ended up giving away as a gift with purchase because nobody wanted to buy them.

  • jem

    When I first started reading this, I thought it was a joke, that’s how over the top this blog entry is. I really though someone was “imitating” Lourdes and speaking in her name. I guess that says something. Either the girl is over the top, and completely different from what we expected constant Kabbalah classes, french lessons, lycees, piano lessons, trips around the world, fancy hotels and posh schools would bring, or someone really is imitating the way a 13 year old girl would speak to appeal to the younger audience and get money.

  • G.B

    @catalina: that’s so not true and you know it!is there really a reason everyone’s rude and vicious in this site?

  • leon

    Those fugly velour tracksuits looked like something out of Florida retirement homes and lingered in the store forever. Her H&M venture was a big failure so now she’s using her daughter ( who is young enough to leave skidmarks on her underoos and therefore not a style setter) in another pathetic attempt at fashion design.

  • Celebwatcher

    Do 13 y/o’s know who Lourdes or Madonna is? I think Lourdes needs a bit more street cred before she starts announcing things.

    A ctually my bad a 13 y/o’s Madonna obsessed mom will take her to kmart or walmart to pick out these fashion.

  • Olivia


    14 isn’t too young to dye your hair!! I’ve died mine since i was 11!!! As have most people!!!!

  • Nena

    Now we have to endure not only the mother, but the brat as well

  • Newtons3Law


    It’s only a blog but wonder what will her English teacher thinks of her writing.

  • loluu

    What a vapid, braindead moron. And, no, she doesn’t get any breaks because she’s about to be 14. 14 is a HS freshman, people. Unless you don’t hang around 14 year olds or don’t remember being that age yourself, 14 year olds are perfectly capable, articulate and reasonably mature. Take it from me, who is around the age group all the time, Lola) is dopey. Guess she didn’t exactly the best chances since her mother is Mrs. Dopey.

  • jo


    something feels weird about it all, and I think I agree with you … i left a comment on the blog (first one actually) with regard to overt consumerism/disposability, (like madonna saying “who wants to wear last year’s clothes” etc) and guess what, it has been quietly deleted. my feeling is that madonna has a huge team of people engaged in posting most of the comments all glowingly positive! something bothers me bigtime about all this … i did wonder what would happen to the kids of the ME-generation … now we have them coming through: the ME 2 -generation … vacuous and copy cat … they rant about gladiator sandals being SO over, yet don’t realise the 80′s gig is also SO over! ‘Greed is Good is SO last century’.
    all quite sad really. actually more sad is lola nagging her mom for years to dye her hair pitch black (“because it goes with everything” and because she hates her (poo-coloured) hair … gosh, like ummm! Hope she knows that long-term use of black hair dye is carcenogenically inclined … she’ll be needing to seriously detox her kidneys and liver before she is out of her teens.

  • Everything_But_the_Girl

    sphisticated is soo boring and should be left for politicians addressing the NATION, not when u want to talk fashion and expect ordinary people to kick back and buy into it

  • Ashlee

    oh god shes soooooo FUGLY………..Ihate her……

  • lols

    im 12 and dyed my hair leave lola alone

  • http://twitter shahid khan

    lola leon is a queen of my heart I m searching her and I will find her sooon!!

  • jackie

    I totally agree with @Eloise: whether or not she’s actually writing it, it defiantly sounds like a 13 year old. About a “child” giving fashion “advice”… she’s giving this so-called advice to people her age! The Material Girl line isn’t for middle-aged women! It’s for teenagers! I’m 17 and I personally wouldn’t take ANY advice from a 14 year old, but I think she’s totally appropriate for this. And who’s to tell her not to dye her hair or that 14 is too young? I first got highlights right after my 14th birthday, and around 15 I experimented with streaks of color like orange and pink. I’ve since died my hair all dark a year ago to let my natural dark-blonde roots take over, but better to play when you’re in your teens than when you’re 25 and looking for a job or starting a career.

  • http://Samira_girl_JDB Samira

    She is so sweet ;-) I look exactly lourdes leon. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER LOURDES BIEBER AND GAGA FANS :-)