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Oprah Tops Forbes' Celebrity 100 List for 2010

Oprah Tops Forbes' Celebrity 100 List for 2010

Forbes Magazine has released their annual Celebrity 100 List of the world’s most powerful celebrities. Celebrities are ranked based on their salaries, web rank, press rank, TV/radio rank and social rank. Here are this year’s top celebs:

Actor: Johnny Depp at #9
Actress: Sandra Bullock at #8
Musician: Beyonce at #2
Athlete: Tiger Woods at #5
Teen Star: Taylor Swift at #12
Overall Celebrity: Oprah Winfrey at #1

Oprah pulled in $315 million for the year taking back the top spot from Angelina Jolie, who dropped to #18.

Newcomers to the list include Lady Gaga, who makes her Forbes debut at #4 as well as both Twilight actors Robert Pattinson at #50 and Kristen Stewart at #66.

The full Forbes Celebrity 100 list is inside, but you can see the celeb profiles for yourself at

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Forbes Celebrity 100 list? Agree or Disagree?

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  • downhill

    Looks like Angelina is fading fast- hehehe

  • Erorr

    Robert hot handsome man

  • Zoz

    Downhill, it’s called not doing red carpets to support family.


    Angelina will be #1 next year because she has Salt and The Tourist coming out. Look how much buzz she generated over the weekend for a magazine interview. Wait till the movie premiere of Salt Angelina will show as the movie star she is.

  • Darren

    RPattz and KStew………amazing. Amazing how much you can achieve with no talent whatsover. I suppose they give hope to no-hopers everywhere.

  • http://j ivanka

    that list is so f.ucked up

  • ….

    Don’t mess with T Swizzle!

    jolie needs to go far, far away and not appear in films ever again.

  • Slig

    I have this magazin beautiful couple

  • Pffff

    Angelina is most celeb’ cause she generates + buzz !!! This classement is based on earnings !!!

  • no

    The celebrity must be not only based on the cash
    Angelina is first

  • missy

    people still watch that cow, Oprah? that is pathetic, but to each their own!

  • busted

    Really does anyone care about the Forbes list. It must suck that Oprah made number one again and it is always followed by Angelina.

    These list are dumb. Most of the people on these list are there because they are the face of the moment. Nothing more. TO me it is longevity and staying power. Next year there will be NEW faces.. Don’t be surprised if we see Snookie or one of those Kardashians.. See the list are bogus.

    I don’t think Oprah, Angelina or any of the real STARS on that list even care one way or another. It only matters to people struggling or killing themselves to be relevant.

  • Anonymous

    KOBE BRYANT!!! wuv hiiim :))

  • KellStar

    I’m sure to be #1 next year :P

  • sara

    agree with you i mean why kristen and robert are in the list it’s suck they only have one movie twilight

  • Bobbie

    Jennifer Aniston came in at #26 and her ex, Brad, came in at #30. Jen is more powerful than Pitt! Way to go Jennifer!!!!!

  • Dawn

    Just because Jen came ahead of Brad doesn’t mean she is more powerful. Brad didn’t really do anything this past year. He was busy taking care of the kids while Angelina filmed Salt and The Tourist.

  • gg fan


  • Dawn


    That’s not really true. Most of the people on that list have had long careers and been around for years. And no Snooki and the Kardashians are not going to be on that list.. They might rival some in the categories like web hits and social rank, they will never bring in the money of the celebs need to be on this list.

  • Interesting list

    The only power that Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson have is over crazy Twilight fans. Angelina dropped because she hasn’t been on the spotlight lately, except for her UN trips. Gaga definitely deserves the #4 spot.

  • http://h Kaz

    Robert hot and cute,, kristen sn gorgeous ^ ^

  • Del

    Brad Pitt didn’t make any film last year and he still made $20 million. And Jennifer had to work her butt off to make on the list of Forbes. It seem to me Brad is more powerful than Jennifer.

  • Bobbie

    @Del: Jen made 27 Million dollars last year.

  • Lamb

    GOOOOOOOO Oprah and Beyonce. Beyonce is the biggest pop star in the world next GAGA.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @TRUTH HURTS.: LOL… That was funny. whatdoyouthink, Salt will do Avatar numbers?!? Hahahahaa.. Too funny.
    …Beyonce still owns all female artist.

  • Who’s on top?

    #22 Del: Exactly!!

    Brad has not put out a movie in almost 2 years plus he has Plan B and no endorsements. Angelina only made one film last year and made $20 million and no endorsements.

    Yet, Aniston only made what she did because she had help with Friends residuals, dumb water, and her assembly line of bad films.
    Aniston don’t need the money but she wants to be acknowledge as a major movie star so she continues to whip out 20 dudes a year to keep her name out there.

    Brad and Angelina are the most powerful HW celebs right now because they are established in their craft as HW Elite Movie Stars! They can pick and chose when they want to work and pretty much have first looks at any project coming out that they want. They can choose to do more meaningful films to tell a story and not just blockbusters for money.

    Aniston will never meet that level because she does not have presence and she pretty much known as to go to girl when no one else won’t do it. Her Friends residuals supposedly ends this year so she won’t be so high in 2012. So she will put her assembly line in order to put out 6+ a year just to keep the title because titles are important to Aniston.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Aniston had 3 movies, plus residuals from Friends, plus that water nonsense. The pathetic thing is, with all these things, she just edged out Brad who had one movie – IB. Let’s not even mention Angie who had none.

  • busted

    really I was not being serious about snookie or the K girls.. :/

    @ Bobbie
    and sad again that everything Jennifer Aniston does is always compared to Angelina or a reference to Brad is made.

    Seriously get over it. But hey fans like you need that connection. But what a loser life it is when if you accomplish something your Ex and the woman he loves will be mentioned. .

    that makes her look pathetic. Leave the man and his family alone. your comment is laughable and so predictable..

  • Jane

    We cannot compare any more Angelina and Jennifer because they have no same lifestyle! From a point of view popularity and power, I would say that it is the best Angelina because we speak more about her and than she has more relations with the leaders of this world.
    Thus it is necessary to compare what is comparable

  • lurker

    Angie is still number ONE, she has a heart of GOLD.

  • yo sista

    @Lamb: Britney is the biggest popstar in the world honey. Tour success speaks for itself.

  • Pretty Bad

    If Oprah made numero uno than why isn’t she on the Cover, Forbes? That is like a slap in Oprah’s face, isn’t it? You’re all fvckng obsessed with Jolie because she dropped to 18, I don’t know how someone can call that a failure of 100 to be in the top 20. Gaga at #4, This Madonna rip off is rising as high as her heels can take her.

    So much for Forbes and their stupid lists, anyway.

  • Rotundo Pierluigi

    Nice post :)) THe best is johnny)))

    Rotundo Pierluigi

  • Mimi

    @Who’s on top?: Um, Inglorious Basterds came out last year.

  • Mimi

    ** Should say Inglorious Bas.terd.s

  • Dawn

    Actually I would say Madonna is the biggest pop star in the world. Her concert tour made $222 million last year. The only tour that made more was U2′s.

  • Dawn

    Doesn’t Brad have endorsements overseas?

  • buckywucky

    who cares?

    I prefer normal, regular people

  • http://Zs trt

    #1: Abgelina doesn’t work everyday and has her pic on a self published mag every week or month or whatever ( I don’t buy this publication so I don’t know the distribution schedule).

    At any rate, what does Forbes ever give the #1 moneymaker? Not prestige surely since you only want Oprah there every year. She is a moneymaker but she’s been replaced by Ellen in popularity and lovability even though she owned a station, a publication and (re)gift-giving machines.

  • fran

    What’s all this hate about Kristen and Rob? They are there for SOME reason that you, clearly, can’t see.

  • voe

    The list is lame.

  • LLM

    Jenfug has to give xx% of her income to Huvane, y% to please her faux friends, no wonder she has to work her azzzzz offfff

  • Dawn


    She has to pay Laura Dern, Courtney Cox, and Sheryl Crow to be her friends? Um, I don’t think so. They have their own millions.

    And who cares if her trainer and acting coach are closet friends? If you polled the mass majority of Hollywood, you would probably find that a lot of them consider the people that work or have worked for them as their closet friends.

    And I highly doubt that most of the money she earns goes to Huvane. If you look at her contract with him, you will probably find that she pays him the same percentage that every other actor in Hollywood pays their reps.

  • Kickass girl

    I am happy for Johnny Depp & Sandra Bullock, love them <3

  • Lynn

    Who the hell watches Orcah? Can that woman go away? I’m so sick of her.

  • well

    Many organizations like churches and such that sponsor workers helping rebuild houses in NOLA and surrounding areas are losing gov’t funding or need more sponsorship…perhaps Oprah who earns well over 800 thousand A DAY could help these folks and sponsors out. It seems fair since Americans helped Oprah get where she is today, you know…helped get a few of “her favorite things”. Pay it forward, NOLA and the Gulf Coast region, Oprah.

  • Jokergurl

    Where is Iron Man/Kirk Lazarus/Sherlock Holmes on this list, the man who can do now wrong now Robert Downey Jr? Just wondering.

  • Afrika

    …and Beyonce is still sh*ttin on your favorites. Who mad???????????

  • NAN

    He He He,Oprah and the other stars be popular than Angie ,but JJ have” Oprah Tops Forbes Celebrity 100 list for 2010 “,on Angie’s thread ?????
    Last Oprah’s thread ,if I’m not wrong ,I saw only 10-15 posts on her thread,Maybe JJ can see that all fans always BROWSES direct to JP’s threads ,hehehehehehe.
    Who wants to be the BOMB just be on JP’s threads like BBjen’s dogs did !!!!!

  • elizabeth


    I agree with you. angie always have 1k comments if not always in hundreds. and we will support her all the way. Waiting for VF mag I will get it just because….and of course SALT is almost here. Pls all fans solicit friends and family and show them who is the number HW actress….