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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: The Gulf Needs Our Help!

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: The Gulf Needs Our Help!

One Tree Hill stars (and real-life couple) Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols join Global Green USA on a tour of Grand Isle, Louisiana on Monday (June 21) to look at the impacts of oil spill.

The couple checked out the oil spill by boat at the Bridgeside Marina and then had lunch at the Barataria Restaurant before attempting to clean up one of the beaches. Later in the afternoon, they helped a group called the Bucket Brigade with some mapping of the spill.

The day after, they returned to New Orleans to meet with city officials and tour the Global Green Holy Cross Project in the Ninth Ward built according to top energy saving standards, and meet with Global Green staff and supporters for an assessment of actions and activities.

Find out how you can help by following Sophia and Austin on Twitter @SophiaBush and @Aus10Nichols!

20+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols’ visit to The Gulf…

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# 1

What they are doing is so amazing! Love them both!

# 2

I was wondering how long it was going to take for celebrities to gather for another “important event.” Why didn’t they gather from the beginning?

# 3

I going eating ^ ^ c u

# 4

They’re not using this for publicity. They’ve always been involved in this stuff. If you saw the video of them helping out there with people and the article that came out, you wouldn’t be too quick to talk. They’ve been there a while now…JJ post it now but it’s been a while and they’re genuinely caring people and they’ve always cared for the environment. Instead of judging in front of your pc, get off ur seat and start helping.

# 5

Great to see them using their time off from One Tree Hill to do good. They helped raise quite a bit of $$ and awareness.

# 6

Good for them! I was also surprised that more celebs weren’t speaking out about the Gulf.

# 7

I love her – one of the least self-absorbed celebs out there. Austin’s looking really cute lately.

# 9

Anyone who is criticizing should really get their f*ckin heads checked out. When a disaster is taking place, all I see is various people online complaining about how celebrities aren’t doing anything to help out and crap like that. And that all they care about is their money and fancy cars. Yet the second a celebrity starts to help, you have these SAME morons jumping up and down yelling how the celebrities are only doing it for publicity. You all sound like a bunch of imbeciles and should consider getting brain transplants seeing as how your brains clearly don’t seem to work.
Sophia and Austin did a WONDERFUL thing by coming down to the Gulf Coast to spread awareness of all of the damage that took place AND they also revealed some things that BP wanted to keep hidden… the fact that they were burning sea animals like turtles. I live in Louisiana and I am thrilled about all Sophia and Austin did for us because as someone who lives here, I’ll be the first to say that A LOT more awareness was brought to the Gulf because of what they did as well as due to Ian Somerhalder and Larry King.
They all used their celebrity power for good and kudos to them.
What’s sad is the way most of Hollywood just ignored and continued to ignore what’s going on down here.
So no one should even consider criticizing those who are actually willing to help.

@Michelle: Exactly what I think. They criticize celebrities if they don’t care and if they’re helping they just want publicity. They all just criticize. I discovered lots of things by watching that Louisiana video with Sophia and Austin and I wish I could actively help but I’m from Italy and it’s a LONG way for me to got there but when you see people like that who aren’t afraid of speaking up and could care less about being celebrities then you have a little more hope in this world.

u guys need to stop bashing people who are helping and start bashing celebs who don’t do anything. sophia and austin are helping and making a difference! very inspirational

NE Sports Fan @ 06/29/2010 at 9:54 pm

Good for them..I love seeing people, famous or not, doing good! Great couple!!

Stop hating you Chad obsessed freak. Go to his post to lick his douchy a$$.
You wanna know what they’ve done?? Anyone who has been working with them down in New Orleans and has talked with them about what they’ve seen will be the first ones to tell you that both Sophia and Austin have been nothing but extremely helpful in making more people aware of the oil spill while donating their time and money to help those who are currently suffering. They’ve also been working with Global Green nonstop to help bring more awareness throughout the country as well as in the world. It’s a lot more than I can for some other people in Hollywood who haven’t even batted an eyelash ever since news broke out about the oil spill.
Nothing is ever good enough for the haters. You losers are just pathetic.

it’s crazy how obsessed people are with hating her, can’t u find something better to do than bash celebs on the internet. u are nasty and disgusting.

@ChadLucasFan: AHHHHHHhahahahahahahahahahahaha man everything you said was soooo funny. The reason chad doesnt go to anything and doesnt have pics taken of him is because he is a BIG A** LOSER dont you inderstand that. NOOOOO one likes him or wants him anymore he sucks!! And dont be mad because Sophia’s career is taking off and she will get work after OTH but chads is coming to an end he had to write a stupid ass book that wont sell. And For you losers that dont know sophia and austin have prob. done more than any other cleb when it comes to the oil spill. they are not just doing it for the pub. all they want to do is raise awarness and raise as much money as they can for the cause.

I love this post, OTH fandom couldn’t wait to post what they really thought about Sophia. You guys are so pathetic and If I hate someone I don’t follow their twitter or click on posts about them but some of you have nothing better to do then bash people who actually do something.

FYI people actually got some great informations through Sophia’s tweets. I’d rather learn something new then read what celebs had for breakfast.

He’s hella ugly not cute at all.
She on the other hand is <3

They are doing an amazing thing!
Everyone who does something to change something for the better is doing something amazing!

@ChadLucasFan: and @ewwww:
Do you really think what you are doing is mature or even clever for that matter??
There is no need to come back and make ridiculous comments one after the other. If you have something nice to say then say it. If not, then don’t bother.
Try being more respectful next time instead of carrying on like little children.

Thanks, Austin and Sophia! You are making a difference!

NE Sports Fan @ 06/30/2010 at 8:13 am

Jared thank you for that comment! It amazes me that people come here to hate on people and say such stupid & ignorant things while hiding behind their computers. This post has nothing to do with Chad versus Sophia so people need to just stop. Didn’t anyones mother’s teach them that if you have nothing nice to say, than say nothing at all! Shame on you people!

p.s. Thanks for the post on them. I absolutely adore Sophia & Austin! I think it’s great that they are trying to make people more aware & help these people!


Everytime i see this guy i just wanna kick his goofy ass face with that stupid grin. How can she always dates those ugly morons is beyond me.. Sophia, find yourself a REAL man!

For the person wh said why didn’t Sophia put on a wet suit to plug the oil spill herself. Well if you actually knew what the f*ck you were talking about then you would know that BP isn’t allowing anyone, not even the locals to help them with anything. The reason for this is that BP knows that if they let others who don’t work for BP help them out, then there secrets and all the sh*t they’ve been pulling down in the Gulf will be revealed. If you bothered to turn on the news or pick up a newspaper you would know that. BP doesn’t want anyone getting involved and anyone who dares to help is threatened by saying they will be arrested. The fact that Sophia and Austin have posted many pictures, have told people what BP has been doing, have asked people to call their senators and demand they do something, among a hundred other things is more than enough. And to say that actors and actresses have no clue whatsoever about oil spills and the environment is a really stupid thing to say. Especially seeing as how several of them are well educated and just because a person works in Hollywood, does not mean they don’t know anything about anything else. That’s a really dumb thing to assume.
And btw, just because this is something the government and people behind the oil spill need to fix, doesn’t mean they will do things the way they should unless more people become aware of the situation and let the government know they need to take the proper steps to fix the problem. Even a moron knows that the government has effed up plenty of times.

Well said, Kelz. Celebs like Austin and Sophia help keep this crisis in the forefront of people’s minds. BP would like nothing more than for the focus to shift to something else. Let’s keep the pressure on them.

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