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Vanessa Hudgens is Yoga Yummy

Vanessa Hudgens is Yoga Yummy

Vanessa Hudgens looks super relaxed after a yoga class on Tuesday (June 29) in Studio City, Calif.

The 21-year-old actress (in a Madewell scarf) walked back to her car with a friend, only to discover that they both were ticketed for parking violations – eek!!

Nessa and her friend chatted for a while before going their separate ways. More pics over at JJJ!

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and a friend leaving a yoga class in Studio City…

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She is the best!!


Want to mention them, let’s see, Neil Patric Harris is the director of ‘RENT in which Vanessa has a leading role, Kenny Ortega directed HSM, Zack “Watchmen and 300” Snyder choose her for “Sucker Punch”, Daniel Barnz choose her for “Beastly” with encouragement from the author of the book, she was producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and comic creator Josh Howards first choice in the movie adaption of ‘Dead @ 17’, she recently turned down a role in a movie based on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, to name a few, she has also been seen in meetings with some other great produces out there and we probably don’t even know half of it. Also, this kind of shows that she is often asked to do action movies which are an accomplishment in of it self for someone her age because there really aren’t many of those offered. You sound like a jealous little kid, go back to KStews thread, she needs some support since from people who sees her as something other than the girl who ruined Twilight and/or as “Bella” and have no idea that she have ever done anything else.

poor Nessa(( these paparazzi are following her all day long!!!

Daniel Tang @ 06/30/2010 at 2:29 pm

What “little sam” from middle school doesn’t understand is that Vanessa has many many many fans who are way past the age of 30 (including me) who have college degrees and careers. We are not fooled by your immature, jealous temper tantrums. I suggest little sam go read some reviews of the “lip biting” one-angst-expression actress she favors. Then read the many reviews by renowned movie critics of Vanessa Hudgens, comparing her to Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club.

It helps to have some ammunition if you’re going to make empty statements. Poor sam doesn’t have any so she makes some up. But I’m sure she’ll keep stomping her foot and throwing a tantrum till her face turns blue.

Daniel Tang @ 06/30/2010 at 3:02 pm

A compilation of Movie reviews from top critics at the Rotten Tomatoes site:

80 percent
70 fresh
18 rotten

The Yellow Handkerchief
69 percent
31 fresh
14 rotten

The Runaways
62 percent
78 fresh
47 rotten

Daniel Tang @ 06/30/2010 at 3:13 pm

Also LOL at this:

50 percent
98 fresh
98 rotten

67 percent
82 fresh
41 rotten

o great a twi mom. I cant believe moms let their children idolize this *****. Posing nude for your boyfriend yeah that’s a real role model.

o great a twi mom. I cant believe moms let their children idolize this *****. Posing nude for your boyfriend yeah that’s a real role model.

wow a movie about bestiality ,thats really gonna earn her recognition. Why did it get pushed back ? Its b/c they want it to be the first movie to bomb next year. And playing a hooker in sucker punch that should be easy , she know alot about being a ****. Mettign with producers , yeah right , when? between going to yoga, getting coffe shopping, mani pedi, No wonder zac is always working , she has to support her untalented a$$

@Daniel Tang:
since none of you “fans” can back her up. Here’s me proving my point
ny times: bandslam ” Will also meets the broody, bookish Sa5m (the 5, you see, is silent), played unconvincingly by Ms. Hudgens.”

la times:
With a stronger cast and a more focused script, Bandslam could’ve been a hit, up the same alley as movies like Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and School of Rock. Instead, we’re supposed to believe that the girl in sparkly clothes and Ugg boots on The Today Show is an odd bookworm who used to stutter. Many actors are great at hiding their personal lives when onscreen. Vanessa Hudgens isn’t one of them.

@rosa: Hey Rosa, I don’t idolize anyone. My children idolize their parents and God, those are the ones to idolize. We have grad scool degrees and I am no Twi-Mom either. I’m an avid reader, I just happen to like this girl because I don’t hold anything against anyone unless they deliberately hurt people and taking off your clothes is usually private and in her case was meant to be. She got naked, so does everyone else every day and if your lucky it’s in front of someone, maybe you need to find some happiness in your life and I don’t have time for proving anything to anyone. On that not, I don’t even know why I am responding to this. I have important things in my life besides this nonsense so banter amonst yourself.

@sunny: @sunny:
dear sunny, the number of grammatical/spelling errors in your post is lol worthy for an avid reader.

P.S saying you have a grad degree in each of your posts doesn’t make you an intellectual.

@sunny: @sunny:
dear sunny, the number of grammatical/spelling errors in your post is lol worthy for an avid reader.

P.S saying you have a grad degree in each of your posts doesn’t make you an intellectual.

rosa/sam (same person), your comments are driven by a deep-seated anger. You need to calm down and understand that we Vanessa fans have read EVERY Bandslam review out there. The point is there were 70 positive reviews and 18 negative ones. And you posted ONE of those 18 negative ones. If I were to post all 70 of the glowing reviews, would it change your mind about Vanessa? NO. So don’t expect your posting of one negative review to change the minds of Vanessa fans.

No matter what moniker you post under, you are simply wasting your time.

i don’t get why is she pretty she’s not pretty at all she’s normal looking . and please don’t vote down it’s just my opinion . why are worshiping her or worshiping any other celebrities she’s just a normal looking person who’s looking for jobs . she’s not a goddess and she’s not glowing . if their are no paparazzi no one will be talking about her right now . she’s only famous for one franchise and please don’t tell me about the other movies r other projects she’s doing nobody heard about it except you fans. shouldn’t we stop worshiping people who we don’t even know in real life and start thinking about your selfs

@ ROSA, You need to grow up, you sound like a twelve year old, you act very imature at that. you have no glue who Vanessa is or about. you have a very hateful heart, you must have unhappy life. want comes around goes around to you.

and plus if you stopped talking about her and posting comments maybe the paparazzi will stop following her

and plus if you stopped talking about her and posting comments maybe the paparazzi will stop following her

I see school is out for at least one immature person. Hope she doesn’t implode from all that anger building up inside her. Calm down, girl.

hsm3 got better rating from critics than twilight did. not surprised by that news.

true but twilight made more money

wow, im stay away from this fight…………… you vanessa you are my favorite actress…she DOESNT CARE about FAME or MONEY!! what she love is Acting….and keep improving your skill girl : )

Vanessa is cool!!!!

It is sad how some people can’t see how stupid and desperate they appear. To compare the movie Beastly to anything bestiality is really vile and shows how desperate a person who post such a thing truly is. Does this person go to kindergarten and 1st grades and try to pass off the tripe before teachers read to their class Beauty and the Beast? Or does she warn parents before reading this fairytale to their kids what the story is “really” about in HER mind? She loses the whole concept I guess OR I believe her true intention really comes out in the fact she is REACHING for anything that tries to make Vanessa look bad.

Sorry, it’s a great failure on you part, rose. The more you go on the more pitiful and crazed you sound. We fans don’t even have to try to make our opinions known of how you are. You prove the point yourself.


IF you feel like people who frequent these sites are idolizing a celebrity and YOU don’t believe any should be—and you are right about that—just WHY are you bothering yourself to come and read anything on one of these sites? YOU apparently find these people featured here DIFFERENT or more INTERESTING than your everyday normal person. I seriously doubt that you take such an interest in your neighbors or your fellow workers/classmates whichever that may be. So, your mind and eyes are turned by a celebrity too.

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