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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: Anniversary Dinner!

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: Anniversary Dinner!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner leave Gjelina restaurant together on Monday (June 28) in Venice, Calif.

The happy couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary by dining on Mediterranean food together at the romantic restaurant. Ben and Jen married on a beach in the Caribbean back in 2005 in a small and private ceremony.

Over the weekend, Jen took 4-year-old daughter Violet to a playdate at a friend’s house in Santa Monica!

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ben affleck jennifer garner 5th wedding anniversary dinner 05

Credit: Radcliffe; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Darren

    How is this news or remotely interesting?

  • http://h Kaz

    Normally family

  • lexie

    I always find it interesting how Jennifer Garner acts so different in front of the paps when she’s with her daughters all smiley and ‘enjoying the attention yet when she’s rarely seen out with Ben she gets all serious and full of herself

  • Anne

    It’s only lasted as long as it has because they have 2 children. If Jennifer hadn’t gotten pregnant 5 seconds after she met Ben he would never have married her. I think he cheats on her all the time and she turns a blind eye as long as it doesn’t become public because without him she’s not much, Ben has the money, hollywood connections and fame.

  • oh

    They both look as if they exited the Dentist’s office after having their teeth pulled. So much for celebration. Blah couple…

  • Cheyenne

    Congrats! The greatest Hollywood couple out there. They keep their sh!t private. A lot of people hate seeing them together but so what, they seem to be in it for themselves and not for the public.

    Keep up the good work you two. Many happy returns. HOLD ON TO YOUR LOVE!

  • pkz

    Come on, there are probably paps being obnoxious and yelling things at them they probably don’t want their picture to be taken I am not a fan of him at all and I haven’t liked her since she stopped doing Alias but I hate to wish the breakup of anyones’ marriage

  • Cheyenne

    Oh, I forgot to add they are such a cute couple. Have y’all seen their kids? Gorgeous. They are rumors they might be expecting another baby. That would be fantastic as they make beautiful babies.

  • Iffy Miffy

    He looks drunk … Dutch courage?

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! She’s all smiley around the paps when she’s with her kids?? Are you kidding me!!!
    They are such a real couple! They are great together!!!

  • Everything_But_the_Girl

    Yeah right!.. they actually look like they are are celebrating their immediate divorce for walking with distance from each other. such occassion i would think most couples who are still into each other would be on each other’s arms and canoodling from the romantic dinner.

  • shamrock7

    Wow!! Happy Anniversary to Jen and Ben, can not believe it’s been 5 years already. Wishing them much more happiness and success in the future~

    Ben does not smile for the papz, but maybe he will for the upcoming charity events on July 2 or 3.

    Look forward to seeing his film, THE TOWN!!! Does anyone know when the premiere will be in LA??


  • bea

    well…dont they look like a happy couple?! :S

  • to anne

    If you were twice as smart as you are now, you’d be absolutely stupid!!!

  • noa

    @to anne: well said! LOL!!! :D

  • boston61

    He’s starting to look like his hideously ugly brother.

  • Dawn


    She didn’t get pregnant five minutes after they met. They met a couple of years before they started dating on Daredevil. . She didn’t get pregnant five minutes after they started dating. More like almost a year after they started dating. And she had her own money when they started dating. She didn’t need his.

  • Dawn

    @Cheyenne: \

    She’s not expecting another kid. That was denied by her rep last week.

  • Dawn


    If you are famous and were leaving a anniversary dinner with her husband and had the paps in your face, would you be all over your spouse? I bet you wouldn’t be.

  • Dawn


    That should be your husband, not her husband.

  • Lisa

    Funny how this couple gets the raging jealousy going in idiots like Anne. They have nothing to prove to paps and creeps like you. They’ve been happily married for 5 years and have two adorable children – and let me guess —- you don’t. Sorry about your sucky life. Jen and Ben look like they’ve got a great one. No they don’t smile at papz – so? That means nothing.

  • glammie

    @Anne: Jeeeezus! Jealous and bitter much? Do you know them personally,, to be able to trash their personal lives that way?

  • Spot on!!

    @ Anne…..Well said. (high five)….Unfortunately the TRUTH HURTS!!! And no one wants to hear it.

  • enid

    She looked better before her lip fillers.

  • keftedakia

    @boston61: Casey Affleck is hideously ugly?? He is not. I find him way more attractive than Ben. Either way, his JOB is acting and he is an amazing actor. who cares if he’s pretty, ugly or whatever. Did you see The Assassination of Jesse James? Or was it too difficult for you to follow?

  • julie

    some people are just crazy, these two are great together, they are a real couple, they don’t need to smile for any one, love them both, miss Ben on screen, him and his brother are great looking men, they have nothing to prove to anyone.

  • LYNN

    I have never seen Ben & Jen be romantic toward each other in public or just a little hug up together. I also have not seen them kiss in public and they just barely hold hands. Now if this was another famous couple that we all know, the haters and tabloids would have them broken up already. Hardly ever have I seen these two together. . I do like both of them. Maybe the Tabloids should go looking into other stars business sometme. I remember for a whole month couples were breaking up and cheating all over the place and it never got talked about or was anybody ever caught . Now that other well known famous cant even breathe right before someone has them splitting up. Just a little bit of som,som

  • nikki


    and you know this how? It floors me how people make stuff up and believe themselves and their delusions. If you have no factual info all you are doing is gossipping. Get in line behind the rest of them.

  • nikki

    @Dawn: and you know this how? Go write a gossip column and join the rest of the delusional ones.

  • thelephant

    He looks unhappy. She plays it cool I guess.

  • JC


    If there is any difference, and I don’t see it, perhaps it’s because she’s just as irritated to be followed and have her privacy invaded but doesn’t want her children frightened so she puts on a happy face.

  • Cheyenne

    Unfounded rumors and gossip should not be what attaches to this couple. So many try to drag them into the spotlight with baseless stories about Ben’s past indiscretions and speculations about Jen’s previous private love life is what haunts this couple. Why, other people are able to move on and yet for some reason this couple is constantly pursued (even to the point of following of their innocent children to preschool, playground or the grocery store).

    They have never sold pictures of their children to the tabloids or given intimate details of their relationship (they stole away and married in secret) and yet every single items regarding them seems to create a spin as to what is going on with them now as well as what went on before they got together. All this based purely on paparazza photos. What a joke.

    I love that they are privately (as possible) living their lives in the crazy madness that is Hollywood. Kudos to them. I really admire them and their lifestyle.

  • Anon

    It makes me happy to see them together enjoying their aniversary.
    I am Jen Garner’s new fan, I give credit to Jennifer for looking natural and for not trying hard like the rest of skanhollywood. She is an atractive girl with a stealing smile and a huge heart. And that is what matters.

  • Suzy

    I laugh at all the hate about these two – she got pregnant to trap him? Well, even if she did – unlike Matt Damon who knocked up a stripper – Jen is a talented, EDUCATED woman who could have supported her kid without Ben. I can’t wait for Matt Damon’s anniversary when he makes his wife perform pole dances at Scores again for his buds! So classy!

  • Abby

    he looks drunk & stoned.

  • riri

    I feel bad for Ben.
    He always seem so miserable and Jen Garner seem so controlling.
    Her getting pregnant was so calculating and wrong. He should not have caved in.
    Now he is stuck in terrible marriage and children who are as homely as their mother.
    So sad for him.

  • Jo

    @Anne. LOL. You are so right!

  • Jade

    I’ve seen paparazzi in action and I can assure you they are a nasty bunch of people. I can completely understand the way most celebrities act when confronted with flashing lights and ten guys walking backwards in front of you.
    People always assume something must be wrong in a relationship when the couple isn’t smiling or aren’t holding hands. But at the end of the day, a photo is just a photo. It doesn’t tell you anything. I mean geez, my husband and I walk down the street lots of time, just chatting without holding hands, it certainly doesn’t mean we’re in the midst of a divorce!
    Ben and Jen are one of the most down to earth couples in Hollywood, I wish more celebs would follow suit.

  • Fact Checker


    I’m not sure when they first met, but they co-starred in Daredevil together, which was released in 2003 (and filmed sometime before).

    As for money, Jennifer has a pretty solid resume, including a 5 year television series (Alias) which she had the lead in.

    But don’t let me get in the way of your bitter rant. Carry on. I have a feeling you will.

  • Julia

    She WAS pregnant when they got married!!

  • BenAffleckSUCKS!!!

    Then you didnt search that much because there are many pictures like that. Anyways, Ben is so so so ugly while Jennifer is a natural beauty. I hope that they are happy together, and I hope that their family is happy. He is lucky to have such a unique and beautiful wife!

  • jill

    Jennifer is one lucky woman to have Ben and she knows it.While I like her and think she’s a good actressShe would never be in the position she’s in if she married some joe smoe.She would be stil on a tv show dating Vartan maybe.He used her and didn’t even treat her like his girlfriend.He ignored her in public .please …she should be the one kissing Ben feet.After her her horrible boyfriends/husband fiascos.

  • whereskatie?

    jen garner was a tv star NOT an Alister until she married Ben who’s a powerhouse in Hollywood with his connections and power. Tv stars get their dose of fame, money, etc. but NOTHING like the fame/power/money of an Alist life. I’m sorry, if you think Jen Garner, Katie Homes and Jessica Biel didn’t know what they were doing or were attracted to when they dated these men, you guys are very ignorant about Hollywood. They are actors and have HUGE entourages that work on their public image. I’m not saying that they are not happy but I would not be surprised if one day they announced their divorce either from out of the blue. No one saw Brad/Jen, Tiger/Elin, Sandra/Jesse etc. b/c they hid behind a public image. I’m inclined to think there is some truth to their marriage difficulties but perhaps they are working on them. Usually Hollywood rumors prove true. It is what it is. Anyways, I wish them well and hope Ben continues to do more movies.

  • rose ann

    @Spot on!!:
    both of you are haters, so go away!!
    both of you are pathetic losers!!
    you’re just jealous with jen and ben!!
    move on and get a life, ok?
    this couple is happy and pretty normal compared to some hollywood couples out there..
    why you wanna smile if loads of paparazzis are harassing you and stalking you? duh!!
    leave ben and jen alone!!!

  • shania

    YOU are so wrong biyatch!!
    get your facts right, ok?
    stop posting some mean..stupid..cock and bull stories regarding jen and ben!!
    jealous..jealous..jealous anne, hahahaha…..

  • lemonade

    They have beauty, brains, class, money, style,values, and adorable children.
    Congratulations and may the next 5 years bring continued happiness.

  • michile this couple!!
    they look good together…
    stay happy and blessed..

  • ellie

    omg…my favourite hollywood couple.
    i’m so happy and excited looking at their pix, nice!

  • Tara

    @lexie: Shes not full of herself- when shes with her kids- its her family play time. When shes out with ben on the red carpet- thats like her JOB and she is acting professional. As for when they met etc- they were in Pearl Harbor together- she played the nurse Sandra. They didnt date until after he split with Jlo, they were engaged around her birthday- around the time they announced her pregnancy and they were married in June. God- shaddup- they are one of the few hollywood couples who are still together after a year!!!

  • Tara

    @Fact Checker: they met when they were in Pearl Harbor together!!