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Britney Spears: Caffeine Quickly

Britney Spears: Caffeine Quickly

Britney Spears is one loyal customer!

Accompanied by her bodyguard, the 28-year-old pop princess picked up her caffeine fix from a Starbucks store on Tuesday afternoon (June 29) in Calabasas, Calif.

Brit recently designed a line of clothing and accessories for Candie’s, which you can preview here. The Britney for Candie’s threads will hit clothing racks July 1 exclusively at Kohl’s!

15+ pictures inside of Britney Spears picking up her caffeine fix…

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britney spears caffeine 01
britney spears caffeine 02
britney spears caffeine 03
britney spears caffeine 04
britney spears caffeine 05
britney spears caffeine 06
britney spears caffeine 07
britney spears caffeine 08
britney spears caffeine 09
britney spears caffeine 10
britney spears caffeine 11
britney spears caffeine 12
britney spears caffeine 13
britney spears caffeine 14
britney spears caffeine 15

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  • Bad Romance

    FAT and so OLD

  • ren

    I don’t think being 28 is old…she is still in line up of young adulthood..ages 18-25…she look s good of her age, period.

  • ren

    ages 18-35 i mean..peace!

  • rocky

    DAMN you could never tell she had a breakdown….

  • puhhlease…

    atleast she looks better in those pics..why cant people be fair by criticising or complementing when its necessary? Just bcoz she is Britney, doesnt mean she has no room for fair comment.

  • facts

    I love you Brit, you look great and have a smile that can bright up the world. The haters are both weak and tired.

  • Slig

    Givme givme hay givme hay i forget

  • Mario

    She looks so fit and Iove her shoes!! She looks cute!

  • Patty

    Whoa, did she lose weight???

  • http://h Kaz

    Yeah she lose wieght ,,

  • Tom

    Wow she looks great! She seems to have lost a lot of weight recently.

  • Lady C

    Still FAT

  • ….

    @Lady C:

    You are still DUMB

  • Nati

    Britney has always loved Starbucks, in many of her interviews, I heard her say it.
    She looks stunning!

  • Nati

    & one more thing, I dont understand why people around her are so calm i would die if i saw her :|

  • Bad Romance

    coz she is nothing as an ARTIST.. that;s why people around her are calm

  • Gaga

    Seek out real music, Britards. Her “music” is studio created noise. Her latest single “3″ went to #1 coz of her fans. And then dropped quickly coz no one cares abt that sick song!

  • Itsme

    @Nati: How can you say that they are calm, you know what the paparazzi does after britney theres no room for fans to do something=)

  • hItMeonthCACA

    If i had her management team i would be famous like her. What the heck. She has no talent. Can’t sing, can’t dance, can;t writ her own song. Just a product without any idea of her own career. Her career is just a JOKE

  • Banks

    She is just a JOKE in music industry

  • TT

    gaga fans BACK OFF……..

    we know you all INSECURE about BRITNEY SPEARS because she is the QUEE OF POP and that is what you all want for gaga, BUT britney didnt bacame that by doing imitations of vogue (alejandro) and toxic (poker face) etc….

    she is what she today because she work hard and was ORIGINAL we cannot say that about gaga, gaga steels ideas because she is kind goos wirter plays piano but thats all, thats why she needs a hous of gaga and shit…..

    brit never need it that she always had the ideas behind her music video even her first baby one more time and she ONLY 16,
    and brit can play piano too, she can sing too and SHE CAN DANCE,

    what lady gaga CAN’T!!!!!!!!

    AND IF YOU DONT BELIEVE JUST WATCH THE VIDEOS: – playing piano – dancing

    and whatever arguments you all say “she’s not a very good singer” etc

    is irrelevant, just because somebody doesn’t have a whitney voice doesn’t mean their not talented.

  • shannon

    She comes out with a clothes line she “designed” (yeah right) and THIS is what she wears out. She has no clue about style. And I like Britney, she seems sweet, but sadly, she still has those dead-medicated eyes all the time now. Like she is in her own little world in her head.

  • yo sista

    She looks all fit and cute. Haters to the left.

  • Rao

    She looks amazing, so slim and toned!
    She is so beautiful.

  • offtheproperty

    The girl from C.O.O.L.

  • jordan

    love brit!

  • little monsters

    The New Pop Queen is Lady Gaga…Gaga killed Christina Career Britney is next!!

  • the truth

    This photos are better than other of her. She looks good.

  • TT

    little monsters @ I know that is what you gaga fans think but ain’t gonna happen!!!

    and you know why’!?

    BECAUSE BRITNEY SPEARS doesn’t go with trends she always does her own thing (that was Christina mistake, but if you think that christina career is over you obviously don’t know CHRISTINA AGUILERA)

    BRITNEY SPEARS is the true QUEE OF POP ,after Madonna of course.

    and when lady gaga sell 120 millions records under 10 years just like BRITNEY SPEARS did, then you can call your stupid monster Queen,

    until then BRITNEY SPEARS is the QUEEN OF POP!!

  • Natalie

    She is looking AMAZING!!!!

  • Jane

    @little monsters: Please don’t make me laugh at your stupid comment. Lady Gaga the queen? WHEN PIGS FLY!!!
    Oh and FYI, only FEMALES can be queen of pop…I guess that rules out gaga.

  • john

    she looks like she lost weight

  • ugh

    Her bod looks toned but why does this woman always look homeless?!?!?!?! You’d think with the a amount of $$$ she has, she would fix that bird’s nest on her head! Does she even bathe regularly?? Her clothes always looks dirty and her face puffy and her HAIR gross.

  • Mimi

    LMAO @ the crazy Gaga fan using different names coming on EVERY Britney post. Gaga can only dream of having a 10+ year long career. People are already sick of her boring attempts of trying to shock people. Not to mention Gaga is the UGLIEST pop singer out there. Britney’s paparazzi photos are better than Gaga with make-up and photoshop. Gaga is a fad that will soon fade away. While Britney will still be here with another number one album and sold-out tour. How many number one albums does Gaga have? Oh, yeah that’s right — NONE. LMAO!

  • Mimi

    You’re talking about Britney’s singles. Gaga’s last number 1 single was 2 years ago. 3 was number 1, while Alejandro was only number 5. All of Britney’s albums have been number 1, except Blackout, while none of Gaga’s have been number 1. Gaga is a joke. She’s not an artist and she looks like an anorexic drug-addict. Gaga should seek out others to write her lyrics because they’re horrible. She can’t sing that well and she can’t dance at all. She’s merely an image, that will fade away soon enough.

  • GAGA=RAIning princess of pop

    GAGA is the raining princess of pop . She and Beyonce are the hottest popstars on the Planet . Britney Who,she need to retire adn take care of her children. He rmusic is not selling all she has is her tour, no one care about her it all about GaGA and Beyonce. GAGA have 5 #1 songs in less than 2 years , it took Flopney 10 years to get another #1 thanks to producers.

  • sue rouge

    britney sucks and gaga is on her way to joining britneys suckiness, but they have great stylists . stylists who i know for a fact shop at, i’ve seen a slew of recent gaga wears over there. yeah theyre original creations but most of them can be bought at stylemoments

  • Britney is the Princess of Pop

    @GAGA=RAIning princess of pop: Wrong! Gaga only has two #1 songs. Do your research! Some fan you are. Only Just Dance and Poker Face went to #1 and that was 2 years ago. Neither of her albums have gone to #1 either. Britney’s first song and album were #1. All of Britney’s albums have been #1, except Blackout which was #2. Britney has and will remain the princess of pop with 5 #1 albums, while Gaga is a fad that will disappear in a couple of years. Gaga fans are bitter because Gaga’s career will not last and people are already sick of her, her last single only got to #5. Beyonce shouldn’t even work with Gaga anymore because everytime she does the single flops. Remember Videophone? Nope, didn’t think so.

  • Britney is the Princess of Pop

    Britney has performed with pop royalty Michael Jackson and Madonna. Has Gaga? Nope!
    Britney’s last album circus sold 500, 000+ more in the U.S than The Fame Monster and you say that her music isn’t selling anymore? It was also #1.
    Britney has sold 70 000 000+ world-wide, while Gaga has only sold 10 000 000+ worldwide.

  • Holla girl!

    @GAGA=RAIning princess of pop: Britney who you say? Here! This pretty much sums up who she is:

    Hmmm she looks pretty well known here.
    When Gaga reaches the amount of respect and success Britney has, the world has already ended… and it will only be in her imagination.

  • Reality

    @Bad Romance: I would like to reply to your first comment, calling her fat and old. Well the fat comment we can just dismiss completely because you and I both know that’s not true. It’s funny that you call her old considering your tranny idol is ALREADY 24 years old after only 2 years as an artist! In Hollywood, that’s a really old age to start out in the buisness. Remember that Britney’s been around since she was 16, so she’s been around for almost half her life. Now that’s impressive. Gaga will wash out sometime next year. It’s sad because you can tell she’s trying so hard to stay relevant with all the “new” things she’s coming up with and trying to show herself every where . Reality check Gaga, every one is already tired of you.