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Kris Allen: Shirtless Photos 'Upset' Him

Kris Allen: Shirtless Photos 'Upset' Him

Back in April, shirtless photos of Kris Allen vacationing at the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas popped up online.

“I was pretty upset. It was like, ‘Seriously?’” the 25-year-old American Idol vet told MTV. “I knew it was probably going to happen. We’re in Atlantis, which is not the most secret place in the world. And we were trying to have a good time. People weren’t bothering us, but apparently they were taking sneaky pictures and selling them to the tabloids. I don’t know what they got off them, but I would like a cut!”

“I’m so glad I didn’t make those photos,” Kris’ drummer, Ryland Steen, added. “I think just my elbow was in one of them.”

Hi, Ryland‘s elbow!

P.S. Why is MTV linking to TMZ? The pictures broke on!

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  • Darren

    ………………how is this news?

  • lol

    They upset me too. He looked like a garden ogre elf.

  • shania

    YAY did he finally get hair implants? he was balding before

  • Nate

    who’s this?

  • Nate

    nevermind, googled him

  • Ellie

    Omg, I forgot about Kris Allen D: Is he still on 19E (?) What’s going on with him these days?

  • JJ

    TMZ is a site for *******s

  • teeeeeee

    Somebody call the waaambulance for Kris and Jared. Kris, you’re a moron. Jared, get over it.

  • Jason

    Wtf is this dude serious?

  • Slig

    He normal huh

  • Irene

    They upset me too. I wish he was completely naked.

  • wow

    MAN UP! the both of you

  • Slig

    Hi respic jared he not moron

  • Kenneth

    @Irene: How old are you? Just wondering.

  • Slig


  • Slig

    I am 16 year old and u baby

  • Matthew

    Kris they upsetted me too. I want you and your perky nipples naked.

  • loves jj

    tmz gets all the cred and you get all the great photos! i follow you on twitter so i can be up to date on ANY and ALL celeb photos.. hate that you dont get the love you deserve from the big dogs – JJ is the best celebrity website for gossip and anything celebs – without having to resort to cheap shots and dirty language. keep it up Jared!! OH – and Kris Allen wanted to be “famous” so maybe he shouldn’t be freaked out when people take “secret” photos of him… he should start freaking out when people dont care enough to take photos!! love ya JJ!

  • Slig

    Hi hi u ugly this my name ok iam slig

  • H

    @Matthew: That’s gross.

  • OK

    his wife was looking straight into the camera at one point and he showed no signs of being bothered. now hes saying a few shirtless pics upset him? ?

  • Matthew

    Sorry. I think he is gorgeous.

  • RANT

    I flip*pin hate it when all these well-off celebrities like KStew and co. take how fortunate they are for granted and start complaining about minor things! Suck it UP! There are so many people who wished they were in your shoes. IF you can’t handle what comes with the lifestyle, you shouldn’t have gotten into it in the first place. Grow up. There are celebrities who are younger like Vanessa H., Dakota who are more mature than their older peers.

  • [awkward]

    So. Should I ask how his career’s going or….?

  • mena

    he is cute but says stupid things :s

  • LMAO

    If you watch the video, he doesn’t come off as mad or anything. He just seemed embarrassed that they got attention. He jokes about it. It’s not like he was complaining about those pictures surfacing.

  • Slig

    No no i can blive u say hot

  • [relax people]

    you guys watch the video on mtv’s site. he’s more embarrassed than upset. it’s adorable. i mean, i guess he’s whining but he’s just being modest about it. he’s not saying “boo i hate being famous.” he’s saying “i feel like a dork because people have seen my pastey body.”


  • Ian

    @[relax people]: it’s adorable if you’re under the age of 13.

  • http://facebook merrilee

    who cares about Kris? This is news?

  • LMAO

    @merrilee: you cared enough to comment.

  • Andie

    Love that he joked and said he wanted a cut off what they made on the photos.

    The Pics are hot hence our little pocket idol was a wee bit embarrassed by them. How cute was he in the video blushing about the pictures? Thanks @jambajim for asking Kris questions that make him squirm!

    Thanks for reposting Jared. Any pics of the Season 8 American Idol WINNER make me happy.

  • leila


    Bet he looks much better than you, troll.

  • leila

    @lol: Bet he looks way better than you, troll!

  • ronn

    Yeah, if you watch the interview, it’s obvious that he is not really “upset” in the sense that he is annoyed, it’s more like he is embarrassed by the pics. It’s cute, he can’t stop blushing. Watch the interview, he is very charming and comes across as a chill guy.

  • lame


  • Heather

    Gah, Kris is so good looking! I watched the interview & he isn’t really upset, lol, he’s just a little embarrassed to have his shirtless self out there for the world to see. Geez, what should he say about it “yes, I’m thrilled for the world to see my nekkid upper body”? uh, no I don’t think so.
    I’m sorry Kris is embarrassed but the pics are great!

  • HH

    The shirtless pics are hot and his reaction to them is adorkable!

  • sarah

    and no one cares

  • hahah

    not cute

  • Paulie

    Somebody get him a fainting couch!

    I don’t think he’s cut out for fame.

    I’m sure a Wal-Mart in Arkansas is hiring.

  • britney

    guys.. this article seems a little misleading.. if you watch the video he doesnt come off as mad about them, he’s just embarrassed…. he was laughing about it,… you guys need to chill and watch the actual interview

  • CountryGal

    Aww he is cute and love his music.

  • fan

    obviously it takes a minimum of intelligence to get Kris’s humor (want a cut..).
    Personnally I enjoyed the pictures :D

  • Gavin

    Damn Jared, that was really fascinating. Godamn I didn’t realize I was on JJr. This site is turning into a joke with all your captions and choices.

  • lz

    Awww, he’s just embarrassed that people were so interested. What a cutie though!!

  • Jamie

    LOL did none of you idiots watch the interview? He was joking and playing around; he actually thought it was hilarious how much attention being shirtless caused. I hope you’re all aware of how completely moronic you just came off :)

  • soooo lame

    what a doofus. “omg im so embarrassed” how old is he? he sounds like my little sister.



  • Vitamin

    I don’t get it.
    In at least one picture, he looked directly into the camera. And in another photo, a girl was looking into the camera.
    So, I guess they knew that they were being photographed and they probably saw the photographer, too.
    Why upset now?