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Kris Allen: Shirtless Photos 'Upset' Him

Kris Allen: Shirtless Photos 'Upset' Him

Back in April, shirtless photos of Kris Allen vacationing at the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas popped up online.

“I was pretty upset. It was like, ‘Seriously?’” the 25-year-old American Idol vet told MTV. “I knew it was probably going to happen. We’re in Atlantis, which is not the most secret place in the world. And we were trying to have a good time. People weren’t bothering us, but apparently they were taking sneaky pictures and selling them to the tabloids. I don’t know what they got off them, but I would like a cut!”

“I’m so glad I didn’t make those photos,” Kris’ drummer, Ryland Steen, added. “I think just my elbow was in one of them.”

Hi, Ryland‘s elbow!

P.S. Why is MTV linking to TMZ? The pictures broke on!

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86 Responses to “Kris Allen: Shirtless Photos 'Upset' Him”

  1. 1
    Darren Says:

    ………………how is this news?

  2. 2
    lol Says:

    They upset me too. He looked like a garden ogre elf.

  3. 3
    shania Says:

    YAY did he finally get hair implants? he was balding before

  4. 4
    Nate Says:

    who’s this?

  5. 5
    Nate Says:

    nevermind, googled him

  6. 6
    Ellie Says:

    Omg, I forgot about Kris Allen D: Is he still on 19E (?) What’s going on with him these days?

  7. 7
    JJ Says:

    TMZ is a site for *******s

  8. 8
    teeeeeee Says:

    Somebody call the waaambulance for Kris and Jared. Kris, you’re a moron. Jared, get over it.

  9. 9
    Jason Says:

    Wtf is this dude serious?

  10. 10
    Slig Says:

    He normal huh

  11. 11
    Irene Says:

    They upset me too. I wish he was completely naked.

  12. 12
    wow Says:

    MAN UP! the both of you

  13. 13
    Slig Says:

    Hi respic jared he not moron

  14. 14
    Kenneth Says:

    @Irene: How old are you? Just wondering.

  15. 15
    Slig Says:


  16. 16
    Slig Says:

    I am 16 year old and u baby

  17. 17
    Matthew Says:

    Kris they upsetted me too. I want you and your perky nipples naked.

  18. 18
    loves jj Says:

    tmz gets all the cred and you get all the great photos! i follow you on twitter so i can be up to date on ANY and ALL celeb photos.. hate that you dont get the love you deserve from the big dogs – JJ is the best celebrity website for gossip and anything celebs – without having to resort to cheap shots and dirty language. keep it up Jared!! OH – and Kris Allen wanted to be “famous” so maybe he shouldn’t be freaked out when people take “secret” photos of him… he should start freaking out when people dont care enough to take photos!! love ya JJ!

  19. 19
    Slig Says:

    Hi hi u ugly this my name ok iam slig

  20. 20
    H Says:

    @Matthew: That’s gross.

  21. 21
    OK Says:

    his wife was looking straight into the camera at one point and he showed no signs of being bothered. now hes saying a few shirtless pics upset him? ?

  22. 22
    Matthew Says:

    Sorry. I think he is gorgeous.

  23. 23
    RANT Says:

    I flip*pin hate it when all these well-off celebrities like KStew and co. take how fortunate they are for granted and start complaining about minor things! Suck it UP! There are so many people who wished they were in your shoes. IF you can’t handle what comes with the lifestyle, you shouldn’t have gotten into it in the first place. Grow up. There are celebrities who are younger like Vanessa H., Dakota who are more mature than their older peers.

  24. 24
    [awkward] Says:

    So. Should I ask how his career’s going or….?

  25. 25
    mena Says:

    he is cute but says stupid things :s

  26. 26
    LMAO Says:

    If you watch the video, he doesn’t come off as mad or anything. He just seemed embarrassed that they got attention. He jokes about it. It’s not like he was complaining about those pictures surfacing.

  27. 27
    Slig Says:

    No no i can blive u say hot

  28. 28
    [relax people] Says:

    you guys watch the video on mtv’s site. he’s more embarrassed than upset. it’s adorable. i mean, i guess he’s whining but he’s just being modest about it. he’s not saying “boo i hate being famous.” he’s saying “i feel like a dork because people have seen my pastey body.”


  29. 29
    Ian Says:

    @[relax people]: it’s adorable if you’re under the age of 13.

  30. 30
    merrilee Says:

    who cares about Kris? This is news?

  31. 31
    LMAO Says:

    @merrilee: you cared enough to comment.

  32. 32
    Andie Says:

    Love that he joked and said he wanted a cut off what they made on the photos.

    The Pics are hot hence our little pocket idol was a wee bit embarrassed by them. How cute was he in the video blushing about the pictures? Thanks @jambajim for asking Kris questions that make him squirm!

    Thanks for reposting Jared. Any pics of the Season 8 American Idol WINNER make me happy.

  33. 33
    leila Says:


    Bet he looks much better than you, troll.

  34. 34
    leila Says:

    @lol: Bet he looks way better than you, troll!

  35. 35
    ronn Says:

    Yeah, if you watch the interview, it’s obvious that he is not really “upset” in the sense that he is annoyed, it’s more like he is embarrassed by the pics. It’s cute, he can’t stop blushing. Watch the interview, he is very charming and comes across as a chill guy.

  36. 36
    lame Says:


  37. 37
    Heather Says:

    Gah, Kris is so good looking! I watched the interview & he isn’t really upset, lol, he’s just a little embarrassed to have his shirtless self out there for the world to see. Geez, what should he say about it “yes, I’m thrilled for the world to see my nekkid upper body”? uh, no I don’t think so.
    I’m sorry Kris is embarrassed but the pics are great!

  38. 38
    HH Says:

    The shirtless pics are hot and his reaction to them is adorkable!

  39. 39
    sarah Says:

    and no one cares

  40. 40
    hahah Says:

    not cute

  41. 41
    Paulie Says:

    Somebody get him a fainting couch!

    I don’t think he’s cut out for fame.

    I’m sure a Wal-Mart in Arkansas is hiring.

  42. 42
    britney Says:

    guys.. this article seems a little misleading.. if you watch the video he doesnt come off as mad about them, he’s just embarrassed…. he was laughing about it,… you guys need to chill and watch the actual interview

  43. 43
    CountryGal Says:

    Aww he is cute and love his music.

  44. 44
    fan Says:

    obviously it takes a minimum of intelligence to get Kris’s humor (want a cut..).
    Personnally I enjoyed the pictures :D

  45. 45
    Gavin Says:

    Damn Jared, that was really fascinating. Godamn I didn’t realize I was on JJr. This site is turning into a joke with all your captions and choices.

  46. 46
    lz Says:

    Awww, he’s just embarrassed that people were so interested. What a cutie though!!

  47. 47
    Jamie Says:

    LOL did none of you idiots watch the interview? He was joking and playing around; he actually thought it was hilarious how much attention being shirtless caused. I hope you’re all aware of how completely moronic you just came off :)

  48. 48
    soooo lame Says:

    what a doofus. “omg im so embarrassed” how old is he? he sounds like my little sister.

  49. 49
    HAHAHAHA Says:


  50. 50
    Vitamin Says:

    I don’t get it.
    In at least one picture, he looked directly into the camera. And in another photo, a girl was looking into the camera.
    So, I guess they knew that they were being photographed and they probably saw the photographer, too.
    Why upset now?

  51. 51
    Foghorn Leghorn Says:

    Who is this little *****?

  52. 52
    Duane Says:

    Kris, get a suntan first before you show your horrible white skin to the public!!

  53. 53
    Molly Says:

    They didn’t see any photographers. That’s why he referred to them as “sneaky.” He may have been smiling, but it wasn’t for a camera.

  54. 54
    Shaun Says:

    Man. They really are sheltered in the South, what grown man says that.

    Poster above, this kid and the blond girl both looked directly into the camera lens.

    As for Jared, duuude. Sucks that sites like Perez and now MTV use your photos and lift articles you broke without crediting or linking. Can’t you sue for stuff like that?

  55. 55
    Sarah Says:

    I just listened to the interview. I think Kris is just sort of modest and was embarrassed more than upset. He’s not really a fame ***** and I don’t see this as a bad thing. He’s cute, too bad he’s married :)

  56. 56
    whatever Says:

    i had to stop following him on twitter, his tweets got lame and annoyin

  57. 57
    Tupac Says:


  58. 58
    katie Says:

    @whatever:I hate to say it but I stopped stanning Kris when I realised he is basically a pretty version of his douchy cousins : / I still have 3 of his songs on my ipod tho lol

  59. 59
    CSA Says:

    I was upset too…the shorts didn’t fall off! :’(

  60. 60
    CSA Says:

    It upset me too…the shorts didn’t fall off! :’(

  61. 61
    Molly Says:

    Yeah, and he wasn’t exactly thrilled that he was such a whitie and that he was out of shape (he said that in another interview, lol)! April’s a little early to be tan anyway unless you do tanning beds.

    Anyway, I wasn’t upset at aaaaalll!

  62. 62
    Kara Says:

    Kris Allen looks fantastic without a shirt.. Keep the pictures of Kris coming Jared!!! Great Job!!

  63. 63
    Molly Says:

    @Duane: He wasn’t posing, moron.

  64. 64
    Molly Says:

    @[awkward]: Sure, I’m a fan, and it’s going really well! Why are all of Jared’s readers so negative?

  65. 65
    -___- Says:

    @Molly: This site used to be pretty upbeat and pleasant but lately as more and more people have migrated from Perez, Yahoo (and other extremely negative, childish sites) it’s basically turned into every other blog on the internet. I still prefer it here though. The format works for me and the updates are fast, and I like that Jared accepts links in his comments as most gossip sites do not.

  66. 66
    Sam Says:

    you must be kidding. jared is the only blog left that is still more or less fair and positive, there’s some healthy snark but not much disgusting language compared to other blogs. there’s no gang mentality unless someone is posted to death ie. rachel bilson whose unemplyed as.s used to get about 3 walking posts PER day causing readers to find her unbearable and utterly pointless

  67. 67
    Beth Says:

    Oh, Kris is just modest and was a little embarassed. He wasn’t THAT upset. Your title is misleading, Jared and stop whining. Mtv messed up, but you got tons of hits from those photos.

  68. 68
    J Says:

    dude… you were walking around shirtless. someone took a picture of you in a public area. if you wanted to keep your torso hidden from the public, maybe you shouldn’t have… walked on a public beach with your shirt off. dumb.

  69. 69
    Jane Says:

    This article is misleading people. Please see the actual video first at this link before commenting.

  70. 70
    kJ Says:

    i love his man boobies.

    So hot.

    I wanna lick ‘em

  71. 71
    Kathryn Says:

    Hi Jared – the way this is written makes it look like way more than it is.
    And if any of those who have left negative comments had actually watched the interview then, maybe they would note that he was actually laughing, smiling and blushing during this portion of the interview. It wasn’t that deep. It wasn’t that serious.

    Oh, and, by the way, this is fun news to the fans that, YES, Kris Allen actually has! HE HAS FANS PEOPLE, ACCEPT IT! They like to read stuff about artists, celebs, political figures, authors, dancers etc. that they enjoy, respect and appreciate. It’s nothing new or special. It happens all over the world ;-)
    If your not interested, just leave it alone. No need to get so riled up about something or someone that you don’t care about.

  72. 72
    Cait Says:

    Kris is adorable and sexy. I don’t care if he gets embarassed, we need more shirtless pics. Love his sexy voice, too. Damn.

  73. 73
    Sals Says:

    I thought the Glamberts were bad but you Kris fans are so rude! Why are you all attacking people who don’t like the picture? Not everyone likes Kris you know!!!

    Kris should be happy to get some press coverage, I don’t seem to be able to find many stories about him these days. Has he gone into hiding?

  74. 74
    Amanda Says:

    I don’t understand why they upset him…he looked hot.

  75. 75
    sheila Says:

    Britney, jamie, & others: obviously petty, negative-minded commenters don’t care that Kris was just being funny. They’re so ready to put someone down. Anyone who watched the interview objectively understood that he was just being funny & modest.

    Shaun, you are a very prejudiced person.

  76. 76
    stan Says:

    Sals, your comment is perplexing. Nobody who said something favorable about Kris attacked anyone. You don’t make sense. The only negative comments were from those putting down Kris.

  77. 77
    Hope F. LeSane Says:

    Hey JustJared…

    Thanks for those pics. I think Kris was more embarrassed then upset. I just think he’s self conscious about it and is just not vain or egotistical about his appearance. Silly boy. He has a great bod.

    For me…I thought the photos were hot. Thanks again.

  78. 78
    lily Says:


  79. 79
    Sara Says:

    Kris you are gorgeous do not be upset or embarassed of those photos!!!!!

    Jared stalk him and give us some more. hehe Just kidding. Kind of. :x

  80. 80
    keith Says:

    He should be happy his 15 minutes of Idol fame hasn’t run out yet.

  81. 81
    Sephd19 Says:

    He should be glad someone posted his pictures. If he doesn’t want his picture taken then he needs to change his career.

    When you are now singer or actor, you gave your life with the media.

    So, get of it, douche.

  82. 82
    musicfan Says:

    You should try watching the video interview yourself instead of relying on the article or blog’s choice of words or phrase they focused on. If you watch it, MTV was the one who brought up the topic of his shirtless photos and wanted to know what was his reaction to it. So when Kris admitted that he was upset about it, it’s obvious he really means he was personally embarrassed about the photos (a little self-conscious about his body like a lot of people do, except The Situation).

    Tabloids/Shirtless topic:
    More here (watch after minute 2:10):

    Fans knew about his shyness of taking off his shirt, because there’s a video from his tour in Asia where he refused to take off his shirt on stage for a tribal dance troop that plays with fire:

    He really is just a regular guy who just wants to do music for a living, which is why he end up auditioned for American idol (with the prompting of his brother). Just because your famous, doesn’t mean you’re not human.

  83. 83
    Clint Says:

    Typical whiny backward hick statement from Kris. I’m so over him.

  84. 84
    Star Says:

    He’s so adorable in that pic. I want to squish him.

  85. 85
    Rachel Says:

    He’s such a cutie – shirtless or not! Loved the pictures. He was obviously embarassed – said in an interview that if he had known there were going to be pictures he would have done more sit-ups! I think he’s just a perfectionist – about his music for sure. Love him and his music. It’s fascinating to me that he is shy and humble, until he gets on stage – then he is confident and HOT! Love it!!

  86. 86
    JOHARH Says:

    the cutest guy ever !! and he is so talented
    he’s not fake he’s just Normal <3

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