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Madonna Talks 'Material Girl'

Madonna Talks 'Material Girl'

Madonna shows her support for Material Girl, her new line with daughter Lourdes Leon!

Here’s what the 51-year-old original Material Girl had to share:

On the line being a representation of Lola’s fashion sense: “I really like the way Lola dresses and I think this line is absolutely an extension of her taste.”

On deciding to sell the line exclusively at Macy’s: “Macy’s seemed like a no-brainer. Macy’s is accessible – everybody goes there!”

On what today’s Material Girl is: “A Material Girl is someone who’s interested in fashion and interested in music and interested in fun and has a sense of humor – an adventurous human being!”

Lola blogged yesterday about how excited she is to start her first line on August 3 – check out what she had to say here if you missed it!

Material Girl
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  • tal

    she look so young!

  • http://@ImeanWhat Ryan

    Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets…

    Lola Ciccone has hit her own zeitgeist. She now has a clothing line, a blog, and is a self-proclaimed style maven. The question is: Will Lola revamp the Material Girl look that her Momma made famous umpteen millions years ago? Is that look relevant now?

    Read more:

  • Slig

    Mama great woowoowoowoow how alot my mom

  • http://h Kaz

    Hey old woman,, were lordeus?

  • dita

    madonna looks so hot.

  • 17G


  • 17G


  • Seth

    She looks great.

  • Leila
  • Leonardo

    Madonna looks really good, even younger than a few years ago. I like this look, it suits her best. Her daughter is amazingly beautiful too, cant wait to see her a grow up woman.

  • Andre

    Britney’s line is way better than this

  • i

    i don’t really worship that bitch but she looks good and these don’t seem photoshoped to death


    Another GOOP.

    No one cares. No ONE.

    Trying to wring out the last drops of fame is humiliating.

    Enough cheek implants, botox, dressing like a 20 year old at 51.

    Keep your 13 yr old in school. it’sfar too early to exploit the child.

  • sorry

    @TIM GUNN:She is perfectly healthy for her age :/ She has never exploited her own daughter, in fact she is so strict with her (in a good way) unlike Miley’s exploitative trailertrash family that the girl hasn’t even had a boyfriend yet. Madonna has nothing to prove, she can do absolutely NOTHING and still wear the crown because that’s how large and timeless her body of work is. She doesn’t need the fame! Like her or not, she is and forever will be remembered as one of the pioneers who changed the shape of the music industry. Women rarely took absolute control until Madonna entered the game, she MADE the rules and that takes BALLS – and brains. As for her daughter, she is planning to attend Performing Arts school and can speak a number of languages already. Don’t be mad just because Madonna is 51 and still in the business instead of sitting at home in a rocking chair.

  • Jonte

    I’m not a huge fan at all but girlfriend looks FIERCE.



  • naia

    i’m not a fan but damn…she looks great and she’s 52 and it’s not just the face..her body is really fit and slim

  • oops lol

    @Jonte: I meant to thumb you UP



    Excuse me, Madonn IS exploiting her daughter starting THIS WEEK.

  • Sarah Silverson

    whatever it is, the clothing line is hot. macy’s will carry it at full price while will have it at 75% off.

  • yonick desousa

    i cant believe it will have the brand at 75% off. i signed up and my confirmation email says that yeah they will carry the material girl brand in the fall.

  • leshaxo


    over-analyzin much? just sayin. hate when people over-analyze celeb lives. its like: GO GET UR OWN!

  • j-ronimo

    @Sarah Silverson: You’re right, just signed up and it told me the same thing. Wow thats amzn

  • zee

    I dont’ know what the hell Madonna’s doing/what god she’s praying to/what blood sacrifices she’s making but its working! She looks darn good for 51.

  • Jason

    @zee: It’s called botox.

  • nola

    Whatever. TJ Maxx will have it at 90% off in no time.

  • sam90

    Why would Macy’s want this crap after her cheap and tacky line didn’t sell at H&M.

  • London

    Why would teens buy clothes from the hairy spawn of geriatric Madonna? And when will this tired played out 80′s look go away for good?

  • JM

    I’m sure Madonna has had a little work done but she’s taken very good care of herself. She was never into drugs, always eats a healthy diet and consistantly exercises. I remember reading an article in the 80′s. It said she swam 50 laps a day. All you young people bashing her age just remember, you’ll be there some day, if you’re lucky. Do you think you’ll hold up half as well?

  • Bunny

    I wonder if the cone-shaped boooooobies will be included in this new line, and a set of hands to twist em back and forth. LOL.

  • keep that to yourself

    all that $ and her teeth still look Not the Greatest..

  • Karen

    @Timm Gunn–And she exploited her kids when she put them ON FILM for one of her movies she released. She also did photo shoots with her kids and she placed them ON STAGE. How could you guys miss all that? C’mon people. I don’t dislike this woman, but there’s no denying she would do anything for PR. She’s put pretty much put everything in her life on film and talked about all her kids, her love life, etc. She’s no SHY lady. She’s known for loving the attention. Let’s get back to reality here.

  • madonna

    Madonna Madonna looks good!

  • la

    oh lord. how can she do it!! she looks so good!! she does it better always!!! u go queen support ur kid. ur great in everything
    cant wait for new album and tour. everybody is missing u

  • Eloise

    @sam90: Wrong. Her line at H&M did very well, she even was hired for another season when it was planned only as a limited edition thing for a single season. She’s been very successful as well in her fashion campaigns with high-end lines such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, and others she’s worked with.

  • oli

    she looks great!!! amazing!

  • jo

    wow, Madonna, so sensitive are you about my comments that you have twice now felt the need to completely censor them; i.e. remove them entirely!!!!!! wow!!!! is that what money brings you: the power to shut people up whose opinions you don’t like???? what century are we in??? what country???? and i bet this comment will be deleted too!!!! wow!!! what exactly that i said did you not like: that you are censoring Lola’s blog??? buying out JJ …. wow!!!

    bet you above all of the fawning comments, mine will stick in your head!!

  • Nadine

    Her H&M line was panned by fashion critics and sold poorly. Even the launch of the collection was a joke. They only had 50 people show up. And to top it all off, they had an unusual amount of returned items. This is why she is now pandering to Macy’s customers.

  • Eloise

    @Nadine: There were people lined around the block at various stores waiting for the launch… the madness the first days surrounding its release was widely publicized and the line sold very well. Some items even sold out within a few days actually. FYI, Macy’s approached her. Macy’s wouldn’t take on someone who they felt will sell poorly.

  • amber


  • Nadine
  • Chi

    Oh LORDes! Just what we need more 13 year old girls running around looking like prostitutes.

  • Donlizard

    A “Material Girl” now is just like they were in the 80′s ….

    Pathetic and shallow, and lack any sort of reality!

    Ever see a pic of Madonna upclose or that hasn’t been photoshopped!

    Yikes! Let’s all start dealing in reality, the world will be less of a manufactured, plastic place to live!