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Miranda Kerr Stays Cool In NYC

Miranda Kerr Stays Cool In NYC

Miranda Kerr finds an inventive way to keep cool during the heatwave on Monday (June 28) in New York City.

The 27-year-old newly engaged supermodel pressed a bag of ice to her chest in between takes to cool off – Miranda posed in a full-length jacket and leather pants in 90 degree heat earlier in the day!

FYI: You can see Miranda in the pages of V magazine’s first foreign edition, V Spain, in their inaugural issue!

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Photos: Famepictures, Splash News Online
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  • butterflew

    Cute as a button.

  • Slig

    Yeah beautiful

  • Brightside

    She has the beauty of face that gets called angelic…and the body of a temptress. I don’t know how she does it….look so good and look so sexy…all the goddamn time.

  • sara

    Pregnant or not? If she was really pregnant would she work in the heat of NYC?

  • @4

    I don’t think that she is pregnant but even if she is there isn’t anything wrong with her working in the heat as long as she stays hydrated,
    It’s not like she is running a marathon, or anything.
    She looks amazing, even in that godawful heat.

  • http://h Kaz

    She’s gorgoues girl

  • cutie pie

    sweet, sexy, divine.

  • Orlando

    She now beautiful and britty girl

  • Emma

    Sexy Sweet britty but she like younger like 19 old year

  • Orlando


  • Brit

    She not boring All people love she only your fack ugly wretched

  • lesha

    aww cute lol

  • Jacke

    Not boring she always beautiful

  • Megan fox

    boring I’ts Makeup but she’s sexy like doll

  • Sophie

    Wow…exciting…really, I’m on the edge of my seat right now.

  • blah

    Model married to a (hasbeen) actor.
    How original…..

  • blah

    (Also, her calfs look swollen and she’s looking a little rounder in the face and waist.)

    Model knocked-up by (hasbeen) actor.

    Oh thats why they’re getting married.

  • urisee


    aww and youre a orli lover, how sweet. betcha wish you were the one knocked up eh? LMAO all these celeb/model fangirl haters are funny as Hedouble hockey sticks. leo/bar,orli/randa/tom/gisele. get over it. they ddnt want to marry your average justjared sitting postin jealous a**es. get hot…do something about it….sitting stalking people whom you claim to not like, obviously aint getting ya no….go one get lost. go get skinny or something.

  • Mary

    funny you call Orlando a has-been when its only because he has taken a break from acting. that hardly qualifies someone as a “has-been” LMAO. A has been is someone who can no longer get work other than a tv show or tv movies. LOL. Orlando has simply taken a “break”. again not a has been. All he has to do is work with another big actor and in another big movie, and he will be everywhere again … has been…..that is the power of real celebs. they can take 5 year breaks if they want, and can come back when ever they want. its all up to them. The sec he has a big movie out again he will be huge. and his gf props for her becoming a successful model. love how VS makes their models stars. VS rocks. too bad VS didnt want average smashed faced Barf fateli. LOL

  • CanadaGirl

    So sick of seeing her.
    @Brit – Your ESL lessons are calling.

  • blah

    Cause you know, a real Orlando fan would call him a “hasbeen”. Twice.

    Your logic is failing hard sweetie. Not everyone who dislikes Miranda is automatically pining for Orlando.

  • @20

    Then why did you click on her thread???

  • http://whatabeauty... hotness in the hot city

    @blah. who are you married to? Mr. orginal himself I’m sure.
    Orlando, “has been actor” you say, I say you are an idiot.
    Why don’t you check out a thread you would be interested in.

  • sara

    Oh the glamorous lives of celebrity.
    Orlando had to brave the cold surf in February, and now Miranda nearly gets heat stroke modeling winter clothes in 90+ degree heat.
    No wonder they get paid so much.

  • Only

    Wow like doll beauty

  • +++

    Wrecked troll face.

  • Spencer

    No thanks. Too fug, creepy, bloated.

  • YAY!

    She’s so gorgeous!
    She and Orlando are going to make such beautiful babies!

  • .

    Freddo the frog is back!

  • Sweet Miranda

    Beautiful girl, beautiful smile, sweet, sweet personality.

  • YAY!

    The only thing attractive thing is her moolah

  • sid

    i is sock puppet
    i has no life
    i repeet same insultz ovr and ovr cuz i cant theenk uv new 1

  • silence


    sounds harder than sitting down at a computer chair,looking up people you dont like. at least they are busy…

  • :/

    Big resemblance with Cameron Diaz (froggy), but Cam was cuter in her young days.

  • yes!!

    She looks so pretty!
    Can’t wait to see her wedding dress!

  • sob

    Yay!!!!! Ice cube filled jowls!!!!!

  • @36

    You finally thought up another insult besides “frog face”, “froggy”, “bloated” or “troll face”.
    At least you are puting in a bit of effort towards your hatred.
    Now the question is, how long will it take you to come up with new insults for your sock puppets to use???

  • heidi

    Plain Jane is out and about.

  • Rachelle

    Ewwww…… people always have diarrhea after seeing pictures of her.

  • @38

    @heidi: Agreed, nobody will remember her in a couple of years.

  • Boo

    Why orthopedic shoes in a fashion shoot? Don’t get it.

  • YAY!

    The sock puppets have returned!
    And I see that you worked on new insults.
    Good for youuuuu.

  • YAY!

    Around the net they say she looks like a Cabbage patch kid. Didn’t know what it is so Google search and lol, she does, so funny, lol!!!!

  • @43

    Ran out of names for your socks, so now you are stealing them?!?!
    So pathetic.
    And I don’t think that you can call a few posts from a very small group of idiotic haters as being “around the net”.
    She has what they will never have.
    She is gorgeous.
    She is successful.
    She has orlando Bloom as her fiance.
    THAT is what ticks the haters off as they sit in front of their computers all alone eating ice cream out of the carton.

  • @

    shes modelling da new Walmart Clothing line, so high fashion jajajajajaja

  • @43

    she had too much steamed broccoli for dinner hence now she looks like one, ah!

  • teehee

    I guess what they say is true.
    Miranda really does control the lives of the haters.
    They spend their sad, miserable days trying to think of idiotic insults that even an eight year old would think were stupid.
    So please keep it up. By coming back to her old threads again and again, you continually prove that your life revolves around Miranda.
    I think that it’s great!

  • Leonard

    C H I P M U N K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BP

    not nakked ? must be itching for that, bet she’ll be on Playboy anytime soon

  • @48 and 49

    Once again you prove that the post at #47 is true!
    What a sad little person you are.