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Rachel Bilson Works with Coach for Charity

Rachel Bilson Works with Coach for Charity

Rachel Bilson is the newest celeb to join Coach in raising money for the cause of her choice!

The 28-year-old actress chose three bags from Coach’s Poppy line for The Art of Elysium, an organization teaming actors with children fighting serious illnesses.

Rachel selected Poppy’s Sequin Spotlight purse, the Sequins Disco bag and the Leather Bella tote!

“She looked over the selection of bags and decided which bags she would own herself, as well as the practicality of each bag for an appropriate time of day,” Rachel‘s rep told People.

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • nat

    i don’t get it, what’s her significance in this process?

  • Apple

    apparently she’s a relevant in the biz but according to who , i have no clue

  • Ellie

    Lol, wow.

  • Serena

    Really? She’s buying purses for charity? Couldnt she donate money and not expect something in return? How about taking time off from her busy schedual of shopping and popping up at d-list parties and help out the coast by raising awareness/money for the oil spill. Getting something in return for charity work isn’t really the point of the project, its about what you give to the organization, what you help others less fortunate then yourself earn. NOT COOL.

  • Jonte

    Her life always appears so….empty.

  • Darren

    She acts like a brainless 16 year old daddy’s princess. Crazy to think she’s almost 30.

  • oh look

    “She looked over the selection of bags and decided which bags she would own herself, as well as the practicality of each bag for an appropriate time of day” I found your new BFF Paris Hilton.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Well, well JJ – guess you got Rachel’s July payment!! How much money goes to Rachel and Coach and how much goes to charity ACTUAL?? Does this charity have a name?? Or is it like Paris Hilton’s charity work in Africa??
    Coach is scraping the bottom of the barrel here!!! What – they couldn’t afford a Kardashian??

  • over

    Really… waste of another post.

  • add the rest

    The Art of Elysium is a children’s charity that is supported when people purchase one of the three bags Rachel chose, a portion of the sale goes to this charity if the purchases are made now up until July 28th. This was left out of the above post, I saw this same article with this info on another site.

  • Ahari

    She should do real charity work. This is a joke. Like that stupid bracelet idea.

  • MissBS

    If she really cared about a charity or cause she wouldnt do this kind of lame arse look at me look at me crap. Instead she picked something where she gets free press and free stuff didnt you notice it said she got to pick three bags that if people bought some money probably like 2 percent go to the charity and she got three free bags out of it . Shameless I swear some people are. This is only because her ex was involved in the RED campaign PSA etc and now shes trying to be like “look I care too!!”
    A bunch of BS if I have ever seen it.
    You know I really didnt dislike her totally till well…Now.
    So good job PR ppl you just made her that much more disliked.

  • Serena

    The three bags are three of the most expensive. Coach is designer, yeah I get it I have a pair of their shoes, but it isn’t reliable or eternal. One day their signiture will fade away. And she picked one of the guadiest bags, the sequined disco bag, and two others that even I a Purseaholic would not buy. Unlike the Birkin and Hermes bags no woman whose suffering from the recession is going to spend money on these, for charity or not. So basically this charity is only for celebs and the people who have good money still, not aimed at the millions of others like myself who would like to help ot but with the three distasteful bags my money is going towards others things and other charities. Good going Rachel, screw up everything as badly as you did Jumper.

  • monreal

    Continous dumbness & senselessness is “forever & ever”… for this celebritard who is in showbusiness ONLY because of connections and NOT because of any real talent and outstanding looks.

  • Holly

    Another pathetic attempt at “charity”. Why don’t you try visiting people who need real help, Rachel? See how they live their lives, see how they struggle, while you shop, lunch and select three expensive bags that most people who are weathering the recession couldn’t actually afford. You are out of touch with reality, and this is another attempt to get your name out there, there’s no real help involved. You disgust me.

  • Lake

    This is so fake. Just another way for her to get more free stuff. Funny how everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING she touches is either ruined or turns out to be some kind of fraud. Guess that fits.

  • MissBS

    I went to people magazine and could not find a single mention of this story which means jj totally made it up or whoever told him it did.

  • Surly


  • Theycalled her Sandra bullock!

    From People
    Following in the charitable– and stylish!– footsteps of Sandra Bullock, Rachel Bilson is the latest star to team with Coach to help raise money for a good cause. The style-savvy actress has selected three gorgeous bags from Coach’s Poppy collection to benefit children’s charity, The Art of Elysium, a non-profit organization that encourages working actors, artists and musicians to help children who are battling serious medical conditions. “[Rachel] looked over the selection of bags and decided which bags she would own herself, as well as the practicality of each bag for an appropriate time of day,” her rep, Marcel Pariseau, tells PEOPLE. Rachel narrowed it down to the sparkling day-to-night Poppy Sequin Spotlight purse, $398, cross-body evening Poppy Sequins Disco Bag, $148, and the Poppy Leather Bella tote, $328–perfect for daytime chic. We love Rachel’s glam choices! And beginning now until July 28, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each bag will benefit The Art of Elysium– talk about guilt-free shopping! Visit for more information. –Andrea DeSimone
    They compared her to Sandra Bullock oh my god now theyve gone to far Sandra actually gives a crap about causes and adopted a child and not for attention gawd I hope thats not Bilsons next step poor child if she does.

  • The Art of Elysium

    The Art of Elysium
    all it does is have actors musicians and artists hold work shops with sick kids.
    But the requirement is “working actors” she is not a working actor.
    So even the charity she chose out of all charities she could have is about her giving kids acting lessons!!! zomg those kids have suffered enough they dont need her teaching them to act.!!! all about her ugh

  • antwacky

    Looky, looky at Ms. (in-your-face) BilPuke’s flat & sagged tits – super duper gross!

  • zomg

    I looked at the bags first one all two of them are ugly and tacky as hell the only decent one is the one in the picture above and second of all they are the most expensive bags they have in the poppy collection somehow i dont think thats on accident she got three bags she didnt have to pay for and they try to sell three overpriced pieces of crap they couldnt move otherwise no one is going to buy these bags just because she picked them ask any teenager today theyve never even heard of the OC its all about gossip girl these days now maybe if they got one of those girls it would work but regardless i wont be buying any coach products ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • howabout

    How about people just donate to the freaking charity help the kids and leave trashy coach and trashy bilson out in the cold.

  • krista
  • Samba

    I find it extremely interesting that the only people who appear to actually support this waste of space “actress” have absolutely no command of the English language.

  • IKnowRight

    Ive noticed that right its because they cant understand what everyone is saying I suppose and why people are saying it.
    We need a universal word for attention Whhoore selfish stuck up brat so they can understand
    oh wait we have two words for that …Rachel

  • whodie

    Sheeesh… same b00bs like “Donatella Versace”?! Icks!

  • IKnowRight

    blinded by her b00bs and not in a good way yuckkkkkk SHUDDERS

  • Brightside

    LMFAO – Is this really all she does? Worry about the appropriate time of day that you should be carrying a certain type of bag? It’s an ACCESSORY! WTF! If that’s something that causes her such concern then she’s got entirely to much time on her hands. Bills…important, food….important, career…important. The daytime appropriateness of accessories….so f*cking NOT IMPORTANT! This girl is a complete wet end!

  • Slig

    I giv my friend

  • blairite

    Duh?! And Rashchel probably believes when some of her peeps tells her that one of her her best assets (aside from being a talented/beauty to be in the biz) could be her “deflate & microscopic böööbsies”… and she actually believes them. All hail to her “eternal delusions & dumbness”.

  • http://twitter annie

    who cares about this no talent grocery shopper jared,u must be getting paid for this crap. noone knows who she is. please hayden get smart and make the break permanet.

  • CanadaGirl

    Coach bags are so boring.

  • Lake

    Latest report on the break up is that it’s because they counldn’t agree on where to live. Well duh, did anyone ever believe there was actually a question here? This pretentious chick has a different Coach bag for different times of the day, did anyone really believe she’d actually go and live on a farm in the sticks of Ontario? And if Hayden ever believed it, he’s a bigger fool than she’s made him out to be.

  • Brightside

    If that’s true, then that has to be the stupidest reason ever! What’s to stop her living in Canada and visiting LA every so often (you know, like real people do)?
    It’s called making a sacrifice for the one you (supposedly) love. After all, when you make a commitment to marry, you live with your husband, not your mother or your friends. You visit them and you have them visit you. I don’t know whether this is true but it illustrates quite nicely just how appallingly dumb she is, if she didn’t realise that getting married entails making changes in your life. Jeez!

  • Lake

    Exactly Brightside, the article claims she was “desperate” to stay in LA because that’s where her family is. Well, then, she needs to hook up with some guy that either wants to live in LA or just doesn’t care. Not someone that the entire world knows, and has always known was/is passionate about being Canadian and living in Canada. My money is on the fact that she never even knew he was Canadian until it was “too late.” I’m sure she thought since he was an actor, he HAD to be from LA. Because yes, she is that appallingly dumb, lol.

  • Brightside

    If you aren’t willing to make that kind of decision for the person you love then you don’t love them!
    Basically she’s saying ‘My family and friends are more important to me than my love for you’. How unutterably selfish! I moved 7,000 miles away and I have never once regretted it. It’s not like she has a job to hold her back, either!

  • Ahari

    Well, even Hayden admitted in that article that he knew she’d rather be shopping in LA than spending time in Canada with him. How sad. I really hope he isn’t even remotely considering taking her back.

  • viper

    It’s an article which hard to say if this so called friend is correct to me there was never truly a relationship in them. Honestly if she ever believed she was going to change this man to want to live in LA she was totally insane he is and has always stated he won’t leave his home for long if at all. She is the same the long distance romance or even a marriage would end in divorce. At this point even if she did compromise or he the other would always want to leave an be back to what is familiar. All they are doing is selling this to the media in hopes to gain public sympathy for both of them.

  • Jax

    Well, believe what you want, and I’m not always onboard with Twitter sightings especially with no pic for proof, but there’s this:
    Looks like it’s all just a ploy for more attention. And if so, he’s as bad as she is for letting her do this stuff. Really, really pathetic. Both of them.

  • Kim

    I believe she is in Thornhill, there is no reason why that guy would make that up, if she were not there then she would be here in LA being papped without the ring.

  • BS

    If youre truly in love, you dont take time off because youre too stubborn bout where to live, but of course we’re talking about celebs here folks, what do you expect?

    She is spoiled brat Valley girl who “always gets what she wants.”

    I thought HC was smarter than this. This girl is so wrong for him! we all know this. This purse donation thing is sickening if you ask me! She gets free purses…how is this donating again? How bout you get your bratty a$$ out there admist the real world, the real people who are suffering? Oh no she would probbly have to get her manicured hands dirty…YUCK! I know she wont conceed & live on a dirty farm LMAO! She should appreciate a guy willing to build a nice life for them. I hope H sticks to his guns & doesnt give into her whiney a$$. For him to move to LA? He would become a hypocrite.

    Honestly though, i think this story is fake. Remember the 2 were considering NYC? both seemed in agreement to that.

    Hopefully H is done putting up with her shiit

  • viper

    Thornhill is not where HC is living and his family is up north with him mom included. Plus who is to say this person is not just jumping on some bandwagon to promote RB. To me unless there is a pic to go with the siting it’s a game.

  • TPL

    Rachel in Canada to meet him and discuss thier relationship? THAT is giving Hayden all the power in the relationship. She always caves in. He wines and tell her he loves her and can’t come to LA due to “work” but the bottom line is they are in a power-struggle. He wants to date other women and when she breaks her resolved and flies thousands of miles to visit him then he knows he can cheat without consequences.

    She gave in, she caved, she cannot stick to her guns and break up with him when he’s unfaithful and he knows it! :)

    Well, I have a bike ride tonight in Studio City, HC faithful? Rach, I’ve got some land for sale for you…on the moon! LOL

  • TPL

    @43 Thornhill is just a few miles away from the remote area that HC lives in where the farm is,there is NO reason for her to be there. It’s not like it’s Toronto,and even then there is no reason for her to be there.

    She lost her resolve and came running back to him, meanwhile he’s carrying on with other woman , and why should he stop? She never follows through with her threats to break up! LOL

  • viper

    Well guess your twitter siting was totally incorrect that is her in LA today. and PS HC even said he lives over 1 hour away from where he grew up in Thornhill. Don’t think she was in Canada at all and these so called Twitter reports are BS unless they come forward with a picture

  • whodie

    Another SIC! After that Donatella Versace tits of her, there goes her thundering saddlebags… this ageing twithead badly needs to evaporate FAST!

  • Brightside

    Is it me, or does she appear more stumpy-legged than usual in this shot? She has short legs and a long torso. Looks like a penguin. Her friend has a much better figure with longer legs and a shorter torso.

  • http://Skyrock Teiya

    Hey,tout le monde.

    Miss Bilson a été aperçu et photographié autour de Los Feliz,le 30 Juin ou 1er Juillet
    Encore sans sa bague de fiançailles.
    Pour sa sortie du 1er Juillet,comme elle l’avait fait auparavant,
    elle se remet au sport pour être parfaite avec son future mec.
    Vraiment joyeuse que son histoire d’amour avec Hayden soit enfin terminé.