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Zoe Saldana: Engaged to Keith Britton!

Zoe Saldana: Engaged to Keith Britton!

Zoe Saldana is engaged to her longtime love, Keith Britton!

The 32-year-old Avatar actress and her beau, who is the CEO of My Fashion Database, “have been together forever,” a source tells Us Weekly. “They’re a great couple.”

However, Zoe has kept their engagement very low-key. “She doesn’t even introduce him as her fiancé,” another insider reports. “She will just say, ‘This is Keith.’ She likes to keep her personal life to herself and wants people to focus on her as an actress.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!!

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60 Responses to “Zoe Saldana: Engaged to Keith Britton!”

  1. 1
    jessica Says:


  2. 2
    Laura Says:

    Congratulations Zoe and Keith! That’s the type of attitude that keeps Hollywood marriages strong.

  3. 3
    Nayalah Says:

    She shiuld be cast to play cleopatra!!! She’d be perfect.Cleopatra was african/asian, and Hollywood made everyone believe she was White.

  4. 4
    Halli Says:


  5. 5
    Men's online magazine Says:

    I can’t believe that she settled for a white guy

  6. 6
    mailey Says:

    that’s a bit much. she’s not giving up the world by introducing him properly. she should be proud he’s her fiance.
    how would she feel if it were the reverse and he was like ‘yah, this is zoe’. meh.

  7. 7
    aimee Says:

    I absolutely love Zoe! She’s such an amazing actress! So happy for her! =)

  8. 8
    sarafina Says:

    @Men’s online magazine: Shut the F…….. Up…. Does it matter?????/

  9. 9
    Rao Says:

    Congrats! Gorgeous couple!

  10. 10
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    Congratulations and best of luck! What a lovely couple!

  11. 11
    Afrika Says:


    African/Asian? LOL. Sorry to burst your bubble Nayalah but Cleopatra was indeed white. If you did your research, you would discover that she is a descended from the ptolemy family and they were all Greeks. The Ptolemic family were against inter-racial relationships because they wanted to keep the family blood “pure”. Some of them even married their own sisters. Thus, the chances of Cleopatra being black are very slim. The only reason why Cleopatra was very famous with Africans was that she was the first Ptolemic leader to learn the Egyptian language and she presented herself as an incarnation of an Egyptian goddess. But yeah, she was WHITE.

  12. 12
    ace11 Says:

    mensonline: i can’t believe he chose a black girl

  13. 13
    Kirsten Says:

    Can we stop the Cleopatra debate and focus on this cute couple? Congrats!

  14. 14
    Slig Says:


  15. 15
    Nayalah Says:

    @AFrika:honey go back to history class!! Why do you think egyptians are dark skinned? Because of the sun? No, thats their heritage. she was not totally greek,her ancestors were. The greek details had the time to desapear. Besides, they have found her sister’s body, and they found out her skull has the caracteristics of an african skull. You need to check out the date on your history. Eat me!

  16. 16
    Nayalah Says:

    @AFrika:honey go back to history class!! Why do you think egyptians are dark skinned? Because of the sun? No, thats their heritage. she was not totally greek,her ancestors were. The greek details had the time to desapear. Besides, they have found her sister’s body, and they found out her skull has the caracteristics of an african skull. You need to check out the date on your history book. Eat me!

  17. 17
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    @Nayalah: You go back to history class, Afrika is very much correct. The founding of her ‘sister’s’ body is under a huge question mark; there is no evidence that she and Cleo had the same mother even if it was her sister; her father was Greek so hate to break it to you but it would be a miracle of genetics if the ‘Greek details’ had time to disappear considering that. Egyptians themselves do not consider her black … and on and on. The only people who raise the fuss are black Americans who have chips on their shoulders the size of Titanic!

  18. 18
    Josie Says:

    Beautiful couple. CONGRATS!!

  19. 19
    Brightside Says:

    Because chocolate’s so much nicer than vanilla! Lucky guy! She’s so beautiful.

  20. 20
    anorexic Says:

    Her mouth is so fug.

  21. 21
    Stupid Nayalah ! Says:

    Nayalah, you’re the stupid one ! I am second generation african and go tell to any subsaharian african or nothern afriacn that Egyptians are negro and they will laugh at you hard, idiot
    Nothern african are among mediterranean types, few of them are anegro africans, usually from second or third generation of subsaharian negro africans and others descents of slaves are negroes.
    Before spouting your nonsense, get some education ! While all negroes comes from Africa, Africa was never populated ONLY by negroes. The nothern are a mix of people whose ethnicity is closed to the mediterraneans (some are even groupeD as such), middle Esatern, european, especially in the higher social levels like nobility, royalty and aristocracy (it’s a racist society where the fairer usually marry with each other) and the tiny bit are negoro africans in the lower level of societies.
    The nobility are most definitely europeanized to the core, always was !
    Get a clue and even visit in here all the royalties families from those nothern countries, the egyptian princesses for centuries resemble thelikes of Vivien Leigh.!

  22. 22
    Kora Says:

    I love Zoe and she has been dating him for years. Wish them a successful marriage!

  23. 23
    Princess Fouad of Egypyt Says:

  24. 24
    Queen Lalla Salma of Morocco Says:

  25. 25
    missy Says:

    @Men’s online magazine:

    Bet his parents are thrilled! Not, guess its better than being gay!

  26. 26
    Realistic Says:

    Congratulations to Zoe and Keith ! :)
    I agree with her way of handling her relationship…
    I always believed if you really loved the person you are with you would not use them for public relations, public attention, make announcements and seek approval like you have to prove something. You will just be with that person and nothing else really would matter. When celebs say they “want privacy” and then leak their own business its funny to me and a tad bit desperate looking lol.
    I know for a fact some of these celebrity relationships are a relationship of convenience lol.

  27. 27
    pop86 Says:

    Congrats to Zoe and Keith

  28. 28
    ivanka Says:

    cute couple, both good looking, she is so talented and keeping things low key is a good way to make it last in hollywood

  29. 29
    Dee Says:

    @Iffy Miffy: You had a good little thing going until you got to your last sentence. Then you just had to let the Klan robes get in the way.

    Anyway, congrats to Zoe and Keith.

  30. 30
    Brightside Says:

    @Stupid Nayalah !:
    National Geographic – The Black Pharaohs. You should really, really read this article….
    Yes, there were black pharaohs in Egypt. Unfortunately,due to a lot of white skin bigotry, this wasn’t considered an acceptable part of Early Egyptian history. No white person wanted to think of black Sub-Saharan Africans ruling over an ancient civilization as technologically advanced (for it’s time) and as powerful as the Egyptians. But we did, oh yes, we did!

  31. 31
    BEVERLY Says:

    It really doesn’t matter if egyptians were white, black, brown or purple.
    The fact is “all people are decendants of two people. Read your bible people.

  32. 32
    MollyMakeout Says:

    Ehem hate to burst your bubbles but nobody knows what race Cleopatra was, it is still heavily debated by scientists let alone JJ commenters, so chill out none of you is wrong. Also I can’t believe people start race wank under every Zoe post.

  33. 33
    BEVERLY Says:

    What really makes a person black, white, or brown?

    Can a blind person be prejudice?

    Are there any so called pure blooded people in the usa?

    Can you look at a person and tell if they are “pure blooded?

    is an albino black or white?

  34. 34
    chrissy Says:


    if you’re talking ice cream

  35. 35
    jasmine Says:

    it would be better than being married to rosie odonnell!

  36. 36
    Egyptian Says:

    Of course the original Egypitian were black . The Arabs coquer North Africa which is why things have change. The original Egyptian are Africans. Read the Bible , most of the people in the Bible are blacks. Africa in the Bible is referred to as Egyptian and Ethopian.

  37. 37
    Rose Paisant Says:



  38. 38
    Tracy Says:

    Awww I wish them nothing but the best wishes. Beautiful couple!

  39. 39
    Everything_But_the_Girl Says:

    It’s not a surpise as she rarely has a black co-star for that matter. I can back my claims from the following filmography
    Death at a Funeral (2010) -love interest: James Marsden
    The Losers (2010)
    The Skeptic (2009)
    Star Trek (2009)
    Haven (2006) – love interest : Orlando Bloom
    Guess Who (2005) – love interest: Ashton Kutcher

  40. 40
    jaye Says:

    She likes to keep her person life to herself? Hmmm I guess giving an interview talking about how much she loves sex doesn’t qualify as her personal life. That was more information than anyone needed to know.

  41. 41
    CONGRATS!!! Says:

    Cute couple!! I’ve been a fan of hers since Center Stage!! Best wishes to Zoe and Keith!!

  42. 42
    Val Says:

    That’s not her choice if i’m right…that’s the cast people choice.
    is there’s some coincidence, is just that. and is soo funny you put every movie but avatar in your post, concidering she got more popular after that one.

    Congrats to the happy couple!
    best of wishes!

  43. 43
    anon Says:

    I had previously observed and thought interesting that none of her costars love interest were ever black. Interesting now to see her her husband is white. I am middle age and couldn’t conceive anything like Zoe even 30 years ago. Interesting how it is just the way it is and that it is hardly even noticed. Zoe is great and I hope she gets even more prominent roles.

  44. 44
    anon Says:


    The Hindus would disagree with you, but what do I know, I believe in science, and you apparently believe in magic.

  45. 45
    Miss Tolerance Says:

    Queen Cleopatra was a descendant of Ptolemy BUT remains of the queen’s sister Princess Arsinoe, found in Ephesus, Turkey, indicate that her mother had an “African” skeleton.

    Look it up. It’s true. So Cleopatra was mixed like our current POTUS.

  46. 46
    History Nerd Says:

    @Miss Tolerance:

    What the hell is an “African” Skeleton?

    Also, who says that Cleopatra and Arsinoe had the same mother? That’s speculation at best.

    Enough of this.

    Congrats to Zoe and her fiance.

  47. 47
    really Says:

    Just beautiful! and yes Zoe would make a great cleopatra!

  48. 48
    really Says:

    Just beautiful! and yes, ZOE would make a great cleopatra!

  49. 49
    cheryl Says:

    @Afrika: Wrong!!! so wrong, do ur research the latest and most reliable sources show strongly that cleopatra was black, I know im a historian and i also work in archeology. But this is such a trivial argument

  50. 50
    British Latin American Says:

    Oh, bullshit Cheryl!

  51. 51
    Miss Tolerance Says:

    An “African” skeleton means just that. The bones are of an African (Nubian) female who was Cleopatra’s mother.

    It’s far from hearsay. I was just posting a fact!

  52. 52
    Devanie (Duh-Vah-Nee) (: Says:

    Congrats to Zoe and Keith. I think it’s funny how this argument started over an engagement announcement. Though I firmly believe that the role of Cleopatra should NOT have been cast as a white actress, I’m not sure about Zoe Saldana. I’m not alone in my views. “I don’t care how full Angelina Jolie’s lips are, how many African children she adopts, or how bronzed her skin will become for the film,” Shirea Carroll wrote in an editorial for “I firmly believe this role should have gone to a Black woman…What’s next? A biopic on Sojourner Truth played by Betty White?” Zoe Saldana is beautiful and an extremely talented actress, but she doesn’t have the box office appeal and fanbase that the movie’s current choice Angelina Jolie has. You won’t exactly hear people say they are going to see “that Zoe Saldana movie”. Not yet at least. In movies all that matters is making money.

  53. 53
    Brightside Says:

    The face of cleopatra
    Black or white or mixed – you decide. I say mixed but definitely not white.

  54. 54
    everyoneshutup Says:

    there are more than just black and white people in the world. this whole argument is so “american”. the fact that you idiots assume everyone is one or the other. more than likely cleopatra was greek, which doesn’t necessarily mean white. greeks are mixed with arab blood anyway.

    and newsflash, when you say someone is “african”, that only means they come from the continent of africa. that encompasses a whole lot of people besides black africans…there are arabs, jews, even some mongloid(asian) looking ethnic groups. go a educate yourself.

    this isn’t even your history to argue over, ancient egypt had nothing to do with american whites or blacks. your ideas and categorizations of them as a people mean nothing. it’s not your country or your history.

  55. 55
    tinaru Says:

    Yest Greeks are your typical white people. Greeks like Cleopatra would be your typical white European, even the suppose ‘tanned’ Greeks aren’t that ‘dark’, especially given the fact Greek women usually tent to be more fair in complexion, and especially given the fact that ancient depictions and descriptions of Cleopatra describe her as fair coloring.

    Neither Cleopatra nor Arsinoe had an African mother. We know who their mother was and she a Ptolemaic Queen as white as Cleopatra and Arsinoe. Arsinoe’s remains have not been found.

    1) That isn’t Arsinoe in that tomb, the skeleton remains are too young to be Arsinoe. Those remains are of a young girl in her teens, Arsinoe died when she was in her twenties.

    2) The skeleton remains show no signs of trauma. Its a fact that Arsinoe was killed in a violent fashion. Arsinoe’s skeleton remains would show evidence of this.

    ……even the lead researcher on that project was bothered by these two facts

    3) The tomb was build DECADES after Arsinoe was killed.

    4) The way they determined the race of the skeleton remains in the that tomb are dubious at best. They used the outdated cephalic index that most credible forensic scientists do not use anymore because it has been proven to be inaccurate given the fact that one can’t tell a person’s race based upon skull size. If that’s the case the King Tut is actually white because according to the same cephalic index these fools used to determine the ‘race’ of the skeleton remains this this tomb, King Tut is brachycephalic which is typical of ‘Caucasians’ not sub-Saharan Africans according to the cephalic index.

  56. 56
    Nikki B Says:

    @Stupid Nayalah !:
    You’re a dark skinned is consider low class…because ppl of lighter skin is so barbaric…wow…who gives a flying *** about cleo…she ain’t did nothing…and I’m sure..she wouldn’t even part take in this …. she obviously had respect for africans…no matter what color…did you see when they restructured her face…she had braids…and so what..african americans have a problem with this we are the newest race … so be racists somewhere else..

  57. 57
    ROC Says:

    All this I’m a BLACK woman, but your gonna marry a WHITE man. I was under the impression she was of full HISPANIC ancestry. Isn’t she, Puerto Rican & Domincan? Since when is that BLACK? WHATEVER!!!! B proud of whatever you are and don’t try to be somethig else.

  58. 58
    Jaysix Says:

    @Men’s online magazine: Yep, she should of stayed with her monkey race.

  59. 59
    jaja Says:


    she’s hispanic

  60. 60
    Ming Su Says:

    sorry, but i was cleopatra in a past life and she had dark skin closer to an Africans.

    leave zoe alone. shes cute and shes just trying to make it in hollywood. let her love her man.

    racist on here are dumb. Egyptians of any color were 100X classier than any black or white american. sorry. talk about classic beauty. sorry white and black people you dont get to claim beauty of that nature.

    Ming Su

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