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Christina Aguilera: First 'Burlesque' Stills!

Christina Aguilera: First 'Burlesque' Stills!

Check out these first stills of Christina Aguilera from the upcoming movie, Burlesque.

“It’s sexy, it’s sensual,” the 29-year-old entertainer promises to USA Today. “The whole idea of burlesque has always intrigued me. The art of the tease, the dance, beautiful women – need I say more?”

Adds Christina about her character’s heart: “It wasn’t just a girl who comes to L.A. and makes it big. It was a girl who had suffered and felt pain, been in seven foster homes. She doesn’t let her past make her a victim. And that to me was so appealing.”

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christina aguilera burlesque stills 01
christina aguilera burlesque stills 02
christina aguilera burlesque stills 03
christina aguilera burlesque stills 04
christina aguilera burlesque stills 05

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  • Slig

    She doog

  • haha

    beautiful indeed.. still look like the genie in a bottle girl…

  • lulu

    oops I thought I saw Heidi Montag when I looked at the pic with the grey T shirt :-/ Didn’t recognize her.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …wait, that’s now heidi montag?!? hahahahahahaaa… this looks real glitter-ish. hahahahahahaaa

  • Donovan

    She looks awesome. How are you seeing Heidi Montag? That a bit of a stretch!

  • Go Ask Alice

    She does look like her Genie in a Bottle day there.She looks way better without the ruby red lips,overdone make-up.

    Too bad with Bionic,she went back to Dirty cd. Her last cd was really good and special. .Too bad,thistyring-to-be sexy movie is old .Sexy does not make a good film or something new,special.

    Too bad this movie is going to be D.O.A.

  • unknownsoul

    She doesnt care if she looks good or bad. She’s an extraordinary person.

  • Butter_Fly

    She does look like Heidi in that one pic, and I don’t think that is a good thing. I like her old stuff but now she’s a bit too weird for me.

  • http://h Kaz

    U know guys ,, i’m a boy put more muke up and change colour hair black black like bettle ,, and more style ,,every body u alot like kristen stewart

  • CC

    She looks like Heidi Montag in that pic!!

  • no name

    She looks much prettier when she’s not wearing LOADS of makeup and that silly red lipstick!

  • Just saying…

    Still sexier and better than LadyGagme.

  • Ms. Anonymous

    Hey douche@I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    Hey douche-bag, until we see a picture of you we can laugh at, SHUT THE HELL UP TROLL.

  • Slig

    I mean good

  • lol

    Wow, the plot doesn’t sound cliched at all. This woman knows nothing about true sensuality, and she has no natural beauty or grace. More Vegas cabaret than anything.

  • MRCA

    WOW AMAZING! Totally gonna see it! Christina and Cher = Perfection!

  • Audrey

    OMG, Christina look so beautiful with that natural make-up!!
    Can’t wait to see the movie!

  • whatever

    Stop hating you guys, she looks amazing. Looking forward to this.

  • B,

    Saw an interview with her a few weeks ago and thought she came across as very arrogant and rude. And she had enough slap on her to paint a wall.

  • Sam

    Cher looks great.

  • damn

    Xtina is bald right? Her hair always looks like a WIG! Fake hair, fake boobs, fake personality, fake face.

  • TTY

    “Burlesque is a humorous theatrical entertainment involving parody and sometimes grotesque exaggeration. In 20th century America, the form became associated with a variety show in which striptease is the chief attraction.”

    “A variety show characterized by broad ribald comedy, dancing, and striptease.”

  • Judd

    @Just saying…: Gaga has never wanted or TRIED to be a sex symbol. This insecure unoriginal tryhard has spent her entire career talking about how sexual she is, how ‘sexy’ her songs are, how great her sex life is all whilst not being remotely sexy to anyone. Total bonerkiller.

  • SNAP

    Gaga made this movie herself with no help from anyone before she was KNOWN worldwide
    Christina’s ‘movie’ was made by everyone else, is getting so much desperate promotion and it’s going to be a FLOP just like her cr@p album LMFAO

  • KellStar

    I think I already saw this movie… one million times… on Lifetime.

  • james

    now THAT’S hot. thanks for posting this justjared, no britney or beyonce, they have the same age of christina and look way older..that girl is DAMN HOT. i wanna f$%&/ her.

  • Rosario

    If people have nothing nice to say, why say it at all?

    She looks gorgeous and I’m excited for the movie!

  • bRoWn Eyed Girls

    how can she look like heidi montag heidi was the one who had surgery so you should have said heidi is trying to look like christina and besides those pix were taken long before heidi had surgery

  • buckywucky

    she looks so much better without all that crappy makeup on her face!

    (the last photo)….never seen her that way.

  • Tina

    She looks so young in the photo with the grey shirt..This is how you wear makeup for a casual day Christina…Save the Clown Face for the stage and videos.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Ms. Anonymous: Hii stalker. LOL

  • Only

    She next lady gaga

  • stacy

    she is so pretty

  • Joe

    that is an exact copy of Chicago stage.
    wow, she is so unoriginal.No, a hack.

  • Xtina_wins_at_life

    I find it highly puzzling and hilariously strange when people (deranged haters) say Christina seems arrogant and rude.

    Apparently, having self-confidence is not a good thing! It makes your music terrible, therefore people shouldn’t buy it. LMAO. Such stupid nonsense from the haters…

    And how is Christina rude? What terribly rude and very bad thing did Christina ever do or say? Haters are NUTS.

    I’m sorry, but the Xtina haters must just be waaayyyy to insecure with themselves to be so bothered by Xtina’s supposed “rudeness”.

    LMAO, you just gotta laugh…. whatever.
    Xtina, keep doing your own thing as usual. Remain real and smart and honest and fearless and amazingly talented. :)

  • xxxxxxx

    Flawless beauty queen.

  • TT

    Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera are better than Gaga!!!!

  • BankUp

    Still sexier and better than LadyGaY


    Can;t wait for the MOVIE

  • Authentication

    such a lovely woman

  • Megan

    @Xtina_wins_at_life :: TOTALLY AGREE!!
    Christina is talented and i will always love her and her music.


  • Jokergurl

    Did I see Cher in one of these stills, cool I love Cher and she can act too.

  • Christina Fan

    She is beautiful! Love her.

  • gabriel

    She looks GORGEOUS! I love the natural look on her.

    I cant wait to see Burlesque. It looks like a fun movie!

  • rock n roll queen

    i love everythin about burlesque i think i will be interestin to watch

  • mailey

    she is soo pretty when she’s natural!!! that’s really when u know someone is truly pretty. when they actually look better WITHOUT makeup.

  • Stripped


    seriosuly, you0re awesome legendtina!

  • Ms. Lady

    These stills look a little off. In the photo of Aguilera in front of the big burlesque sign, it looks like either her dress is too short or she forgot the wear the costume panties over her stockings instead of under, looks weird. Also the photo of Cher and the photo of Aguilera in the gray shirt looked really touched up (photoshopped). Cher almost looks unreal. I hope they don’t look like that in the movie.

  • zema

    kind of looks like Heidi Montag in that picture

  • http://Hotmail Xtina is so f&@ hot!!!

    I love every move she is making, so Fu$$&kng amazing I can wait to see burlesque, xtina girl keep doing the great job , you are a superstar with a great talent, please never stop. I love my xtina , I am your number 1 fan.