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Christina Aguilera Goes Strawberry Blonde!

Christina Aguilera Goes Strawberry Blonde!

Christina Aguilera shows off her new strawberry blonde locks on the set of her new video, “You Lost Me,” a beautiful ballad off of her latest album, Bionic.

Bionic is definitely my baby at the moment,” the 29-year-old entertainer tells ET. “Eventually, in the future, I do want to expand on my family and have another one, but for now, Bionic is the baby and [my movie] Burlesque is the other baby.”

Earlier today, the first stills were releases of Christina in Burlesque.

Christina Aguilera Goes Strawberry Blonde!
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  • Slig

    She good .iam now eating

  • Jenna

    Oh wow, her hair looks terrible and I’m a fan.

  • : [

    umm, ew

  • Ange

    Omg sh’s terrify

  • Jake

    She says the same thing every fvking time.

  • Donovan

    Hope that’s a rinse out!

  • but


  • Jonte

    No, no, no honey.

  • Lady

    Lady gaga???

  • Julie the caveman

    She looks beautiful..<33

  • noooooooooooooo

    she looks ill

  • Macedonian Girl

    Hmmm… :\

  • http://h Kaz

    She’s handsome

  • gross/

    God. I hate the way she speaks. Why does she put on that ridic baby voice and move her tongue all around in her mouth like that, does she think it’s sexy?

  • Ben

    @gross/: i thought i was the only one who always thought that. she just looks like she’s always got food in her mouth or some mouth disease

  • Anna

    I can’t figure out whether this bit*ch is completely insecure or completely self-obsessed.

  • wahtever

    The colour is…, but she is cute.

  • Emma

    really Goes fattt

  • V

    @Anna: Both.

  • Beam

    not too sure about the color… but longer hair make her look younger (like seen on the Burlesque stills!)

  • V

    She is just so ugly :(

  • lilianna

    She looks like the neighborhood bimbo with the hair and the way she talks, even looks like she’s on something

  • donatella

    witch! hahahahahahahaha

  • t

    i like it better than the short

  • Ms Anonymous


    Put up your picture so we can judge you, she’ll always look better than you.

  • kaka

    I’m sad she’s flopping. Her album is really good. Hope it gets higher with the amazing “You Lost Me”

    Don’t care for the movie.

  • damn

    this arrogant could do with a nosejob.

  • dylansbritney

    Lol, her smile is so forced.

  • Alaia

    She looks much better, but still awful makeup.

  • Xster

    I kind of like the hair. I love how the haters are on here commenting already. IF you don’t like her just leave her alone. I love Bionic and think its a great album.

  • Xster

    I think it looks cute. It could be better but im sure it will. I love Bionic and think its my fave album of hers well close to Stripped. Why don’t the haters leave her alone she sings better then most people ever dream they could.

  • Linda


    The only ones who are insecure and obsessed here are these haters who watch this woman’s every move like a damn tracking device. If you can’t stand her then leave her alone, if not, then shut the hell up!

  • d

    INSUFFERABLE. This woman when she’s talking, has no CLEAR identity of her own. You feel like she’s either trying to imitate Madonna’s uppity attitude, or Lady Gaga’s seriousness.



  • Gerizana

    she´s sooo beautiful and creative !!! she´s always change her style!!!! I love her

  • David

    Same Question,Same Answers Can’t her people talk to her??Fans are getting BORED!!!Would Love for her to perform I Hate Boys with a Futuristic Cheerleader theme.

  • xxxxxxx

    Always looking good, this color suits u perfect.

  • V

    @Ms Anonymous: LOL. Let’s just say I would WEEP if I woke up one day looking like Christina.

  • Masoud

    She looks HORRIBLE. omfg….

  • Nathan

    She looks great, it suits her being long again. It is sad how people are still comparing her to Gaga when she is branching away from that whole comparison shit, it’s getting old get over it.

  • actually

    it’s not the hair thats bad it’s the makeup alongside it, it makes her skin look sickly :(

  • Courtney

    I think Strawberry blonde looks really great on Christina with her coloring though a bit of a stereotype as she’s blue eyed and usually the most beautiful women in the world are considered to be strawberry blonde haired and blue eyed

    as for example Linda McCartney or Eva Marie Saint when she was younger

  • misterpibb

    Ehhh. She should have kept her edgy hip blonde bob. I guess at this point it doesn’t matter since her album has tanked.

  • christinalover

    I love the way she speaks and I also think it’s very sexy what she does with her mouth. But I liked her more with her bleach blonde hair, but she is still the sexiest woman on this planet.

  • kevin

    what a retard! she is the most annoying singer.

  • Status quo

    Hmm, looks like a …hot mess. I can’t come up with anything whittier than that. However, if she decided to go a REAL strawberry blonde, I would glady agree with her choice. But this nonsense…wtf. Maybe they weren’t finished.

  • Xtina_wins_at_life

    A message to the haters :

    You can cry about Christina’s lips, mouth, hair, eyes, nose, the way she talks, how you don’t like her this and that etc, etc, etc.

    Just remember this : Christina is indestructible. She laughs at you all. She stays amazing and epically talented. Best vocalist WORLDWIDE.

    You can keep doing your thing, haters. You’re just keeping Christina more and more relevant, more and more LEGENDARY. LMAO. It’s not a joke.

  • slambang

    @Anna: I’d say she’s both!

    And, her album was inspired by her son? Umm, o-kay…

  • Xtina_wins_at_life

    Guys Legentina Aguilera is indeed an “arrogant b*tch” and guess what?

    She is definitely no Britney or Gaga or Mariah or Barbara or anybody else, so you can stop the comparisons.

    Arrogantina Bitchlera does not give a F*CK what you think, haters. Get it in your heads. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! x 1110000 million. You think you’re cool making fun of Xtina’s hair or eyeballs?????????? You think you’re hurting Xtina???????? LMAO. Poor clueless haters.

    Peace out Xtina! Keep being epic and the best singer on Earth! Keep being you! :D

  • hal

    She looks AMAZING!!!and gaga fans stop comparing and listenning to perez hilton and enjoy the life and music! such a shame!