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Kate Gosselin: Read My Eyebrows - No Botox!

Kate Gosselin: Read My Eyebrows - No Botox!

Kate Gosselin has slammed reports that she’s had Botox injections.

The reality mama, 35, told People, “Read my eyebrows: no Botox!”

A source close to Kate adds that she’s taking the whole situation in stride and even finds the speculation funny.

Kate thinks it’s hilarious that one photo of her with her eyebrows raised has caused such a stir,” the source tells People. “It’s ridiculous – she hasn’t done anything.”

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Credit: C. Watts; Photos: INFdaily
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  • mary


  • mary

    can’t stand this woman…ugh

  • Slig

    She nothing

  • http://h Kaz

    I want beautiful celebrets

  • missy

    It seams like Kate thinks she’s more important than she actually is. Nobody cares whether or not she uses botox.

  • butterflier

    If Kate’s lips are moving, she’s lying. No botox, just like she didn’t have time for her boob job. She’s obviously had something injected in her forehead. Her crevasse-like frown lines have disappeared. If it wasn’t botox, it was something else.
    Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  • thats what you call a star now

    well if she hasn’t done anything.. MAYBE SHE SHOULD!!!

  • CanadaGirl

    Pathetic. Having a litter made this woman famous. I’ve never seen her show (thank God); is she as b.itchy as she seems?

  • jasmine

    i wish this witch would go away! feel so sorry for her children.

  • julie

    LMAO so when she’s running she makes that face all the time too?

  • teddybear

    she definitely doesn’t have botox

  • Joe

    it’s a bad brow lift & other crap.
    who cares about this no talent hag?

    she is a realityT V personality. hello! a nobody!

    why post her among the people that deserve to be posted.

  • Twinkle

    Bad brow lift then? She’s done something because she got that permanent surprised look on her face.

  • Brightside

    How is it possible to read someone’s eyebrows when they are frozen into place and don’t move. No botox, LMAO, what a big, fat fib!

  • EVE

    another freebee.

  • anon

    Actualy I suspected she had work done just from the DWTS promo pics. It wouldnt be the first time she’s lied. Just compare pics from even a couple of years ago and it’s obvious.

  • flo


  • riiiight

    born trailer trash liar…she doesn’t know how to be truthful

  • lol

    So she’s just naturally retarded looking. Got it.

  • no bo

    I believe her. She had the fat sucked out of her cankles and injected in her face. Kate’s cankle fat seems to be quite potent.

  • Jerzee Gurl

    No she’s a CUNT!!!!

  • Jerzee Gurl

    @Jerzee Gurl:
    C U N T

  • reality check

    I would deny it too if I came out looking like she did. Scary.

  • She’s Such a Liar

    Of course she had botox! The permanent “eleven” between her brows is gone…. it looks clinically like she had only injections right between her brows, which allows the center of the brows to raise up. It seems pretty clear that whoever injected her was poorly trained.

    Or – LOL – maybe he/she doesn’t likeKart and did it on purpose.

    She makes a life out of lying, thinking that any press is good press.

    Such a pathetic waste of air.

  • LOLA

    Why do all these twits, like Demi Moore, Darryl Hannah, Kate Gosselin, etc., claim they haven’t had cosmetic surgery when it’s SO obvious they have? They must REALLY think we’re all idiots. And yes I put Demi and Darryl in the same category as Kate because I don’t think they’re any more talented than she is (and just as stupid – especially Demi who may be more so!).

  • m



  • mary

    she is just not star material… she is ugly inside and out…

  • Jaye

    Dang! What happened to her face? Either she had botox or she’s possessed by the clown from the movie IT.

  • Jokergurl

    I’m wondering when she’s going to take off on her broom…

  • Helen

    That’s even worse, then she naturally looks like the Devil lol