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Mel Gibson Drops The 'N' Bomb

Mel Gibson Drops The 'N' Bomb

Mel Gibson is in hot water once again!

The 54-year-old actor was caught on camera, calling his ex Oksana Grigorieva a “whore” and a “c–t.” He adds, “You look like a f–ing pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni–ers it will be your fault.”

What a piece of work!

RadarOnline exclusively reported about the tapes that were secretly recorded by Oksana to be used for their custody battle over their 8-month-old daughter Lucia.

In 2006, Mel was busted for a DUI and told a cop, “The f–king Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

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  • sick

    This drunk needs help.

  • : x

    He’s said even worse before

  • Ellie

    : [ He’s horrible, he reminds me of my stepdad ….

  • Jermaine


  • King Douche

    He’s officially offended every human group on earth.

  • islandgrl

    I am done with Mel Gibson professionally!

  • found his calling

    He’d make a great Hitler.

  • passion of the bigot

    what is up with this dude, man???? is his life so bad that he has to be so verbally abusive to people around him? he must really hate himself.

  • Donovan

    JESUS CHRIST Mel! Are you serious! I don’t think his career can take this much of a hit again!

  • Ben

    what a di*ck

  • Slig


  • amy

    Mr. Sugart*ts is such a catch, isn’t he?

  • http://h Kaz

    Old couple

  • Darren

    He’s a pig. I have no feelings towards her but beating a woman? Go to Hell mate.

  • mememe

    urgh, can’t he just be sent to Siberia or something? I’m tired of this piece-of-shit person, and he shouldn’t be let within 1000 miles of his baby daughter.
    I wonder how his other, older children feel about having such a disgrace for a human being as their father. Or maybe he indoctrinated them with his fvcked-up mentality too, when they were growing up. Kind of makes you wonder what kind of woman his ex-wife is, to have put up with him for so long. She must have been a total masochist.

  • Jonte

    So. Much. Hate.

  • Josie

    How long until he phones up Rev Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and begs for forgiveness?

  • p3rp3tu4

    Glad he doesn’t sing these things in songs for youth to emulate.

  • mememe

    just to clarify – i didn’t just write a bad word about his ex-wife at the end of my previous post. I said she must have been a total nnasochist, and apparently JJ censorship found that offensive. I meant i felt sorry for her.

  • World Peace


    O.K let’s send Mel to Siberia, but let’s also send all the Jews back to Israel.


    @Slig: And whats funny about that, douche lord.

  • Kuwait

    Everyday I hear hatred towards Latinos,Blacks and Mexies @Fox, and everybody is fine with it. But as soon as someone insults dirty Jews everyone is offended by it.

  • Jack

    I’m black and it’s not the use of the n word that irks me so much but the fact that he said get raped by a pack of black ni**ers….is he insinuating that only black people commit rape crimes? When the news first came out about his abusive ways i was all on his side because i thought oksana was doing all this for the money but now i believe that he is naturally a jerk and a woman beater…let’s see if he gets the same treatment that chris brown received because remember it’s a year and a half later and he’s still getting berated for it…mel is a woman beater and a racist…


    thats sad, and i can’t belive i acually liked that racist douche bag. nooo douche lord.

  • Rose Dawson

    Mel Gibson has said many stupidities while drunk, but what he said about the jews is very true. Sorry, but is true, even my media professor agrees with him. Too bad he had to humiliate himself by issuing an apology.

  • Rose Dason

    Mel Gibson has said many stupidities while drunk, but what he said about the jews is very true. Sorry, but is true, even my media professor agrees with him. Too bad he had to humiliate himself by issuing an apology.

  • Tina

    An ignorant, unenlightened man raised by another ignorant
    unenlightened, uneducated man, i.e., his father who denies the Holocaust ever existed. What can we possibly expect from Mel Gibson, other than this?
    I mean really!

  • Sanaa

    Pathetic .
    That’s all he is .

  • Amelle

    Stay classy, Mel.

  • Jason

    Mel is on this board and posting as World Peace, Rose Dawson, Kuwait, etc. We know it’s you Mel, too bad you seem to be such a coward to hide behind these ridiculous screen names. Get help!

  • J

    The whole thing:

    “You’re an embarrassment to me. You look like a f**king pig in heat, and if you get r**ed by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault. How dare you act like such a bi*ch when I have been so f**king nice. I am going to come and burn the f**king house down… but you will blow me first. Look what you did to me… look what you are… look what every part of you is… f**king fake… f**king fake. You are the most synthetic person… who the f**k are you?”

  • philomena

    Looks like there are a few dirty, ignorant people on this board who should be sent to wherever Mel is sent…preferably some sort of hell.

    It does make you wonder about the sort of life his ex had and why she put up with it?? Maybe he brainwashed her as she lived quite a small life while he lived a very free life or maybe it was because she was a practising catholic and divorce was out of the question? But whatever one thing is for sure, she knew all about his views. You can’t be married to someone and not know their views.

  • jo


    what a filthy heart!

  • Nice.

    He is such a piece of sh*t.

    “PACK of ni–ers” comparing humans to animals. A xenophobe, a racist, a facist, a homphobe, a holocaust denier….ticking all the boxes of an ignorant, foul hate-filled mental case.

    Get uglier Gibson.

  • be


    Antisemits like you shouldn’t talk at all.

  • Brightside

    I wouldn’t watch a film with him in it. Five years ago I would, but now he has shown to the world his true colors and they are the colors of ignorance and racism. I despise him as a person.

  • Seth

    He made many other degrading comments even when he was SOBER. It takes open attacks on Jews and the use of the N word for the general public to experience genuine outrage.

  • I’m Black

    @Jack: Agree with everything you are saying.

    However, why is this woman recording him???????

    We all have heated arguments but I would hope I’m not being recorded by someone who claims to love me whatever the circumstances?

    Let’s face it, the guy needs serious help. I think he has just learn’t the hard lesson of leaving your wife of 28 years.

    He made the wrong move and he is paying, many wrong moves.

    I’m shocked he has made this comments if true especially after last time, but they once called him mad max for a reason.

    The whole situation is very sad…. What a FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (he is finished – waste of talent).

  • ron

    His other comments not posted here make him sound completely deranged, paranoid and insecure out of his skin.

  • TMZ-

    @I’m Black: If the police needed recorded proof, my guess is they equipped her with the device.

  • Ayaz

    My kind of guy, a real mans man. Says what everyone’s thinking and doesn’t stand for this new wave liberal shit which all the celebs conform to. He doesn’t like Jews, blacks, ethnic minorities and gays, and that’s fine; it’s called an opinion.

  • Maria

    how does a pig in heat looks like? I’m not getting this insult. I hope this tape come out soon! this guy is a jerk :/

  • Status quo

    Someone’s career is over. Those “Jews” you hate so much will make SURE that the only thing you’ll be doing for the rest of your life is twiddling your thumbs on a stranded island in the Pacific Ocean. And those “pack of n***ers” will be more like a “pack of flesh eating bob cats”. Mel Gibson, wtf!? And you are such an embarassment to Australians….I can’t believe you’re from there…gross

  • Markus

    Sh-tbags like Mel walk amongst us everywhere. The fact that soul-less ignorants like him continue to get support makes you wonder about the state of the world and the ugly people that pollute it.

  • I’m Black

    @TMZ-: Your right, that happens and thanks for the clarification.

  • he’s a rat****

    Is anybody surprised?

  • Josie

    Ayaz, he can have his opinion and he can also keep his opinion to himself or else he’ll suffer the consequences, because other people have opinions too…and furthermore, why can’t people just leave black people alone? I mean, my god..what is it with people and the love/hate relationship with black americans. Just leave them alone, damn. They’re not bothering you, they’re just existing.
    I don’t understand where the hate comes from. Does their skin color annoy you That much? Good god..I find racists to be obnoxious, Just mind your own business and get a damn life.

  • Incompetent douche

    @Ayaz: It’s called mental incapacity and a severe lack of education.

  • ALEX

    I think that the argument was between Mel and Oksana and was meant to be private. Anyone who has ever been pissed knows that they’ve mouthed off things they wouldn’t necessarily want others to hear. He’s a celebrity so he’s more vulnerable to scrutiny. Whoever claims they’ve never used a racist remark, even minorities, is a liar.

  • Di Penates

    Yes, Jack, that’s exactly what he’s saying. But this is old news, America is and continues to be as racist as apple pie, even with Obama sitting in the White House. You’ve got stormfront and all the white power websites saying the same kinds of things, but those people are broke so nobody gets up in arms. And then the black community says next to nothing when a grown man pisses on and marries minors so these stereotypes and lies fester unchallenged. Hollywood rewards the Mel Gibsons because they secretly agree with them. This is NOTHING NEW. Even in polite company I’m willing to bet that a few of the sweet-looking celebrities that grace these very pages say the same things in their circles.