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Britney Spears is Keeping It Cool

Britney Spears is Keeping It Cool

Britney Spears stays cool in the 95 degree weather by grabbing a Frappuccino from Starbucks on Thursday (July 1) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 28-year-old singer and entertainer kept it casual as she wore a pair of bright pink Reebok sneakers and a see-through tank top.

Later on, Britney was spotted in good spirits stopping by the Only Hearts boutique in Santa Monica. According to People, she picked up a new dress, candles, necklaces, and some lingerie while at the store.

10+ pictures inside of Britney Spears keeping it cool in the hot California summer…

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britney spears keeping it cool 02
britney spears keeping it cool 03
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britney spears keeping it cool 09
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Photos: INFdaily, Fame Pictures
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  • http://h Kaz

    Why like this. Really like older .

  • jaye

    Good Grief!

  • james

    so UGLY

  • Slig

    She like man and old and not prteey ooh fack


    My God. why she looks so old lately? aaah right, she’s always drinking Starbucks. so classy of her. very fugly.

  • Franck

    oh god!
    Another fashion faux pas for Brit’.

  • michaela

    She’s in rough shape for such a young woman. Not good! She needs to hit a health retreat for a month and take instruction on how to live healthy.

  • Slig

    Ooh no she like man bad and not good looking

  • Julie

    a mess, im agree, she looks old and fat btw.

  • Sad story

    WOW, sad story , she is such a mess . she prov ethat money can’t buy class or happiness. She is crazy , WOW, her poor children . Thank God for their father, he deserve custody . She is clearly unstable. The hair , panties hanging out , clothes , socks the whole thing is just sad.

  • Brieanne

    I think I put more effort into my appearance when I get ready for bed than this girl. She needs a stylist. PRONTO!

  • iN tHE kNOW

    She looks like my 49 year old aunt wearing a teenagers clothes.


  • Donovan

    One minute she looks pulled together, the next she looks….like this.

  • anna

    i agree with your comment,and also one day she looks thin another well u know …

  • boo

    guess the britney fans been thumbing ppl’s comments down here, I know u guys love her, but look at her pic, she’s a hot damn mess, what pretty? what hot? she is NOT

  • lol
  • :(

    You guys stop being so shallow. Look how adorable she is who cares if she doesn’t look a superstar in her everyday life. I don’t think she’s unhealthy..

  • zzzztopppppp

    If she wasn’t such an imbecile I would think that she was only just retarded.

  • sasha

    Love you Brit forever!!!!

  • oh brit

    It’s sad that she no longer cares about the way she looks or her health.

    It’s not difficult to wash hair every couple of days and even just brush it in the morning. She just really needs to take her extensions out.

  • sasha

    Best ever!

  • Dooley

    Everyone wants to be Gaga…Ugly in Kids.

  • Rao

    I see Britney does all she can for the papz and the public in general lose interest in her. It’s sad she can’t grab a drink in peace. I saw a video of it, those pics were taken in the 37 seconds Britney was walking from Starbuck to her car.
    Just 37 seconds , one drink and EVERY gossip/celebrity site is talking about her because they did not like her hair, outfit and she made funny faces to the papz. Dear lord, I believe she is healthy (mentally and phisically), but she must be tired of these morons (papz, bloggers, internet haters, etc).
    Lady Gaga can only dream with the day that just buyin a drink would give her some much attention. Britney can just dream with the day she would go out w/o being followed by the papz.

  • Troy

    She looks like one of the Garbage Pail Kids.LOL!!

  • Troy

    Where are her eyebrows??She needs to borrow Christina Aguilera Sharpie.

  • lassy

    WTF has she gone insane again…jeez Brit!..not cute

  • wow

    Wtf.. 4 words: laughing fvkin out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mena

    LOL what is that outfit

  • hstruestory

    Shes completely nuts. Now shes showing her panties to the world.
    Britney you arent 5 years old you cant show your panties everywhere you are an adult. I suppose a pig adult

  • Anna

    I like Britney but when is she going to realise she’s not 19 anymore she’s nearly 30.She needs to start dressing as an adult and not like a teenager.Its just looking pathetic now.

  • sarah
  • yo sista

    lol Hot Messney :D

    love her though, just some bad shots.

  • sasha

    she looks like a serial killer

  • witchdoll

    Its obvious that Britney is not a saint

  • Brightside

    Keeping it cool, hey…..well, nice to see she’s keeping it grumpy too. That’s the way to be, cool, grumpy and frumpy….way to go Britney Spears.
    Where did she park her trailer home, by the way?

  • Audrey

    Ewwww, this woman is simply disgusting :S

  • ItsB

    She Dont Give A Damn!

  • stop

    Britney, dont do that please!!!!!!!! Now I’m starting to feel sorry for you

  • Raichill

    Mess mess mess.

  • slambang

    Holy crap! Run a brush through your hair and put on clothes that fit, you dumb cow!

  • Kirsti

    Can somebody please hold her down and do something with that dirty mop on top of her head? Wash your hair – it is so gross. Yuck.

  • milo

    WOW, Britney can not even walk to her car w/out millions of photos of her in EVERY SINGLE damn gossip page! and many want to say she’s ugly, when they truly know she’s not, it’s the HAIR that’s ugly! Britney doesn’t even have to try to get attention, AMERICA has an obsession w/ the Pop Princess Britney Spears! leave her alone America, before u cause her another breakdown, u a$$holes!!!

  • monster

    Britney can give a rats a$$ of what people think about her! She’s front page tabloid news no matter what she does or doesn’t do! It’s true what u said @milo….America does have an obsession w/ Britney Spears, even the haters are more obsessed w/ her more than her fans by looking at the comments.

  • monster

    Britney is such a hot mess! haha, can’t wait for ur new album Britney!!!

  • marco cassillas

    Love u Britney, sexy bitch!!!!

  • annie

    god! She looks super trash! I don’t know, it’s somehow sad…

  • SH—-Tney

    WHAT A MESS. her career is just a mess too

  • Nicole

    Ugh, I am turning 27 soon and I still look 21. She looks OLD for her age! holy cow.