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Chad Michael Murray Lies In Plain Sight

Chad Michael Murray Lies In Plain Sight

Chad Michael Murray shoots scenes for his new Lifetime movie, Lies in Plain Sight on Thursday (July 1) in Los Angeles.

Lies in Plain Sight tells the story of Ava and her blind cousin Sofia (Martha Higareda, pictured below), who were inseparable as children, with Ava the loyal companion who helped Sofia through her tough adolescent years. When Ava suddenly commits suicide, Sofia rushes home to her father Hector (Benito Martinez) and Ava’s parents Marisol (Rosie Perez) and Rafael (Yul Vasquez) to find answers. But as she delves into Ava’s life, questioning her past boyfriends Ethan (Murray) and Christian (Christoph Sanders), the more Sofia realizes that their childhood was actually filled with dark disturbing secrets.

The movie will premiere this fall on Lifetime Movie Network, Lifetime’s sister network.

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Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Slig

    I see u in shopping u remember me chad

  • Slig

    Hi chad iam slig how are you?

  • http://h Kaz

    I’m going out rightnow. Bye chad & guyz cu .

  • http://h Kaz

    Hi slig u always here like machine.

  • F

    Wow, that sounds very lame :/. Looks like someone’s career is f*ck*d..

  • Ms Anonymous

    The plot actually sounds good.

  • alex

    Sound lame…To bad for him! He used to have a career…Now it’s gone…like his hotness!

  • Josie

    lifetime movie? eh…that’s like an actors worst nightmare

  • Jenny

    Chad is doing Lifetime movies now? lmao!

  • baless

    ehhh what is with that chicas face? the shape of her head is whacked up. eh blah vomit…Lifetime. Movies that can’t get picked up anywhere else get stuck on Lifetime. What a bad move on his part. His agents must be very, very stupid. He’s basically doing charity work that doesn’t make him look good.

  • sad

    I think it’s truly sad that people call Chad a douche nowadays because of the cheating rumors but no one cares about Josh Duhamel cheating on Fergie rumors, and worse, people are willing to forgive a guy like Chris Brown who turned his girlfriend’s face and body limp by repeatedly hitting punching her in the face & head and then pushing her out of the car door. I’m not a Chad fan but the bias is always interesting to notice.

  • smirk

    That girl is pretty, shame she has Vanessa Hudgens duck lips

  • Kay

    Chad looks so damn UGLY. The guy used to be good looking during his early twenties but he’s getting uglier with age. And I never realized how huge his nose is until now.
    And a Lifetime movie???Lol
    Not good. Plus the plot sounds boring and I’ve seen it in others films.
    They could have at least come up with something unique.

  • Di

    I would watch this.

    I still like him.
    NOT everybody judges him because of sophia bush…she has moved on, why we people don’t.

  • Chad Sucks

    I strongly dislike Chad and it has nothing to do with what happened between him and Sophia.
    Contrary to popular belief, many people have their own reasons for disliking him. I personally can’t stand him due to some things he said and did to someone I know in Wilmington in 2008.
    Chad is an idiot…..end of story.

  • Wes

    He seriously needs to return to OTH. It’s not the same without he and Hilarie. Leyton forever!

  • alex

    @Chad sucks What did he do actually?

  • taxgirl

    I think he’s aging really well. I always thought he was quite unatrative, but I think he’s looking good here. yum

  • andreanne


    did he really left OTH for this shit


  • CanadaGirl

    Why is his face so puffy? It looks like he got facial fillers. Bizarre.

  • http://j ivanka

    martha higareda! i love her nice to see her do more american movies not only mexican

  • Aylin

    @sad: Probably people don’t dislike Josh Duhamel for the cheating rumors as much as they dislike Chad, because Fergie is still with Josh, so the roumors could be false. With Chad is pretty much clear the rumors were true. And most of the people have not forgiven Chris Brown, it’s just that, like me, they don’t give a sh*t about Chris.

  • jocie

    Why are his eyes so small and nobody calls him “swinty” but they cal Taylor Swift that? Her eyes are bigger than his too, I think. …And people say only asians have small eyes.. shessshhhhh

  • Nah

    Never understood the appeal of this ‘carb face.’ Plus he seems
    stuck on himself.

  • mary

    Lifetime movie? LMAO

  • dav

    this oth fans act like one tree hill is the best thing in the world but the show is a joke and the ratings are even more then a joke its beraly gets 2 million viewers so dont act like o my god he left oth for this when that crap called one tree hill dont even get 2 million on ratings and is considered a joke in the industry the best thing that chad did for his career was leaving that crap and if he is donig this movie is exacly because he was out of the indusry for 6 years doing one tree hill

  • Deb

    No, but he f*cked her plenty of times when he was filming the movie “House of Wax.”

  • Kimmy

    LMAO. Ummmm…….Chad left OTH because he thought he could be the next Brad Pitt or something…..something he will never be. And while OTH doesn’t get the best ratings, it’s still a steady career with a great pay check that would have kept him on the television screen for another 2 years had he stayed for a season 7 and 8. And the ones who are still on OTH and have been since season 1 are going to live VERY, VERY comfortable lives for the rest of their lives due to being on a show for 8 years. OTH may not be the greatest show but at least it provides a steady job in a struggling economy.

  • NE Sports Fan

    Ok so I am a Chad fan and I was super excited when I found out he was filming a new movie…..but come on a Lifetime movie? He still is decent looking, but can he really not get anything but a lifetime movie. If he was a newbie that’s acceptable, but come on. Chad fire your management and get into real movies because this just seems like the ending to your career. I love him and support him, but the last decent movie he did was A Cinderella Story (House Of Wax kind of sucked..sorry, but I’m being honest!) Oh well I guess. A paycheck is a paycheck :(

  • martha

    i agree with dav leaving one tree hill was the best career move that chad and hilarie did, had them stayed for season 7 and 8 okay they would get some money but it would be alot worst for them to get jobs after that them is already been now. the show is a joke now in the storylines and in the ratings one tree hill is just alive because of the small but insane fanbase it would mean nothing for them a season 7 and 8 it would be even worst for them to disvinculate their image from that bad show

  • Mela

    Okay, so it’s obvious that dav and martha are the same person. And FYI, you’re wrong. If they had stayed for season 7 and 8, it wouldn’t have been harder for them to get jobs. I know for a fact that some of the current OTH cast members have gotten offers for other projects despite being on OTH this year. And even though the ratings for the show aren’t that great, it’s still on air. This will most likely be there last year and they will wrap up by either December or March and when the current cast members wrap up, they will be free to do whatever they want as well. And to me, it doesn’t look as if the current cast members have missed out on much by being on OTH for season 7 and the upcoming season 8.

  • mary

    This guy thought he would become something great after he left OTH, he lied on video to fans about CW not wanting him back when he was the one asking for more money. Lying about television network and asking fans to start petition was extremely stupid move even for him.

    People in this industry are well aware of his reputation and girls who used to love him grow up and learned a few things about The Chad.

  • Hugo


    Totally agree!!!

  • ChadisHottie

    @mary: oh whatever! If Chad is this bad person then why did the whole cast love working with him especially James, Paul, Moira and Joy. Stop making shit up, Chad Michael Murray was the best damn thing about that show, now it is just crap. I think u just jealous u will never have a hottie like Chad u fat-bitch.

    There was no hard evidence that linked him to Paris Hilton, it was just a rumor. I have yet to see pictures of them together. Sophia Bush lost the best damn thing to ever happen to her. RESPECT the star of the show, your precious Sophia fu*king Bush will NEVER be the star of One Tree Hill. Chad Michael Murray will always and forever be the star of OTH. The stories were told through his eyes, Lucas’s voice-overs. Austin and Sophia will NEVER be the stars of the show.

  • Irene


    Why are you mentioning Sophia? What does she have to do with Chad and the way he’s choosing to lead his career?

    Ask anyone who visited Wilmington after season 6 and they’ll tell you that people were thrilled when he left, from the crew to the cast.
    I guess you’re one of the few delusional CMM fans.

  • ChadisHottie

    @Irene: oh please. I highly doubt that is true. So STFU! This show is crap without Chad and if he doesn’t return in the series finale then I will NEVER support another Mark Schwahn project ever again.

  • lorna

    @sad: Agreed. I like both CMM and Sophia. I know neither of them, but I would like to believe CMM has become a better person. Anyway, I will watch this movie. And I believe that JD cheated.

  • lorna

    @jocie: He is 1/4 Japanese…also I am not Asian at all but I have small eyes.

  • lorna

    @NE Sports Fan: You say HOW sucked but you loved ACS? You have no taste.

  • Get a F*cking Clue

    You are SO f*cking pathetic that it’s SAD. Are you really that stupid and naive??? I’ve seen some of your other posts on Just Jared and you clearly have no f*cking clue about anything and whatever you’re talking about. First of all, The entire cast DID NOT and I repeat DID NOT enjoy working with Chad. Most of the cast AND the crew only put up with them because they had to. James certainly doesn’t care for Chad and just because Joy said that she liked working with Chad does not automatically mean that everyone supposedly liked him. Most of them couldn’t stand him. I’m not going to bother making a list of names but those who worked on set know exactly how much Chad wasn’t liked by most of the cast and crew. And do you really think that those who hate him will publically voice their opinions about him and start a war? I don’t think so. They’re well aware of how crazy some of the OTH fanbase is. After all, they’ve been putting up with it for the past 7 years.
    And Chad was NOT the best thing about the show. Give it a f*cking rest already. OTH has ALWAYS been about an ensemble cast. The show has always been carried by James, Sophia, Hilarie, Joy and Chad fans(both together and separately). NOT just by Chad fans. If that was the case, then OTH wouldn’t have gotten a season 7 and now a season 8 and so many fans wouldn’t have petitioned like crazy and flooded the CW offices telling them to renew OTH.
    And just because YOU think Chad is “hott” doesn’t mean everyone else does either. So you can shut the helll up about the name-calling and telling people they are “fat” just because they find Chad to be ugly. I happen to find him unattractive but I’m 5 8″, weigh 115 pounds, and I still find him ugly.
    And about the whole Paris Hilton scenario. Don’t even get me started on that. It is a FACT that Chad slept with Paris and cheated on Sophia with Paris Hilton. Chad himself admitted it to a few people on set when Sophia left him including telling Greg P. and Tyler. And then he tried blaming Jared Padalecki and told people that Jared slept with Paris instead. The whole thing was pretty f*cked up and you clearly don’t know anything about it. And just because you didn’t see pictures of Chad and Paris f*cking each other doesn’t mean they didn’t do it. Get some common sense.
    And please…..Sophia is happier than ever. She DIDN’T lose the “best damn thing to ever have happen to her.” Instead Chad lost the BEST damn thing to have ever happened to him. In fact, he had even told people that when Sophia left him.Lol
    So I suggest YOU RESPECT the real stars of the show(and notice that I said stars and not star?) Because they ALL make OTH what it is and Chad was NOT the one who carried the show. I suggest you get that out of your screwed up head and stop acting as if the world and OTH has come to and end just because Chad left the show. In fact, the cast and crew seem to be doing just fine without him.

  • Hugo

    @Get a F*cking Clue:
    I quite simply find him really attractive and like to imagine he’s a nice person but if he’s not, he’s not. As fans, it’s nothing to do with us; we’re never gonna know. He’s an actor and his private life is his business. I must admit though, I’d LOVE to meet him and see what he’s really like! You sound like you know a lot about him and you seem very angry with the diehard Chad fans. Any more details you’d like to give me/us? Did you get to know him well? Do you kow Kenzie? Even if no one liked him on OTH, there must be something good in him!

  • NE Sports Fan

    No need to attack me. I support his work and own every tv show/movie he has done and I’ve been in lines to see EVERYTHING he has filmed for movies at the theater so you can back off. I personally did not like HOW, I’m more of a romantic film kind of person. I’m not on here sh*t talking him, just saying I expected more than a lifetime film.

  • hokiegirl517

    Thanks Jared for the post! I happen to LOVE Sophia Bush and I still like Chad Michael Murry! I will watch this Lifetime movie! Why can people not give the Sophia and Chad debacle a rest already! Both have moved on! I have to agree that Chad did not make the best of moves when he left OTH but you live and learn! I will continue to support both Sophia and Chad!!! :)

  • Ewwwww

    Chad SUCKS.

  • C.S

    Well,I really want to believe that he is a good man. no matter what the rumor says. coz no one can really know the truth, except himself and his closed friends. People have secrets. and sometimes it’s not like the appearance we see.Maybe I am wrong. BUt we all need understanding.

  • Michelle


    actually I believe chad has some asian in him from his mother side, atleast thats what I read in his bio.

    omg he’s doing lifetime, hahhahahahahah dude really screwed himself. Dawson probably made the call to get him that job lmao.

  • Jamie

    Agreed, alex. Maybe he shouldn’t have been so greedy with contract negotiations. Then again, he wanted to leave anyway to ‘do movies.’ Loser.

  • Jamie

    Well said, Aylin. Personally, I think Fergie handled the whole cheating saga with Josh really well and I’m not even a fan of hers. But, it made me like her a little. The whole Chad/Sophia debacle was a huge mess and I think it was handled very poorly.

  • Jamie

    Chad sucks, that’s the case with quite a number of women in Wilmington that he bedded. That girl is not the only one. She’s one of many.

    dav and mary are obviously the same person. Pathetic.

    Completely agree with Kimmy and Mela. Don’t forget too Mela that James is president of his own company, has had his own production company for 8 years, did a couple of films on the side, etc. James, Joy and Sophia have side projects IN ADDITION to OTH providing them with income.

    Well said, Irene. Everyone was relieved he was gone, so much so that when Sophia and James were asked about whether it was weird without Chad and Hilarie, they said not really and people got into an uproar about it. LOL Delusional CMM fans thinking he’s so great. Hilarious.

    Right on, mary. That was so ridiculous. Everyone onset knew the real reason he wasn’t coming back.

    ChadIsAHottie, James and Chad were never even that close to begin with. Nice try, though. Major fail for you.

    Get a F*cking Clue, I applaud you. The best post on here. Finally, someone posts the truth. :) I don’t find Chad attractive at all either. Never have, never will. He’s a douche.

    Ewwwww, he does suck. Terrible actor. That squinty eye thing was so damn annoying.

    LOL, Michelle. Dawson making that call is hilarious, since his career is going nowhere either. LOL

  • sara

    i still like him but he’s not the hottest guy out-there (at least not anymore, he’s two years away from getting a bouble-chin)
    and leaving OTH to do movies, we’ll that was risky but he did it anyway and I admire him for that (if he did it to follow his dreams of course) and for the one person who said he wanted to be the next Brad Pitt or Leonardo Dicaprio *drools* that’s every actor’s dream I believe and how do you know what goes on his head?
    and to be honest the whole cast is GOING NOWHERE! I mean, come on… James has been in a couple of movies and they both sucked azz, I read the reviews on IMBD and they’re not pretty.
    Sophia did some movies too and they weren’t ALL that great, except I like John Tucker must Die :) because I think britney Snow is a cutie. :P
    Bethany whats-her-name, WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO HER MUSIC CAREER?
    anyways, I don’t remember seeing any of the cast movies on the U.S Box Office, therefore they are not THAT famous/Successful. you can’t deny that and I don’t think any of them will be. not even Chad because his career depended on his looks and now they’re fading. my guess is that their names will soon be forgotten after the show gets cancelled.