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Jennifer Aniston: Date Night with Mystery Man!

Jennifer Aniston: Date Night with Mystery Man!

Jennifer Aniston leaves the Sunset Tower Hotel with actor pal Chris Gartin on Thursday (July 1) in Los Angeles.

The couple laughed together while they waited for their car at the valet.

The Forbes Celebrity 100 list was recently released and the 41-year-old actress landed at number 26. She raked in an estimated $27 million last year! Jen beat out a lot of other popular celebs for her place on the list.

Last month, Jen attended BFF Courteney Cox‘s birthday party where she graciously dealt with an unruly fan.

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  • CKM

    that’s not a mystery guy, that’s JUSTIN BARTHA from the MOVIE THE HANGOVER.

  • Seth

    RUN MATE, RUN!!!!!!

  • dd

    I know i know… her butt crack. lol

  • http://h Kaz

    H hate jennifer .

  • http://h Kaz

    I mean i hate jennifer

  • Kelso

    Can’t this woman associate herself with someone who is NOT in show business industry? Are normal men not worthy enough of her? She is so far up her own A$$..

  • D


    Justin’s actually in a Broadway show right now, so he’d be in NYC, not in Los Angeles. Plus, he’s dating Mary-Kate Olsen.

  • Tee


  • http://j ivanka

    @CKM: wow you are wrong

  • Slig

    She normal. Just hair nice huh i hate

  • Slig

    Horrible and trashy

  • whinywitch

    It had been a nice refreshing change not seeing her mug on this site.

  • Jem

    is she pregnant or not!?

  • Jessica

    What a lucky cougar

  • Dawn


    No. She’s not.

  • kitt

    she never dates married men. that’s all that matters

  • kittella

    bad bad actress

  • LU

    to THE HATERS :get the hell out of here if you don’t like jennifer!

  • bet

    lovely women , nice to see her again. Now we will see the loones are the first to find out who is he. is’nt she making them work hard?

  • rudy

    she gets around

  • bet


    she does not date skum who ran around behined his wife. She is single and she date simple. even we do’nt know this a date, because everyone of us jump to the concustion becuase she go out for dinner, Can this women life her life?

  • Kirsten

    She looks rough in the face.

  • Tee

    I am noticing the newly botoxed faced..hopefully the swelling will go down soon…wishing Stay Puft Marshmellow Face a fast recovery!

  • t

    he looks like Christopher Gartin from last season of true blood

  • budgiewudgie

    is that not Christopher Gartin from Tremors 2 ????

  • Mickey

    ugly chick

  • Elaine

    Looks like Christopher Gartin. He was in a few eps of True Blood last season.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Can’t you haters enjoy life for once instead of hating on Jen? Says a lot about you guys.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Post a picture of you so we can make fun of you.

  • jane

    I was about to say that he looked like that guy who played that chef on Southland. Christopher Gartin.

  • What about Gerard Butler?!

    I thought they were all hot and heavy. Is she toying with him now?
    I don’t understand how these Hollywood couples treat each other. She needs to date someone not in the limelight.

  • CanadaGirl

    There’s my girl. Looking good Ms. Aniston.
    I haven’t seen pics of her in awhile, so thanks, JJ.

  • Lara

    How old is she? 41 or 14?
    I mean, come on, hiding her face like that. She should be demanding a refund for all the work that’s already been done on her face.

    She needs to grow the hell up before another relationship, nevermind having a child!

  • Joe

    a goffer from her agent’s office?
    It’s just photo-op to tryu to take thunder away from the gorgeous Ms. Jolie & her amazing Vanity Fair cover story out now.

    poor popor Man..her face looks like a blowfish.
    lay off the Botox hag.

  • African Girl

    Love how Jared says “she graciously dealt with an unruly fan” like it’s something new to her. Newsflash Jared. . . All her fans are unruly!!!!

  • Wow

    new hair style!

  • Dawn

    @What about Gerard Butler?!:

    They were never dating.

  • lala

    she kinda looks like a cabbage patch doll in these pics.

  • dd

    @Wow: what new hairstyle…it looks the same to me

  • belyfi

    @D: justin bartha is dating ashley not mary-kate

  • karen

    Why do we need to know who she’s with? He’s not going to last anyway. Girl gets around.

  • jilly

    @What about Gerard Butler?!: Gerard Butler and Jennifer never dated. They are friends. They both said they weren’t dating 1,000 times but the magazines and gossip sites chose to ignore them so they could write their stupid stories.

  • Toni

    Why do people have to bring up Brad and Angelina in her thread and vice versa? Hello people they all are living their lives. Brad doesn’t care about Jen anymore and Jen most likely doesn’t care about Brad either. Why are people such hater towards these three most specifically Jennifer. People who hate on others like many of you guys do and start up drama over somethng that happened almost ten years ago shows how sad and pathetic you guys are. Thumbs me down all you want and say anything negative all you want, but I get tired of the negativity towards Jennifer and even at times towards Angelina. Would Angelina and Brad like it if they heard their fans talking trash about someone? No. So just let it go. Also to people being negative towards Jen being with guys. It’s called dating and having a social life. She’s single and has nothing or no one attached to her right now so why can’t she live her life? While she’s living her life, you’re just sitting on a computer spewing hate on someone you don even know personally. And also if she had Botox, is that anyone elses buisness? Does she have to tell the world when, where and why she gets Botox? Yes it’s a comment section and yes people can give their opinion, but I was tired of the hate and decided to give my opinion in this comment section.

  • Stephanie

    That’s the guy from True Blood! He played Sookie’s husband when they went to the church last season to rescue Godrick! He was in love with the vampire chick but he turned out to be a traitor

  • Megan Faux

    Buttly Fingered Urinated Gal with her next prey.
    Run baby run !!!!

  • Gerared Butler

    @What about Gerard Butler?!:

    I wasn’t dating her ! I was just doing some pre ANALytics brackdoor tests on the red carpet….

  • Pac Man

    That’s absurd, #6. It’s not crazy to date people in your same profession.

    You’re the one far up in their own ass.

    Unlike someone we know, #16.

    Right, #28.

    She ‘needs’ to date whoever she damn feels like. #31. That Gerard Butler thing was a rumor anyway.

    Exactly, #42.

    No one cares about all that, #44.

  • Gerry

    Did Jenny give Chris a bj? lol

  • kate

    Its the guy that played in True blood as a fang banger who turned on his maker and other vamps!!

  • FART

    @Ms Anonymous: *FART!*