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Justin Gaston & Ben Elliott: Naked PETA Ads!

Justin Gaston & Ben Elliott: Naked PETA Ads!

Justin Gaston poses nude with his If I Can Dream co-stars, Giglianne Braga and Ben Elliott, in these new teaser photos for Peta.

The singer/songwriter – and ex-boyfriend of Miley Cyrus – is currently on tour with Kris Allen!

Keep up with Ben, Giglianne, Justin and ousted American Idol contestant Alex Lambert at! You can also watch weekly episodes of their Hulu show of the same name online.

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justin gaston if i can dream naked peta ads 01
justin gaston if i can dream naked peta ads 02
justin gaston if i can dream naked peta ads 03

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  • pali

    nasty people. these people have no respect for themselves. what is this world comming to.

  • http://h Kaz

    This sooo nice and cute i love this photo. Its soooo sexy hot

  • Deedz

    These Peta ads are honestly turning into soft core p-rn. Really?

  • Slig

    Wow kinda of sexy but bad

  • http://h Kaz

    Me 2 i wanna take photo me and my girl frined like this pic

  • commonsense

    What in the hell was she thinking when she agreed to those poses?!

  • iball

    wow dont even know what to say

  • gibrannella

    i want to be that girl. wow

  • gere

    wow the one on the left. feel like i have watch p0rn or something

  • D

    Wow, since when did supporting animal rights turn into soft-core p*rn? Dont understand these photos at all….

  • miley

    what happened with justin’s left leg? bad photoshop work alert! watch the picture in full size!

  • anna

    Wow this is for a peta ad? Looks like a still for a three way p0rn flick

  • Who Cares


  • RJ

    @miley: and that chick has something coming out of her bottom it looks like??

  • fm

    What the hell does this s**h**i**t have to do with animal rights?
    PETA’s ads are becoming very stupid. Why don’t they just focus on the real issue at hand instead of this dumb shock & awe nonsense?

  • http://h Kaz

    I’m joke i don’t like pic like this . , it’s really nasty guys

  • jp

    @fm: I totally agree. What does this have to do with anything? I mean, aren’t there any other ways to get attention in this world..? I guess not. This doesn’t make anyone think about animals and furs and stuff… This is load of CRAP!

  • Wes

    @Deedz: I completely agree!! Porn.. but interesing to look at.

  • caroline

    wow. i saw the episode where they shot this and i couldn’t believe they all agreed to it. justin is holding giglianne’s boobs? wtf. i’m sorry, as a girl i would never agree to this. i don’t give a sh!t if it’s for peta.

  • umwtf?

    what are u people talking about porn?? They are just standing there naked what poses?

    Get the sick out of your ass’s!!!

    These shots are beautiful they all look sexy.

  • umwtf?

    what are u people talking about p0rn?? They are just standing there naked what poses?

    Get the sick out of your ass’s!!!

    These shots are beautiful they all look sexy.

  • Mark

    PETA are sick, disgusting HYPOCRITES. KILLING DOGS to prove a point and brainwashing people is SICK in every way and that’s only 1 of their wrongdoings. Anyone who claims to support this exploitive marketing campaign only proves they don’t possess more than 2 braincells.

  • Sacha


  • http://www. Z-lister

    Aren’t his 5 mins up yet? What a loser.

  • lol


  • riri

    How is objectification of women as a sex toy for the pleasure of 2 men, is supposed to help “animals”.
    PETA is disgusting. They obviously care more about animals than about women and how women are treated.
    All the “models” here seem to care more about looking SEXY than to help animals.

  • boston16

    There is no way they are going with the shot of his hand on her. How did these outtakes get leaked?

  • TRASH(themovie)

    What a sitcom. Those two look gay and the girl looks a bit like kristen stewart

  • elle

    the girl is naked too Jared! not just Justin Gaston & Ben Elliot..

  • elle

    @elle: and Ohh, were these photos inspired by twilight by any chance? haha

  • Jade

    And this has WHAT to do with animal rights exactly?

  • lisali

    If you offered any one of these dweebs $500, they’d pose in fur and leather all day long…
    Yes PETA, we realize that many people will do anything for attention..and your point is??

  • Sophie

    What does three people posing naked have anything to do with PETA and animals? lmao

  • andrew

    miley’s ex looksseriously reta*rded.

  • Jackie Azra

    Yea, im kinda surpised. These are really kinda raunchy…there is a tasteful way to do nudity people…this is not it.

  • Jermaine

    LMFAO. Lame-est thing I’ve seen all day. PETA suck so hard. Do some research people.

  • Ganymede

    First thing I noticed! It’s jagged! LOL!
    Ben’s kinda cute.

  • bahah.

    Ben’s somewhat cute and she’s somewhat gorgeous but this shoot is cringe-worthy. Justin looks awkward as hell, btw.

  • ryan

    what is this low class bark for attention?

  • Hannah

    Not SEXY.

  • helen

    ok this is a bit much!

  • Zac

    It looks like the one who needs a haircut badly AKA Miley’s ex is co.ckblocking the other two LMFAO. They look like cheap p0rnstars and he looks like he crashed the party lmfao

  • miley

    @RJ: yeah! and looks like a .. d##k! i would fired the person who did the photoshop!

  • bree

    Come on, there is better way to raise your concern about animal rights, this isn’t the way, what’s with PETA nowadays?

  • Really

    Here are my questions. Does PETA think ALL clothing is made out of fur or animals? Or do they just have a thing against ALL clothes now?

    I mean really this looks like something that would be on a cover of a p*rn movie. Her parents must be so proud. It looks more like they’re about to have a three some instead of doing an ad for PETA. I’m all up for the arts and I adore it but this is just too much and going too far. Last time I checked Silk and cotton were not made out of animals

  • disgusted

    disgusting, wrong, insulting and looks like a sex threesome getting ready to get going! NOTHING TO DO WITH ANIMALS AND PROTECTING THEM. I am not a prude, but felt it necessary to comment. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??? Have they no character? This has to be the end of times, it is looking like this more and more each day.

  • LoveMyPuppies

    Watched the live feeds of this. The girl, Giglianne, was all for stripping naked. She poses all the time naked. The show producer says now he can’t get her to keep her clothes on. The two guys, Ben & Justin didn’t want to do it. They got some heat from production since they are under contract to Simon Fuller. Don’t believe the producers when they say it was all voluntary. This is entiredly a big ole publicity stunt by to get site traffic to HULU. The PETA people are one of HULU’S biggest avertisers.

  • LoveMyPuppies

    Forgive my spelling errors in advance .. hit the button too soon. sorry

  • http://@dessaf Andressa

    That’s a marketing plan. If they were using clothes, it wouldn’t be so commented like it is. They want to SHOCK people, and that’s what they have got now.
    It’s like “strange” and very hot, but she is lucky HAHA (sorry my english, I’m Brazilian)